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Hey, Chocolate City, where da money at?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Some astute person once stated, “Politics is the art of turning public money into private money.” Unless you have been hangin’ out on Mars, you certainly know that to be true. Named by some as the “Wealthiest Area in the Nation,” Washington, D.C., called Chocolate City by Parliament Funkedelic, despite its wealth, has some serious issues that, as usual, have a disproportionately negative affect on Black folks.

As if the public school system troubles are not enough, a major part of DC languishes in poverty and the related crime thereof, and continues on its downward spiral to what Charles Dickens described in his famous book, Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

From an up close and personal perspective, I have observed DC for the past three years, having made a least thirty 2-4 day trips there. (Of course, I have been going to Chocolate City since the 1970’s but didn’t pay the same attention to it as I do now. Those of you in my age group, especially the men, know exactly what I am talking about.) Each time I drive or walk down Uchocolate-city-DC Street and see the Bohemian Cavern building, thinking about El Dee Young of the Ramsey Lewis Trio, (Remember that “record” album); I also think about ownership and the lack thereof among Black Washingtonians.

I think about the many brothers and sisters who sleep on the streets; I think about the crime, especially the murder of Howard University student, Omar Sykes, and the rape of two young women on Howard’s campus; I think about the recent convergence of thousands of Delta Sigma Theta sisters, whose sorority was founded 100 years ago at Howard, having very few choices near that campus to enjoy a meal at a Black owned restaurant or a Black owned hotel in which to stay; I think about the dearth of Black businesses, compared to the famed U Street days, and the millions that will be spent during the upcoming 50th Anniversary March on Washington, which in the process will also be a march to spend our dollars at businesses other than our own; and I think about the dichotomy and irony of yet another majority Black populated city, contiguous to what is called the richest Black county (Prince George) in the nation, having such disparate economic conditions.

DC is also home to another famous corridor, K Street, where former politicians who are now called lobbyists work and reside. These and others in the collar counties of Virginia and Maryland comprise the wealth attributed to DC’s rise to the top of this nation’s money tree. In a town that produces very little, other than hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations and hundreds of thousands of more pages to explain those regulations, and in a town that survives and thrives off the public till, the money is flowing and it’s the “best of times.” In contrast, in a town once known as Chocolate City, many Blacks are suffering in the “worst of times.”

One of the highest grossing McDonald’s restaurants in this country is located just across the street from one of the nation’s most revered HBCU’s, Howard University, whose students have very limited choices when it comes to getting a reasonably priced nutritious meal off-campus. The few fast food restaurants near the campus pale in comparison to those adjacent to the University of Maryland or Georgetown, for instance. One that comes to mind is a place named Howard China, or as Howard students call it, “Ho-Chi.” The place is a real let down when you go inside and see the “décor;” but it has adopted, or co-opted, Howard’s name and attracts thousands of student-patrons each year for, of all things, chicken wings.

There are other places I could name as well, so please don’t think I am singling out just one. There is a Subway, a Potbelly, a Starbucks, a Frozen Yogurt store, and a Jamaican restaurant as well. After hearing commercials about the family restaurant across the street from Howard Hospital, on Carl Nelson’s radio show (http://wolcnews.com. WOL 1450 AM), I went there only to find it was closed during the weekday afternoon I tried to support it. Talk about food deserts; there is one in the “small city” called Howard University, which points out our dysfunctional behavior when it comes to economic empowerment.

In a town that boasts of Benjamin Banneker’s prowess, Black owned businesses of the past, statues and museums that depict icons and achievements by Blacks, and in the town where a Black family resides in the White House, you would think there would be a bit more than just politics as usual. You would think there would be more economic empowerment. Now that you know “where da money at,” in Chocolate City, look for answers and solutions in part two of this article next week.

Written By James E. Clingman

Official website; http://www.blackonomics.com/




6 Responses to “Hey, Chocolate City, where da money at?”
  1. Dcarter910 says:

    I hate the DMV area and everything its about Prince George County has the worst schools and the highest taxes. D.C. has so much corruption its rediculous. Most black people in the DMV area have a air of superiority over blacks from the rest of the country. Point Blank, they are extremely arrogant and materialistic. Ever brother that I meet here will vouch that you should never marry a woman from this area. The most famous resturants around here like “The Fishmarket” in clinton Maryland is full of only black people 7 days a week but if you flip the menu over there is a white family on the back that owns and runs it. The white owner pulls up in a Farrari where he is greet with hand shakes and hugs. Downtown D.C. is ran by whites and the clubs and bars are ran by whites and ethiopians who despise blacks. Its so sad that most of the black people in this area that have a good job have a “I got mine now get your own” type attitude. Chocolate city? Naw just the most beautiful plantation you have ever seen. What was Harriet Tubman’s famous line? “I have saved thousands or blacks and I could have saved thousands more if they knew they were slaves”. 18 more months here and I’m headed back south. And P.S. D.C. and Marylanders stop moving to North Carolina, stay here and suffer in this hell hole you created and so proudly flaunt.

