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How Will President Obama Haters Be Viewed By Posterity.

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( I often wonder why Obama-haters tend to hate Obama so much more than they do the Republicans, who have a much more malevolent agenda towards the American people. The GOP is engaged in an ongoing campaign to abolish Medicare, Social Security, organized labor, the minority’s right to vote, and they repeatedly hold the American people, including the unemployed, hostage to promote the interest of the rich. In addition, they’ve staged a bitter war against women, gays, and the immigrant community – and this GOP assault on the rights of the poor, middle class, and minorities is not just being staged by a radical few. It’s clearly a concerted effort by the entire Republican Party.
Thousands of Republicans have come together in a solid block of solidarity to embarked upon the exact same agenda. It involves corporations, congressmen, U.S. senators, state senators, state legislatures, city council members, judges, etc., all across this country who seem to be hell-bent on cutting the throats of poor and middle-class America. Yet, Black, Obama-haters seem to be completely oblivious to this fact and are totally fixated on this one Black man who was elected twice, by a large majority of the American people to be President of the United States. One would think that, that fact alone would, at the very least, cause these haters to reflect on what’s REALLYpresidentobama going on inside of their heads.
But these people are so fixated on hating Obama that they’re completely blind to everything else. One can prove to them without a doubt that one of their leading and most high profile Obama-haters is connected to several members of ALEC – an organization that’s spending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to obstruct the minority right to vote and was also instrumental in herding poor and middle class minorities into Wells Fargo’s “Ghetto Loan” scam that caused the bank to have to pay a $175 MILLION SETTLEMENT to Black and Hispanic borrowers – and they’ll simply say something like “Yeah, but Obama played golf with a man who works for the oil company.” Thereafter, they won’t say ONE WORD about anything else.
These people hate President Obama so passionately that they’re allowing the GOP – the most insidious domestic threat to the American people in the nation’s history – to pursue it’s malevolent agenda with complete impunity. In fact, their behavior is enhancing the GOP effort. 
I mean, one would think that their tunnel vision alone would send up a red flag signaling them to review their thinking. It’s absolutely amazing how it doesn’t, but it does clearly show why Black people are in such bad shape. The thoughtless behavior of these haters is undeniable confirmation that there are a handful of Black people in this country who hate other Black people – and especially this Black president – as much, or more, than any Klan member. But their hatred is even more insidious than that of a White, White supremacist – at least a White bigot recognizes his bigotry – but the bigotry of these Black “bligots” seem to be cloaked even from their own recognition in a camouflaging labyrinth of pretextural justifications. 
If Malcolm, Martin, and the other Black icons of the past could see what’s currently going on among us, I’m sure they’d hang their heads in shame. But even if they can’t see what’s going on, there are many others who surely will.
Due to the election of Barack Obama as the nation’s first Black president, scholars and historians are going to be scrutinizing this period in history with a fine toothed comb – and they won’t be alone. Due to the flawless memory of the internet, Black people who are yet unborn are going to be looking back and reading our posts, articles, and comments during this period, and I guarantee you that many of us are going to be a huge embarrassment to them.
Remember, they’ll be reading our remarks with an objective eye. They’ll be able to examine this period in history absent the passions and fog of current politics and with a perspective of 20/20 hindsight. So it will be absolutely clear to them who was engaged in promoting malevolent and selfish agendas, and who were merely “bligoted” (Black bigoted) fools. As a result, many of us are going to be, at best, horrible embarrassments to our families, and at worst, in the case of some high profile people, even smears on their family names.
You see, what the President Obama-haters are engaged in has been going on for centuries – in fact, we were undoubtedly sold into slavery initially by such people in Africa. But back in the day, people were anonymous, so we don’t know whose family members helped to promote the interest of the slave masters. But during this information age, it’s all going to be a part of the public record, and I don’t think many of these people recognize that fact. So what many of us do today, may someday cause our great grandchildren to hang their heads in shame and public ridicule.
Consider the following. Let’s say that President Obama ends up having a hugely successful presidency and history records him as being one of the nation’s greatest presidents. Many of these Obama-haters’ conspiracy theories and doomsday scenarios will live on as part of the public record. As a result, our great grandchildren and future historians are going to look back upon these people as un-American – and considering the fact that Obama was our first Black president – Black people of the future may even view them, and quite possibly their families, as race traitors.  
I can hear it now: “Hey Willie, I was just reading some of the stuff that your “Uncle Tavis” great grandfather wrote. He was a world-class fool. Now I see where you get it from.”

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree
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35 Responses to “How Will President Obama Haters Be Viewed By Posterity.”
  1. thinking man says:

    Once again you’ve revealed that you are without sense….stop disgracing hoodrats!

  2. Eric L. Wattree says:

    Thinking Man, you said,

    “In person with sense should look beyond political affiliation, the color of a man’s skin, etc. for the betterment of ALL!”

    That’s a grossly overreaching and thoughtlessly fallacious generalization. In short, you’re saying that a “person with sense” should look beyond the the fact that another person just happens to be a member of the Nazi Party. So we should embrace the Nazis, Skin Heads, and Klan for the betterment of mankind. “Thinking Man,” try thinking before you write. You’ve just demonstrated that you’re such an inefficient thinker that nothing you say can be taken seriously, and I’ll take that into account from this point on.

    Eric L. Wattree, Hood Rat.

  3. thinking man says:


  4. thinking man says:

    In person with sense should look beyond political affiliation, the color of a man’s skin, etc. for the betterment of ALL!

  5. Eric L. Wattree says:

    Thinking man,

    I am full of myself, as any person with sense should be. So I stand by every syllable that I uttered – and since I take pride in being an educated hood rat (or “miscreant bastard”), I wanted to say much more, but I had the presence of mind to recognize that young people may happen upon the site.

  6. thinking man says:

    Well said hassan aziz. People who are full of themselves usually revert to the use of profanity!

