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Was Jay-Z protecting his business versus Solange??

(ThyBlackMan.com) Being media savvy is almost an art form; knowing what to say or do to trigger the media and the public is something that appears to take great skill to achieve. After the Solange-Jay-Z debacle earlier this month, the in-laws took to the store to go shopping, while Solange and Beyoncé did effective damage control by posting pictures of the two in happier times on Instagram. Media savvy and persuasiveness at its finest, right? But the biggest move was what Jay-Z DIDNT do, which was fight his sister in-law back. With a few defensive moves to combat Solange’s punches, Jay-Z protected his biggest investment; himself.

Jay-Z is obviously one of the wealthiest men in music. Besides album sales/royalties and his 200 million dollar Live Nation deal, Jay-Z makes his money through numerous business acquisitions such as once owning a stake in the Brooklyn Nets, his 40/40 clubs and his sponsorship’s with Duracell, Samsung etc. According to Forbes.com, Jay-Z’s net worth accumulates to 450 million. By himself, he’s quite the investment and his market value is just a testament to his rags-to-riches story. But one must have a little rationale to think that Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s passive behavior toward Solange in the elevator had less to do with the choice to not attack and more to do with protecting their image. Solange really had nothing to lose, in where the Carter’s had EVERYTHING to lose.

If Jay-Z’s possible decision to not attack back was based on a financial decision, then it’s probably the wisest decision Jay-Z’s ever made. Numerous of stars have lost revenue or watched their business acumen wipe out to little to nothing. Many have spoken that they would have reacted back to Solange, attacked her when they put their hands on them. But, that thinking is a result of going to places and spaces they haven’t been. Perhaps Jay-Z had the line of thinking of protecting himself from lost endorsements; we will never know, but not reacting because you’re noble and not reacting because you want to protect your business are two clear different type of personal deficits. When pride goes against money, pride will always lose.

But, this isn’t to say Jay-Z ISN’T a noble man, though. It’s just realizing your worth in a predicament like Elevator-gate would make more sense on why you wouldn’t fight back. Yes, it is politically correct to not fight a woman or put your hands on one. But Paula Dean knew it wasn’t politically correct to admit use of the N word. She still admitted it, right?

Music Editor; Brad Washington
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