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Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Drug Death Exposes America’s Drug Epidemic.

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( When the police said they were looking for Hoffman’s drug dealer laughed because they know damm he was the drug dealer.

He bought, used, gave and sold to all his high profile friends. That’s why they found a sh*tload of drugs around him. Then they drudge up four of his fellow drug fiends and try to pen it on them.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman died because he didn’t put enough cut on his dope. When he overdosed there wasn’t anyone there to revive him. And the person who found him dead had stopped by to get high on the new supply himself. But white supremacists don’t want you to know that. Theyphilipseymourhoffman-2014 only want to show you black faces whenever there’s a news story involving drugs.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is only the tip of the iceberg that’s hidden white America’s drug epidemic. And it’s three times worse than previously estimated. Heroin, Meth and Cocaine are being consumed by young, white folks at alarming numbers. They’re selling it to each other and killing eachother over it; while the powers that be are powerless to stop it.
Some may call it chickens coming home to roost. I don’t know but the same police, FBI, CIA, DEA, and other officials who flooded black communities with heroin in the 1970’s and crack in the 1980’s are now trying to deal with the overflow. They imported it and gave it to black folks, now their own children are hooked on it. You remember, it was okay when black folks was hooked on their drugs.
But it wont stop. It will only get worse! Have you ever read the pamphlet that comes with your presciption medicine? It says “may cause abnormal drug seeking behavior.” Most of these “new” drug addicts start out as “legal” drug addicts using prescribed pain relief like Vicodin or Percocet. But when their injuries heal and their prescriptions run out, that’s when they’ll hit the street and look for people like Phillip Seymour Hoffman who the police said had top notch quality drugs.
That’s why there’s a new drug store/pharmacy aka dope-house being built on every corner in America; some right across the street from eachother. However, you wont see Walgreens or Rite-Aid shooting at eachother because they both have plenty of customers. Until the authorities go to drugmaker/dealer Merck or Pfizer and start pulling those executives (drug dealers) out of their offices, things are only going to get worse.
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3 Responses to “Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Drug Death Exposes America’s Drug Epidemic.”
  1. Yocheved says:

    Oh my gosh, grammar and spellcheck please? Do you even have an editor?

    That was both painful and embarrassing to read.

  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    Oops. It’s suppose to read: Drug experts report that when an addict has been clean….

    BTW, the police, CIA, FBI, DEA, and other officials had/have lots of help flooding black communities with drugs. Can you guess who?

  3. toomanygrandkids says:

    There’s been a drug epidemic in this country WAAAYYYY before now. I’ve known that white people of all ages and backgrounds are into drugs. Who doesn’t know that? I also know that like many other addicts this Hoffman dude was stupid. Drug experts report tha when an addict has been clan for years then goes back to using it’s likely they’ll overdose. White America couldn’t hide their drug use if they could. It’s televized daily.

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