  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    All of the terror this group inflicted upon a community is still happening today in black neighborhoods. And not just big cities but small towns also. When President Reagan informed the public about “smokable crack cocaine” black leaders, not just Jesse and Al but pastors, teachers, principles, and fathers should’ve had discussions/lectures on/about the DANGERS of crack cocaine. It would’ve went something like:

    “This is the MOST POWERFULLY DANGEROUS DRUG to ever hit the black community. We’ve observed that the USER becomes so addicted that they lose EVERYTHING: job, home, vehicle(s), family, children, and friends. In fact, users don’t give a damn about anybody or anything. And they care even less about themselves. Crack cocaine transforms black mothers and black fathers into greedy, selfish, unfit, ugly, skinny zombies. A mother becomes so heartless and cruel that she steals from her own children and family. She’ll abandon her children without looking back. Working-class black women are reduced to nasty, crack-addicted hookers. A working-class black man will be reduced to street scum. He’ll become so addicted that he’ll not only abandon his family, he will perform sexual acts with another male just to get a hit of crack. This drug transforms its users from decent human beings into thieves, murderers, enemies, and every other degenerate you can think of. Crack cocaine DESTROYS a person’s heart, mind, and soul. BEWARE! The consequences you suffer from from smoking crack is like no other. Dealers of crack cocaine will attempt to recruit your children to sell this drug, if they haven’t already. The lure of lots of fast, quick money will tempt to you to sell it. You’ll witness the destruction of black communities. Street by street. Block by block. Town by town. City by city. It’ll have a domino effect. The more peopl who sell/smoke crack cocaine, the more and sooner black people will become their own worst enemy.”

  3. toomanygrandkids says:

    Its also the fact that for Lord knows how many years, so-called black leaders refuse to admit there are problems within/among the black race. It seems to be that there’s not even any unity among leaders. Each one wants to be THEE only leader and call the shots. I believe its referred to the HNIC. Whats the point in following leaders when 1.) They’ve got their own hustle going on. Why should they worry about the plight of blacks as a whole when they themselves aren’t even unified? There’s been public displays of hatred and disrespect that make the so-called leaders look like first graders.

    So-called black leaders rally for and support the ideas that are a waste of time. Burying the n-word, attending the funerals of notoriously dangerous criminals/drug dealers/gang bangers, and black people are still getting arrested during protest marches. Is there some kinda obsession with going to jail? There really shouldn’t be any question as to why so many black males are behind bars. 1.) Most of them are guilty of committing crimes. 2.) Following the leaders guarentees being placed in handcuffs.

    What good comes out of confused leadership? CONFUSION!

    The Civil Rights Movement stomped out economic powerment for black people. Civil rights activist LEAD millions of blacks and their money to the white community instead of giving them aspirations and determination to build their own for themselves. So when I hear something like Oprah buying a $38,000 handbag, I think to myself, “She’s just made white billionaires richer!” Don’t get me wrong, Oprah can buy/afford whatever. Might point is that rich non-blacks can’t be rich without a steady stream of high-paying customers.

    The crack epidemic took over and destroyed any hope for economic empowerment. Time will tell when/how blacks as a race will recover from this bullshit. I watched a program about how K Street was a well-known drug area. The K Street Crew is what I think these goons called themselves.

  4. ewill says:

    You are just an ignorant, angry, and violant race. Always have been, always will be. You are your own problem and your own curse. Best for all of you and everybody else that you all just disappear of the face of the earth.

  5. Sigh! Asians are progressing, whites have the most billionaires. Maybe the curse of the Biblical Ham is True?

  6. ROBERT says:


    UNTIL we black AMERICANS understand that leadership is the most important and basic need for any people to succeed than any endeavor we attempt will end in failure.

    WE are trying to compete in a society with unelected and unaccountable leadership and it’s just not possible!

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