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Rev. Al Sharpton’s Meeting with “Civil Rights Leaders” – Can It Be Taken Seriously?

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(  read recently that Rev. Al Sharpton and other individuals in the civil rights community are gathering this week to discuss a black agenda.  I haven’t spoken to Rev. Al Sharpton for over a year now, after it became clear that he and I do not see President Barack Obama in the same light.   I am a supporter of President Obama who also believes that we must diligently observe the choices of his administration, and I personally feel that Sharpton has been a bit too close to the administration for comfort.

I don’t profess to know the nature of the relationship between Al Sharpton and President Obama.  But I can say that as we observe the actions of the Obama Administration, which is run by a bunch of white guys who have a poor track record of paying attention to African American issues, we must also be watchful of the black faces that have been corralled by the Obama Administration to keep black people under control:  They want your votes,Al-Sharpton but they clearly do NOT want your problems.

Rev. Al Sharpton, along with NAACP President Ben Jealous, has a serious credibility issue that both he and Jealous must confront.  Al Sharpton’s deep alignment with President Obama has unfortunately created a situation in which the black agenda is not sent from the people to the president.   Instead, the Obama agenda is typically sent from the president to the people.

Black people show up and say, “We’d like for you to speak on racial inequality in unemployment and the massive damage being done by the prison industrial complex,” and Al Sharpton is put on the front porch of the White House to say, “Black people must fight the Republicans to avoid the fiscal cliff.”  There’s nothing more frustrating than to show up to a restaurant asking for a steak dinner, only to be served a peanut butter sandwich instead.

Jealous must deal with the fact that millions of black Americans don’t feel that the NAACP is in alignment with their interests.  The organization jumped right behind President Obama’s gay marriage endorsement and didn’t so much as ask its membership what it wanted to do.  Recently, the group even decided to challenge the ban on large sugary soft drinks in New York City, even though African Americans suffer the worst obesity problems in America.   Were the NAACP not receiving money from soft drink manufacturers, I find it difficult to believe that they would have fought such a ban…this is hardly a civil rights issue anyway.

The final point that comes to mind as Rev. Al Sharpton gathers with his colleagues to discuss their vision for black America is that the meeting severely lacks relevance and authenticity when it seeks to keep dissenting voices away from the table.  Others who should be invited to this meeting include: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dr. Wilmer Leon, and others (perhaps even Louis Farrakhan) who have interests that might be more aligned with the people than with their own quest for bureaucratic cronyism.   You can’t claim to seek honest opinions and then only listen to people who tell you what you want to hear.

Right now, over a third of all black men in Alabama do not have the right to vote, which is part of a national trend of marginalization.   Black men are six times more likely to go to prison than white men, and the War on Drugs has destroyed the black family in America.  Additionally, black unemployment is double that of whites, and black teenagers are dying in the streets on a daily basis.  The last thing we need right now are a group of “leaders” who are so excited about being invited to the White House that they are willing to leave 40 million black people in the dog house. If you surrender your respect by fitting neatly into a politician’s pocket, I must be the first to say that you are no leader of mine.

The president can be conditionally supported, but his administration must also be unconditionally CONFRONTED.  Those who aren’t willing to do this are nothing more than self-appointed, politically neutered figureheads.  If we are to be taken seriously, then we must become serious about our community and equally serious about the enforcement of an agenda that seeks to help our people overcome the holocaust of mass incarceration that has occurred over the last 40 years.  The tail must stop wagging the dog and power must be restored to the people.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit




23 Responses to “Rev. Al Sharpton’s Meeting with “Civil Rights Leaders” – Can It Be Taken Seriously?”
  1. Staff says:

    This is going to stop now. I see a pattern with some of you brothers. There will be NO BASHING BLACK WOMEN here. End of story. Feel free to leave this blog.

  2. Ramses says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! @otherside. You know what’s funny, you read everything I wrote and only commented on those things you don’t like. This is so typical. I can have this same conversation with my grandmother and she wold wholeheartedly agree with everything I say. This is how I know there are class distinctions at play when it comes to black people. Sorry to tell you otherside but most of these black people are slaves. They are and it doesn’t hurt me anymore because I stopped identifying with their niggerish behavior. I would rather identify with the black kid who scored a perfect score on his SATs. Are you telling me a so-called mother, who had children out-of-wedlock, is not responsible in anyway for a child who goes out here and murders some innocent person? Only when we hold black women accountable does a controversy ensue amongst black people. If I criticized black men only, then there would be no controversy. Cosby is saying similar things and the only thing black people can say to him is “he didn’t criticize black people nicely.” Truth is not supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy when you are being a heathen. If this behavior is so good, then from now on, every black woman should tell black men how many men they have slept with in their careers and let’s see how many black men stick around when the numbers is 20, or 30, or 40. But you see, all black women hide this fact.

