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Black women get killed too – The war on Black women.

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( For the last week or so I’ve been following the reports on the riots after the Michael Brown shooting. This is horrible, I cannot imagine his families grief.

The response has been phenomenal: I think it is a good thing that the black community is coming together in protest once again – there is a growing unity that was absent for far too long.

But there is one thing that irks me: why do these protests always coincide with a (young) men being senselessly murdered? Why do the protesters always say: “We are tired of our men being gunned down.”.

What, just tired of our MEN being shot?

Where is the outrages when our women are gunned down? Over the last year alone, I’ve seen article after article, report after report where, in gruesome detail it was revealed how black women are systematically assaulted, abused, raped and sometimes killed by white men – including police men. Non, and I repeat NONE of these stories caused even the tiniest bit of outrage. Non of these stories even made it on the cover of newspaper or into TV news bulletins.

Why is this? Do black women not exist and because of this have no right to live? Research recently revealed that for many groups black women are seen as the bottom of the pile in the race chart.

Even black men seem to be turning their backs on black women, with articles saying: “Why do black men hate black women”, “Why this blackblackwomen-2014 man does not hate black women”, “Why do we love Oprah but hate other black women” threads asking: “Why are black women hated”, “Are black women really the bottom of the pile” and maybe most disturbing: “Why We Wat To Be White Women” being released all too frequent.

This trend has been going on for quite a long time, and by now it has gotten to the point that even a book had to be released called: “Why we hate black women” by Hasani Pettiford that looks at why society sees the black woman as an outcast.

Why are black women outcasts? Is it media manipulation? The white body image ideal? Prejudice?

White film-makers have struggled with portraying normal black women for years. Interestingly, most black men have too.

It has been said that as soon as (certain) black men become more powerful in the media or entertainment industry, they have no concept for or desire to present black women in a positive way at all. It is thought to have started as an arrogance thing, as some men felt that black women were competition in a way, so they portrayed themselves in different ways with no desire at all to show off normal black women, which is how black female stereotypes continue to persist and are almost taken as fact now.

So now in films by both black and white film-makers black women are usually colour cast: the darker the more ratchet, getho and mouthy. The lighter the more sexy and desirable and learned. All of them are hyper-sexual objects, though. Seeing it has been indisputably proven that TV and Film influences peoples way of thinking it is fairly obvious that years of stereotyping has comfortably nestled itself in the brain, with many men saying that the blacker the women is the more ghetto she is. Most (not all!) say they prefer a lighter-skinned girl. A phenomena has risen recently called: “Black Women Shaming”, where people upload pictures of a fuller not conventionally attractive black woman with arrows pointing at all that is wrong with her. Many rappers do the same in their music, they even prefer not to have dark women in their videos.

On a forum a black man explained why he disliked black woman: “I don’t think most black women are worthy of respect. If black women behaved better and didn’t act like a bunch of wild animals then I could be more sympathetic. The problem is most black women are not good women.” While another one added: “Personally I find the Black women culture to be repulsive. 400 years of slave breeding and gang rape, AT THE HANDS OF WHITE MEN, has left Blk women as useless corpse that most level headed Blk men avoid. Hope I gave you some perspective…”

According to many black American women are unattractive, loud, emasculating, too strong, tough  and fierce, fake, obnoxious and never vulnerable.

They are judged for weaves and wearing make up, even though many white girls/women do too. They are judged for straightening their hair but at the same time hated when they wore their hair natural.

The army even introduced a rule aimed solely at black women to not wear their hair natural or in braids – forcing them to straighten. (Says the NY Times: “The bias against black hair is as old as America itself. In the 18th century, British colonists classified African hair as closer to sheep wool than human hair. Enslaved and free blacks who had less kinky, more European-textured hair and lighter skin — often a result of plantation rape — received better treatment than those with more typically African features.

After Emancipation, straight hair continued to be the required look for access to social and professional opportunities. Most black people internalized the idea that their natural hair was unacceptable, and by the early 20th century wore it in straightened styles often achieved with dangerous chemical processes or hot combs, or they wore wigs.” In the 60’s trough to the 80’s after the Black Power movement natural hair became normal and loved. Sadly somewhere along the line conformity returned and hair became straightened again. Only recently more women feel happy to go “natural” once more.)

Tajha Konomanyi shared her thoughts in Candor news on why it might be black women were not preferred:

“I am apparently considered to be a triple threat! 1) The usual, I have a bad attitude, 2) My hair isn’t silky, shiny, and straight, and 3) I am too picky. (…) This idea of a ‘nappy’ haired ghetto black women with a baby in one hand and a cigarette in the other, whilst wearing a ‘you’re the baby daddy!’ t-shirt, has polluted the minds of not only a considerable amount of black men, but also innocent minded black boys!”

