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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Obama; To Hell And Back.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Several months ago, I was on Facebook, killing time out of boredom.  Suddenly, one of the meaner type of anti-Obama posts caught my eye.  Curiosity got the better of me and I delved into the source, one of those “Obama Hater” groups.

So began my descent into a particularly noxious Hell.  Paradoxically, I was shocked but not surprised.  Having grown up in a rough blue-collar area of Queens, I don’t shock easy, but shocked I was.  What shocked me most wasObama-2014 the utterly venomous, vicious and vitriolic nature of the comments.  The level of racial invective was beyond anything I had ever heard.  Then there were the personal attacks and rumor-mongering.  The language of the participants, some of whom surely identify themselves as ‘Christians’, hit levels of vulgarity that I have seldom encountered.  

Much of it was sexual in nature (he’s gay, as if that’s something terrible; one lovely person also implied that the wife “straps one on” during their intimate moments).  Of course, there was the usual “He’s a secret Muslim” stuff (as if being a Muslim was something terrible) as well as statements labeling him as a Fascist, a Marxist and The Antichrist!  Did anyone say “I disagree with Obama but let’s not make racial, religious or sexual innuendos”?  Not a peep to that effect.  The wilder and more vituperative the statement, the more “likes” it got.  There was a sense of real craziness, a bestial feeding frenzy of hatred.  They egged each other on, each statement getting them more riled up, spurring them on to more outrageous statements.  They are literally Obama-obsessed.

As I said, I was shocked but not surprised.  The only thing that surprised me was the total lack of fact-checking.  The participants seemed willing and eager to believe anything, absolutely anything, that reflected negatively on this man in their eyes.  If you said that Obama was a surgically-altered grey alien from Zeta Reticuli who ate human babies for breakfast, some of them would believe it without question.  

If anyone had suggested any fact-checking, they would have gotten a cyber-lynching, I’m sure.  I thought of telling these people they were nuts, but their very insanity inhibited me from doing it; I literally figured that one of the loons might be crazy enough to come after this Obama-ite pinko in one way or another.  After about twenty minutes of savoring the venomous invective, my stomach was churning and the adrenaline was pumping through my arteries.  I left the site with a sigh, glad to be out of a very unpleasant corner of Hell.

As I said, I was shocked but not surprised.  I guess I shouldn’t even have been surprised.  These are people whose idea of humor is a cartoon of Barack and Michelle, depicted with exaggerated “Negroid” features, chowing down on big slices of watermelon.  Let them rave and rant in the Hell they have created for themselves.

Staff Writer;  Dr. Brad Holway



2 Responses to “Obama; To Hell And Back.”
  1. Ford says:

    ….Doctor, you were shocked see racist writings on the internet? I don’t think so and Peerless backs up your new found dislike of whites. So…..the over 50% negative poll ratings are due to what? Over half of the country “just hates niggers?” to borrow from an Eastwood movie. One thing Obama and Holder sure have done is to awaken whites to people like you.

  2. Peerless Perception says:

    Brother Doctor, Brother Frederick Douglass spoke @ great length on the subject matter. Although, he is respected for being a Black intellectual, he should also be revered for being a prophet. As it relates to racism in America, it is critical to conduct a racial assessment of why Black people, specifically, need to invoke independent thought. We must remember that many years ago racism used to be overt. Then it became covert. Now it is more oblique or stealth. For obvious reasons, the progressive adaptation of this implied belief system is here to stay due its chameleon-like ability. There are a complex array of factors that play a role in why it still exists and why it is still accepted. The obvious reason for its longevity is the color issue. Other factors include financial to societal elements.

    The tiering by race, ethnicity, culture, caliber, and class of people also plays roles in the perpetuation of the on-going discrimination. It is my strong belief that the only way to combat the prejudicial forces of today is to educate yourself. Education, whether formal or informal, not only refines an individual, but expands your realm of possibilities. Case in point, as of late, the attacks leveled against President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have been racially charged and unwarranted.

    Some of the comments extend well beyond professionalism and civilized behavior. The singular focus is obviously pointing toward race and the rhetoric has the undertone of cultural indifference. However, both the President and First Lady have exhibited stellar temperance in the face of adversity. This incredible restraint shown by these two individuals is the by-product of education. Even when faced with what appears to be insurmountable odds, this modern age “power couple” exudes class and sage beyond their years.

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