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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why Fox News Bill O’Reilly Cheers the Death of Trayvon Martin.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Bill O’Reilly recently added himself to the list of commentators who made remarks about President Obama’s speech on the Trayvon Martin case and George Zimmerman acquittal.  O’Reilly gave Obama credit for “addressing the race issue,” but then proceeded to lecture the president about how he is incapable of correcting the real problems in the African American community.

“The sad truth is that from the president on down, our leadership has no clue, no clue at all about how to solve problems within the black community,” O’Reilly said. “And many are frightened to even broach the issue. That’s because race hustlers and the grievance industry have intimidated the so-called ‘conversation,’ turning any valid criticism of African-American culture into charges of racial bias.”

Bill O’Reilly proceeded to say that Trayvon Martin was being profiled by George Zimmerman because of the clothes he was wearing, not his skin color.

“It was wrong for Zimmerman to confront Martin based on his appearance,” he said. “But the culture that we have in this country does lead to criminalBillOreilly profiling because young black American men are so often involved in crime.”

Bill O’Reilly further attacked the African American community by pointing to “The disintegration of the African-American family.” He also mentioned that “73% of all black babies are born out of wedlock.”

Even more interesting is that O’Reilly connects the president’s inability to help the black community to the proliferation of “gangsta culture” that glorifies violence and irresponsible behavior.

Alrighty then.

Since my disagreements with O’Reilly a few years ago, I’ve refused to appear on the Fox News network. I did two appearances on Fox Business, but only because I have modest respect for John Stossel and wanted to discuss the exploitation of college athletes.  Beyond that, I’ve turned down every appearance request I’ve received since that time.

I also cringe whenever I see black commentators being forced to cater to one of the most racist media outlets in American history, only because they have money and an audience.  I personally believe that we give credibility to the beast by feeding it with our attention.  The truth is that we risk looking weak and desperate when we allow bigoted whites to put us in situations that they themselves would never accept.  Allowing racists to put us on the defensive is one symptom of our continued second-class citizenship.

With that said, Bill O’Reilly exists in America for a reason, the same way certain bacteria can only survive in a moldy refrigerator.  He thrives in American media because O’Reilly is a living manifestation of every angry, uneducated racist in our country.  He connects to the misguided white man the way Beyonce relates to 31-year old black women.  There are a lot of angry, ignorant, arrogant Americans in this country, and those are the people who tune into Fox News.

Bill O’Reilly is not only an enemy of progress who seeks to destroy the country he claims to love, he also fails to understand that it is white men like himself who create the things that he and other white men seem to fear.

Bill O’Reilly cheered the death of Trayvon Martin because for him, most urban black males are dastardly, frightening beasts, unworthy of the decency that one would give a fellow human being.  While a man like Bill O’Reilly would shudder to imagine his own children dodging bullets on the way to school or rotting in prison for minor crimes, he somehow believes that this is the life that black men CHOOSE to live, no different from the way he knows that his dog enjoys being in the backyard, covered in mud.

Few intelligent people would disagree with the statistics that O’Reilly spews about the struggles of the black community:  Violence is out of control, too many of our families are broken down, we are filling up the penitentiaries, and our economic hurdles are monumental. But where Bill O’Reilly gets off the bus is when the words “personal responsibility” come into the mix.

You see, white men like Bill O’Reilly are the ones who push to supply guns onto the black market that young black teenagers use to kill each other.  If they were giving these guns to white kids with no jobs or education, they’d be killing each other too.  Men like O’Reilly are the ones who started the War on Drugs, creating a mass incarceration epidemic that has been no less destructive than the N*azi holocaust.   It’s hard to hold families together when you’re giving fathers and mothers 100 year prison sentences for crimes that white college students commit every single day of the week.

White men like Bill O’Reilly are the ones who profited from the 400-year legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, which created the vast economic disparities built from whites systematically stealing nearly every penny of wealth from black families over the course of several hundred years.   They also run the media outlets like Clear Channel and Interscope Records, who make millions feeding poisonous music into the brains of young black children before they even learn how to read.  Most decent black people would never allow an out-of-control gremlin like Lil Wayne to influence our impressionable children:  Lil Wayne is propped up by corporate America.