Last year Jim DeRogatis the reporter who broke the R Kelly scandal said: “The saddest fact I’ve learned is nobody matters less to our society than young black women. Nobody.” Even after revealing this and describing the deeds done by Kelly in full, nobody cared. Isn’t is strange that his career never truly suffered and he doesn’t seem to be judged the way others taken to trail are.

Even people who were falsely accused suffered more setback then Kelly did. Judging from recent media events,  would white girls have been abused by Kelly, there would been a lot more outrage, had boys been abused Kelly would have been lynched. But what happens to black girls doesn’t matter: after finding out the rates of rape are higher among black females in a statistical poll, a newspaper decided to conduct an article on it. Interviewing only WHITE women and black MEN!!

But why would black women be raped more if they are not wanted? The answer in the question: the women they rape is an object a throwaway thing like a plastic cup or bottle. Use it, throw it away, worthless.

But it is not just rape: Last year Selwyn Crawford reported for Dalla News: “experts in the field say that one set of victims — black women — is at a far greater risk to experience the grimmest of all domestic violence statistics: They are about three times more likely to die at the hands of a partner or ex-partner than members of other racial groups. Intimate-partner homicide is also among the leading causes of death for black women ages 15 to 35.

And, the experts add, their plight may not change anytime soon because of complex underlying causes that in some cases stretch back generations: unemployment, poverty, lack of education, incarceration and violent environments.

“A lot of groups have economic issues, but a lot of groups have not had the economic issues we’ve had for as long as we’ve had, for the reasons that we’ve had,” said Dr. Gail Wyatt, a professor of psychiatry and bio-behavioral sciences at UCLA for 35 years.

“This is not just an African-American problem, but we are disproportionately affected by it.”

Comedian D.L. Hughley, who once said that black women were the angriest people he’s ever met, attacked actress and dancer Tanee McCall-Short (wife of actor and Scandal star Columbus Short) by calling her a “thirsty bitch” and a “thirsty hoe,” for revealing her husband assaulted her, adding she should have kept her mouth closed to get more money from her divorce. “I think that broad shouldn’t be telling all his business if she gone take him to court,” said Hughley. He continued a bit longer, basically dismissing women who try and gain arttention for the abuse they suffer. He later apologised, but this was after the damage was done.

In 2012 Forbes reported that according to an ongoing study conducted by Black Women’s Blueprint, sixty percent of Black girls have experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18. More than 300 Black women nationwide participated in the research project. A similar study conducted by The Black Women’s Health Imperative seven years ago found the rate of sexual assault was approximately 40%.

The Department of Justice estimates that for every white woman that reports her rape, at least 5 white women do not report theirs; and yet, for every African-American woman that reports her rape, at least 15 African-American women do not report theirs.

Statistics show the justice system does not support the notion that black women should be able to defend themselves in the same way that white women do.  A study conducted by the Urban Institute of Washington D.C. revealed that incidences where a white woman killed a black man were determined to be justified 13.5 percent of the time; however, for black women, that number drops to just 5.7 percent for the exact same type of incident.

To make things even more encouraging: Bret Searles writes “Research shows that black women are less likely to be promoted then males and white women. Economists, human resource specialists and scholars have gathered conclusive evidence that black women are least likely to be promoted and white males are most likely to be promoted.”

So with all this aimed at black women, and their problems ignored, is it any wonder that the crimes done to them are ignored. This has been going on for decades and if changes are not made it will continue for many more. No-one deserves to be ignored shunned or hated not for anything.

The change need to be made now, before it is too late!! Because I’m tired of our men and women being gunned down.”

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Maya Angelou

Staff Writer; Dannii Cohen

One may also connect with this well accomplished Author/Psychologist via Twitter; Divinevarod and Facebook; D. Cohen.



16 Responses to “Black women get killed too – The war on Black women.”
  1. Maxine says:

    Black Women will have their awakening. And when that happens, the Black Man will cease to exist. God hates hypocrisy and He is about to get busy on Black Male hypocrisy.

  2. Cory says:

    As far as I’m concerned the common black man has never really had our backs. Right after slavery I think if black men were able to ditch us then they would have done so. I believe most didn’t because they couldn’t in those days. They needed our services.

