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The Truth Shall Make You Free! (Budget Talks).

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( (John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free).

What this country becomes in regard to providing for the needs of its citizenry will be decided as a result of the upcoming budget talks. The final outcome of these talks, which could take weeks, months, or even an election cycle to decide, will reveal ultimately the soul of this country.  These talks will determine what kind of a nation we will become. This is the very question the Republican Party centrists are asking the American people. Who are you?

The Tea Party on the other hand is telling the American voter/people the kind of nation we should be. However, the American people are ambivalent. They are being coy.  They are reluctant to make a definite commitment. This reluctance is reflected in their recent voting patterns. They have elected to office a majority Republican House of Representatives, a majority Democratic Senate and a Democratic Party president. The major reason the American people are ambivalent is because they have not been handed all the facts. They lack information.

And I think they instinctually know this! Once they have been given all the facts and understand them, they will make a decision.  They will make a decision about their greatest asset, the Social Security trust fund, and other entitlement programs. They will make a decision, I believe, not in support of either party but in their own best interest. Republicans have repeatedly said they believe cuts in entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare) are budget balancing necessities. In electing a Democratic Party president to oversee this process, the American voters are indicating they are not sure the Republican Party’s line of approach in balancing the budget is best for country over the long haul.   BudgetTalks
Democrats are backed-up against the proverbial wall in these budget negotiations because…

1) The Republicans have the better talking points. There is a deficit. Never mind it is largely due to the fallout from the 2008 downturn which Republicans precipitated, through poor supervision during President George W. Bush’s administration of the CDO (collateralized debt obligations) market.

You need look no further than the recent J. P. Morgan settlement with the federal government for confirmation of this. That company if the settlement is approved will be fined $13 billion dollars for its role in processing mortgages. Nevertheless, folks can identify with the Republican talking point of; we need to live within our means.  Hence, let us cut entitlement spending, which will reduce the deficit.    
2) Democrats are championing entitlement programs which are hard to protect from spending cuts because they cannot identify new revenue to continue to bankroll them. While Democrats have “the safety net argument,” Republicans pull out their calculators and show by the numbers how the safety net will bankrupt America unless there is some retrenchment. 
3) Democrats are reluctant to make the argument publicly as individual representatives that defense spending cuts should be made to create revenue because they don’t want to be seen as being soft when it comes to protecting the country militarily. The truth of the matter is the United States spends more on defense than China, Russia, England, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy and Brazil combined.  Republicans are masterful in making the argument, cutting defense spending means putting more Americans out of work during this crucial period of high unemployment. Thus Democrats are left with the poor comeback argument of, “Well … there has got to be some waste in a department budget as large as $700 billion dollars.” Republicans respond by saying, “Find the waste and we will consider it.” 
What is the answer? What is a good centrist position that will resolve our high unemployment problem, create a stream of new revenue without taxing the wealthy which is a chief concern of Republicans, and allow the federal government to progressively adjust the entitlement programs? The clear answer is what we did in the past. In presiding over the aftermath of the economic damage of the Great Depression, the administration of FDR invested in the American people. Mr. Obama and his team can trump all the above disadvantages if they can show how through a national job creation plan they can put America back to work. You see the number one issue is not the budget, balancing the budget or even overspending. 

The #1 issue in America today is high unemployment and the economic uncertainty it produces.   If the Obama administration puts forth a national job creation plan (, the argumentative advantages the Republicans are enjoying go away. Spending on infrastructure, which was what the administration’s American Jobs Act called for, is no substitute for a national job creation plan. Such spending will not bring us the sustained long-term recovery we all seek. This administration cannot expand the federal government’s payroll to hire enough of the estimated 11.2 million or more unemployed workers to make a difference in our unemployment rate.  According to the Department of Defense web site, with over 1.4 million men and women on active duty, and 718,000 civilian personnel, it is the nation’s largest employer. Mr. Obama, if he is to have any impact upon the number of unemployed workers through government spending on infrastructure programs, will have at least match the payroll of the Department of Defense. With Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives, that is politically impossible. 
However, a national job creation plan can be created through the Social Security program. Part of creating a national job creation plan through the Social Security program requires our president to be honest and truthful with the American people! Our president needs to end the charade being perpetuated upon the American public in regard to the solvency of the Social Security trust fund.

He should reveal in detail what occurred to the trust fund’s money instead of attempting in these budgetary talks to chip away at the federal government’s obligation to pay legitimate benefits to American workers. He should do the honorable thing and keep the promise the nation made to the American worker when it comes to Social Security benefits. By keeping its promise to the American worker of providing full retirement benefits based upon the obligation of the program, the federal government lifts the economy out of the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Details of such an approach are @  In the end, telling the truth surely shall set us free of these horribly high unemployment numbers!  

Staff Writer; James Davis

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