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The Truth of Genesis: An Attack Against Christians and Jews – Part 1, The Origin of Satan!

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( Before our universe was created, God had already made unknown billions of other creations previously, and assigned arc-angels as superintendents over them.  Yehovah was making one last creation, the universe of man, which He completed 4.6 billion years ago, according to the geologist.  Therefore, in the beginning of our existence, God created this universe, starting with the planet Earth, the principal celestial entity.

Yehovah (God) is a creator by nature.  Each environment He would create would be a bit different from the previous one.  After creating so many millions of them, it began to be taxing to simultaneously keep up with them, all at once.  Yehovah had already created other classes of angels, such as seraphims (with six wings, the lowest ranking), and angels with four wings, and higher ranking angels (cherubims) with two wings.  At the head of the class were the cherubs without wings, called arc-angels.  The cherubs and cherubims would act as messengers to any of the creations that God had made.  God created one chief angel, more powerful than any of the rest, named Lucifer, to be God’s executive administrator.

But there came the time that there had been so many creations, that personally keeping up with each one became “work”, instead of a “joy”. So God created more cherubs (with special powers) that would be assigned as superintendents of each of the universes that had been made.  Also, after the end of every Creation Week of each new universe, God would create a new cherub to manage and care for the creation.  At regular intervals, each overseer would report to Heaven, on a rotating group basis, and give their report to Lucifer, who would then approach God with each cherub’s2014-Christianity-JesusChristDiedforyourSin account of progress made and state of being.

After many, many billions of Earth years of receiving the reports from the administrative cherubs, Lucifer considered his position as “boring”, and began to desire to have an assignment as an overseer, and watch the progress of beings that God would have created. Time and time again, Lucifer asked for an assignment, but God would say “no’, because Lucifer was not created for such a purpose.  But time, after time, after time, Lucifer pleaded for an assignment, until God finally relented.  Yehovah would soon form His last creation, and promised Lucifer that he would be the overseer, and that Earth would be his new home forever. Yet it appears that Lucifer secured other covenants between him and Yehovah.

After the end of (our) Creation Week, Yehovah assigned His chief angel in Heaven (Lucifer), as superintendent of this cosmos.   Michael, one of the twelve original arc-angels, was promoted to Lucifer’s former position.  For more than 3 billion years, Lucifer served faithfully, but later began to grow tired of “listening to the grass grow”.  Original mankind had not advanced as quickly as Lucifer had envisioned at first, and sought to help them along…, for the price of them giving worship to him, but mankind refused.

Judging by the fossil and geologic records, it seems that Lucifer tried to use “gentle” persuasion at first, by causing mild geologic “occurrences”.  When it became obvious that such tactics were not going to work, Lucifer became wroth, and iniquity began to set in.  He began to look for a way to force the earthlings to kneel down to him.  By focusing on the most elementary of life forms found in the seas, using trial and error, Lucifer discovered the concept of death, which had not yet before existed.

Death is the resultant state of being that once had life.  Life is the capacity to exhibit functions such as growth, metabolism, reproduction, and response to stimuli.  It is also the ability to adapt to the environment in order to continue, or to improve, existence.  It’s the physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence, especially, by a human being.  Physical death is the removal or termination of such functions, from an entity that once had such functions.  Generally, plant life is immobile, but can expand while being rooted in one central location.  Animal and human life is generally mobile, and the functions of life are grouped together as having the “spirit” of life. Once the “spirit” of life is gone from (or can no longer remain in) the physical body, death is the resultant state of being.  All spirits are created by God.

Having success with the lower forms of life, Lucifer began to escalate up to higher forms of life in the seas, out of the sight of original mankind.  However, it began to come to the attention of God, who soon told Lucifer to stop.  Coming to the conclusion that he could not have his way as long as God had control, Lucifer began to devise a plan to overthrow God.  He knew that he could not conquer Heaven by himself, so he asked God to allow him to visit the supervising cherubs in the other creations (universes) to “learn from them”.  What he had in mind was to see how many he could recruit to side with him in his attempt to overthrow the Creator.