    Ditto with the Civil Rights movement. In my opinion it was a movement geared mainly for black men to receive the rights of all other men, without us in mind (black females). Again our “services” were needed for the cause because who the hay else was going to support them? Sure enough, black women in droves followed these men like wildebeests suicidally stampeding into a river, only to be left in the crocs’ jaws once their men safely crossed to the other side. It seems like everything went to shit for black women after the sixties. And to this day generations of us are too stupid to wake up to the reality of getting played by the black community that doesn’t give a god’s damn about us. And nor did it ever.

    Black women are just as guilty; we don’t care about ourselves enough to support each other either because we’re not as important as “our” men. So no, the ignoring of black women victims doesn’t surprise me. Doesn’t even phase me. I’m numb to it because I came to expect it as a little black girl growing up.

  3. toomanygrandkids says:

    “The lesion (lesson?) from Women’s Liberation Movement has nothing to do with it, white women-whom created it did not get in the same situation with white men, when they were taught this.”

    But black women joined the Women’s Liberation/Feminist Movement(s). And it gave way for black women to have larger ego’s than black men and much attitude. By claiming to not need/want a (black) man, what black women didn’t realize was that they were separating themselves from black men. A form of “turning their backs” on black men. I’m not saying that ALL black women did this, but a large % of them did, even though black women didn’t go completely without black men, thats for sure. Judging by the number of single female households without a man/husband/father actually living in the home, I’d say that these black women ceertainly had their share of black men. Whether anyone wants to realize it or not, back then (like now), there are black men and black women who just weren’t able to get along with one another under the same roof. And one of the reasons is because of the black woman’s view(s) of the Women’s Liberation/Feminist Movement.

    White women weren’t suppose to get in the same type of situation with white men as black men and women. White people are not black people and they don’t live black life. Whites have their own lives.

  4. Leo says:

    Since many have deemed the life of black woman and black female child as worth less than black men and black boys, the only way for the supposedly “bottom of the pile” black woman to peacefully exist in this world is to divest herself economically from the black community completely and stop enriching white wealth.

    Stop the fake solidarity. Stop supporting individuals and institutions who do not reciprocate in kind. Leave religions that devalue your humanity. Stop valuing the opinions of individuals who do not have the power to define you. Just stop doing anything that does not greatly benefit you or your well-being.

    My father said that a man is defined by how they treat their women and it’s not a good look for the black man at all because by their actions as a collective, they have shown the world that they are unwilling to provide for and protect black woman and black girls, and that makes them weak and indifferent.

    I don’t subscribe to the pathologies of misery and victim hood as it pertains to my own existence and don’t plan on starting in the near future. The black woman can thrive only when she vehemently rejects all of the implicit or explicit messages that attempt to tell her she’s less than human and go about her business and live as she chooses.

    I wonder what would happen if black women did the same things as black men do or put into effect what I just wrote?

  5. toomanygrandkids says:

    many black females who displayed just as much aggressive behavior, if not more than black men and the police. Or like in the case of Tysha Miller. Somebody somewhere knows how and when GHB got in her system. Of course, no one’s gonna say anything because blaming the police is a far better/convenient explanation.

    Here’s what REAL INNOCENCE looks like:

    Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of black children live and grow up among gun-crazy adults. Her own father gave a black male a gun to kill another black male who gave him a funny look. Funny look! When the police to search the residence for the suspect (who was hiding), little Aiyanna got caught in th crossfire. It’s a possibility that someone in the home grabbed the officer’s weapon causing it to discharge. Senseless killings are conducted and caused by those who are senseless. What can’t be blamed on the police is young black girls and boys beig surrounded by violence and criminal activity in the home of black adults who run the households.

    Yvette Smith was shot and killed by Bastrop County Deputy Daniel Willis 4 months ago. Since then, he has been fired and indicted on murder charges. The police were called to Yvette’s home because of an arguement between her son and boyfriend over money. There was some discussion about a gun being in the house or someone had a gun. When Yvette opened the door she was shot and killed. The police stated in their report that Yvette was holding a gun and wouldn’t put it down. But the evidence showed otherwise. Yvette was 5’5, 130 lbs. Her son stated, “If she’s considered a threat, then those cops need to turn their badges in.” That young man is absolutely correct.

  6. toomanygrandkids says:

    This proces that black women placed themselves and others in danger when shot and killed by police:

    This chick was a car thief. Her actions (and criminal past) that day displayed aggressive behavior. Running red lights and weaving through traffic places peoples lives in danger. Instead of surrendering and facing the consequences for her actions, Shantel decided to try to escape while the officer (w/ gun drawn) tried to put the car in park. But he had his gun out when he approaced the vehicle and before trying to put the car in park. I’m quite sure she saw it. The gun went off during the struggle, which didn’t have to take place. Shantel Davis didn’t have to die that day but her actions clearly put her on that path.

