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Focus on Kanye West the artist, please.

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( In midst of all the hoopla surrounding the new songs rapper/producer Kanye West have debuted this month, some of those who’ve heard the new music (titled New Slaves and Black Skinhead respectively) such as critics, bloggers and mainstream writers have taken the time to point out the hypocrisy involving his message of American consumerism. But, underneath the timely tirades, twitter rants, egotistical comments and his tabloid-relationship with Kim Kardashian, we, the fans of the music world have forgotten one thing; he’s an artist, first and foremost. Kanye West has the right to express his thoughts and emotions freely.

The American people have Christened Pastors (no pun intended) athletes and musicians as figures who have minimum fault installed in their lifetimes. It isKanye-West-2013 true, that being in the public eye and exploitation comes with the territory in terms of being considered a role model. But in the bitter end, they are who they are and who they sought out to be; pastors, athletes and musicians on no higher scale.

They do their jobs and go home just like the rest of us. But the problem comes in is that with when so much faith is in these figures, the inevitable of disappointment will ensue. As my cousin always tells me; “Never put your trust in man, because man will always let you down.”

And that’s the crossroad Kanye West stands on. So much has been advertised about his extraordinary musical mind and influence that once he switches from the persona engraved by the media into an artist who is expressing himself and just sharing his thoughts on the state of America today, outrage comes. He’s an artist, people. Let him be one.

So what makes Kanye West, any different than the pastor at your church? A pastor steps out on his wife, and is labeled a hypocrite. But the Pastor is not holier than thou; he’s a saint and a sinner like the rest of his congregation. Saint and sinner first, pastor second. Kanye West should be up-heaved the same exact way as any other pastor or figure of high affection.

Kanye West is a person first, artist second. He will fail and say and do things he shouldn’t  but his job is to create, and a Pastor’s job is to tell the good news to his or her congregation. An artist will express themselves vigorously with fictional and non-fictional methods that give the brain release therapy. The Pastor and a musician expectation to be free of error should be lowered significantly.

If an artist, who worships the devil, shows up to your front door with a picture of him worshiping Jesus, does that make him a hypocrite? Yes, But as stated before, he’s an artist. And New Slaves doesn’t make Kanye West any less of an artist than the others who’ve probably backed tracked on their words of any such. It just makes him a performer who is aware of his own bouts of insecurities, hypocrisy, and the dominance of consumerism.

To be fair, Kanye West hasn’t been the MC we all know and love in quite some time, but in turn it’s been great art. That is what New Slaves and Black Skinheads have brought us. So turn on your brain and block out the Kanye West portrayed to you in the media, and listen to the artistic displays he has on appetizer, for now.

Music Editor; Brad Washington 

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One Response to “Focus on Kanye West the artist, please.”
  1. No one questions whether or not he is an artist. He is not the first artist to do shocking things and he certainly won’t be the last but your comparison of him to a Pastor of a church is at best nonsensical and way off base. Especially since you don’t know my pastor or the tens of thousands of Real men and women of God around this country who pastor God’s people with integrity.

    You make a mockery of their field when you put an individual who is not in any way pastoring or guiding anyone.

    I have no idea how you got a job as a music editor if that is the best comparison you can muster. If you are trying to draw the ire of people like the vast majority of the messy mass media and the paparazzi (which means mosquito in Italian because they are just as irritating if not more) then you serve as a part of the same hypocrisy. So you turn your brain from the foolishness you are helping to promulgate.

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