    Why? Because deep down, even though people say people haven’t been taught properly, women know deep down there is something unattractive about a woman who is regarded as a hoe. A 13 year old girl fell to her death trying to keep her boyfriend from releasing a sex tape (damn 13 year olds with sex tape). So if a 13 year old girl knows tries to prevent her sexual misdeeds from being revealed, then she knows she shouldn’t be doing the shit. So why does she do it? Because when you have a group of men (black men) who won’t hold these females accountable for their actions, then they feel their is no penalty for their prostitute ass behavior and you know it’s prostitute behavior because these chicks wear the type of clothing hookers wear (tights, fishnets, hooker boots, etc). But if i walked up to you and aksed you “how much does it cost” females will get offended. But the bitch is wearing hooker clothing!!!!! And gets offended by being propositioned for a tryst. I remember when a dude I used to be cool with had this Somalian chick at his house that he had already had sex with and used to smoke weed with. When I started talking about marrying honorable women, who weren’t loose, she was shocked. She said that “we didn’t know there were black people who thought like you did.”

    I said “there are plenty of men like me who hold similar values and views. Don’t just think because we grow up in America we agree with this filth.” And you know what happened? This chick decided to go home and not smoke weed with my friend. My words hit her hard because she allowed herself to be a baby mama because she started buying into the nigger shit in America, when her culture dictates her to be married and honorable. There are people who believe that since we are considered black, that we agree with the nigger shit and judge “us” as all being the same. But this chick found out I was the opposite and ran as soon as she heard my words because when I spoke, she heard her father and the men in her culture that hold her to a different standard. I knew a Ethiopian chick who tried to date black men in my junior college years but said “they didn’t want to get married.” However she was wrong because when I had her number, she wanted to be a hoe because she bought into the American shit. So she cleaned herself up and went back home and got married. If you are not a virgin and never been married, it’s hard for a woman to make the case to me as to why I should marry her. Period. I remember in 2008 a freshman at my college (a black young man) said “if a woman is not about God, we don’t have anything in common.” 18 year olds have better sense than 35-40 year olds. But like Pastor Manning says “when I speak to you about not being honorable, you can’t take what I’m saying because you’re not used to being held accountable for your actions.”

    This is so true. Liberal views on sexuality, womanhood, has turned the black woman into the national standard for whore behavior when years ago white women held that title. At the end of the day, when you admit that your own men don’t want to marry you, then you admit your own weakness as women and as an individual woman. Marriage s not a race thing. It’s a personality thing as well as values things. Most women want to marry a man to take his shit. Or because it’s a way to get material things. They don’t believe in adding value to a Man’s life. So why should a man marry you if you’re selfish like that? And that goes for any woman. It’s not a coincidence smart men are going east for wives. It’s not an accident that there are dating websites devoted to providing men wives whereas these american sites are devoted to women offering a one night stand. I think I’ll take marriage over a one night stand and I’m a Man saying this. So if you have women who value ine night stands, instead of marriage, then we have different values and our race is of no consequence. I don’t owe a black woman shit and neither does she owe me. Leave that race shit in the past and make the case as an individual woman as to why a Man should want to be with you for life and for you to have his children. That race shit is going down the drain and class is becoming more important now and with barack being in office has made the black man a much more attractive figure for all women, not just black women. So black woman, I’m trying to help you out for real. Stop debating with “us” and start trying to coexist instead because your mouth and little emotionalisms don’t matter anymore. You think your sisters will be there for you when you’re 50 with no husband? You’re gonna find yourself 50 year old roomates with one another while your men will be married with other women.

    I don’t see color in women anymore. I just see woman. If you fine and wholesome, then you have a chance with men like myself. All your little emotional tirades and “being down in the struggle” soliloquies will not work in this new frame of time. Intelligent Black people are tired of weak black people. It’s class warfare right now and I love it because I do not want any heathen niggers near me. And by the way don’t tell me I can’t criticize. Black people always trying to shut people up who speak the truth. I can come on any site and say WTF I feel because I am my own man and unlike most pussy as black dudes on this site, I don’t get scared when a black woman says boo!!!! lol….. Black women have lost houses in this economy that has many of them and their families staying in shelters. I left the Hawks game last week and on the corner, it was three black women outside, with their kids in the the strollers, in the cold, begging for money. This is the future for many of you who are not commercially competent to stand on your own since you are so independent. If you are independent, then that means you have your own banks, schools, hospitals, businesses. How can you call yourself independent and don’t own a business? I own my own business that gives me the freedom to get on this site anytime i want and poke fun at you niggas.