    Miriam Carey was crazy period. NO ONE in their right mind travels to the White House, of all places, and cause that type of chaos. And she had her own baby in the car, placing the baby’s life in danger as well.

    Indeed, this is a very strange case. How did 19-year old Tyisha Miller go from getting a flat tire, calling from help, arriving at a gas station, and being found unconscious and foaming at the mouth, and with a gun in her lap. All of this occurred before the arrival of the police. She wakes up while police are trying to open the car to get her out and Tyisha grabs the gun on her lap. Autopsy results show she had GHB in her system. I have never, ever heard of this drug, but how did it get in her system? Did she use this drug? Or, did someone drug her? Surely, it wasn’t the police. Being under the influence of GHB caused her to make the fatal error of grabbing that gun. But how did the gun get on her lap in the first place.

    The above examples are just a few out of many,

  7. toomanygrandkids says:

    Actually, I posted the link for a few other reasons but I wasn’t able to finish my comment. As far as the link: You stated that David Banner twitted some info about BLACK MEN being brutalized. Well, according to the link, it seems as though lots of black men were brutalizing/murdering other blacks and were shot and killed by the police. Those types of black males are not completely innocent. Timmy Thomas’ death resulted in a riot, just as Michael Browns’. It’s being reported that Michael was a prime suspect in an armed robbery. That officer had no idea about that. It’s also being said that Michael had his hands up when the cop shot him. But Michael knocked the cop down and struggled for his gun. Which was dumb. He must’ve wanted to get shot. So why protest/riot on account of a robbery suspect who brutalized a store clerk, assaulted an officer, and tried to get a hold of an officers’ gun? Just because cops so-called brutalize black males doesn’t mean that these males hadn’t brutalized someone, in which case, the police have no choice but to take action.

    I could’ve gave a whole lot more examples of whorish females. But I wouldn’t get any sleep or have a life. Trust me, I’ve got lots of other examples.

    Anyway, I’m not saying that innocent black being don’t get brutalized/assaulted/shot/killed by white cops. It happens with non-white cops too. The difference is that, IMHO, how these families of these victims handle the situation. Instead of protesting/rioting, they sue the pants off the city/police department. Not tear up their city/town/community. No matter what we think or feel about these situations, we all can’t control them.

    And thanx for the link. I learned something new today.

  8. (bigwill) says:

    The only thing a black person needs to know is that they already know.Whatever is the black womans problem,it came from a black dance if you want too.

  9. Annie says:

    The links you gave where men?? How about these: Black And Unarmed: Women And Girls Without Weapons Killed By Law Enforcement

    All I see from you is one or two experiences and you looking for confirmation bias: you met/heard of a few black women doing one thing and apply this to ALL black women. The lesion from Women’s Liberation Movement has nothing to do with it, white women – whom created it did not get in the same situation with white men, when they were taught this.

    Of course there are black women who make mistakes/act slutty SO DO MEN and more so!! The way you talk seems to imply that you are agreeing with all black women being bottom of the pile.

  10. toomanygrandkids says:

    didn’t know who his father was. She told me that she really didn’t know who any of her kids (5) fathers were. “Bitches and niggers was just fucking (her exact words) back then. How am I suppose to know which nigger is his pappy (her exact word)?” She’s one of many older females who refers to every black person as mammy, pappy, nigger, and bitches. Anyway, she said that she told her son, “Didn’t I buy that Batman costume you wanted for Halloween? Well, I fucked a nigger to buy you that costume.” To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement. I couldn’t move or breathe. Felt like I was paralyzed. Seriously? Any female who fucks for a costume places herself at the bottom of the totem pole.

  11. toomanygrandkids says:

    @Annie…No, you didn’t go there. I NEVER, EVER once said that whites/white police didn’t kill black women, children, or men. What I am saying is that just because adult black males and females are shot and/or killed by white cops doesn’t mean all of those blacks are completely innocent. Now, the children are, but black children are placed in harm’s way by adult blacks who stack guns and weapons in the home with these children. It’s not the police’s or anyone else’s fault that blacks insist on storing weapons among children. What does that have to do with the media or media lies?

    The majority of these feral males were shot/killed by police AFTER they brutalized/killed/threatened others. Those innocent people were the REAL VICTIMS. And even in one case, the aunt of the 15-year old victim states that she didn’t want the perp to have been shot because she’d rather he had his day in court and sent to prison. He deserved whichever outcome.