  7. hassan_aziz says:

    i never said that black men are miscreant creatures, you just did by trying to put a spin on what i said to suit your agenda. i may sound ugly, but the truth can be quite harsh at times.

    you dislike me, and what i have to say because i wont stroke your ego, buy into your nonsense, and because i have chosen to leave your plantation and live and exist on my own terms as a man. that bothers you. support the black pres for black sake makes no sense at all and is quite disingenuous to someone with the IQ above a plant.

    as far as my “miscreant bastard” remark, which you seem to be fixated on, look up miscreant, and i would assume you know what bastard means (a child born out of wedlock) which is an ugly undeniable fact facing our community. and the majority of the crime perpetrated within the same community tend not to be those individuals that come from loving homes, where both parents exist. and yeah, i know those guys hanging out in front of the liquor stores that you so admire. prison, alcoholism, unemployment, poly substance abuse, and a lot of children out of wedlock… is that better??

    as far as Obama being the butler in the white house, i have only heard that from you. that is your creation, from your make believe world of racism, on your make believe plantation, i refuse to take part in it, put the white man on a pedestal, and engage in self pity, self degradation, and being the consummate victim.

  8. Eric L. Wattree says:


    Very well said. I wish I had stated my own case with as much patience and eloquence, but one of the things that I love most about the internet is it’s an educational environment where one can learn as well as instruct.
    So thank you, JD. You’ve just taught me a valuable lesson in effective communication – it takes patience.

  9. jdgwisd says:

    In reading the article by Eric Wattree and reading the comments related to the article, I see a few things to think about and despair:
    1. Many people have no clue how the constitutional processes work on the federal level, nor do they care to see. America was set up with a separation of powers as well as a need for all political parties to work together in order for the country to function. Obama is not king(thank God). He can’t, on any level, make sweeping change without the help of both houses of Congress. Check out the change brought on by LBJ with the 1964-1965 Civil Rights Acts and how he used his experience as SENATE MAJORITY LEADER to work Congress on passing those Acts. I find that some of our so called “revolutionaries” want change, but want someone else to lose their prosperity for it
    2. To paraphase Dr. King, you can’t reason with “conscienous stupidity.”
    3. Eric Wattree’s problem with Smiley and West stem from what Dr.Einstein quoted so many years age about what separates some people from others: “Mediocre minds are violently opposed to great spirits.” Listen to the content of one’s arguement, versus your egocentricity about a subject.

  10. Eric L. Wattree says:

    One last thing, Hassan,

    With regard to your complaint that I’m not addressing the issues that you bring up. If you’d been reading at all, instead of just trying to conjure up Republican talking points attacking Obama, you would have read several times that I’ve stated that I’m not here to defend Obama – I have some issues with some of his policies as well, as I’ve had with every president. But my mission is to expose racist frauds with the single-minded agenda of venting their frustrations with the fact that this Black man is President of the United states and not the White House butler. And to point out that Black men are not just Black “miscreant bastards” as you so stupidly suggested in your racist comment.

  11. Eric L. Wattree says:

    I don’t want to even talk to your silly ass anymore. If you let a fool talk long enough he’ll reveal the depth of his stupidity, and you did. You betrayed a narrowminded mindset drenched in negative, stereotypical attitudes towards the Black culture. I just hope you’re not a cop, because if you are, every Black man that comes into your presence is in clear and immediate danger, since you think that, “guys like you have nothing new to offer, or will bring anything to the table other than miscreant bastard children, and perpetuate a handout society blaming another racial group for EVERYTHING under the sun. it’s truly pathetic.”
    Those are the words of a virulent racist – and even they have sense enough not to say them out loud. Either you’re a racist White boy hiding behind the persona of a Black-sounding name, or you’re a world class fool and “bligot” (Black bigot), of the Clarence Thomas variety, who hate your own culture. After all, Black people are a product of the very same racist environment as White folks, so also like some White folks, a handful of us are just as racist towards other Blacks as any racist Hillbilly. Clearly you have to be one or the other to say that have individuals people who come out of the Black culture have nothing “to the table other than miscreant bastard children.” Oh, really. You’re busted, you idiot! And after this response, I have nothing further to say to your silly ass.
    And by the way, here’s the full poem that you quoted, and that I dedicated to the people who you say bring nothing “to the table other than miscreant bastard children, and perpetuate a handout society blaming another racial group for EVERYTHING under the sun.”

    Some of the greatest minds I’ve ever known
    held court while sitting on empty milk crates
    in the parking lot of ghetto liquor stores.
    At their feet I embraced the love of knowledge,
    and through their tutelage defined self-worth
    in my own terms.
    These are the “Eulipians”—
    writers, poets, musicians, painters,
    and uncommon drunks—
    those shade-tree philosophers who
    contemplate the fungus within the
    cracks of society;
    Who dance with reckless abandon,
    unfettered by formal inhibition
    through the presumptuous
    speculation of the ages;
    Who live in county jails, cardboard boxes,
    alley ways, and luxury Apartments;
    Whose very existence exposes the scam
    of Great Bruteland.
    While these obscure intellectuals
    stood well outside the mainstream
    of academy, I’ve watched
    with astonished delight as
    they sang, scat and scribed their
    philosophy into the mainstream
    of human knowledge;
    As they rammed forth the proposition
    that thought is free,
    thus, transcends the limitations
    of caste and social privilege.
    Bird, Malcolm, Langston, and Trane –
    They sang but one song,
    a song dedicated to the proposition
    that man’s innate thirst for knowledge
    will someday overwhelm his passionate
    lust for stupidity.


    Man, you’re a Goddamn fool!

  12. hassan_aziz says:

    again, you were not interested in anything i had mentioned earlier only the last paragraph where i did not want to engage in mental masturbation on how the poly substance abusers are the brain trust for the African American community.

    i think i have you figured out now, you SERVED the white man, in the white man’s military, and probably bitter about it, and you my friend project the negative stereotypes, and racist attitudes. i have followed your non sense for quite some time.

    when you are done sucking down the suds with the milk crate committee hit me back on the on the other 4 paragraphs that i sent you.