    I don’t have to punch no “cracker’s” clock. LOL!!!! So in the end show and prove. Sorry black people hide behind race when they can’t compete with the rest of the world. Black people showed more purpose, and usefulness in slavery, than they do as free people. Murdering each other in the streets like it’s sport. Should have stayed on the plantation if that was the case. But I do understand the infantile mentality I deal with when I speak the way I do. Most black people respond like children when scolded for their low standards of behavior. Sounds like too much liberalism and feminism in the tank. But how has these theories made you wealthy? How has feminism made any black woman wealthy? Show me the businesses that feminism created. Feminism has carved a path of destruction in this societ from baby mams, shot sons in the street, and teenage girls being strippers in clubs. But I’m harsh. i didn’t tell you stiupid idiots to be so garbage. Feminism did and the notion of being “free’ to do what you want to do. But like they say, with freedom, comes many responsibilities. So even though you say you’re “independent” yet you still blame other people for low level of production (government, Bill Cosby, etc).

    So which one is it? Either you are “free” and know what you are doing or you’re incompetent, and need to shut the fuck up about what government is not doing for you, when you don’t have the decency to at least do basic things other civilized people do (like don’t be baby mamas). You got people who say black women need help from their bad situations. Other people don’t ask for shit like black people and be irresponsible at the same time. That’s stupidity. But black people justify it with “but we were in chains so you have to give us a free pass.” Did your ancestors ask for a free pass or did they get to work. Matter fact stop claiming those people as your ancestors because those people were winners in spite of their conditions. You niggas are born losers in spite for your more favorable conditions. It’s not against the law for you to read yet you wanna be “hood” like that shit is attractive. I saw college eudcated blacks embracing that hood niggas shit. Girls walking around 8 in the morning going to class with hooker outfits on. Who does that dumb shit? I’ll tell you who: losers. But I’m sure you niggas got some ready made excuse to justify your spiritual ineptitude. 2013 will not allow the nigga to justify his/her incompetence anymore and use slavery as an excuse for it.

    Bill Cosby hit hard because he knows where “our” people came from and refuses to let these people be apart of that legacy. If you don’t want to be responsible that’s cool. But don’t try to claim the ancestors who did more with less when you don’t demonstrate the strength of character they displayed. I say what i say about black people men and women included out of respect for the ancestors. You think I give a fuck about niggas who can go to school and not have it against the law for them to read when ancestors could have been killed for attempting to read? You must be crazier than I thought. Black people suck because they choose to suck. Don’t tell me the white man has control over your minds because if you do then I’m gonna say you’re weak and I don’t have time for weak ass niggas. We have plenty of those already.

    I’m born in the same land as you and I’m not weak. I have the discipline to read the same banking books that affluent families do to stay in a pristine position economically. When your economic policy as a woman is “child support” then I’m gonna tell you and your heathen lineage to get the fuck out my way and don’t talk to me about no black solidarity.

  3. Marcus Vessey says:

    Friends, I seriously try to read your comments, but I can’t without any paragraph breaks. Please help a brother out.

  4. other_side says:

    @Ramses says: Hell I’d hang the baby mamas too who contribute to this nigga shit. Because it’s that bad. Hell they do it in other countries …WOW! this is really a HATEFUL comment … and what of the baby fathers?

  5. other_side says:

    @ Ramses – What kind of woman wants a weak ass man leading her. Oh I forgot, the black woman!!! LOL. No other group of people has their sons killing each other the way black sons do. Killing each other because the are programmed to be emotional wrecks, just like their mothers. This is why you can’t get any money because when you have this level of psychosis, nothing positive could ever get accomplished. BLACKS SONS KILLING EACH OTHER ARE A REFLECTION OF THE EMOTIONAL WRECKS THEIR BLACK FATHERS HAVE MADE THEIR MOTHERS. BLACK FATHERS RIDDLED BY DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION…put those programs in the prisons to really address those issues and the return rate and killing will decrease. But keep putting angry officers on one side of the cage and make the conditions in jail a jungle, then your sentiments may prevail in the narrow minded.

