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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Crimea; The Doo-Doo Chasers.

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( Now I may not be able to tell you what happened on some cable television program or pontificate of what I think may happen on some contrived artificial reality show, but I am in a position to conjure and offer perspectives on other contrived non-events such as what is frequently called politics. More specifically issues of somewhat basic precepts of democratic centralism and constitutional republics.

I have been told by the brain trust in the vicinity of the Beltway that self-determination means nothing anymore, unless it is decided upon by individuals who have no stake on such self-determination. I say this because from the President down, seems that the SEO meter is running on a simple phrase that the referendum in Crimea is illegitimate and illegal, and even that as such, the United States will not (never ever ever ever even) recognize its right to self-determination.
This is not only sociopathic but also inconsistent with the plurality evinced in our own constitution, but even more so in the articles of confederation, the bill of rights as ascribed via the Treaty of Paris.  It is as if just by saying such, it makes it a fact or truism.

Since the PEOPLE of Crimea voted over-whelming for their independence from the Ukraine, every nut and bolt politician in the United States hascrimea-map-2014 been saying the same thing, which can be summed up by the statement made by Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, who openly informed the world that the Obama Administration would not recognize the results of the referendum in Crimea calling what Russia did as being “dangerous and destabilizing”. Thus by fiat extending the assertion that the population of Crimea has no right to conduct a democratic referendum via the ballot, to decide if it wants to remain with the Ukraine or join Russia.

Fascinating, I mean a constitutional scholar (in theory) asserting anti-constitutional beliefs. This when, if it wasn’t for Washington, and even the EU helping to overthrow a democratically elected leader of another sovereign nation (Ukraine), we wouldn’t even be in this mess. Moreover, what makes even more absurd in the logic offered for this position by the Obama administration, which for the record asserts that the referendum cannot be valid unless the entire population of Ukraine votes and agrees with the decision by Crimean’s. A funny and strange position to take when you study past U.S. history with respect to the South Sudan (all of Sudan didn’t vote) and Kosovo from Serbia (no Serbians were allowed to vote via U.S. dictate). 

Then we have the audacity (like hope) to ridicule Putin for what Bill Clinton did in in Serbia, Bush in Iraq, and by Obama in Afghanistan, Libya, and trying to do currently in Syria. Were we this up set in 1967 when Israel committed a real act of war when it took Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, the Syrian Golan Heights and the Jordanian-administered West Bank, or in 1981 when the same nation, Israel took the Golan Heights.  

The simple fact of the matter is that we, America, should mind our own business and tend to the home front where we have real interest and not just the plutocratic interest of the ultra-wealthy. From a historical perspective WE KNOW that the two elephants in the room that no one is really discussing are: (1) the historical US/NATO desire to be able to surround Russia militarily and (2) access to the Artic, in particular since all these international bodies being so concerned with ‘global warming”, have green lighted more drilling there. These folks have to contain the Russian military because it will be the only way they can try and get all of the natural gas it has as well as access the infinite northern border Russia has with the Arctic.
Again, the United States has no interest that is national in the Ukraine when compared to Russia. Not only do the Russians have a large naval facility in Crimea, the folk there do speak Russian and it was conqueredrussia-map-2014 originally by Catherine the Great. Moreover, Moscow is not about to invade Ukraine and we all know this, it just sounds good to make folk believe that should be a reason for us to be upset. Outside of that, what is our national interest in the Ukraine? Is it to spread democracy like we did in Libya and Somalia? I mean fact is where ever we try to spread democracy all we get is a lot of dead Americans, a destabilized nation, and large Blackwater contracts.

We should just stay out of this and admit our only goal is really western control of oil and gas in the region. The Crimean Supreme Council is already on record saying Crimea wants Gazprom to develop the peninsula’s oil and natural gas deposits and not any western (US company).

This time we have messed with the wrong cat, a cat from a nation with conviction, who has very strong leadership skills, and even more than this REAL national interest in the region.  This is aint no doo doo chaser, this is Putin.

Staff Writer; Torrance Stephens 

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4 Responses to “Crimea; The Doo-Doo Chasers.”
  1. ROBERT says:


    THE article below will give you a more complete explanation than the previous articles; although it might be lengthy you seem to be very intelligent and should have no problems getting through it.

    IF you read it and reread the previous articles you will see it was written before the date it was published because PUTIN has already delivered the fatal blow.

  2. jdgwisd says:

    Robert, a short comment:

    The POTUS has Russia reeling economically based upon many sources, among them CNN and even FOX, who begrudingly understands that Sun Tsu was correct: Why openly confront your enemy when you can economically strangle them. As for the inflation, well……Its designed to make certain Americans cry wolf. The Chinese and Russians are not about to economically cut off their economic noses to spite their faces. I also find it interesting that many Americans that call for open warfare usually have very little personal investment. If it’s your child that have to fight, will you be so willing to throw away his or her life? To win without fighting is always the goal. Not to look good at it. I want Tom Brady to help me fight my battle…..Not Tony Romo.

  3. ROBERT says:

    WHILE AMERICANS were watching march madness and discussing KOBE BRYANT’S stupid comments something very significant happened and that is the RUSSIANS and the CHINESE just cut our economic throats.

    AMERICANS have failed to realize the major threat to us was our own government and instead of debating which party was going to lead the country to it’s death we should’ve been looking to replace all of our officials from both parties.

    AMERICANS are getting ready to learn a very painful lesson and that is we are required to care what our government is doing to others in the world not just for legal or even moral reasons but because these things have away of following you home and since we didn’t have the sense to control our government uncle PUTIN had to do it for us.

    WHEN we see gasoline at $ 25 a gallon and meat $ 2o a lb; we then will understand this was all our fault because we didn’t take our responsibility seriously.

    PUTIN and the CHINESE fixed us good ; you don’t have to defeat a big dumb giant on the battlefield you can simply out smart them.

    PLEASE take a look at what’s coming our way and get prepared!.

  4. ROBERT says:

    THE situation that we find ourselves in today cannot be understood until we know that ISRAEL is the master and AMERICA is the slave and that we are actually conducting ISRAELS foreign policy instead of our own.

    THE JEWS are very angry with PUTIN because he is frustrating their plans by stopping OBAMA from destroying SYRIA and IRAN and that caused them to strike back at PUTIN by overthrowing the government next door[UKRAINE] and threaten PUTIN with armed NAZI’S on his door step.

    IT is hard to believe that a tiny nation on the other side of the world could control a big muscle bound super power like AMERICA but it’s true and they have been using us to take control of the world and it’s resources.

    PUTIN is more than a match for these people he’s always two moves ahead and he even has some sympathy for OBAMA because RUSSIA was once ruled by JEWS and he know what OBAMA is dealing with and has recently called OBAMA trying to give him a way out as he did in SYRIA; but he will not compromise the security of RUSSIA and will go to war if necessary.

    IT is now up to us the people of this country to confront this government and stop this insane foreign policy that is not only threatening the life of others but now our own lives because RUSSIA is nuclear armed nation.

    PLEASE take a look at the videos below and see the terrorist and NAZI’S that OBAMA and the neocon’s are supporting with money ;weapons and training.

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