  13. Eric L. Wattree says:

    Hassan, you said,
    “Those guys like you have nothing new to offer, or will bring anything to the table other than miscreant bastard children, and perpetuate a handout society blaming another racial group for EVERYTHING under the sun. it’s truly pathetic.”
    Hassan, you’re a fool, whose every thought is an exercise in projection, and based on preconceived, erroneous, and racist misconceptions. The paragraph below proves that without a doubt. I’m a part of that group that you so recklessly profiled. Yet, I was responsible enough to when I was 21 and my wife was 19 years old, to father, AND RAISED, two children who are very likely much more qualified, and certainly twice as intelligent as you’ve just now proven yourself to be. I have a daughter, Kai, who’s the regional vice president of a college educator’s association; and a son, Eric Jr., who’s a federal agent, and will probably be running for congress when he leaves the agency. One of his good friends is currently the Chief of Staff of Rep. Maxine Waters.

    FROM: 92 SFS/SFO

    SUBJECT: Recommendation for Staff Sergeant Eric L. Wattree

    1. I wholeheartedly concur with Staff Sergeant Wattree’s request to attend Officer Training School. He represents the enlisted ranks with the highest standard and will bring that dedication and professionalism to the officer corps.

    2. Eric continues to lead a stellar military career; his enlisted performance reports speak for themselves. His leadership and experience, especially in contingency environments, remains a vital asset to our unit and wing. As one of my primary Phoenix Raven team leaders, he’s propelled to the forefront of all major deployments throughout the world. He’s repeatedly secured aircraft and crews, supporting a wide variety of missions, in the most austere and terrorist-ridden environments where security is severely inadequate. The diversity of these missions never limited SSgt Wattree’s capacity to adapt to each situation. For this reason, Eric was selected as our 2000 Outstanding Phoenix Raven Member of the Year and the 2001 Air Force Reserve Component Airman of the Year for the 92d Security Forces Squadron.

    3. Whether operating under peacetime or contingency operations, Eric easily assumes control and tackles every situation with meticulous tenacity, a quality highly desired in our Air Force officers. REQUEST BY NAME, Sergeant Wattree, provided security for PRESIDENTIAL BANNER MISSIONS throughout Greece, Peru and Viet Nam. While deployed to Afghanistan, he flew numerous combat missions in our nation’s pursuit to eradicate terrorism through Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Additionally, he provided round-the-clock force protection for aircraft in other high-threat environments including Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Oman.

    4. Sergeant Wattree motivated his personnel during the worst conditions and raised the level of esprit de corps to integrate personnel from other Air Force specialties into a cohesive team. His leadership, integrity and devotion to our Air Force play an integral part in our future leadership. Eric has what it takes to become a commissioned officer and earns my full support to attend Officer Training School.

    Operations Officer

  14. Eric L. Wattree says:

    Marcus, you said,

    “I will leave it at this. If your criticism has nothing to do with Obama, then why are the majority of the articles I have seen you write about those two related to their conversation about Obama?

    “Come on man, you are being disingenuous now.”

    The answer to that is quite simple. Most of my writings regarding Tavis and West is based on their criticism of Obama because first, they’re using Obama as the basis of their attempt to manipulate the Black community. Secondly, because the WAY they are criticizing Obama – in a highly inflammatory and headline-grabbing way that calls attention to themselves rather than the issues. And finally, because they are using their criticism of Obama to CREATE news, and then turn around and cover the news that THEY created for profit.

    Thus, it’s virtually impossible to point out their game without mentioning Obama, because they are using him as the focal point of their scam. So again, it’s very simple.

  15. Marcus Vessey says:

    ” My criticism of Tavis and West has absolutely nothing to do with Obama.” – Eric

    I will leave it at this. If your criticism has nothing to do with Obama, then why are the majority of the articles I have seen you write about those two related to their conversation about Obama?

    Come on man, you are being disingenuous now. At least be intellectually honest about it.

    But what bothers me even more is that you read intent into their behavior when criticizing Obama, yet when they read intent into Obama’s behavior, you criticize them for criticizing Obama.

    To me, I see Obama in the same way you are seeing them, and I have a much strong empirical rational for my opinion of Obama than you seem to have when you criticize them.

    Now, are they without fault? No. Your best question was in relation to Tavis and Wells Fargo. I thought that was fair. Most of your stuff on Dr. West in unfair and unfounded to me.

    When need to get away from “circle the wagons around the highest Black leader” mentality. I have seen it all of my life and Obama is the grandest example of this. With great power comes great responsibility and with great responsibility comes great accountability. As of yet you have refuted none of my key arguments about the Presidents ACTUAL power and his usage of it on our issues. You have instead tossed it back to a criticism of Tavis and Wests character as opposed to the content of their argument.

  16. hassan_aziz says:


    Of course they are not going to charge bush and the rest of the folly men with war crimes. Obama planned to take everything that administration did, and run even further with it. NDAA, Fast and Furious (which Obama claimed “executive privilege “to continue to keep the American people bamboozled) and please don’t tell me about “operation gun walker” under bush. At least under direction of his doj, the guns were micro chipped, and they were working with the Mexican government. This fast and furious fiasco was completely done under the radar and if went undetected, would have served for the premise to circumvent the 2nd amendment.

    Only one glitch, they weren’t counting on being exposed, and naturally no one knew about it, even though a federal judge had to have signed off on the operation, but thanks to “executive privilege” no one will really know for now. How about that scumbag holder telling the oversight committee that he would come forward with all info if they promised that they would not try to convict… lol, it’s all a sham.

