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Rihanna and Drake are official: Sweet Revenge or Careless Behavior?

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( For those of you who have not been paying attention, according to several news reports, Rihanna and Drake are now official.   TMZ reported, “Multiple sources extremely close to the couple tell us, Rihanna and Drake have gone from casually hooking up to seriously dating … they’ve decided to give it a serious shot.”    

It’s not exactly clear are far back the two have been ‘hooking up,’ however one source offers a clue by telling HollywoodLife,  “He [Drake] stood by — patiently I might add — while she was with [Chris]….All he did was stay back and watch. Rihanna made her choice back then and while it didn’t work out in the end, he still loved and respected her.”   rihanna-drake-2014

Immediately after I read that, the ‘relationship wheel’ in my head started turning.   I thought something doesn’t smell right under the hood of the car; if you get my meaning. I thought: why now?  Why let it be known now that they are official while her Ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is self-destructing, and unravelling right before our eyes.  I think it is no coincidence that Rihanna and Drake, are now making their relationship public.

And it is definitely no coincidence the news came out shortly after it was reported Chris was thrown out of rehab for “breaking internal rules.”  One report said, “While it is not known what rule he broke, the outlet claims Chris did have an “inappropriate” relationship with one of the staff at the beginning of this month.”   It’s tragic really, that Chris appears to have lost himself since his troubled relationship with Rihanna.   More Specifically since the domestic violence altercation back in 2009 where Chris was charged with assault and making criminal threats.  Still, I am hoping at some point the multiple award winning R&B singer figures it out, and get it together.  

Call me crazy, but I got the feeling Riri, (affectionally known to us) was probably thinking two can play this game.  I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like Riri is getting her sweet revenge, and being careless in her action.  I guess the best part for Riri is that Brown will see her relationship with Drake play out on the news, and on the Internet.  To be blunt,  I think it is only in Drake’s imagination that Riri has finally made her choice: him.  

I hope it occurs to Drake sooner rather than later that he is just the “meantime man.”  In other words, in the  ‘meantime time’  he will do.    The interesting part is, Rihanna once confessed during an interview that Brown was her best friend.  Really?  In my opinion, that’s not the behavior of a best friend, but that’s just me. Then again, a girl has got to move ON!  

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4 Responses to “Rihanna and Drake are official: Sweet Revenge or Careless Behavior?”
  1. Lee says:

    Ask your self,how many people winds up with their first love? Is it impossible for Rihanna to have found the closure she needed with Chris Brown , finally realize her worth and how she should be treated and have fallen for Drake. We all know Rihanna could have her pick of men; better/finer than Drake to make Chris jealous if that was the case. However, Rihanna seems to be in love with Drake based on her actions. Unfortunately, both Rihanna and Drake have fans that are have their own fantasies about who their fav should be with. In addition, Drake has all these jealous exes like Jhene that still wants him,knows his insecurities about Chris and uses that to plant seeds in Drakes head ,as well as, spread rumors about Rihanna going back with Chris to break them up. Then there is Chris who is his own worse enemy that thinks he can control or slut shame Rihanna since she left him. I pray that Drake and Rihanna ‘s love / connection is deep enough to pull them through this all this BS. After all love conquers all

  2. Melanie says:

    “Call me crazy, but I got the feeling Riri, (affectionally known to us) was probably thinking two can play this game. I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like Riri is getting her sweet revenge, and being careless in her action.”

    So she’s supposed to put her life / love life on hold for the sake of her ex? And how exactly is she being “careless”? She doesn’t owe Chris Brown a damn thing. Does he think of her when he’s in relationships? HELL NO!!! Is it his fault when she fucks up? Again, HELL NO!!! Because she’s a woman she must hide away in the dark with Drake and never be seen together in public. The 1950s called, and they want their double-sided, sexist idiocies back.

  3. Hickory says:

    At the beginning I thought it was just to bother Chris and use Drake as a revenge. Then I thought she was using Drake to fill in the emptiness and the need for a man (if you know what I mean). Now I think she is taking things to the next level. I agree that if I were Drake I would proceed with care and not put my hopes too high. However, Rihanna may be fed up and tired of giving Chris chances. Honestly if she goes back to Chris she is stupid. Chris did enough to humiliate any woman. She just needs therapy to boost her self esteem. No one deserves to be treated like a hoe or a sidepiece unless she wants to. Chris even said “ain’t nobody got time for wifeing.” He didn’t love her enough to commit or go to the next level. If she still expects something from him, she is a moron who is in dire need of a reality check. He won’t change.

  4. Kai says:

    Who knows with Rihanna. She may be completely done with Chris Brown and moved on, or she may still love him in her heart. She once said they were soulmates. Until there are some pix of Rihanna and Chris seen together, would just chalk things up to blog gossip. Rihanna may not be in love with Drake, but maybe over time, she can learn to love him. Chris Brown has done too many dumb and stupid things, flaunt the Karrueche girl in Rihanna’s face when he knew damn well he wasn’t in love with this girl, and the dude still making songs disrespecting women calling them B”tches and Ho’s. As far as I’m concerned Chris Brown will not change, the dude is talented, but not likeable because of the things the juvenile, dumb things he continues to do! The other rumor that’s floating round the web is that Rihanna and Chris are planning secretly how to go public with their secret relationship. Well so much for B.S. rumors as the latest pix sgiws Rihanna sitting bold at Drake concert. It appears after she took care of some biz, she flew back to London to be with Drake.

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