When these points are brought up on his show, O’Reilly cuts to a commercial.  That’s his right, since it’s his show, which is why I wish black people would refuse to allow themselves to be swallowed by the Lion’s Den of Lies and Half-truths.  Bill the Bigot knows what time it is, but similar to other men like him, he refuses to look at his watch.

I could go on and on, but I’ve got better things to do. Bill O’Reilly represents the very worst of what America has to offer, like the man who injects his wife with a disease and then asks her why she keeps choosing to get sick.  But white privilege gives him the opportunity to live in this hypocritical fantasy world, since men like O’Reilly are good at holding everyone accountable but themselves.

Actually, I don’t blame Bill O’Reilly for being the kind of bigot who lies in the tradition of Bull Conner, Adolph Hitler and every other person who’s hated black people.   I blame the rest of us who somehow give uneducated men like O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh the credibility necessary to shape public discourse.  The same way that a fire needs oxygen to grow, O’Reilly exists because people believe in him.  But like any other lie, phobia or fairytale, he would stop existing if we simply convince our minds to let him disappear.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit http://BoyceWatkins.com.



11 Responses to “Why Fox News Bill O’Reilly Cheers the Death of Trayvon Martin.”
  1. Rameses says:

    I know who my future wife is gonna be; either southeast asian or latina. These women think family first and I as well which means we have more in common than I do with most black women who think independence first. I think like a human first and foremost and every human wants a sense of belonging. It’s natural. I look at our aztec, mayans, incas brothers and sisters as family because many of them recognize us for who we really are. If you look at the totem poles in mayan and incan cultures, you see at the top the head of the Olmec male, symbolizing where our brothers get their knowledge from. I don’t let politics in America keep me from embracing family members. You’re more likely to raise a good family with a latina woman than with a black woman as a black man based on the low level thinking of a black woman and we can’t use slavery as an excuse for her because black men wen through slavery too and it’s not stopping them from wanting families. Our aztec and mayan and incan family were colonized, exterminated, removed from their seats of power. But at least they are trying. You don’t see the women in these groups disrepsecting their men in a general sense. It is common knowledge that as a rule, black women have a disrespectful disposition tone towards their men. My business partner called me ths morning fuming because his wife told him to shut up in this banking class he and his wife were taking together in front of people in the class!!!!! Not saying there are no hispanic women who aren’t disrespectful but not at the level where black women are because their men, for the most part, don’t play that shit. Black women have hated me because I refuse to tolerate any of that BS. I don’t car what slavery taught you: you will respect me even if it means I walk away from you forever. I don’t play disrespect. I don’t walk around disrespecting black women in anykind of way. I open doors, speak in a cordial way, and sometimes tell them they are beautiful. I’m not trying to hear their excuses. Because soon as a black man tries to use slavery as an excuse, black women refuse to accept it. Been over 150 years since chattel slavery ended. If these women know so much about the history of slavery, then they should know better than to disrespect their men based on the emasculation their men went through. I’m not bringing any heathens into my family and I refuse to put my seed into any woman who abhors the family construct. No matter what her ethnic background is. Just so happens that this is something prevalent in the negro woman, thus ensuring her downfall. I don’t love the black woman enough to accompany her to hell. She is more than welcome to take that trip alone. I’m loyal to my Creator first and because I respect myself, I refuse to attempt family structure with a woman who spends billions of dollars trying to look like someone she claims she hates (white people). That’s asinine. Black women show me everyday with their beauty issues that they hate being “black” and therefore will hate me. So why bother with them. The ones who are sound of mine (which are few) get respect from me. The rest get my back as i walk away from them because I am not wasting my life away trying to convince them they are queens when they live like harlots. They know themselves better than I do and so if they live like a harlot, then they are a harlot. Simple.

  2. hassan_aziz says:

    What I was told by an older brother is that the behavior of black women goes back to the slave days. In fact as much as many of them try to tell you how much they abhor that part of our history they continue to perpetuate it on their own.

    Anyways this man told me how back in the day the black woman was not only used as a play thing for the landowner but also as a minder. She often made sure that the brothers behaved and acted accordingly, because if not she would snitch him out. It really made sense to me, because I see it at my job all the time how the sisters will undermine fellow co-workers, and not confront them on whatever issue, but smile and go along like everything is everything. Then when our white supervisor comes in they will be in that office like white on rice ratting and snitching others and each other out.

