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President Barack Obama Lacks the Moral Authority to Give His Lopsided Speech at Morehouse.

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( This week, President Barack Obama gave the commencement address to the young men at Morehouse College.  I was happy to see the president speak to these men, for I’m sure they were inspired by his presence.  The achievements of Barack Obama are nothing short of legendary and inspirational, he deserves to be recognized as such.  Morehouse College President John Wilson should also be commended for his extraordinary leadership.  Dr. Wilson was gracious enough to join the presidents of Spelman and Clark in co-signing the open letter on mass incarceration written by myself and Russell Simmons.

The president’s message consisted of the same themes that I recall hearing from my grandmother:  You have to work twice as hard to get half as much if you are black in America, and racism is no excuse for you to give up.  I agree with this message, and I share similar messages every single day of my life.

The president’s decision to speak in ways that he knew would resonate with Morehouse men and their older black parents was an intelligent political move, without question.   The president’s speeches tend to be more conservative when he speaks to African Americans (I even noticed his use of the word “Lordy” early in the speech), and this is a good fit, since black people are also very conservative. The truth is that many African Americans would be Republicans if the party would just stop being so blatantly racist.TheGreatOneBarackObama

Another thing about black people is that many of us suffer from the low self-esteem that tends to afflict oppressed individuals.  We’re not much different from the housewife who believes her husband wouldn’t have had to beat her if she had not burned the cookies.  When her husband is out with other women, she is simply thankful that he took the time to pay the rent.   She’s ecstatic about any form of acknowledgement from her husband whatsoever, and when he berates her, she knows that she deserves it.  To some extent, she comes to embrace her oppression as the natural order of things, and the tranquility of her marriage is built upon the idea that his views, needs and status are superior to her own.

When President Obama graces us with his presence, we are simply honored that he took the time to even acknowledge us.   Any symbolic gesture, no matter how scant and meaningless, becomes precious to us, because for some, there is no greater achievement that any black man could aspire to than to get validation from white people.  Had President Obama passed on the presidency and taken a position at an all-black school and educated thousands of black children, we would have considered it to be a wasted opportunity.  Why would such an important man spend his time with us?  The political harmony between black America and the Obama Administration is a carefully-designed relationship in which our job is to shut up and cheer for anything the administration chooses to do with our votes.

Part of this asymmetric partnership with the Obama Administration is that we are actually HAPPY when the president berates us.   We like being told that we don’t try hard enough and that the reason so many of us struggle is because we have come to embrace an inferior set of habits and cultural norms.   We ENJOY the abuse, because deep down, many of us have bought into the myth of white superiority as much as white people themselves.

So, when Obama comes to Morehouse and says, “Stop using racism as an excuse and start taking more responsibility,” we LOVE it.  We also nod our heads in agreement because for the educated elite, Obama isn’t talking about us.  He’s talking about “them.”  You know, those n*ggaz who keep getting sent to prison, who can’t get jobs, and who are killing each other in the street.   They deserve their plight because they don’t work as hard as the rest of us, at least that’s the logic. It’s easy to grab onto the simple answers:  Black men love their kids less than white men do, black women are only capable of raising incompetent children who eat Popeye’s chicken for breakfast, and black people are slightly less human than whites, thus prone to more criminal activity.

But here’s the issue.  Telling black Americans to stop using racism as an excuse allows President Obama to create a set of excuses for his own significant, even embarrassing, lack of action to help alleviate the clearly documented, undeniable, legislatively-enforced poison of racial inequality that continues to impact our society.   As he tells the Morehouse men to take more responsibility for their own lives, the mirror of personal responsibility should also be turned on the most powerful black man in the history of the world to use his massive platform to help confront systematic racism that affects us all.

The “Super Negro Theory” is a commonly-held belief that if all 40 million black people would simply make straight As, never ever break the law in a minor way, work 80 hours a week and make no mistakes, could overcome any form of racial oppression.  “If Colin Powell can rise out of the projects and become head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then you should be able to do the same,” said the successful black man to a class of 2,000 high school kids.

The point here is that black people are the only group of people who are severely punished for being average.  If a young black male grows up in a neighborhood where he might get shot everyday on the way to school, the educational system is dilapidated, he is being racially-profiled on every corner and there’s no food in the house, we expect him to be able to rise to extraordinary levels of focus and capability to overcome all of this.  Sure, a few kids can be born and raised in the violent chaos of South Central LA and go to Harvard, but statistical theory clearly says that a large percentage of these kids are going to end up dead or in jail. 