    And the NDAA, which basically allows the federal government to use the military against American Civilians without trial, rendition, torture, and indefinite detainment and they don’t have to say a thing to congress about you. Remember Obama said that he would VETO it??? Then turned around and signed it into law on New Year’s Eve. Again, you are ok with it, because he is our FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, just like you are ok, with the mass casualties and “collateral damage” in the multiple numbers of military actions and wars that we are involved in all over the world. Your deductive reasoning leads to “important and serious American business” as making it ok.

    You are one of the biased writers I have ever read in a long time. You don’t even try to come up with serpentine reasoning, or using a myriad of facts, your premise is that his skin color is the reason for every good thing he has accomplished in his life, and the consummate crutch and excuse of why many have a problem with the current usurper and chief. It’s almost borderline insulting that you think your audience is that stupid, but guys like Marcus, and Decarter bring you back to reality. And you are wrong, you are not only a Obama supporter, but a cheerleader, you are probably one of those cats that still gets all teary eyed when he reads from his teleprompter, and really believe that we are over and done with the recession. You mean well, but choose to reside in your own reality, fingers in your ears and LLADDADDLLAALDDALLADLLA I can’t hear you. Its ok, I checked out your little website, you think guys sitting around on milk crates outside all day drinking malt liquor and cheap wine are men of great wisdom, even more so than a man in academia.

    Those guys like you have nothing new to offer, or will bring anything to the table other than miscreant bastard children, and perpetuate a handout society blaming another racial group for EVERYTHING under the sun. it’s truly pathetic.

  17. Eric L. Wattree says:

    Marcus, You said,

    “No, you are criticizing them because they are criticizing Obama. The proof is simply in your historical commentary on this topic on this site.”

    You’re guilty of basing your conclusions on false assumptions. That’s why so many of your conclusions are erroneous – and I’ve reviewed many of them. My criticism of Tavis and West has absolutely nothing to do with Obama. My criticism of those two stems purely from their constant attempts to manipulate and mislead the Black community. Here’s an article that I wrote on Obama nearly two years ago, and I’ve written several others since:

    I haven’t Totally Given Up on Obama, but as My Late Wife Used to Say, He’s Working My Last Nerve

    I haven’t totally given up on Obama . . . yet. But I thought I’d write this article just to ensure that there’s no need for speculation about how many of his more politically sophisticated base view the current political landscape.

    I’m an Obama supporter, but I’m not an Obama cheerleader. While I agree that President Obama has done more for this country in the short time he’s been in office than any president since Franklin Roosevelt, presidents are not only assessed based on what they do, but also what they fail to do. So in spite of the fact that he’s saved America from a second Great Depression, his success in that area pales in comparison to what he’s failing to do – aggressively confronting America’s most insidious domestic enemy and the most serious threat to our democracy since the civil War, the current GOP.

    President Obama made his first mistake when he said, “We should look forward, not back,” with regard to the Bush/Cheney war crimes in Iraq. First of all, the attorney general is supposed to be independent to decide what course to take in such matters, so Obama was supposed to simply keep his mouth shut and let his attorney general decide whether or not Bush and Cheney’s “alleged” war crimes warranted prosecution. By failing to do so Obama effectively established, and elevated Bush and Cheney to a class of people who are above the law – and that’s not a good thing in any democracy. It was such a class in the Jim Crow South that allowed Black people to be lynched with impunity.

    But in spite of that, many Obama apologists often argue that the president is only one man, so he can’t do everything. That’s an invalid argument. First, one man or not, the president sets his own agenda as to what he considers important to this country. And secondly, the president of the United States has the largest staff of lawyers and experts in the Western world, so why can’t he do everything? That’s his job. Even Obama himself said that the president has to be able to do many things at one time.

    But even if the president can’t do everything, failing to aggressively confront the Republican Party constitutes neglecting the biggest threat to America in generations. The GOP is a bigger threat to the American way of life than Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda can only destroy buildings, but the GOP is on a single-minded mission to destroy the United States Constitution, and in his oath of office, the president swore to protect that precious document.
    So those of us who are merely supporters of the president, as oppose to blind cheerleaders, understand that the primary reason this country is in its current mess is because the American people have been brainwashed into supporting politicians instead of principles. That’s why our system can be so easily controlled by money. Money is being used to brainwash us into loving politicians over principles. It’s the oldest game in the world. We are literally being pimped. It’s just that instead of selling our bodies, we’re selling our souls – and the souls of our children.

    When we support politicians over principles we tend to ignore, or go into protective mode, when the politicians that we support go off course. That allows politicians to control us. On the other hand, if we supported principles over politicians, politicians would be forced to adhere to the mandate that got them elected, which would allow us to control them.

    As I’ve pointed out many times in this column, the primary quality that should set progressives apart from all others is an affinity for humanity, independence of thought, and a fierce determination to remain a seeker of truth above all else, regardless to where that truth may lead. But those values no longer seem to be the case among many who define themselves as progressives today. Many contemporary ‘progressives’ tend to possess the very same rigidity of thought, and meanspirited, knee-jerk adherence to ideology that the progressive movement was created to combat. The response that many of these people bring to even the slightest divergence from their rigid ideological beliefs can only be described as one of radical reactionism.

    That concerns me greatly, because while conservatives and today’s so-called progressives remain completely divergent in their views toward governance, in terms of intellectual disposition they’ve become different sides of the same coin. I’ve often heard it stated that the regimented intolerance of reactionary conservatism is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. That may, or may not be true. But if it is, it must also be acknowledged that the intolerant regimentation of many contemporary radical ‘progressives’ represents the USSR at best.

    Many modern ‘progressives’ have allowed themselves to become infected with the exact same kind of intellectual rigidity that we previously associated with the radical conservative mindset. In fact, many who define themselves as progressives today could very accurately be called latter-day conservatives. They have a slightly updated set of values, but their rigidity and rabid defense of their ideology will surely morph into the closed-minded conservatism of tomorrow.

