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Reinforcing the Self-serving Myth That Blacks Kill Whites Because They’re White.

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( The predictable happened as soon as the race of the three teens charged in the Oklahoma slaying of Christopher Lane, a young white Australian baseball player was known. Two are black. The cry immediately went up yet again that whites are in dire peril from being victimized, and likely killed by young blacks. There is not a shred of evidence or even the hint that killing Lane was racially motivated. The teens themselves could only say that they killed him because they were “bored” and that he happened to be an accessible and convenient target. This in no way minimizes the horror and tragedy of their alleged act, and prosecutors wasted no time in filing charges against them as adults. Oklahoma is a tough death penalty state, and it’s almost certain that the death penalty will loom large in consideration against the two black teens that are charged with first-degree murder in the killing, their age notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, the FBI’s annual figures on homicide rates in America repeatedly show that of the thousands of killings in the nation annually only a minuscule number of whites are killed by blacks. The plain fact is that whites are likely to be killed by other whites, and blacks by other blacks. Yet, it’s becauseblackOnWhiteViolence interracial killings, more specifically black-on-white killing, is so rare that it lends itself to fear, sensationalism, and hysteria. The clamor even extends to the press. It’s now become a ritual for right-wing bloggers, and talk show hosts, to brow beat the national media for supposedly clamping a wall of silence on black-on-white killing cases because it fears inflaming racial tensions, and is scared stiff that it will be called racist for talking up black-on-white crimes. Yet when whites assault or kill blacks the press and civil rights leaders supposedly leap over each other to blare it out as headline news. This supposedly proves that the national press is somehow in collusion with civil rights leaders to cover up the alleged epidemic of black-on-white killings.

This is a false, self-serving, and cheap ploy to knock the press and civil rights leaders. Yet, the horrific killing of Lane does cast a troubling glare on an aspect of violent crime in America that isn’t much talked about beyond race baiting digs at the media and civil rights leaders. And that’s the reasons that blacks do kill whites. Even though the numbers are small, a higher proportion of whites are likely to be killed by blacks than whites killing blacks. As in the Oklahoma slaying, there is no evidence that the killings are racially motivated, whites are targeted because they are perceived to have valuables in the home, cash, a luxury car, or other conspicuous objects of value that criminals seek out and that poor blacks aren’t likely to have. In other words, these crimes are almost all cases of garden-variety street crime. The alleged Oklahoma teen shooters prove that point. There is no talk about getting whites in their Facebook page rants, but rather an exulting of the pseudo tough guy, gangster lifestyle.

Prosecutors in trying to determine whether to prosecute an interracial killing or attack as a hate crime or not have to figure out is their racial animus in the crime. For it to be a hate crime they have to prove that a black intentionally targeted a white victim solely because of their color. That’s takes hard evidence of racial taunts, threats, writings, or statements by the perpetrator to prove race was the motivating factor in the attack. In the absence of that evidence, the charge that the attack was a hate crime won’t fly.

The suggestion that the national press engages in a cover-up to quash killings committed by blacks of whites because it’s afraid to offend blacks is just as absurd. The better explanation is that crime news is so routine that unless the accused murderer is O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector, or Robert Blake or a name celebrity, or that in the case of the alleged killers in Oklahoma they are teens, and the explanation they give why they killed is so jaw-dropping and senseless that it alone insures that it will become a leading news story.

Still, black-on-white violence anywhere stirs fear among some whites that crime-prone blacks are out to get them, and they’ll seize any opportunity they get to commit violence against them. When blacks say or do nothing about these attacks it is taken by some as a tacit signal that blacks put less value on white lives than black lives. This is ridiculous. But that won’t stop some from still screaming loudly that the killing of Lane proves there’s a double standard in interracial killing cases. There’s nothing of the sort but his heartbreaking killing unfortunately will just reinforce that belief.

Written By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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13 Responses to “Reinforcing the Self-serving Myth That Blacks Kill Whites Because They’re White.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    @Papacool…very well said.

    For those boys to admit the reason for the murder was b/c they were bored is a clear sign that they should be locked up and out of society. The victim’s race doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is the specific reason why these young boys killed someone was b/c they were bored and had nothing to do. Well knock me over w/ a feather. Dancing and singing, huh? Goes to show these boys have noodles for brain cells. Can’t wait to see this trial plays out.

  2. Anne says:

    If we are all honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that there HAVE been instances in which white folks were killed or assaulted precisely because they were white. Just as we black folks become frustrated with those outside our race who refuse to acknowledge our experiences with racism, overt or otherwise, we can’t expect empathy from those whose negative experiences with black folks WE refuse to acknowledge. In 2013, we are up against folks like the Koch brothers and their ilk, who are about creating a society of the few very rich with everyone else in abject poverty. Racism, which has always been inextricably part of American life, is just one of the tools that people like the Koch brothers use to keep us focused away from fighting them and toward fighting each other. So is sexism, which is being used to return women to the kind of subjugation worked against having any kind of life outside of home and hearth, even those who were clearly not marriage material. Then there’s the disdain toward poor people, especially those on welfare. They are broadly painted as undeserving leeches instead of good people down on their luck for various reasons. These same ultra-wealthy folks are also about busting the unions which are responsible for all the benefits working people have today, including 8-hour work days, 40-hour work weeks, and the minimum wage.
    We need to have as many allies as possible, and for that reason, we have to have understanding and empathy for the issues of others. That’s because any injustice eventually engulfs all of us.