The point is that the “Super Negro” theory may apply to that rare kid who can leap systematic oppression in a single bound, but you can’t expect that same degree of personal power and focus to apply to 40 million people.  Unfortunately, some of our kids are going to be average, which for black people, is analogous to being pathetic, lazy, ignorant, trifling and worthless, thus giving white people an excuse to mistreat you and Obama an excuse to ignore you.

The best way to confront racism in America is through POLICY.   I can’t tell you how many hard-working, law abiding black doctors, lawyers and professors I meet who are discriminated against in the workplace.   Most studies show that when black kids make the same mistakes as white kids, they are more severely punished both in the schools and the courts.  There are a pile of studies which show that kids who are traumatized by living in violent neighborhoods with horrible schools and no jobs are far more at risk than those who do not.  So, why do we allow any politician to speak as if these issues don’t affect our outcomes?

Similar to the man who tells his wife that she needs to lose a few pounds, she also has the right to ask her husband why he himself is obese.  When he sleeps with other women, she can use that as her explanation for why another man was in her husband’s bed while he was at work.  The point here is that every single mandate that President Obama is putting on the men at Morehouse College (and those who could not be there) to “man up” and stop making excuses must be applied to a president who has continuously used Republican racism as his excuse for contributing almost nothing to fight the curse of black unemployment, mass incarceration, educational inequality, workplace racism and all the other social ills that we face every single day of the week.

Here’s another memo for the president:  You’re not just half black, you’re also half white.  So, as you speak to African Americans and tell them to stop using racism as their excuse for a lack of achievement, I encourage you to give similar speeches to your white “brothers and sisters,” telling them the same things.  The fact is that the Obama White House has a much more sympathetic ear when whites complain about 7 percent unemployment than it does when black Americans complain about 14% unemployment.  This is patently and undeniably unfair, and even the president knows it.

Hence, this lopsided approach to racial inequality does not give Barack Obama the moral authority to come into a room full of black people and talk about what’s wrong with us.  Chris Rock, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or Harry Belafonte, could make these very same statements and have credibility because they are not afraid to speak the same way to whites.  My mother could talk about me like a dog growing up because I knew that after the criticism was over, my mother would go into the world and fight others who sought to do me harm.  Black men must openly question whether or not their president is truly willing to go to bat for them as quickly as he’s willing to go out and fight for the gay community.  Please don’t get angry with me for stating the facts, we must openly confront the nonsense.

This, folks is racism 101.   I’m not sure if the Morehouse Men applauded the message or not, but they also hosted the rapper “2 Chainz,” who had them all reciting the chorus “All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.”  So, needless to say, these poor brothers are getting a series of mixed messages, but the consistent message is that if a black man has enough power, then any rhetoric, no matter how distorted, is reshaped so that it seems to make sense.  But this speech doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit




21 Responses to “President Barack Obama Lacks the Moral Authority to Give His Lopsided Speech at Morehouse.”
  1. Papacool says:

    To Eric, a sincere thank for demonstrating the ability to agree to disagree. After seeing how Obama is treated day after day by those within his own Congress, not being able to follow the simple directive of doing what would be in the best interest of the people. When the President took a pay cut out of his own salary, it was refreshing to see someone take actions without being forced to do so. However, to some it was not enough. When he tours the areas of devastation throughout the nation, someone will be there to find fault with how he did things. The highlight of his Presidency to me, outside of the Al Green imitation, was to see him walk up to the microphone and make the announcement that Bin Laden was gone bye bye. The level of confidence that was displayed was enough to made everyone that heard the word get on one page and for one brief moment in time we were all the same. USA USA USA, all of the folks outside the White House chanted and applauded the action that was taken. Later on, without fail a possible snag in the operation occurred when one of the seals went public with a book deal and initiated controversy once again. As the good book states,(the BIBLE), a house divided against itself can not stand. The statement of good versus evil is point on. For us to understand the significance of this statement we would have to comprehend our own abilities to do good at times, and then turn around and do something that we thought we would not do. We call this HUMAN NATURE, as we are relying on our innate inner tendencies versus the spiritual nature of GOD. In closing I am just glad to see a rational point of view that makes one like me look at things in a life changing manner without the need to feel that I have to be 100% right all of the time. Once again thanks, Peace out, Papacool.