    Everything will go full circle, trust me. Many don’t realize it, but our greatest ally and resource are patriotic white Americans, I take shit all the time for saying that, but its true. And our people will soon realize once the “latinization” of this country takes place just how good we had it. People on here think they had it bad under whitey??? Wait till the Hispanics are running the show, you have not seen nothing yet. They could care a less about your struggle, fairness, your poverty, or whatever it is black people think they have coming to them. And the irony of it all, is that they (the Latinos) for the most part consider themselves white, or find they have more incommon with white people than black people.

    I think you said it before Ramses, but I really don’t see any viable future for our people. HIV, drugs, prison, illegitimacy, poverty, and black people choosing have families with those outside their race… etc, we will be like the American Indian, few in number, and the ones left totally controlled and manipulated by the federal government.

  3. Rameses says:

    I remember when this PH.D professor, in African-American studies at my old college was going around as a married woman screwing students (male and female). Now she taught about African principles, and how we needed to know our culture and go back to the ways of how Africans did it. But, at the same time, she was living like an American feminist. She thought she was a “boss bitch.” You’ll brothers know what I’m talking about. The type of woman who is headstrong, and puts black men in their place, and has a sharp tongue. Now this was her persona. But when I saw how she was living, my respect for her dissipated. Now no men, as far as I know, ever held her accountable for hr actions. No one. However when I called her out and this other dude for their usage of the information they knew to screw people, that’s when I really learned how conniving “niggers” really are. This woman believed that since she had a Ph.D, it was gonna shield her from legitimate criticisms from her personal behavior on a moral level. When I called her out, many of the pro-black people, who I used to sit in meeting with for years, disassociated themselves from me.

    Why? Because they were in fear of this black female who wielded a lot of influence in the department and because thirsty vagina hungry dudes wanted to get in her drawls too. What’s so funny is, had it been a male professor doing what she was doing, I would have been praised for what I said. But because it was a “STRONG BLACK WOMAN”, I obviously crossed a line I didn’t know existed. Now I know what that line is. No matter what black women do, no matter what they say, no matter how they use their wombs and kids to destroy their communities, black people including men (if you can call these dudes that) will always defend these females and their behaviors. These women can do everything and say anything to emasculate you and if you put your boot in her behind (which is what you should do) people will say “man you’re not supposed to put your hands on a woman.” But we will beat a child who is way more defenseless than a woman. So I don’t buy that arguement. Am I saying that men should go around knocking females heads off? Of course not.

    However there is a such thing as natural law and if you cross that as a woman, then you are supposed to suffer the consequences. That’s God’s law. Forget manmade law (laws on the books). The truth is, these women can treat black men like pure shit and the only thing weak niggers say is “man you know that’s how they are.” In the eyes of many black people, black women are above manmade law and God’s law. She can do anything she wants. She can screw how many men she wants. She can have as many babies she can’t afford as she wants. She can collect as much welfare from the govt. she wants. She have as many abortions she wants. And no matter who gives her legitimate criticism, no matter if it’s me or Bill O’Reilly, niggers will always defend her. So basically, in the black “community”, the “black woman” is an idol to be worshiped. She is a dictator tht you dare not crossed. Her authority is not to be questioned. She is totally sovereign and black people are her subjects. Her sons are made in her image (not the image of their father) and when they get older, they go out and do her bidding for her by doing some of the same dumb shit she does and making some of the same dumb arguments she does. Now we will criticize the brother fro having 22 kids by 14 different women. But we will stay silent on the black females he had the kids with!!!!! LOL!!!!! We will actually try to treat them like victims and he as the monster. Now this dude is necessary because through his actions, he shows how morally debased black women are as a collective because when 73 percent of your children are born out-of-wedlock, you have a bunch of women who open their legs for sport. And now I realize why many of those females stopped talking to me from my old school in 2010 when I called out this particular female professor in college: many of them were living just like her.

    A friend of mine was with this chick for 6 years who was under her tutelage. And this female professor had her cheating on my friend just like she was cheating on her husband. They actually would cover for each other. Letting each other tell their significant others they would be over each other’s houses. But being the gullible dudes brothers tend to be when it comes to black women, they never really suspected otherwise. Professor was in her mid-thirties while my friend’s chick was in her early 20s. She was being taught how to be a hoe by an old hoe. But of course, the simps who read this will say “man you can’t talk about black women like that” while the very same thing is happening to them. There used to be a time in this country where the percentage of pregnancies to unmarried females, in the black “community”, stood in the single digits. Now it’s in the 70s.