  3. ewill says:

    My elk? LOL what ever.

  4. 4real says:

    @ewill that is an accurate description of your elk.

  5. ewill says:

    Nasty, dirty, shit race.

  6. Papacool says:

    First of all, crime is crime no matter how anybody tries to describe it. To attach a racial statistic really does not matter when anyone you love gets killed. I think that all of us are going to get to experience the tragedy of having known someone that was taken away before their time. I hold the media to blame in inciting some of the reactions to various situations as they tend to put the cart before the horse in how crime is reported. Gun misusage in most cases seems to be a huge factor in the majority of these events. The Oklahoma incident is just one of many that happens in the world on a daily basis. I had the opportunity of listening to a talk show on XM radio where it appeared that it was initially reported as a killing by 3 blacks, which turns out to be inaccurate. Leaning on the ability to assume, the wrong conclusion has been reached with no one seemingly noticing that the bottom line is that another life was unnecessarily taken. I personally am disappointed in the fact that we have a man that comes to America from Australia on a scholarship, only to have a click of fools take his life. To say that boredom made them to do it is an insult to only the man that died, but to the whole nation. We are better than this. I know that we operate under the guise of innocent until proven guilty, but in a case like this I wish that it would be like monopoly, do not pass go but go directly to the needle. This is coming from a black man that can see no logical reason as to why this had to happen. I do not want to see time, money, and resources wasted on cases like this as there should be an automatic death sentence in place when there is absolutely no doubt to who commits such crimes. If this was the law, you would see a reduction in crime overnight, except in cases where you have someone involved that feels they have nothing to lose. For people to cheapen the process of living on a random basis is completely crazy and for those who do not believe in the death penalty, just let it happen to you. We have allowed people to be rude and disrespectful in these last days and it is not a pretty sight to look at. On the news it was explained that one of the 3 arrested was dancing and laughing. I would like to let him be the first one to get a shot for old times sake and have the execution shown live. This would serve as a wake up call as we practice the old eye for an eye routine. Those that kill need to be killed as there has to be a zero tolerance approach to correcting this situation. Plus this would serve as a cost savings techniques as we do not have to house and feed someone for years until all legal aspects have been exhausted. When you murder someone, you lose all basic rights, as you have exercised violating the right of life to an individual. To the family of the man shot, I offer a personal apology and hope that some kind of good as far as gun control law enactment can be done. Help us Jesus. Peace out, Papacool.

  7. ewill says:

    I am white, stupid. I don’t find it odd at all that you are ignorant and angry. Ignorant, angry, violant… that is your race.

  8. ROBERT says:

    I find it odd that the blacks who frequently comment on this website don’t sound much different than the white racist troll!

  9. ewill says:

    A large amount of whites think that most blacks are
    ignorant, angry, and violent.
    Tell me Earl, how wrong am I about that statement?
    Your article is so twisted that it’s bullshit. Whites are not afraid for their lives at the hands of Negros, nor have some kind of delusion that “the black man” is out to get them. Whites don’t think or care about the negro because the negro is ignorant, angry and violent. The “out to get me” delusional thinking is imprinted on the brains of almost every negro about “the white man.“
    You prove your ignorance in the title of your article. Let me correct it for you.
    “Blacks kill anybody because they are violent.”
    Also, like most ignorant blacks, you don’t know the difference between numbers and percentages. Finally, You don’t know the difference between facts and opinions.

  10. Dcarter910 says:

    Look everybody knows that whites are the reason guns and ammunition are sold out around the country. Once they are fed up with ignorant negros roaming the streets killing their family….let’s just say there will be a major attitude adjustment about killing random whittys. They are in the back woods training all day and unless the national guard step in, which probably won’t bc Obama doesn’t like blacks either, then all of a sudden blacks will be trying to plead for the “humanity” in our white brothers. Most whites are shedding their “white guilt”.

  11. ROBERT says:

    TO BRO HASSAN AZIZ YOU missed my point a crime is a crime there is no such thing as black on black crime or black on white crime if you are killed it doesn’t matter what race the person was who killed you ;my first comment was a play on the things whites were saying about the killing of TRAYVON.
    AND besides whites can defend themselves they don’t need you help!

  12. hassan_aziz says:

    this is why we are not blessed by God as a people. almost 97% of interracial crime between blacks and whites, whites are the victims, some have told me that this is some type of social justice for what has been bestowed upon us 300 yrs ago.

    we have no credibility because of black people like hutchinson writing this swill, and worse that a large contingency of people in the black community believe it.

    and robert, LANE was jogging and minding his own business, the miscreant black children killed the man because they were bored, and felt like killing someone. you are a pathetic group of negroes.

  13. ROBERT says:

    I am sure this white guy LANE posed some sort of threat that lead these brothers to fear for their lives and they were forced to defend themselves!

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