    Here’s something else you may not like:

    “Even black men seem to be turning their backs on black women” During and after the Women’s Liberation Movement, black women proclaimed they didn’t need a man, specifically a black man. That was, what, 40 years ago? That means for 40 years there were young black women taught how to live without a man by these older black women. But none of these women went completely without a black man. Especially since they were producing babies together. Even I noticed that black females allowed men in her house and bed as if her house came equipped with a revoloving door. Kinda like when repeat offender go in and out of jail/prison because of their behavior/actions.

    Anyway, some years ago, I had a conversation with an older black wome,n. At that time, she was 57, so she’s at least 60 now. She was telling me that she’d got into an arguement with her son because he wanted to know who his father was and why she

  12. Annie says:

    On his Twitter David Banner Tweeted names of black men women and kids killed by white police. 10 HOURS. Check @THEREALBANNER and see what’s really going on because toomanygrandkids has apparently been buying into media lies.

  13. toomanygrandkids says:

    Black women are killed mostly by other blacks. Other black females and males are doing the killing. Just like black males killing black males. Black on black crime. Folks like the ones in Missouri only go off and riot when a non-black is involved with a black person getting shot and/or killed. When blacks kill blacks its so accepted and normal that it doesn’t phase black people a bit. Good, decent, sensible blacks can’t even talk some sense into feral black females and males. Black females are just as gangsta as black males. Hell, a large number black females are not only gang members but they raise their own children in the gang culture. Some have no problem until something happens, like death. And even then, these females will blame every but themselves and the part they played.

    Black females are the queens of back-stabbing. I’m not talking about good, decent black women. I’m talking about the ghetto hoodrats who give black womanhood a disgusting reputation. I can certainly understand how black men feel about these females. Being a black woman I can’t even be around them for long periods of time. I also can’t be around or involved with black males with ghetto/hood attitudes. D.L. Hughley is absolutely correct, but I wished he would’ve said black females, not black women. Black females are angry, mad, and bitter even when they’re smiling, joking, and having a good time. And I know for a fact that D.L. witnessed hundreds of angry black females on a daily basis. He’s from South Central, I believe, or one of those other predominately black areas in Los Angeles. The Gangsta Capital of the world, which includes backstabbing, gangsta black females.

    Has anyone noticed the large % of black females being incarcerated? It’s been going on for years and years. And many of those stories/cases are just being televised. Now, they’re showing black females who’ve been imprisoned since the 70’s, or who have been on death row for at least 20 years.

  14. Dannii says:

    Below statement was when there was an error with the credits. All good now. Hope my article did some good highlighting an unsung and very urgent issue.

  15. Dannii Cohen says:

    This article is actually by ME DANNII COHEN AUTHOR AND PSYCHOLOGIST 🙂

  16. Welp says:

    Yet they have the lowest suicide rate in America. Go figure! We make them and we raise them, and we are the hated. Yet we are the bravest. People discount us, but the race is not given to the swift, nor to the strong, but to he that endureth to the end. Black women keep enduring, you are winning the race. That is why you are hated. They fudge our numbers in suicides and fudge their numbers murdering us and calling our deaths, accidents and suicides, because they understand their lives, and again that race try to force us to live their life. We understand who we are. We understand we are not clumsy people that we should cause our own deaths are the rate they are calling theses deaths accidents. We know we do not fall prey to suicide at the rate they are writing these as cause of deaths either. They do not care that we know our truths, they will still try to make their life ours and that is where they go wrong.

    All the rates for African American suicides and accidental for causes of deaths are incorrect in America and have been for some time. It is for the reason that this article states that they do so.

    African Americans will never accept Caucasian or any other race, irrational behavior as our own, no more than they should accept ours in America.

    New laws need to be made in regards to these alarming statistics for Black Women. If not that, then try the law and everyone receive the same sentences for the same crime, that would be fair, instead of giving races different sentences for the same crime. That should be a hate crime to do that. Sentencing should not be biased on race. Causes of death should fall within statistics and people need to do their jobs are be terminated.

    RIP Kendrick Johnson who was found dead at his high school rolled up in a mattress in the gym at his high school, and cause of death ruled an accident by the police of that town in Georgia, and the coroners office. The family did their own autopsy and it was found that he was struck by blunt object on right side of face/throat that killed him. He was 17 years old with his entire life ahead of him.

    Now another black male child has been gunned down in Georgia. I do not understand why that state is not investigated for the bigotry that runs rampart in that part of America, and everywhere else, especially these Southern States. Their history can not be downplayed and looked over continually in this day in age. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

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