    That is abominable. I don’t care what group of people those numbers existed in, that’s a garbage group of people. if it was Chinese, Arabs, Indian, etc. I would say the same thing. This is about honor and integrity and what we are seeing from black people as a whole is that they lack both spiritually. We live in a society that rewards women for being whores and baby making factories. These women are literally offering up their kids as a sacrifice to the prison system and the adult entertainment system, for foodstamps and section-8 housing. You people always want black men to be responsible well here it is. We are calling out the degenerates among us, females included. We are sick of the thugs, the whores, the baby mamas, the criminals breaking into our homes stealing our flat-screens, using govt. money (TANF) to help them invest in the drug game. We’re sick of females purposely having babies so they can have an excuse to run down there to their white daddies to get “assistance.” And don’t tell me that it’s because of slavery these people do this. Blacks didn’t do this in the 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.

    I don’t worship false idols. Including myself. I analyze myself everyday to see how I can get better as a person because civilized people do this. Black people are the only “community” that praises harlots. You can’t show me any other group that does this. None. I’ve been in group conversations where I have heard black women discuss how many sexual partners they hae had like it’s nothing. As a matter fact a chick told a group that “i’m 19 and i’ve been with 16 people, and that’s not including females.” And she said it in a proud way. However, this one dude said “oh you a hoe.” And when he said that, the chick stopped coming around for about a year. Why? Because deep dpwn she knew it was wrong. If she didn’t think it was wrong, why would she be embarrassed by it? So all this talk of “well they do it because they don’t know any better” is garbage. They won’t do any better because simp ass black man won’t command and demand better. Black men screw anything walking.

    No sense of self-worth. These females won’t raise their standard of behavior because black menwon’t demand a woman be honorable. And then if those like myself do, we get character assassinated for being self-hating negroes!!! On the contrary. I love myself enough to not allow myself to get entangled with a chick who was born to be aharlot coming straight out the womb and I don’t care if she was the seed of Malcolm X’s. If you are not fit to be a man’s wife to me, then you get no respect from me as black woman period. Any woman can be trifling and a hoe. It’s easy to do that. But can you master thee art of womanhood. Can you be a lady? That take a different way of living.

    And as we see, most of them choose to be the baby mama, thus being the object of ridicule throughout American society. The world is laughing at you black man. They see your woman on tv gyrating and automatically can tell that you have no control over your woman. But if she makes money like Beyonce, black women excuse it and say ‘well she’s making money though.” LOL!!!! I can make money selling crack. Does it mean I should sell it? Boyce and his cadre of buffoon scholars need to crawl under a rock. They are outdated and unneeded because they operate from a faulty platform. They operate from the premise that black people aren’t ultimately responsible for being in enslavement which is the biggest lie ever sold to black people. From ancient times to the present day, black people are still doing some of the same self-destructive behaviors that costs them their empires and they will continue to suffer until they face their Creator (Allah, God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Amen-Ra. etc) and apologize for their devilish deeds. Their punishment should continue until they repent of their wicked ways.

    No one on here can say that a woman who will deprive her community of a vital piece (wife and mother) to family formulation is not evil. man cannot form a family (nor legacy) without a proper woman. I have yet to hear a black woman my age, younger, or older, say they want to raise a family. I don’t even hear black women use the word family at all in their discourse. They say marriage only because they want men to buy them things. I don’t even want to hear a black woman say she wants to get married anymore because I don’t trust it. I want to hear her say she wants a family. Then I would be more inclined to take her seriously. Other groups are passing black people because they have a stable family structure. Articles written by this clown will not save your family. I f you have to read an article by a so-called scholar to clean up your family, then your family is doomed.

    I choose to clean up the mess in my family because I have a legacy that I won’t allow to die. I didn’t need to go to college to learn that. It makes good sense. And any nigger in my family who doesn’t like will be isolated forever. I’m not here to play with monkeys. If I wanted to do that, I would have become a zookeeper. Black women are being attacked for being baby mamas because being a baby mama is evil. You should not only love your children enough to have been married to their father when you had them, but you should also do whatever it takes to keep that man around because those kids need that father. When you become a mother and wife, sacrifice is the first word you should learn because that is what is expected of you. If you can’t understand that concept, then you might as well tie your tubes and never curse the world by becoming a mother.