    While many liberals are busily distracted in fighting for the political fortunes of ‘their man’, radical conservatives are hard at work taking America apart, both brick and mortar. Thus, while the patient is lying on the operating table dying, the surgeons are engaged in a feud over what brand scalpel to use. And while we should be saying I love America, we’re being distracted by cheerleaders chanting, “I love me some Obama.”

    I like Obama too, but not nearly as much as I love America. Thus, a politician should only be supported as long as he adheres to his mandate, no matter how warm his smile, or how nice a guy he is. If we’re looking for love, we should go out and find a lover, because if we want to maintain the kind of democracy in which we’ve become accustomed, when it comes to politics, there’s absolutely no room for blind love affairs.

  18. Eric L. Wattree says:


    It amazes me how naïve people are. That damn near everything that Tavis and West do are publicity stunts. Those dudes are going out and creating their own news, then they go on book tours and sell books, and speaking tours where Cornel pulls down $30,000 a speech, and then Tavis brings in his production company and stage gibfests and do documentaries and special broadcasts that he then sells for huge profits.

    At the very root of most of the Black community’s problems is a lack of education, and cornel hasn’t taught at a school that more than a handful of Black kids can get into in his entire career. West comes out and make a killing talking Black, then slides back into his lily-White cocoon until it’s time to come out and make some more money.

    Wake up, man. If either Tavis, or West, bought a homeless child a sandwich they’d bring along a camera crew to record the event.

  19. Eric L. Wattree says:


    Actually, you’re completely wrong. I don’t think that the White man is the biggest threat to the Black man. I think ignorance is the biggest threat to our survival:

    It’s time for Black men to wake up. We’re so busy trying to be cool, and promoting our street creds instead of our minds, that our sisters are gonna have to leave us behind – and they’re the only thing of value that we have left. They’ve become better educated, and FAR more mature, than we are. Many brothers have embraced a mindset that’s more interested in the size and shape of our biceps than the content of our minds. I hate to say that, but it is what it is.
    If you use more than a three syllable word on many brothers they think you’re trying to be White, because we’ve been conditioned to believe that knowledge is the White man’s domain. If we don’t do something about that – and soon – in a few generations the only place we’re going to be able to see a true brother is in the museum of natural history – hanging on the wall, right next to a picture of the Neanderthal Man, because sisters are going to have to go outside the race to find suitable mates.
    Anthropologists have a phrase for it – it’s called “natural selection.” Nature is weeding us out as too weak to exist through the process of murder, incarceration, and generally failing to adapt to our environment. Nature tolerates neither ignorance nor weakness, because it taints the gene pool. That’s why female dogs kill their puppies when they’re less than perfect.

  20. hassan_aziz says:

    I dare say that Decarter, Rawdawg, and Marcus said it all. Once again, Mr. Wattree is not interested in facts, only his version of the truth. your position eric is to use any disagreement anyone has with this president as some sort of a litmus test of racial bias, or traitor-ism by part of black people. in your lengthy replies you have not addressed any of the issues that Marcus, or Decarter brought up.

    Since you brought up the unborn black children, how about the 1500 black babies that were aborted today, by “family planning” clinics located across the country in inner cities? what are we going to tell them? or those wonderful “social welfare” programs to keep the black man out of his home? instead you are fixated on skin color, and the belief that every white person is secretly planning your demise, and any black man or woman that dare speak of constitutional ideas, accountability, or having anything in common with their fellow American regardless of skin color as some kind of sell out.

    when i read your articles i think about another “black power” writer, a degenerate rapper Luke from too live crew. like you, very quick to blame whitey, and point out all their historical short comings but had no problem living in the country club with around the clock security, and sending his children to be educated in a predominately white, private, christian school, much like Jesse Jackson has.

    frankly, i enjoy reading what Decarter, Marcus, and Rawdawg have to say. they have a “perspective” and a point of view that has been researched, you on the other hand are divisive, and dis enfranchise those that disagree with you. i do however enjoy reading your articles, because i enjoy watching the spanking you get from REAL BLACK FOLK.

  21. Marcus Vessey says:

    Eric, you say – “The fact is, many of us who criticize people like Tavis and West are not criticizing them because they’re critical of Obama; we’re criticizing them because they’re demagoging the issues to promote their own interests. As a result, the legitimate issues that many of us want to address are being overwhelmed by the strident, headline-grabbing, and inflammatory way these people or framing the discussion. They’re doing it in such a way that’s guaranteeing that they are the center of attention rather than the issues.”

    No, you are criticizing them because they are criticizing Obama. The proof is simply in your historical commentary on this topic on this site. West has been tackling issues of poverty and social inequity through his entire career. When he was engaged in Occupy Wall Street, New York stop and frisk, I don’t remember seeing any commentary by you on their ‘issue obfuscation’, the same with Tavis and his annual summit, or Watkins on the wide range of issues he rights upon.

    It seems the only thing that they can do that get’s you, the turtle, to stick your head out of your shell is to critique Obama. When that comes you vehemently launch a counter offensive, which in turn makes you actually guilty of doing what you say they are doing…obscuring the issues that they are ultimately tackling, which are very germane to the Black condition.

    In my book bro that makes you a hypocrite.

    But let me be fair, in your opinion, what exactly is the ‘appropriate way’ to criticize Obama as it relates to his actions towards the collective Black American condition?

    Finally, to once again correct you on the power of the President to impact our condition.

    1. The Dream Act is an example of an executive order that empowered a broad group of minorities in this nation. It wasn’t an act of congress. There are a wide range of executive orders that Obama could use to positively impact the Black condition in America.

    2. The bully pulpit of the Presidents voice has the ability to shift police and public perception, we have seen this on both the “I Support Gay Marriage” visible stance, and also the recent debate on gun control. We have no issues he can use this pulpit power on?

    3. The power of the pardon can be used by the president to release many Black men and women who either were unjustly convicted or sentenced to unjust terms based upon draconian drug laws.