  2. Eric L. Wattree says:

    I’m not here to defend President Obama, because as I pointed out in previous articles, I have an issue or two with some of his policies myself, just like I’ve had with EVERY White president. But I think we owe this brother the benefit of the doubt. He’s plagued with enough problems in having to deal with world affairs and our domestic crisis, while at the same time, having to fight off racist Republicans and envious, self-serving turncoats like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. So we shouldn’t add yet another problem to his plate by forcing him to have to worry about whether he has the support of his own people.
    To be quit frank, I think there are only two kinds of people in this world – good people, and bad people. In addition, I believe the battle over race was a part of the last war. Those who are enlightened recognize that the current battle is over class, because the current powers that be don’t care any more about poor and middle-class White folks than they do Black people. Most White people recognize that fact. That’s why Obama is president. So while I often write about what’s in the best interest of the Black community as a whole, I rarely make race a part of my personal political calculations.
    But I consider the presidency of Barack Obama a unique situation, and what we’ve been watching with respect to many Black Obama critics should be regarded as a teaching moment, because it represents a cultural dysfunction that’s been played out thousands of times over the past four hundred years. Many of us have heard stories about Black self-hatred all of our lives, but due to President Obama’s high profile we now have the opportunity, as an entire culture, to see it being played out in all of its ugliness for the very first time.
    But of course, there are going to be a few of Obama’s critics who are going to ask, “What are you saying, that Obama should be above criticism just because he’s Black?” Of course not, and the people who pose such a ridiculous question know that’s not what I’m saying before they even ask it. But just asking such a disingenuous question should also serve as a teaching moment – it shows the extraordinary lengths that such people will go to mask their “bligotry.”
    Questioning President Obama’s policies is not the problem – it’s the mean-spirited way in which it’s being done. In fact, Black haters are not merely questioning Obama’s policies at all. More often than not these people are simply using policy differences as a pretext for making slanderous assertions about the president’s character as a whole – he’s a “war criminal,” “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats,” “a Rockefeller Republican in Blackface,” and even, “He has a certain rootlessness, a deracination” [WHAT!!!?]. Notice that three out of the four slanders are racial in nature, and these quotes are from just one man – Cornel West.
    None of the criticisms above were legitimate attempts to address the president’s public policies. They were racial slanders, clear and simple. That clearly demonstrates that many Black Obama-haters are not nearly as interested in addressing public policy as they are in attacking the man himself. These slanders also demonstrate the fallacious allegation that people who object to their criticism are merely Obama cheerleaders. That’s simply not true – what we’re against is what we’ve always been against – racist attacks.
    But even those haters who have the good sense to refrain from blatant, racist attacks often make themselves known by going over the top in their allegations regarding policy. They’ll often say things like, “Obama is a part of the machine.” But since we’re not privy to the information that Obama is basing his decisions upon, nor his motives for making any given decision, any allegation being made about his being a part of any “machine” are wholly without supporting substantiation at best. Critics who suggest this are merely commenting on what things LOOK like to their jaundiced eye – or what they’re trying to convince you to think they look like – without having a shred of evidence to support their views. Their allegations have no more basis in fact than that of the birthers.
    The reality is, being the first Black President of the United States, Obama can’t approach the nation’s problems in the same way that they were approached by his White predecessors. In many cases he has to take a circuitous approach to addressing issues in order to prevent the GOP from mischaracterizing his efforts with their very special kind of malevolent spin. Thus, the way that things may look, may not always be what they seem. So anyone who would lend comfort to the most steadfast enemies of the Black community by helping to drag this Black man through the mud is on what my good friend, Playthell Benjamin, would call, a fool’s errand.
    There were people in the Tea Party who were consistently calling Obama a terrorist sympathizer, right up until he brought Osama Bin Laden’s head home in a bag. Bush spent nearly eight years and close to a trillion dollars trying to pull that off with no success, but Obama did it with three helicopters and a handful of courageous men without busting a sweat bubble – and he did it while America thought he was just kickin’ it.
    So this brother ain’t no punk, and he’s not the kind of person we should second guess without very good cause. So yes, I think everyone in the Black community should get behind this brother – period. If we have a comment on policy, we should voice our concern, but we should do it politely, and very respectfully. Because while Obama is, and should be, the president of ALL of America, he is also the most high profile representative of the Black community in the entire world. So to be disrespectful of him, is to be disrespectful of us; and his success, is our success.
    With regard to Cornel West, I can only say this – any Black man who tries to publicly engage in the Dozens against the first Black President of the United States cannot be regarded as a serious intellectual. He deserves very close scrutiny, because his behavior is not only disrespectful of the president, but it betrays a gross disdain for the Black community as a whole. So he can say whatever he likes about his motives, but his behavior lends comfort to the most dedicated enemies of the Black community. Thus, the issue is not even debatable – the stupidity he’s engaged in amounts to tap dancing for the Klan.

