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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Blue Ivy Carter Hair; Message To The Masses: Stop being messy.

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( Wow we’ve done it again! We have found another reason to harass and drive poor, little Blu Ivy Carter into the ground. When will the madness stop?

When will Blu Ivy Carter drop off the radar of her stalkers and haters? Yeah I said it. Little Blu Ivy Carter’s name is always on the lips of others. Since the day she was born she was the talk of celebrity hounds.

It appears that folks are bothered with Beyonce’s hairstyle choice for her daughter. Rude remarks and cut throat comments are floating across the internet. BlueIvy-Hair2014

First Blu Ivy Carter was the devil and now she’s just a nappy headed child. Well she’s a rich nappy headed child, with two rich, nappy headed parents to go along with it.

It’s no surprise that a child such as Blu Ivy Carter is constantly surrounded by rumors. Hey when you’re the child of one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment industry it can’t be helped.
Well now the hottest gossip has nothing to do with Blu Ivy Carter being Lucifer’s daughter. Yes I know crazy right?

It looks like Beyonce has chosen for Blu Ivy Carter to don a natural doo. And why shouldn’t she? Relaxers are a no-no and she’s defiantly too young for her mom’s thousand dollar weaves.

Many people are voicing their opinion and are apparently upset with the way Blu Ivy Carter’s hair looks.  And believe it or not there is even a petition floating around asking Beyonce to comb her child’s hair. Wow really! Did someone actually take the time to put together a petition asking a mother to comb her child’s hair?

Well Ms. Jasmine Toliver did just that. She created a poll on and collected over 5000 signatures. Jasmine’s petition states: ‘As a woman who understands the importance of hair care, it’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture… This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blu Ivy’s hair.’

All I will say on that note it “Ms. Jasmine go sat down”. Who gave you the authority to criticize Beyonce’s choice in styling her child’s hair? As long as she is safe, loved and nurtured keep your opinions to yourself. stated it perfectly.

The fact that hundreds of grown women feel the need to critique or comment on the hairstyle of a 2-year old, no matter how “wild” or “carefree” it may appear, shows a deep engrained taught fear that Blacks should never leave the house without looking put together or “done.”

Self-hate is so rooted in the psyche of many African-Americans that a majority of us no longer look to the Euro-centric majority to tell us that our full lips or kinky hair is not up to par. Blue Ivy Carter’s hair does not need policing.

Staff Writer; Shawna K.



5 Responses to “Blue Ivy Carter Hair; Message To The Masses: Stop being messy.”
  1. Show-Me says:

    @ Synthia…I agree with you 100%. No one said anything about giving Blue IVY a relaxer or weave. It shows pure laziness on Bey’s part to not make sure her daughter’s hair is neatly combed and moisturized. She has her daughter running around looking like a ghetto ass mess and that’s the point people are trying to make. They say we should mind our business, but when you are in show business your business is my business.

  2. Meredith says:

    This is the same old ignorant a$$ Stuff that came out about Gabby Douglas when she won her Gold at the Olympics. I am embarrassed and ashamed!! A grown as woman Jazzine Toliver is bullying a little girl..

  3. Meredith says:

    This is pathetic, let the Parents make this decision. I love Blu Ivy’s hair I think she is beautiful!! Why aren’t we speaking out on the Aids/HIV and violence epidemic in the Black Community!! Let’s keep it real and take our heads out of the sand

  4. santaja says:

    I think bey and jay need 2 let haters hate

  5. Synthia says:

    Shawna, your article is pretty unenlightened.

    1. PEople are not complaining about Beyonce’s “hairstyle choice.” They are complaining because Blue Ivy’s hair looks tangled, dry, matted, and dreaded because no one is combing it. It’s not about styling; it’s about hair care. The petition was started after Blue Ivy’s hair looked so bad, the parents tried to cover it up with a hoodie, but the hoodie kept blowing off and pictures were taken of the rat’s nest.

    2. This is not about Blue Ivy wearing a ‘natural doo.” It is about being neat and groomed. Natural hair should be taken care of. AT least, it should be detangled and moisturized. IT should not be allowed to mat up. For to you mischaracterize the concerns as people wanting Blue Ivy to have a relaxer or weave is so asinine that I can’t even believe you are a part of the black community. Black women have been grooming natural hair beautifully on children for generations. This current weave-wearing generation of mommies, such as fake-haired Beyonce, simply have no clue how to manage natural hair and it’s a shame.

    YOu view the petition as someone trying to criticize, when they are trying to help this child get her hair combed. Sure enough, after the petition, Beyonce brushed Blue’s hair into a neat little classic bun and put a crown on it. But she could have left it free, just condition, moisturize and brush.

    YOu speak of self-hate, but anyone, such as yourself who advocates for dry, matted ungroomed hair is the self-hating one. YOu take no pride in appearance. In prior generations, blacks, even if poor, knew how to properly present themselves to the world — at your best. YOu’re reducing the argument to angst about “natural” hair because you are a simpleton.

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