  4. hassan_aziz says:

    id really like to thank Dcarter and Ramses for breaking it down again.

  5. Will says:

    “…Two thousand thirteen is a beginning with no end. Those who hope that the Negro will ever be content, after blowing off steam, will have a rude awakening. The self proclaimed Negro leaders will always return to business as usual. Making money by creating racism and injustices against blacks were little or none exists. There will never be rest nor tranquility in America while Negros abuse their citizenship rights that have been granted. The whirlwinds of repulsiveness will continue to shake the foundation of our nation, Negro homicide, suicide, HIV, Unwed mothers, and high school dropouts. The bright day of justice will never emerge because the Negro will always be ignorant, angry, and violent.”

    Remix “I Have A Dream” speech 2013

  6. DSGB says:

    I would hate to be in the shoes of the individual of whom I’d make an example of when testing the still waters that I live in…

  7. Rameses says:

    here is what O’Reilly said black people and see for yourself whether he is wrong or not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzsSBK7TIrg&feature=youtu.be

  8. Rameses says:

    Boyce Watkins has to be the most inept so-caled “scholar” I’ve ever had pleasure (sarcastic) of reading. How in the hell can you attack this dude for being racist? Every point he addressed is right on. I’ve been saying similar things for over almost a year on here and been attacked for it. That’s how you know it’s not racist. You complain about rap music then you contradict yourself by saying Bill’s racist? Even if Bil O’Reilly was found to have a KKK cloak in his closet, would that make anything he said inaccurate? Then in a typical nigger fashion, he brings up slavery. As if every white person comes from a family that owned slaves. Only landowning white males had the wealth necessary to purchase slaves because slaves were expensive in America. Black people are always trying to guil-trip whites about slavery as if they were all in on the plan. Uhh. No. There was thing called feudalism in Europe, that would have made whites fly to a different planet to fight aliens if it meant they could eat. So when they came to America, they were exploited just like anyone else. I am sick and tired of you two-bit “scholars” hiding behind race when you can’t make sound, reasonable, and honest assessments of what your own people do. Doing forums with Farrahkhan, of all people, who did nothing to thwart Malcolm’s assassination let’s me know how weak of a scholar you really are. But as we all know, black people don’t like to air our dirty laundry.

    You are a joke and any black person who buys into what you’re selling must be drinking that Kool-Aid for real. How in the hell can blacks and white coexist if niggers like you are always stoking the racial flames? You want Obama to do something for your community that you won’t do for yourselves: police yourselves. Is it that hard for black women to close their legs? I mean really. I mean since black women are so strong, shouldn’t this strength we hear about so much translate into less pregnancies? But once again that’s because of” when the white man had the black woman on the plantation and was raping her it transferred down the line and now she can only practice the same behaviors the master used to do to her. She suffers from post traumatic slavery syndrome.” It’s funny how you dudes give your mothers a free pass when it comes to their irresponsible behaviors that led to you being born, but you put all of the accountability for non-existent fathers. Really? So women get no responsbility or accountability, but when things go wrong it’s all on the men? These black male feminists are like old black women sitting on the porch in the south gossiping about everyone that walks by. Do nothing all day and make no contribution.

    The reason why you won’t go on Fox because you will have to defend unmarried women who have children. something no other group of people trys to defend except black people!!! Even your ancestors in the aftermath of slavery saw how vital marriage was and this was one of the first things they did. But not niggers. No. Black women don’t demand men be responsible first and have goals. No. They get pregnant first and then say “now it’s time for you to be responsible and take care of your child.” Excuse me miss you should have been responsible and not had the child with someone who was not capable of producing resources for. But these sill females think they can make a man be responsible. Or better yet, the ones who do want to be, they give them the hardest time. O’Reilly was spot on and you know it. But you won’t admit it because if you did, your whole doctrine on victimization goes out the window and cowards like you, Alice Sharpton, Messy Jackson, Michael Eric Dyson will go out of business for the race hustlers they really are. All of you dudes are in the mold of W.E.B. Du Bois, a negro I can’t stand for his willingness to undermine men like Garvey and Booker T. And stop using slavery as a crutch. You got whipped on the battlefield so get over it. You don’t get to write the rules of your defeat when you lose in war. However, you can regroup and move forward. Stop making white folks feel guilty for winning in war. I do not take any black scholar seriously because they frame their argument from a position of subservience. Of weakness. Of as we say on the street “bitch assness.” LOL!!!! You dudes are corny. You have your liberal education and really think you are intelligent. I showed that O’Reilly segment to a black woman and you know what she said Boyce: he was right on. LOL!!!!!