    Finally, I don’t think it is the responsibility of Tavis or anyone else to consistently give lessons on public administration prior to criticizing this president or anyone else.

  22. Eric L. Wattree says:

    I’m not here to defend President Obama, because I don’t agree with everything he does, or fails to do, myself. But there are those in the Black community who need to come to terms with the fact that there are some things that even the president can’t do – and signing a bill abolishing ignorance is at the very top of that list. That’s what it would take to accomplish some of the objectives that they’re trying to force upon him. That’s also what lets me know that much of the ranting and raving of some of these so-called Black intellectuals are disingenuous at best, and blatant intraracial bigotry at worst.
    The president can’t just wave a magic wand and instantly make everyone upwardly mobile. It doesn’t work that way. There’s an educational process that goes along with upward mobility, and that goes for whether the person is Black, or White. While there are many in the Black community who have the skills to hit the ground running, there are others who need to be trained, motivated, and refocused in order to simply maintain a job that pays wages high enough to lift them out of poverty, even if it was given to them. So some things we’ve got to work on ourselves.
    In addition, other people support there own businesses – we don’t. Black people need to understand that more money passes through the Black community than through most countries, so we could create our own jobs. But we don’t, and I’ll tell you why – because Black people are the product of the very same racist environment as White people, so we’re just as reluctant to patronize Black businesses as any Hillbilly. Unlike any other community in the world, we’d rather take our money and patronize other people – ANY other people – as long as they aren’t Black. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is, what it is. So our bigoted attitude towards other Black people is the primary reason why we’re lingering at the very bottom of the social and economic ladder.
    We’re not children, so we can’t just sit around and wait for someone to come GIVE us a job. We have to get off our asses and create our own jobs. One of the primary reasons unemployment is so high in then Black community is because a lot of us can’t do anything. If we would spend as much time developing our knowledge and skills as we do shootin’ hoops and watching BET and ESPN, there wouldn’t be so many of us unemployed. We’d be out working as mechanics, barbers, writers, mathematicians, computer specialists, etc. So we can’t blame that on Obama. A good mechanic or barber can create his own job.
    I worked for myself for many years as a paralegal. I did EEOs for people on my own, and did research and wrote legal briefs for attorneys. I charged them 1/3 of what they made on the case – and it was worth every penny to them, because a strong legal brief can cause a judge to make up is mind on a case before he even steps into the courtroom. The money was so good that I used to go out and buy brand new cars and pay for them in full in cash. And there was so much money to be made that I used to have to turn away work. People are still asking me to do work for them. About six months ago a guy asked me to come help him out as a full partner. So the reason that so many of us are unemployed is because we have yet to learn that knowledge is power – and it also pays well.
    So don’t blame being broke on Obama – at least, not before you ask yourself what you’re doing to improve your own condition. After all, they say that unemployment in the Black community is about 15%, which means that 85% of Black people are working. So what are they doing that you’re not?

  23. Eric L. Wattree says:

    People like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and Boyce Watkins are going out of their way NOT to tell the Black community that the United States Constitution gives sole control of spending to the United States House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Republicans. So the only way that President Obama can spend any money to assist the Black community is to get the Republican House to go along with him.
    That’s why it’s so important for the president to hold together a coalition of Blacks, women, gays, Hispanics, and every other segment of the American population. He needs ALL of us to place pressure on the Republicans to loosen the purse strings in order for him to get anything done. So anytime you hear Tavis, West, or Watkins pointing their finger at what President Obama is doing for any other segment of the population, they’re doing you a disservice.
    Here’s how politics works – you support me when I need you, and I’ll support you when you need me. So whenever President Obama does anything for other segments of the population, he’s building up political capital so he can help you. But, he doesn’t discuss what he’s doing for the Black community for a very good reason – as Cornel says himself (when it’s convenient), “Race Matters.”
    These gentlemen know full well that if President Obama runs around bragging about what he’s doing for the Black community, the Republicans are going to use that as leverage to tear his coalition apart. They would tell women, gays, Hispanics, and everyone else in America that Obama doesn’t care about them, all he wants to do is help his own people, and that message hurts the Black community. Don’t these so-called intellectuals recognize that? If they don’t, they’re dumb. If they do, that means that they’re purposely trying to mislead you. The question then, is why?

    So the fact is, when people like Tavis, West, and Watkins run around telling you that the proof that President Obama is not working for you is that he refuses to throw his fist in the air, these people are working against you, not for you – and they know it. You see, their primary agenda is NOT about helping the Black community. Their agenda is about tearing President Obama down, and that hurts you.
    And by the way, I am not an Obama cheerleader. I have a number of issues with Obama’s policies, and I’ve written several articles critical of Obama, so the suggestion by people who say their behavior is only being criticized because the critics see Obama as some kind of Messianic figure is a myth that these people and their supporters are hiding behind.
    The fact is, many of us who criticize people like Tavis and West are not criticizing them because they’re critical of Obama; we’re criticizing them because they’re demagoging the issues to promote their own interests. As a result, the legitimate issues that many of us want to address are being overwhelmed by the strident, headline-grabbing, and inflammatory way these people or framing the discussion. They’re doing it in such a way that’s guaranteeing that they are the center of attention rather than the issues.
    I haven’t Totally Given Up on Obama, but as My Late Wife Used to Say, He’s Working My Last Nerve

  24. Marcus Vessey says:

    “With two poisonus snakes in your house, why would you ignore the presence of one snake while spending all your time trying to kill the other?” – DCarter

    Beautifully put!

    Eric, I will reverse the question, how will Obama supporters be viewed if he fails?

    Right now he is failing significantly on issues related to our condition. So will you man up if after four years our condition isn’t returned at least to what it was prior to the recession?

    Will you man up and say your faith in Obama was wrong.

    Or will you, like so many folks I hear already, simply blame the republicans, the lack of the president to wield any true power, etc.

