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Eric Garner: The Latest Victim In The Secret Fraternal Order Of Police & Their Ritual Of Black Male Blood Sacrifice!

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( Eric Garner was a man who, as he was approached by the Police didn’t know that his last moments alive would be immortalized on video for the world to see forevermore.

That’s a lot more than the sea of immeasurable faceless victims of the New York City Police Department can say as their blatant disrespect for the darker communities roll on in a perpetual storm of death.

The majority of these displays of brutality have never been recorded and are swept under the rug as though it never happened. But the pain that ripples through the hearts of the friends and family members live on and send a direct message up to the ultimate judge for threat inevitable day of sentencing that unlike mans law can never be compromised.


It can be said that the harassment and murder of Black men in Amerikkka is a tradition.  A tradition where the murderous Klan of rogue officers always get acquitted while keeping their full pensions while avoiding any prison time.

That’s the power of the Fraternal Order Of The Police and their expensive forked tongue lawyers, crooked judges and the Blue Wall of Silence.

In the case of Eric Garner we already know that the wheels of deception are already turning to twist around what the world has already obviously seen.

…….until further investigation?

What is there to investigate when the entire incident was recorded from the unnecessary beginning to to the tragic end in yet another strike against the already ailing psyche of the struggling Blacks living under the threat of death by the Police Department in New York City.Eric-Garner-2014

And for those tourists and outsiders who have in the past descended down upon the glittery Gotham terrain of midtown Manhattan for a time who swear that the murder of Eric Garner had to be a fluke because of the absolutely wonderful cops who were so nice to them, let me tell you this…….

…….tourism is a cash cow for the City and you as a visitor or tourist will never get any rude treatment from a Police Officer there because the are on their best behavior. They want you to return with your cash to spend that will aid their economy. That’s it. Case closed.


Your wonderful experience as a tourist with the New York City Police Department is like a kid touching a hot stove really quick and telling his friends that it’s not hot. You really didn’t stick around long enough to feel the heat to get burned.

Try venturing deep into the outer boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island of course and even upper Manhattan and you will feel how hot life in New York City can get.

Life in the underbelly of the so called greatest city in the world will almost certainly show you many things that the tour guides refuse to share in order not to break the illusion of a perfect world.

Why should they? You as a tourist are there to be entertained so who really cares about the struggling working class poor who usually can’t even afford their own lawyer and whose only hope not to get railroaded in that wicked system is through an anonymous cellphone recording that will hopefully go viral.

Is this what it come down to? Depending on a video?

I guess any hope that anyone would have in a Police Officer to have any integrity has been long gone and that their so called pledge to Protect & Serve is now an obvious oath taken to do just that for the privileged an affluent members of society and not the common blue collar working Black man whose taxes flood the pensions of their modern day overseers.

Yes, the incident that took the life of Eric Garner is business as usual in the streets of New York and the masses of the voiceless downtrodden are long overdue for a reaction that will bring not only the city, but the entire world to a halt.

Revolution is happening everywhere across this vast globe and it is time now to trust in God to boldly step up in a fearless manner in order to bring balance into our communities so that we can live in peace the way our God intended for us.

As you have seen in the video, you can be guilty of nothing at all and once their mind is made up to cart you away like dead cattle there is nothing that one can do to change their mind.

So when you see us appear to care not as these officers are struck down one by one you will understand that we already have a pre-existing grief in our hearts from the abuse and murders of our family members and have nothing left to grieve for those who have taken us to the brink of madness.

I am beginning to consider what I saw on a social media posting earlier this week when someone stated that the Police Brutality would literally stop overnight if every time they killed one of ours that we took TWO of theirs.

Interesting concept.

…….what do you think?

R.I.P. Eric Garner

Staff Writer; Lance Scurvin
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4 Responses to “Eric Garner: The Latest Victim In The Secret Fraternal Order Of Police & Their Ritual Of Black Male Blood Sacrifice!”
  1. GRILEY says:


  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    I knew it, just knew it. All of the weekend shootings/killings happening in Chicago for years and not one, single article about those hoodlums. Now, this one guy dies from possibly a heart attack and BAM here’s an article pointing fingers at the police. That seems to be the only articles/stories mostly posted on thyblackman where the blame’s placed solely on someone, anyone else, especially (whites) police officers. Everyone involved in this situation isn’t completely innocent, including the deceased.

    Eric Garner had a lengthy criminal record dating back to the early 2000’s. So yeah, the cops knew him pretty well. For some reason, career criminals assume that the police forget what they look like. Since he often broke the law, Eric didn’t like the sight of cops.

    Even though he was selling untaxed cigarettes (loosies) in public in broad daylight, Eric assumed he wouldn’t draw the attention of law enforcement. Anybody breaking the law will be approached by the police. But Eric had an “I can do what I want” attitude/mentality. Those police officers have been placed on desk duty and have turned in their badge and weapon. The incident’s being investigated and and autopsy results are forthcoming. Until then, there will be rallies and protest with Al Sharpton leading the way.

    At least one of those officers has pending charges of excessive force against him. I bet Al will bring up that subject. But he or no one else will bring up Eric’s charges of drug possession and disorderly conduct. It’s no wonder he told the police that he was tired of the police bothering him. Eric should have been tired of breaking the law. He could have sold his fifty cent smokes at home or in a not so public area. Not saying he should had been doing that but you can’t tell a grown man what to do or not do.

  3. Satchel says:

    Surely this author is not suggesting blacks wage a war on the police, even if he did say he is considering what someone stated (“Police Brutality would literally stop overnight if every time they killed one of ours that we took TWO of theirs”). That is, is both inflammatory and irresponsible and has no place in responsible discussion.

  4. Gerald says:

    This was plain Murder motivate by Racists Police, and all the Black policemen just stood around why the White police did the Killing. All Policemen on the scene should have their gun and badge taken and Suppended without Pay.

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