  3. Papacool says:

    okay Food, let me go for the gusto. Let him without sin throw the 1st stone. I got your info on John Hanson and I am wondering why no one else is pointing out the inconsistency in naming George Washington the 1st President or trying to get a Hanson holiday established. Just like we were brainwashed into thinking that Columbus discovered America when people were already here, the same goes for the 1st President slot. I include myself when I say that no one is perfect, so why brow-beat the point of what Obama did or did not do? He is going to answer for his participation in this thing we call LIFE, and I guarantee he and all of his will get whatever we have coming to us. Although I can find myself angered at some of the things that have been a part of my personal experience, I have yet to get up in the morning, noon, or night with a meat cleaver or a AK47 and state my desire to make things even by taking someone else’s life. I have not kidnapped anyone, stolen anybody’s property, or find myself enjoying the downfall of people who once had it all only to find themselves on the low end of the totem pole. Contrary to posting this, I was celebrating the fact that Wesley Snipes was released from prison to house arrest and wondering who is going to do the first interview. In other words, life is going to go on whether we like it or not. Death is a guarantee and one day we will realize that after all the wars are fought and lives are lost, it was all for nothing. We destroy only to rebuild and alot folks are back overseas due to profit incentives versus trying to establish life opportunities to the less fortunate. As long as we continue to snipe at each other the whole point of reality is lost. People die everyday, some deaths are notable and others go unnoticed due to the lack of personal connectivity. All that will count is what did we do to make things better! I have chosen to look at things with a bit of humor because I would be a rather disappointed person if I took it all serious. Not everyone is Libya is mad about the happenings that have occurred there, and on the other hand people are not exactly jumping with joy at not having food to eat either. The price of liberation and freedom comes with a high cost. No one knows that better than those that were once under slavery or had seen their relatives get gassed during WWII under the guise of science and ethnic cleansing. In some parts of the world fighting is so routine that a day without it would be shocking to those that have always participated in it. Obama has enough problems to deal with without us adding onto the list without provokation. The most common approach is to deal with the problems facing us as a people here at home first before we deal with the problems of the world. But the only problem is that we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes we have to intervene in order to stop a problem from escalating into something worse. People are always looking for leadership and then find themselves either complaining about what happens as a result. It is not a problem to come to the table as long as you offer a solution to the problems being discussed. Everyday we live gives us an opportunity to either fail or succeed because in the end it is all about choice. Peace out, Papacool.

  4. food for thought says:

    Elites……1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  5. food for thought says:

    The context you used “not the 1st Black President” implied that Obama is bi-racial, not black or African American. Also, Obama has a history to his constituency well before he reached the Oval Office that leaves nothing to be admired. In general I enjoy your comments but the Eletes pick and choose the bottom of the barrel with regard to black representation and your admiration with Obama’s so-called accomplishment of reaching 1300 Pennsylvania Ave appears gullible at best.

  6. Papacool says:

    To Brother Robert and Food for Thought, thank you for your response. However, if you examine what I wrote closely, you will see that 1. I stated that Obama is not the first Black President. If history was to be told in an accurate and truthful method, you would find my words to be true. 2. In the area of committing war crimes, one needs to understand that war is not a game. It is a situation that calls for responsive action that at times is not agreeable to all that witness it. All I am trying to say is that if you have a standard of expectation to any situation, some sort of action is required. To compare the homeless situation to war would seem crazy until you realize that the actions taken in both instances would require some form of critical thinking in order to address either of them. BUSH’s war on the world started with unfounded WMD intelligence leaks. Even when the truth of this came out, no one is holding the man accountable. All I am saying here is that if you do something to one, you must undo all. The standard can not and should not be yo-yoed to the point that one man is free and another is punished for doing almost the same exact thing. This is called a double standard and is also known as hypocrisy, which has been experience to some degree by every living human being that I know. You are entitled to your opinion, but keep in mind the old saying, opinions are like ass-holes, everybody has one. I am not foolish enough to think of Obama as being perfect, when only GOD has that title. However, I do think that one has the right to use common sense in trying to make a sane decision about actions happening in the world around us. The bottom line is that it is hard to be a leader of goodness in a world filled with wickedness and less than honest agendas. I do not the option of existing as a man looking at things through rose colored glasses and thinking how wonderful things are. Dealing with reality is hard as HELL and on this day of recognizing the memories of those that have sacrificed in order for me to enjoy the things I do will not be in vain. Truth be told, we have come a mighty long way, but we still have a long way to go as there is alot of unfinished business that has to be dealt with. I just want to do my part in making things better, not worse. Peace out, Papacool.

