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An Easy Wall Workout For Toned Legs & Thighs.

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Tweet ( You may not always feel like going to the gym or running/walking, but trust and believe there are NO days off when it comes to getting (and keeping) your glutes, legs and thighs toned! If you’re in minimalist mode, try this simple three-exercise circuit where all you need is a flat, bare wall and about three feet of clear floor... [Read more...]

The Religion of Power.

Tweet ( This is an introduction to a new age religion developed by writer King Nazir Muhammad for Black people in America. This religion is an accumulation of all religious philosophies based around the color ” Black “. You will find that the color black is the main color in every theme throughout this religious philosophy.... [Read more...]

60 Years after Brown — Segregated Schools Still A Fact, But They Don’t Have to be Bad Schools.

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Tweet ( Much was made about the UCLA Civil Rights Project study released on the eve of the sixtieth anniversary May 17 commemorative celebrations of the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown versus Board of Education school desegregation decision. The study found that the legions of school districts in the South, West and North are more segregated... [Read more...]

New York’s Plan For Affordable Housing.

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Tweet ( Welcome to New York, baby. It’s a city full of fun!” goes a line from one of my favorite jazz songs of years ago. But, increasingly for many of its residents, New York has become a city full of high anxiety about where they can afford to live. The migration to New York of businesses with high-salaried jobs, and individuals... [Read more...]

Hip-Hop Generation Needs to Step Up.

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Tweet ( It’s a war going on outside, no man is safe from, you could run but you can’t hide forever, from these streets that we done took you walking with your head down scared to look, you shook cause ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks. -Excerpt from Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s “Survival of the Fittest” Survival of the... [Read more...]


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Tweet ( Singer Pharrell Williams said that there is now a New Black, and he is one of them, thus generating a storm of controversy over the notion that we can, should, or have moved beyond the historic struggles of our past to a new, free, fresh and empowering identity. This debate over who we are, what we are, and how we should express... [Read more...]

Karl Rove; Wabbit Season, Duck Season: Friendly Fire.

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Tweet ( Karl Rove… how you make you me smile. For Democrats, Karl Rove is the gift that keeps on giving. One would be hard-pressed to find a self-avowed enemy of a political party do more to inadvertently help that very same party through his own comments, false narratives, and miscalculations. This man – famously described as President... [Read more...]

The Black Bastard Society…the goal to financial freedom and mental living.

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Tweet ( “The mass of black men lead lives of quiet desperation…” The solution is simple…however the execution is the real challenge, and you’ll see what I mean as we proceed. First, we define and identify the true “Black Bastard”, which by the way, being recognized as a “Jew Bastard” is a badge of honor in certain... [Read more...]

Net Neutrality Necessary.

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Tweet ( You’ve probably heard a lot about the topic net neutrality over the past year or so in the news. Republicans have their view on net neutrality; Democrats have their view on it. That’s one of the problems inherent to the current state of our political discourse here in America. It’s not complicated – it’s actually simple.... [Read more...]

Superstar Lebron James Threatens To Boycott The NBA If Donald Sterling Is Not Removed.

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Tweet ( The Donald Sterling debacle in the NBA has reached a new head this week.  NBA superstar LeBron James has aligned with other players in the league who have put their feet down on Sterling’s racism, and their voices are clearer than they’ve ever been.  In fact, if LeBron is serious about this stance, this might be the most... [Read more...]

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