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You Might Walk Over, But You Limpin’ Back!


(ThyBlackMan.com) This video(see below) is a clear example of how the black woman is out of control! Both of these Sisters, use the most vile and disrespectful language when speaking to the security guard(a Brother). They called him out of his name, and even had their children(mostly young boys)attack the Brother’s manhood by calling him gay. The Brother tried to walk away several times while the women still continued to antagonize him, and again, sent their children in the opening of the store to once again attack his man hood.

When he instructed the woman to get her kids, the Sister walked up on the Brother several times, he pushed her off of him, she walked up on him again….he pushed her away…she hit him and he broke out the taser gun and lit her up. Now the children are crying, and a Brother, who I guess is her man walks up on the security guard, talking about you did this in front of my babies? And says that he will be back at 6 to kick his a**.

Now first of all where was the Man when his woman was disrespectful and out of control? And his “in front of my babies” question should have been directed towards the MOTHER of his children, because SHE along with the other Sister set the wrong example for those children. After he lit her up, then folks started saying he was wrong for doing so, yet remained quiet when the Sisters continued on their rant against him. This reminds me of the bus driver incident, women think they can just run up on a man without any type of repercussions and that’s not the case.

The reason those watching remained quiet is because of several reasons;

1. The disrespect of the Black Man from the Black Woman has become so commonplace, it has been taught, pushed, promoted and accepted that it almost acts like a second nature, our slave master trained us well, so we disrespect our Black Men with ease.

2. We love indulging in savage behavior whether it is participating in it, whether we are a spectator, or if we chose to watch it on our TV. This is why the shows that portray us in the most negative light, have the highest ratings because we have grown so in love with filth.

Now, back to the Brother that miraculously appeared after everything took place between his woman and the security guard. Instead of directing his anger towards the security guard, he should have directed it towards the mother of his children. He was simping real hard, and this is why she will not accept accountability for her actions. The fact of the matter is, that sister deserved NO defense nor protection because she was out of CONTROL. You can NOT protect that which you can not control, and by him approaching the Security Officer, he gave his “woman” the illusion that she was justified, and she got another hole punched in her victim card. After you get so many holes punched, you become a VIP Victim Card Member. He has now enabled her ratchet behavior, and if she speaks to a stranger in that manner, I wonder how she speaks to him?

The bottom line is that she, among many other black women are so out of control, so rebellious, so disrespectful, so aggressive in their approach of men, yet when the man gives back that same aggression given to him, then she is ready to cry victim. Hypocrisy at it’s finest! There are consequences to every action, and while I certainly don’t condone any type of violence against women, I definitely don’t promote this masculine energy we as women have seemed to embrace, and we think we have the right to go toe to toe with men. I mean try it if you want to; this is how you end up on your ass!

Now think about the mindset of the Mothers, and how they encouraged their children, which again are young boys. What are they teaching them about WOMEN? If they’re mother, their first teacher is quick to disrespect a Black Man, how will it impact the way they look at Black Women in the FUTURE?

Look at the mental wombs of these women, and  the thoughts they produce. Obviously the Brother is lacking wisdom, and knowledge of himself, because if he truly knew who he IS, then he would NOT have placed his seeds in the womb of such a rebellious woman.  This also serves as a good example of how many Brothers will get themselves killed or hurt, dealing with a weak, rebellious and foolish woman. This Brother was ready to defend his woman, yet he had no basis, because HER MOUTH is what got her in that predicament.

This video, is only one of many, that showcases the mentality of not only our women, but men as well. This is a clear example of how the WOMAN must be cleaned up and reformed, before any other type of reformation can take place.

http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhOnSdy4PkJNdZ03i4 (——
Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
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