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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Getting It Together.

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( Sorry I’ve left you guys without any “real” articles to read. I was busy focusing on my classes to get my Associates degree but I’m back again with some free time on my hands, so let’s get down to business. With all of the crazy events that’s been going on lately from some of us who believe Obama owes us a handout to the coonery and buffoonery that is shown on our televisions to the senseless murders that take place on our streets.

I believe that first if we want to propel ourselves and our youth to the next level we have to stop judging each other and focusing on each other’s flaws. Look at every other race when a crisis in their community occurs, I doubt their worried about how they dress, who they sleep with, what religion theyget-it-together worship, the tattoos they have, etc.  I say that because I read these articles where people say that if someone lives a way that is foreign to them or a way that they don’t agree with then they’re disgracing God and all this other non-sense. I believe that if we put our differences aside and focused on what we have in common we could accomplish a lot more.

Another thing that we need to address is this entitlement attitude that we have with our President. News flash! President Obama is not Batman or any other super hero for that matter! It’s funny how so many people name drop Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and yet can’t seem to remember that they didn’t depend on politicians or the government to achieve their goals so why should we do it now. Also the republican party aren’t making it any easier for him to pass any bills that he proposes, so it’s not that he doesn’t care it’s that he has a group of cock blockers on his team.

Now in order for us to address violence we have to first understand that violence can never be completely eliminated from our society but we can minimize it though. The first step is to invest in our own businesses so our communities have jobs and money circulates through them. Second we would invest in communities’ centers, out-reach programs and a program to help-ex-cons get their lives back on track so this way they will stay out of trouble for good.

We also have to work with local churches and schools. We can’t depend on anyone to fix our communities aside from ourselves; we’ve always been a triumphant group of people. People are judged not by the call they receive but how they respond to it during time of adversity. If we want our youth to prosper then we need to act now! Let’s stop complaining, judging, pointing fingers and let’s get to work!

Staff Writer; Shawn Hudson 

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2 Responses to “Getting It Together.”
  1. Shawn Hudson says:

    This is a wake up call to Black America for us to get it together which we need to do!

  2. art says:

    what the hell is this?

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