    See that is the problem, you fail to dialogue honestly and as a result most intelligent readers tend to nail you, even if they agree with you in part.

  25. Dcarter910 says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful information you have provided. But one thing still escapes me…could you again explain what Obama has done for the Black umemployment rate?

    Latinos have an answer for this question.
    The LGBT community have an answer for this question.

    But does a black person have an answer for this question? And if he being the most powerful man in the country and yet still has not effected any change greater than or equal to Clearence Thomas or Herman Cain…I fail to then see the purpose of your previous statements.

  26. Eric L. Wattree says:

    Black people of the future are going be focused on people like Tavis and West like a laser due to the negative impact of our 400 year history of having to deal with Black turncoats. Like I said in the piece, Black turncoats been hugely demonized in the Black community throughout our history. Every Black person in America is familiar with the sentence, “Dim niggas talkin’ bout burnin’ OUR house down, boss” – or a variation thereof.
    The only limitation to our intense hatred of such people is the fact that history has obscured exactly who they were. But now, due to the flawless memory of the internet, Black people of the future will not only be able to identify these people, but connect them to their contemporaries with a simple people and Google search, and then connect them to specific families – and I guarantee you, that’s gonna be devastating to the Black families involved. In some cases it may even become a threat to their well being. In any event, I would hate to be connected in any way to an “Uncle Tavis,” or a “Dr. West” (an educated fool), because these people are directly associated with bringing shame to the Black community during a seminal moment in Black History by the trashing of the first Black President of the United States.
    I know my people, and they’re starved for a focal point in which to vent their hostility and frustration over the way that they’ve been treated over the years. So their response will be no different than that of Jewish people who are able to identify Nazi collaborators. So I guarantee you, these two are going to be demonized like on other individuals in Black history.
    Tavis Smiley and Cornel West seemed to have been determined to ride President Obama’s coattail into American history. Well, they’ve done it, and I sincerely hope they enjoy their infamy. Black people are going to make Benedict Arnold look like a rock star compared to these two.
    Just call me a prophet.

  27. Eric L. Wattree says:


    I see you’re just as deluded as Herman Cain. Herman Cain claims that the reason that black people won’t support him is that they’ve been brainwashed. And many conservatives are saying Cain is President Obama’s worst nightmare. I would have loved to have been in the White House when those statements came out. In spite of Obama’s laid-back demeanor, I’d be willing to bet that he was laughing so hard that he was rolling on the floor of the Oval Office in tears.
    One would think that this man would have sense enough to know that no one takes him seriously – and especially the GOP. And if the GOP had ever taken the time to truly get to know the Black community, they’d know that the only thing more toxic to Black people than a flat-out racist, is a Black conservative (with the notable exception of Colin Powell, because he’s not really a conservative – he was just smart enough to flimflam the overseer, instead of the reverse).
    Most Black people have very little use for Black conservatives. It’s not that we disagree with everything they say, but because we’re suspect of the reasons they’re saying it. With the possible exception of those who believe in talkin’ snakes, virtually without exception, every Black conservative I’ve ever known was a self-serving opportunist. Their conservatism tends not to be so much grounded in their actual philosophy, as it is an opportunity to gain exposure and wealth. They realize that conservatives are looking high and low for Black people willing to step forward to validate their views toward the Black community. So they gleefully allow themselves to be used in return for personal wealth, position, and notoriety.
    Clarence Thomas is a case in point. There is no way that a man of his renowned level of mediocrity should be sitting on the highest court in this land – in fact, he shouldn’t even be allowed to sit in traffic court. But due exclusively to his willingness to validate the conservative view of Black America, he’s been given one of this nation’s highest honors. Thus, Thomas’ very presence on the Supreme Court is a stain on American values, our fidelity to jurisprudence, and an unabashed affront to every Black person in America.
    Clarence Thomas is allowing himself to be used as a national monument to every negative stereotype of Black people ever put forward – grinnin’, subservient, lazy, White-woman-lustin’, treacherous, dishonest, and ignorant. Then every time there’s a State of the Union address, Black people are forced to sit and look at his lecherous ass.
    So the Black community looks upon Clarence Thomas in precisely the same way as White Americans look upon a man guilty of treason against the United States – and other Black conservatives are not far behind. Why? Because most of these people would have happily voted against the Civil Rights Act in order to promote their own personal interest if they’d had the chance. And to demonstrate how transparent they are, Thomas took the unprecedented action of lobbying his colleagues to except what has now clearly been demonstrated to be a meritless challenge to Barack Obama’s eligibility to become President of the United States, while he didn’t say a word as the Supreme Court casually APPOINTED George Bush president after he lost the 2000 election. And with respect to the challenge to Obama, it took his colleagues, some of the most conservative White men in the country, to tell Thomas that he was going too far – and now Herman Cain says it is Black people who are brainwashed?
    People like Thomas and Cain tend to be self-serving accommdationists who are wholly lacking in character. Black people have suffered a long history of such people, going all the way back to slavery – in fact, it was probably a Clarence Thomas clone who sold us into slavery in the first place. These were the very same people who would informed on slaves who were trying to escape to freedom: “I don’t know what’s wrong wit him, boss. Ya jest can’t get him to appreciate nothin’ you do for us. What he needs is a real good beatin’. Want me to do it? I’ll do it real good for ya, boss.”
    So having Clarence Thomas sitting on the Supreme Court, with his happy, grinnin’ face, his eager to please attitude, and his quintessential ignorance, is a bad joke at the expense of the Black community. His presence is the equivalent of giving every Black person in America the finger. It wouldn’t be any more insulting to Black people if they chiseled a picture of Buckwheat on the on the Supreme Court seal.
    And now we have another ‘happy face,’ in the person of Herman Cain, saying that Black people won’t support him and his fascist overseers because we’re brainwashed? And worse, we get this from a Black man whose advice to Black people during the deepest recession since the Great Depression is to, “Get a job!” Please! This is an absolute idiot.
    Get out the whip, Rush – it sounds like Herman and Decarter’s been into your stash.

