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The Iron Mike Cameo.

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( Now, here’s an honest question, to which I would like an honest answer. Would it be fair to enter a quadriplegic person into a Twister tournament? Sorry, let me rephrase that: would it be fair to enter a quadriplegic person into a Twister tournament in front of an audience who would mercilessly mock them if they didn’t do very well?

If you are a reasonable human being, your answer would certainly be a ‘no’. Well, imagine that quadriplegic person is in fact former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Mike Tyson and that Twister tournament is in fact aMikeTyson cameo appearance in popular buddy comedy The Hangover. This scenario is every bit as unfair.

Iron Mike was painstakingly wooed into appearing in the 2009 hit and my, how the bear danced! Tyson tripped around his lines embarrassingly, a babyish smirk playing around his face as he delivered each laboured syllable, as if the act in itself warranted pride. According to the venerated pugilist himself, the reason is simple. Cocaine. Tyson told the TV show In Depth with Graham Bensinger, “I was a mess. I was overweight… I was a pig, high on cocaine. They had to know I was messed up. I couldn’t talk. I had the cocaine talk…”

Now a cameo from a sportsperson can be bad enough at the best of times. Give that sportsperson a large amount of cocaine and there you have a recipe for misery – for cast and viewers alike. I mean, kind of funny misery, in a sick sort of way. But still, misery.

Anyway, if we we’re gonna see Mike Tyson in a Vegas movie why the dickens wouldn’t we get to see him gamble? Even if he couldn’t have been scripted into the casino scenes it would’ve been a good laugh to watch him whip out his phone and have a quick play on one of the plethora of online casinos available such as – while at his luxury villa. We’re guessing he’d make a notably sore loser.

Tyson’s cameo in The Hangover was a mistake, let’s make no bones about it. Whilst it was – in its own tacky way – kind of funny, we were laughing at Mike and not with him. The natural flow of genuine funniness that characterised the film was interrupted with a dark freak-show – an addled champ who looked every inch a fish out of water. Within a film which can pride itself on being a fine example of its genre, this was a weak and base moment of folly.

Staff Writer; Thomas Jones


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