    Damn this woman has more sense than you. She wholeheartedly agreed with what Bill said. It is the weakest thing for any man, to sit around and complain about what another man is doing to him, yet he formulates no plan to counteract his so-called enemy’s plans. Caucasian people are not my enemy as a whole. Ignorant people are my enemy. But you black people who buy into this 1960 paradigm will find yourselves on the trash heap of history if you side with this court-jester masquerading as a scholar. He is not for you. He’s not on your side. All he is trying to do is keep you scared of white people and in fear of them. Many of them will help you if you gave them a chance. They are all not out to get you. But if you want to keep living in fear then you will keep being in your current subservient position while Asians out-compete you on the market of education and business ownership. Complaint politics don’t get you anything. After all those marches and sit-ins show me what have you gotten for all those Bloody Sunday beatdowns? Yeah you can go to a white movie theater but who cares? The same issues that plagued Malcolm Little and turned him into “Detroit Red” still plague you. What has really changed?

    You had more collective wealth in Jim Crow than you do now. Boyce gives you the impression that he’s on your side but how has he empowered you? They tell you that the Republican platform is racist but Republicans (teddy Roosevelt) welcomed Booker T Washington to the White House when KKK affiliated democrats were making fun of Booker T’s presence there. Teddy Roosevelt liked the model Booker T used and was interested in hearing more about it. If you start off with the premise that “Republicans don’t like black people” then no matter what they say, you will always be turned off by them. But then when they get elected, and you have shown them no support, you turn around and say “Republicans don’t ever do anything for black people.” I wouldn’t do anything for you if I ran on a Republican platform, and you didn’t support my ideas and I won.

    I’m doing for those people that supported me. That’s politics. And instead of you having a well-thought out explanation as to why I don’t support you, you black people will say “oh that nigga ain’t nothing but a sell-out.” I give black people 50 years. After that, you won’t see to many of them left. Black people have set the stage for their own demise by rejecting reasoning and living strictly off emotion. You know when your leadership consists of a man uses a straightening comb on his hair, you are in a world of trouble. Not a woman, but a so-called man. @Dcarter, I agree with everything you said

  9. hmmmmm says:

    Hate to admit it but Bill O’Reilly is on point.

  10. DCARTER910 says:

    So Dr.Watkins,

    You clearly laid out all of Bills argument points as to why he believed the Black Community is in dire straights.
    1) High crime rate by black youths
    2) Music that promotes violence and immorality
    3) No fathers in the homes
    But then you attack him as being racist? So which one of his points was wrong? Which one of those points is not allows lamented here on your website?

    Seems like you have just proven his point without even realizing it. He (Bill O’Reilly) stated his observations which might I add are shared by most “honest” black people that visit this website and quite frankly, who live in America. But you fail to provide any counter arguments, instead you collapse into the usual “their racist” bit.

    You also, cowardly refuse to go on their programs. So you chose to hide in a corner on the internet and lob bombs over the fence at him, rather than to sit before him in a dignified manner and go toe to toe with him with facts, logic and reason? If I could, I dang well would. But this shows just how much confidence you have in your counter-argument, which might I add you had none. If you knew you could go on his show and dominate the conversation you would be on there in a heart beat.

    Keep hiding. Keep writing articles like this that reveal your hypocrisy. Keep living in your white neighborhood because we all know, that black youths from their fatherless homes, wondering the streets all times of the night, are a reason to fret.

    Dont worry, I doubt Bill O’Reilly would come to your website and write lengthy articles to defend his character. Nope, he has 25% of the American Population to speak directly to through his televised syndication…the one you hide from.

  11. ROBERT says:

    BILL O’REILLY is the right side of the left/right paradigm that most AMERICAN’S black or white are caught in. HIS opposite is RACHEL MADDOW OR CHRIS MATTHEWS who operate the left side of the paradigm. IN collusion these two can manoeuvre society in any direction they wish.
    ITS a easy thing to defeat just stop watching any of it and read your news yourself there are many biased free websites we are no longer dependent on the main stream news media for information.

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