  28. Dcarter910 says:


    I am not a black republican for your information as I cant stand them no more than I can stand people like you that chose sides with any political party.

    My approach is this:
    With two poisonus snakes in your house, why would you ignore the presence of one snake while spending all your time trying to kill the other?

    I make no excuses for Bush/Obama/Democrats or Republicans because it seems as though they all have a well ochestrated plan to hand over power back in forth behind closed doors while at the same time playing the public like puppets against one another.

    Expand your mind beyond one political party, beyond race, beyond Washington,D.C. and then you can grasp the futuility and contridications of your argument for one party over another. Then pick up the sword of truth and hunt down both snakes hiding in your house.

  29. Eric L. Wattree says:


    You’re a Black Republican and you’re calling ME ignorant. That’s hilarious!

    The GOP: A One Hundred Year Record of Swindling the American People

  30. Yeah_I_said_it! says:

    President Obama is not the only guilty party when the issue is ignoring the black community the CBC has done it for years as well as every black mayor of a major city. You might as well include the NAACP and Urban League too. In my opinion I think the only black organization that thats things seriously for our people is the NAtion of Islam.

  31. Personally, people who describe rational dissonance in policy perspective are not synonymous to “hating.” In fact folks who call others haters do so because it is the crutch for the person that has no real substantive argument against real rationale or reason.

    Anywho, from this i can tell you don’t read but rather watch TV and recycle contrived pro democratic or anti GOP sentiment. But if you do please read these,..
    1] Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World [Liaquat Ahamed]
    2] Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time [Carroll Quigley]
    3] Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President [Ron Suskind]

  32. Dcarter910 says:


    VERY WELCOME!! Ignorance has gotten a free pass for far too long.

  33. natalie says:


    Thanks for this post!!!

  34. James Davis says:

    Hate To Call Bust Your Bubble Brother, But There Is No Plan Of Economic Recovery For Blacks From This President!

    Obama’s plan of economic recovery is the same old plan President Reagan advocated. If you have forgot, it is called “trickle down” economics. Mr. Reagan after 8 years in the White House left office with the black unemployment rate at 11.9%. At the rate the unemployment is decreasing, .50% per year, we maynot make it to 11.9%. We are at 13.8% now. Mr Obama is on track to repeat Mr. Reagan’s feat or he may even do worst. Don’t recall blacks giving Mr. Reagan 94% OF OUR VOTE!

  35. Dcarter910 says:

    Once again more ignorant writing by a ignorant black person.

    Health Care: Why is health care so much? There are no price controls and Republicans offered the idea the there be TORT reform which would allow health care to be sold across state lines which would prevent monopolies by health insurance companies. Why can you buy GEICO or State Farm auto issurance in any state but you can only by health care from specific companies within your state lines? Who is setting the price on a “CAT” Scan? Why does a CAT scan at one hospital cost 1200 dollars but a couple of miles away it cost 800 dollars? Read the latest time magazine about health care cost. Obama refuse to tackle the “WHY” health care is incrasing all he says is that we must tax people more and give health care away for free. Which it has always been free because the emergency room is not allowed to turn people away. Also why didnt they reform the system of frivolous law suits against doctors? Doctors on average have to pay 1 million dollars a year in malpractice insurance which means they pass that cost over to the consumers. The GOP didnt say lets get rid of health care coverage they said lets find “practical” means to control cost and spread coverage.

    Organized Labor has gotten out of control: The cost of doing business is so high that many companies were forced to leave the U.S. and they got tax credits for doing it. Why didnt Obama fix the tax code which allows U.S. businesses to get tax credits from going over seas? How come union works provide the most expensive rate for their work and it takes them the longest to complete projects AND in some states if you arent in the union you cant do the work no matter how much cheaper and efficient you can provide the service. Remember when electrical workers in from Florida drove all the way up to help out with the Hurrican Sandy relief and was turned away because they werent union workers. If you were one of the residents that needed that help you would be pissed! Union bosses make millions while taking money from their members and then donating the money to one political party (democrats) which then allow the unions to charge outlandish prices for their services which the tax payers have to pay. HENCE why detroit, baltimore, new york, boston and every other union run city (ESPECIALLY) chicago are all bankrupt and cant pay the unions…not the unions are turning on Democratic leadership and now these Democratic leaders are turning on the unions because they are threatening the financial survival of the municipalities.

    I can go on if you challenged me but seems like all you posted was just a bunch of Obama talking points. Yes, the Republicans are trying to obstruct him and various ways but Obama is not taking practical common sense approaches to fixing these problems. His only answer repeatedly is raise taxes and spend more money. Who in their right mind would say that spending money now is the right thing to do? Britain’s credit rating was just down graded, the EU are entering their second year of a recession and they are trying their best to cut back on spending while the U.S. is saying “print more money”.

    The real question to you sir is, “what will you do when the financial system collapse and your fake printed money becomes worthless like what happened in Greece?” The whole world sees it coming except the average ignorant american.

    Google the latest headlines as of the last two weeks.
    Russia is buying as much gold as it can betting on the coming collapse of the U.S. monetary system do to out of control spending.

    EU is desperately trying to fix their debt issues in the wake of financial instability caused by reckless U.S. borrowing and spending.

    China is buying up hug swaths of land in Africa and huge amounts of gold to hedge against a financial collapse they perceive to be coming to the U.S.

    Wake up! If they cant cut 85 billion dollars of spending when we borrow 3 trillion a year which everyone knows we cant pay back, then what can be cut? How can the financial house ever get in order? And the only solution Obama has is print more money.

    Provide some substantive evidence that Obama is trying to fix the economy. What policy is he promoting, what bill has he tried to pass, what common sense approach to fixing problems has he put forward?

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