  7. food for thought says:

    FYI, it is a politician’s job to serve his constituency which cannot be compared to your homeless story. Next time, research John Hanson, a Moor before giving accolades to Obama for being the 1st Black President.

  8. ROBERT says:

    TO PAPACOOL.MY MOTHER would often tell us wrong is wrong all the time.THIS is the standard that I measure OBAMA by.MANY black AMERICA’S fail to realize; that AMERICA is a nation of immense power and AMERICA has chose to use that power in a criminal manner.IN the last 11 years AMERICA has attacked at least 6 nation’s.OBAMA is responsible for the last two[LIBYA and SYRIA].IF BUSH was judged as a war criminal than OBAMA deserve’s nothing less.I take no pride or joy in saying these things about the first black president;because I understand what he means to many of us.I also take no pride in saying these things about AMERICA.but AMERICA is a criminal;roque nation.BEING proud AMERICA elected it’s first black president;is like being proud the MAFIA elected it’s first black DON.I will admit it’s a unique position to be in;but is it really something to proud of.I could also go into his domestic policies;such as his destruction of the constitution and the infringement on our civil liberties.ONCE the OBAMA sugar high finally off;we will see the damage he has done to not only us ;but to this nation.AND FYI OSAMA BIN LADEN was dead 10 years prior to OBAMA claiming to have killed him;his obituary can easily be found on the internet.

  9. Papacool says:

    OLnce again it seems that we get caught up in putting the cart before the horse. Obama has accomplished so much in so little time that if he did not have God on his side, it would be mind-blowing to most people who hone in on him. The first thing that should be recognized is the fact that whether people accept it or not, Obama IS BLACK. So in talking to a group of black men on the occasion of their graduation, why should he have to be perfect to do so? In his speech he openly admitted that he even fell short a time or two and did some inappropropriate things during the days of his youth. He also pointed out that except for the grace of God, there he would have been. If being President was so easy why can’t others achieve the necessary election status to do so? Just think that in the history of our nation, we have only had 44 men call the Presidency theirs. History would show that Obama is not the first BLACK President if people had the courage to factually discuss the issue of race and rightly recognize the diversity of all of us that currently call the United States home. If people truly would acknowledge that fact that a high percentage of people do not like the fact that Obama is where he is and that they would rather die first than admit that the man is unique. If I had only one wish, it would be that we just call timeout and get a chance to see the TRUTH as it really exist starting from Day 1 to the present. I applaud Obama for just making sure things run smooth on a day to day level even with the traps and controversy that has always been associated with him. Whether people want to admit it or not, we have ALL fallen short no matter what our disposition in life is currently. If we achieve a level of success, we did not do it alone, as well as if we have failed. The objective is to recognize the differences and do something about it. I once tried to help a person who posed as homeless by buying them some food, only to be told that he would rather have cash instead. I was initially stunned, but later I was enlightened to another aspect of life being a game. As a result of just this one time occurance, people in similar positions were ignored and not given any assistance or compassion based on my previous experience. However if one did not know what had transpired, it could be assumed wrongly that I am heartless which is not the case. The same goes for Obama and all of the others that are in the spotlight of life. No one knows what happens behind the scenes, but people are quick to always have some sort of opinion. When people say that life is not fair, why should it be when we are part of a system that strives on being corrupt? Everything Obama does is held to such a high degree of scrutiny that one would surely have to be super-human to achieve any success at all. His wife, his kids, his friends. Damn, where does it end or does it ever end? Making decisions that impact on so many people is a form of a God like principle that has to be taken with a high degree of somber mindedness. He got the job done on getting Bin Laden and still was criticized. He is ending the overseas battles that have been costly on several fronts both monetary and in the loss of lives. On the other hand, Obama does not have the luxury of not doing anything as he has been chosen to lead. In essence, we have all been chosen to do something, but for the most part alot of people are satisfied with doing nothing at all, but are quick to point out the faults of others. It is truly a wonder that anything gets done at all. Obama has earned the respect of being a pioneer in so many aspects. But one must always remember that he is only human and can only do so much by himself. So let us give him a little help in the spirit of James Brown, cause he can’t do it alone. Peace out, Papacool.