Therefore, do not think that Lucifer went to each angel in Heaven, under God’s nose, to try to gain support, because he had nothing to offer them which they didn’t already have.  But when offering the administrative angels the opportunity to have absolute rule over their provinces, without ever again having to report back to Heaven, a third of the cherubs agreed to side with Lucifer, and planned to rendezvous in Heaven at a predetermined time, and engage in a “surprise attack”.  Even though Lucifer knew that his forces were outnumbered, two to one, he also knew that his cherubs were more powerful than the angels in Heaven.

How does one angel fight against another?  What weapons (if any) would be used?  One angel  cannot “kill” another, because in the supernatural realm, there is no physical death.  So does the fight continue until one cries out “uncle”?  God (Yehovah) knew the extra-celestial Civil War was coming, and had prepared His angels.  It is not known how long the war lasted.  It could have been days, centuries, or even several millenniums. But the war ended in defeat for Lucifer and his cherubs, in 245 Million BC.  The defeated cherubs were bound in chains of darkness, and will be judged (2nd Peter 2:4, Jude 6), by the saints of Yeshua (1 Corinthians 6:3) during the White Throne Judgment.  After those angels are judged, then come the demons, and finally all the rest of mankind will be judged, both modern and prehistoric.  Then, those saints which are deemed worthy, shall rule where those cherubs once presided (Matt 25:21-23), and the rest will live in the New Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, because of the unusual covenants made before Creation Week, Lucifer was cast out of Heaven (Rev 12:7 – 9).  The only place that Lucifer (henceforth called Satan) could go was to his assigned domain, which was “his home forever”, the Earth.  Satan caused the greatest extinction ever on Earth, in his anger.  He couldn’t defeat God, so he tried to destroy God’s creation, and its inhabitants.  Both before Restoration Week One, and before Restoration Week Six, Revelation 12:10 – 17 speaks of these two time periods.  The first was before the dinosaurs, and the second will be before the Rapture, which should occur on the Day of Trumpets (first day of Tishrei) in 2021 AD, if the anti-Christ declares himself to be “god” in 2018 AD.  Yet between those periods (in Genesis 1 and Revelation 12), are the explanations of the fossil and geologic records, and the five advents and exoduses of mankind of prehistoric Earth, as will be revealed in Part 2.

Written By Herman Cummings

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3 Responses to “The Truth of Genesis: An Attack Against Christians and Jews – Part 1, The Origin of Satan!”
  1. Herman says:

    To Papacool:

    Unfortunately, there are those that say “Jesus will explain it all to us when we get to Heaven”. That may very well be. But what about the agnostics, atheists, and evolutionists who need it explained to them BEFORE Jesus comes for His saints? The lack of understanding of Genesis is a roadblock to many, preventing them from believing the Word of God, just as it is the misunderstanding of Yeshua (Jesus), that keeps many Jews from accepting Him as the Messiah.

    This four+ part series is being written in an attempt to explain our past, present, and future existence, so that less people will spend eternity in torment, with Lucifer. Mankind’s future existence will either be in the Lake of Fire, in peace on the New Earth (and other systems), in residence in the New Jerusalem, or ruling in the places that the fallen angels forfeited. Without knowing the truth, most of mankind will fall victim to the lies of Satan.

  2. Papacool says:

    No matter how the story goes, we just need to know that God exists. To debate over how, when, and why is something that equates to an overall waste of time. History is being made everyday and nothing really matters except how do we play a part in all of this? If we truly understood our purpose in being, this life could be so much easier. However, we lean more to our understanding, rather than being led by the SPIRIT. We are fortunate enough to live and die and in the end it has to count for something. Not everyone gets the chance to experience life due to stillborn births, abortions, and an never ending list of bad choices. 2014 should be the starting point of a new beginning for all of us who choose to do something worthwhile with the time we are given. The whole aspect of good vs. evil has existed throughout the existence of time and life itself. How things happened is one of many mysteries that need to stay undiscovered as we have a need to know quality that seems to result in more questions than answers. Each one of us have a measure of faith given to us in accordance to God’s will. No one can make us believe or disbelieve as we have been given free will to make decisions on our own merit. Life teaches us that mistakes can and will be made. However, regardless of how things go, we have an individual responsibility to strive to be the best beings we can be. The fork in the road we all come to is either believe or deceive, cut and dry as the choice is ours. Peace out, Papacool.

  3. d says:

    sorry where is the logic here there are alot of statements made with literally 0% proof. this is a fairy tale.

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