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It Is Time for the Rise of the Pro-Black Political Pragmatist.

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( It is time to face facts.  Both the Republican and the Democratic Party have failed Black America in this modern era.  While many bask in the emotional glow of having a Black President, our position hasn’t changed significantly since the passage of the civil rights legislation.  While we have definitely achieved gains in some areas (and we have the right to celebrate those) we have taken a step back in other significant areas.  On net I would argue we are roughly the same overall as in the late 60s.

Our education rates have went up, more Blacks are in business and we have a larger Black middle class.  On the other side of the coin we have the highest incarceration rate in the largest prison system in the entire world, our real unemployment rate is more than double the national average if not triple andPoliticalPragmatist it is estimated that almost 75% of our children have only a single parent in the home. 

As we push forward deeper into the new millennium we have to also evolve new philosophies of Black elevation. These philosophies have to rise above the materialistic, celebrity, reality show, hero worship culture that is so pervasive in America today and focus on power and growth in a global environment. We have to break out of our over reliance on historical methods of organization and action that focuses on social justice to the exclusion of new models of action and activism. We have to become more innovativeand visionary in creating change.  It is only through this shift that we can build on the legacy of our fore-parents and maximize our potential that in large part we have allowed to remain dormant as Black Americans. 

One such new philosophy that I have been arguing for over the past few years is the political philosophy of Pro-Black Pragmatism.  While a little fancy in the title it is really quite simple.  Pro-Black Pragmatism means that we hold no political allegiance but we create policy allegiance. In other words, we support policies, whether they are created by Republicans or Democrats, which advance the cause of Black Power (which will be defined in a future article).   By doing this we create a buyer’s market for our vote, which in turn creates broader political power in the future because we FORCE the two parties to competefor that vote. 

Most of you are familiar with the phrase, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”.  In other words, if you will give away freely money, time, energy or affection without requiring that the person you are giving it to return something of equal value back to you, they will NEVER give you equal value in return. You will always end up the loser. This has occurred in our relentless allegiance to the Democratic Party. 

While we made a rational decision (and a good one) to leave the Republican Party in mass in the 1930s we have to seriously consider making an exodus in mass out of the Democratic Party today.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t have D labeled on our voter registration, but philosophically and in action we “Show and Prove” that we will be mobile voters on specific policies that provide the greatest benefits to Blacks no matter which party originated them. 

I know for many this new philosophy is hard to conceive and there are many counter arguments that I am sure you are now creating in your mind.  But do me a favor and envision yourself as a Black voter in the 1930s for a moment.  You have a President in Franklin Roosevelt who created the New Deal, a set of policies that promised to have a large positive impact on Black Americans. To vote for this man you essentially had to vote against the Party of Lincoln.  This was the party that led the anti-slavery charge and one that you have voted for consistently ever since. But you MAKE this vote for the “other party” because the new policies by a new party were better for you and your race. It happened before and it can happen again.  We need policy allegiance and not party allegiance. ConsiderPro-Black Political Pragmatism.

Always remember, to BE different you have to DO different.

Staff Writer; Marcus Vessey



7 Responses to “It Is Time for the Rise of the Pro-Black Political Pragmatist.”
  1. CD Smith says:

    Black people need to focus less on political parties and more on ideology. We all live in a fallen world where humans have natural inclination control other humans. Understanding this simple fact, will guide you to which political ideology protects the freedom of the individual and which one does not. Blacks practiced conservatism in the past because the local and federal governments did not provide protections and law enforcement in their communities. They had to do for themselves. They had to “CONSERVE” their freedom, dignity and means to care for their family. It was rough however there are many successful examples of their efforts. However, hen the federal government action(which was needed) and integration policies were widespread, black people gave up their institutions, communities and business sectors to “integrate” in the white society. The Democratic Party has masterfully promoted themselves as the party that “loves” black people but has done nothing to improve their condition. Once amnesty goes into effect, the black vote will be practically meaningless at it will not be needed. If you think you are being ignored now, lets see what happens later..(Being Black and Conservative available on Google Play and Amazon)

  2. ROBERT says:

    I agree with BRO.JAMES DAVIS as well as the author.I knew OBAMA would burn us and [the worst is yet to come] I also knew it would be a learning experience for us.NOW is the time for those of us with political minds to form new organizations.I am willing to bet that with all the black intelligence just on this website we could probably come up with something if we tried.AS far as solutions are concerned we don’t have to reinvent the wheel; many of the conclusions that are discussed today such as not attaching ourselves to any political party we were told not to do 50 years ago.MANY of our solutions have been perserved in the writings of our people who were in the black power and the 60s civil rights movements.OF course we all know MALCOLM X and DR. KING but I urge my brothers to find the work of people like HUEY NEWTON; H RAP BROWN;when I read the words of BRO JAMES DAVIS he sounds alot like STOKELY CARMICHAEL.THESE brothers were our political geniuses and they left us a road map; we just did’nt follow their directions.

  3. James Davis says:


    I am looking froward to the strategy!

  4. Marcus Vessey says:

    James Davis, you can’t put the cart before the horse. All movements are preceded by a philosophical narrative that sustains them. Strategy that precedes philosophy leads to short term energy that dissipates because it is unsustainable.

    This isn’t about Obama’s administration but the a targeted shift in the Black paradigm. We need to see the world differently and interact differently.

    But more importantly, this is one article bro, take it for what it is. Stay tuned more.

  5. James Davis says:

    Honest Criticism Is Great, But Solutions Are Better!

    You are right; this current Administration has been less than robust in addressing issues critical to the black community. Behind the high black unemployment numbers are high rates of housing foreclosures and unprecedented high rates when it comes to reduced income and wealth within the black community. The voices of deception, led by Al Sharpton and other black television personalities have drown out the criticism of this Administration’s dismal performance regarding black unemployment. However, as a critic of this Administration, you have an obligation to shoulder some of the blame,also. While the criticism of Mr. Obama and his Administration is warranted, it appears that is all you have done, is criticize. You have not suggested a meaningful solution to the high rate of black unemployment. While criticism is fine, acceptable solutions are even better. WE,as critics of Mr. Obama, if WE are to succeed in getting him to endorse any plan that will affect poverty and economic problems in the black community, have to come up with a solution. WE have to then build a consensus within the community for that solution ( and than and only than will the nation consider it. Without a plan or a solution for the public to focus on, Mr. Obama is well positioned with his dutiful pawns of deception like Sharpton, Perry and Dyson to drown out any criticism of his dismal handling of five years of double digit black unemployment. Leaving the Democratic Party is not a solution; it can only be a precursor to a solution. What if the party submitted to negotiating with us about not leaving, what solution would We place on the table? WE must not take our eyes off the prize, and that prize is a long-term solution to black economic development. All of us are saying the same thing, something needs to be done!! We are crying out for change. However, we have to organize behind a doable and meaningful solution. That’s all I am saying! You, see the voices of deception which legitimize this Administration’s policies, when it comes to blacks, can not be drown out with just criticism, but they can be drown out with solutions. Solutions when presented, require men and women to take positions, or give reasons why they are unable to do so. And when WE take positions, our true nature is exposed. If this occurs, WE then will get to see these pretenders of black leadership who say they only have our best interest at heart, finally exposed for the political prostitutes they really are!

  6. Steph says:

    Excellent article!

  7. Von says:

    I don’t have a problem of choosing any political allegiance to any political party. I’m all for those who will benefit the people and not big business, but these days it seems that most politicians are “bought and paid for” because all they do is create policies which will only help special interest groups.

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