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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Political Poverty Pimps.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) An article published on http://nky.com, titled, Running for Senate not job for paupers, cited: “The average household in the United States has a net worth of $69,000, but the average wealth of a U.S. senator is about $12 million, according to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau and Center for Responsive Politics.” To me, it illustrated the fact that we are far removed from the original intent of serving in Congress; no longer are “regular” people going off to serve for a few years and returning home to their jobs as farmers, shopkeepers, and factory workers, and the like. 

Washington, D.C. has become a veritable money pit, and candidates are doing and saying some of the dirtiest hypocritical things in order to set up residence there.  At the likely prospect of becoming millionaires, it’s no wonder those running for office are quite willing to forget about “the people” and get to work immediately to maintain their lucrative jobs in Congress.  They spend more time running and campaigning than they do governing, and they end up staying in their positions for ridiculously long periods of time, which is why we have such dysfunction in Congress.political-pimps

But, there is also a high level of dysfunction among “the people” because we are the ones who elect and keep them in office, despite their horrendous record of working on our behalf.  They become multi-millionaires and we keep losing ground economically.  You would think, in light of the current debate over raising the minimum wage and the sad financial situations affecting a huge number of American families, “the people” would decide to do something about the disparity and the utter disregard some of these nouveau poverty pimps have for us. 

Now let’s be real here.  It takes two to tango, right?  If some of our elected officials are pimps, what does that make us?  You know the word, no need to say it here.  Question is, “Why do we allow ourselves to be treated this way?”  We are obviously mesmerized by what we perceive as “royalty” and celebrity in this country, but to allow our penchant for person-worship to bleed over into the political arena is very dangerous—and we are seeing the results of having done that for so long.  We respond to some of our politicians in ways that mimic idol worship, and pay them quite well in the process.

Since award shows are in vogue now, we should have a Political Players Ball and give an award for the best “playa.”  They could dress in their best playa outfits—pinstripe suits with red or blue ties, that is, and strut their stuff down the runway while they rattle off their promises and claims, and tell us how bad they feel for the poor and for disabled veterans.  Of course, the one who has the most money would have a leg up on the competition and would probably get the most votes for “Political Playa of the Year.”

Amos Wilson wrote, “The irrational economy of…America, based as it is on irrational consumption, requires a high level of impulsivity and economic stupidity in its population, all the more in its lower classes and subordinated African American population.”  Of course, Wilson was referring to economic empowerment and the lack thereof within our ranks, but the same principle applies to political empowerment, not only for Black voters but for the entire U.S. electorate.  This nation’s elite relies and thrives on the necessary “stupidity” of consumers and the electorate to keep them in their positions of power.  Political pimps, with an average wealth of $12 million versus $69,000 for those over whom they rule, are definitely slapping us around and making us pay them for doing so.  What’s that famous line Huggy Bear and other pimps used to say?  “…better have my money.” 

I encourage the bi-polar electorate and the blind consumers to be more aware and active around these issues.  If we act like sheep, we will be treated like sheep, right?  We must stop getting so fired up about politicians who are only interested in having a sweet job as a result of our voting for them.  We must stop being so emotional about politics and start being more practical.  We major in the minors and get fighting mad because someone calls our President a name, and we spend an inordinate amount of time allowing the talking heads to stir the flames, which keeps our attention diverted from important issues.  President Obama is a multi-millionaire too; believe me, he is not the least bit concerned about folks calling him names.  He and his family are going to be just fine.  What about you and your family?

Stop working for the political pimps; they are supposed to be working for us.  

Written By James E. Clingman

Official website; http://www.blackonomics.com/



3 Responses to “Political Poverty Pimps.”
  1. ROBERT says:

    @ ERIC

    THERE is no shortage of black intelligence in this country; we have the means and the resources to solve our own problems.

    IF we could get brothers like you to use your skills; talent and education exclusively for our interest and benefit than no matter how rich and powerful our enemies seem to be we could beat these people!

    ALTHOUGH I am not a religious person I still love CHRISTMAS so I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Wattree says:


    This is an excellent article. I wish I’d written, because it’s right on the money. As you pointed out, What the American people seem to have forgotten is, politicians are not our leaders, they’re our employees, and we’ve go to learn to treat them as such. As the journalistic icon pointed out way back during the McCarthy era, “A citizenry of sheep begets a government of wolves.” We’re watching the truth of that statement being played out today.

    James was too much of a gentleman to say it, but I will – we’re allowing ourselves to be treated like two-dollar whoes.

  3. ROBERT says:

    THERE is a notion in our community that is continuously spread by our so- called leaders that the REPUBLICAN party is the party of the rich and the DEMOCRATS are the party of the minorities and the poor.

    NOTHING could be further from the truth; if you just check the net worth of our representatives you’ll find some odd things.

    THERE are 261 millionaires in the house and senate the majority of these millionaires are DEMOCRATS.

    HERE is just a short list of the wealthiest ones.

    JAY ROCKERFELLER worth 136 million

    HERB KHOL worth 231 million

    JARED POLIS worth 285 million

    MARK WARNER worth 283 million

    JOHN KERRY worth 294 million

    JANE HARMAN 435 million and I have to add that these numbers go back to 2010 and since then JANE HARMAN husband died in 2011 SYDNEY HARMAN and left her his fortune.

    DIANNE FEINSTEIN 108 million and that’s also separate from her husband RICHARD BLUM who is a billionaire.

    THESE people have no more in common with us than the republican millionaires; they are both the parties of the rich.

    IT’S time to make a break from the DEMOCRATS because after 50 years of being their flunkies we have nothing to show for it but broken families; broken communities and abortion clinics.

    WE can no longer be DEMOCRATS and we cannot be REPUBLICANS that only leaves us with one option and that is a black independent party.

    IF we are a adult and intelligent people we should be able to handle our own political affairs without the need to hold someone’s hand.

    WE have plenty of intelligent articulate people that we can get behind and run as candidates who will serve our interest and not betray us.

    THIS makes more sense to me than to allow ourselves to be represented by billionaire JEWS.

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