  10. CD Smith says:

    Dr. Watkins,

    What are the proposed policies to bring an end to the inequalities in regard to Blacks in America?

    When those policies are implemented, what will Black America look like?

  11. come again says:

    Obama went to school off student loans, not a full ride scholarship? Robert’s on point, we should stay out of politics, it’s not our game!

  12. James Davis says:

    Mr. Obama Has A Point Of View, Than There Is Reality!

    Sure his path to success was good for him, that is growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia, using student loans to go to college and getting into politics, running for President and winning. By restating his path does not negate the path of other successful blacks. JZ if you want to go to the extreme, became a crack dealer and graduated to an entrepreneur. Can we recommend his also as path for consideration? The point I am attempting to make is this, there are number of paths to various career goals. The President’s path is just one of them. However, what ails the black community when it comes to employment is not career paths but the fact that black labor as a product is discounted!!We are the first fired and the last hired. What this President fails to address is that problem. Talking about career paths is a red herring. Our unemployment rate is 13.2% and we have been in double digits for five years!

  13. ROBERT says:

    TO NOJOKE I normally would’nt reply to such a poorly informed person;but you attributed statements to me I did not make and beliefs I do not hold.ALTHOUGH whites are not blameless for the situation we find ourselves in ;I have always said and believe that our condition is our responsiblity alone.IF we are waiting for someone to fix us we will be waiting in eternity.YOU were also incorrect when described BRO QADDAFI as a tyrant.WITH just a little research you would find that BRO QADDAFI took over LIBYA in 1967 and at that time LIBYA was the poorest country on the AFRICAN continent.UNDER the leadership of QADDAFI ;LIBYA achieved the highest standard of living in AFRICA and #55 on the U.N chart for the world’s standards of living.IN libya water;electricity;healthcare and education all way to the P.H.D level was free.QADDAFI was also a generous man who financed develpoment project’s throughout the continent.THE first person NELSON MANDELA sought out upon his release from prison was BRO QADDAFI; to thank him for his help in their struggle for liberation.NEVER believe the media when it demonizes a foreign leader,and also I think you should read the comments a little more carfully.

  14. NOJOKE says:


  15. realman says:

    100% true!!

  16. Arthur says:

    “.CAN you imagine the first MEXICAN AMERICAN president bombing MEXICO or the first CHINESE AMERICAN president bombing CHINA” Robert does have a point.

  17. jdgwisd says:


    I agree and disagree with your op-ed piece. We are still held hostage by the racial chauvinism that is practiced by people of European decent here in this country. For the POTUS to attempt to abrogate European Americans of this responsibility is just plain wrong. However, I feel that the POTUS did have the moral ground to speak to the oppressive nature of the upper management of America. The messenger may not be what we want him to be, but as you have stated, it is just as wrong to feel as if the POTUS should be “SUPER N……!!! Able to see through anything, but whitey.”

  18. natalie says:

    Loved this article!

  19. Steph says:

    Excellent article!

  20. ulo media says:

    Morals is just a manmade term claiming how good or righteous he is. Selfrighteous people forget in the Bible it said – No!Not One is Righteous. So, go ahead and throw the stone at Obama, But! Be careful it’s gonna boomerang and knock you side the head to.

  21. ROBERT says:

    OBAMA has managed to expose all of black AMERICA’S psychological deficiencies.IN the last five years OBAMA has shown us to be political novices and emotionally obsessed with white acceptance.HE also has shown our lack of principle’s;the fact that we said nothing about our first black president dropping bombs on our MOTHER AFRICA speaks volumes of what we think our heritage.CAN you imagine the first MEXICAN AMERICAN president bombing MEXICO or the first CHINESE AMERICAN president bombing CHINA; it is only we with our self hatred and inferior mentality that can accept a situation like that as normal.I will never forgive OBAMA for destroying LIBYA and killing our BRO.QADDAFI;I will just be glad when this dude leave’s office;the sooner the better.

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