  6. other_side says:

    @Ramses – Let Him Be A Father to His Child Comments were discontinued before I could respond … please see my inline comments to your last post:
    1. Ramses says:
    January 16, 2013 at 2:42 pm
    @OtherSide I have seen so many black mothers support their monstrous sons out here doing the most heinous things. Howver, I do leave room for women such as yourself who support men who turn out to be boys. And herein lies the problem. You have some demonic black women raising demonic children.(HIS MOTHER IS WHITE and he was raised by her and his half-white stepfather, whose mother was a white alcoholic).
    I was one of the few brothers coming up whose father raised him. Most of my friends coming up had some mothers who were let us say very challenged in their moral capacity. So many females end up like Rihanna and we are the ones who are expected to be healing agents as black men. (God saids a man that finds a wife finds a good thing; many people seek healing for different reasons … if a woman needs healing, the man that finds her wont mind healing her if that is what is required and she might return the favor). Most of the time, simply not being weak and willing to break down an emotional wall of protection is all that is required for “healing”.
    However the wall that many black women put up is impenetrable. Understandably a wall is up. But the next man should not be expected to bring it down. I will admit to you that the black man is weak. My ex said years ago that black men have no standards and I agreed. But she was referring to black women when she made this statement. Some black women have standards but I have learned that many do not.
    I would agree with Terence that there is a sickness that peervades black people’s psyche but they better find a way to cure it. I suggest to black women myself, who are of sound mind (many are not but think they are) should not be beholden to these weak cowards and I mean it. Black men on this site don’t even respect strong men like myself speaking truth on here because the bitch in them will not allow them too. This is why I keep saying you have to really know people’s families because people come from some sub-par families out here and before I have to pull the tool out and lay a mofo family members out I choose not to deal with these degenerates. It’s gotten that bad. My grandfather told my grandmother back in the day that he believed “the enemy would penetrate our family.” He didn’t say white people. He was talking about niggerish blacks. (I had many of my child’s father family members in my home …including his mother who has chosen to forego relations with her grandchild…possibly a blessing in disguise. Agreed – get the squares out ur circle.)
    People used to say my family was uppity because we had standards. These were black people. But you really wanna know what it was? It was jealousy because our family had a standard about themselves and they knew their family didn’t. There is a lot of poor black trash out here, even if they have money. (All equal in God’ eyes; different people have different standards … I am sure your family’s standard might not work on the ‘other side of town’.)
    How many black women out here carry themselves with the elegance and grace of a Michelle Obama? There are men who carry themselves with sphistication like Barack, but a lot of times they don’t get respect. A friend of mine told me that he already has 4 instances in 2013 in which black women have all disrepsected him on some blatant shit.
    (My mother had her hip replaced; a Black man sitting in his car told my mother he was waiting on riding cart. As graceful as she is, she said fine and waited for the next. A cab driver in Vegas was getting read when he let a white man interrupt our discussion to let him know he needed to shut up and get driving. He chose to relay a story of how he is unable to see his 2yo son because he cannot deal with the mother … weak.)
    He says that sometimes he imagines a woman coming up to him and just embracing him with a heartfelt hug like some shit you would see in the movies. It’s that sad out here. Now I’m not telling you to run out here to a white dude at all. There are some black women who think running to a white man will solve all of their problems and are sadly mistaken and end up bringing their sorry behinds back to black men (I dated a white guy with blue eyes and a penchant for black women with a racist mama. He met a Colombian that looked like me (light skin with curly coils)and went gaga and cheated on me. His father died and they were alcoholics. He has 3 kids now, one with autism. Hawaiian blue eyes was most sensitive one night stand ever in Vegas no less, so I am equal opportunist… not a race issue, addiction seems to be the core issue in most failed relationships).
    I myself am open to white women, of a certain quality???, but that’s not my default pick. Other women interest me instead based on their culture. However, if a white man comes your way, and is willing to honor you, and you two vibe with one another, I say go for it. I’d be the first to tell you that you don’t owe black men the opportunity to stomp on your face along racial lines. I never would have said this in 2008. But love trumps race all day long. In my opinion, most black women do not offer what I am looking for and that’s not the end of the world. (narcissist? … )
    Nature dictates you adapt to your surroundings to survive and I have chosen to do so. I will not sit here and say black women are less attractive than any other women because all groups of women have pretty women and ugly women. However, personality wise, this is where the separation comes into play for me. I want to be with someone I genuinely like. I don’t know what your personality is like so I am not directing this towards you. But the ones I’ve come across have not been lovable and I’m a very loving man. I’m very mature enough to give love and have always. Most black women are not mature enough to receive it. Most mistake lust lust for love. Love is actually being willing to tell you about yourself when others won’t. (Love is patient love is kind…what have these Black women shown you? That is what I show ….Rihanna says it best to me in shot a man down when she asks what was she to do when she was disrespected in such a way but to reach for her protection from continual victimization.)
    Most black men on here who come off as if they really love black women really don’t because a lot of them feel the same way I feel and know much of what I say is true about black women in general. But because they want to get in your drawls first, instead of teach, they attack me to make themselves look strong in the eyes of black women which is why so many black women won’t change because too many black men are saying there is nothing wrong with black women (because they are only looking at them as sexual objects). Most of them are scared to tell you how they really think of you because some don’t want to hurt black women feelings. But what I say should not hurt feelings because it’s not about feelings. What I speak of goes to your ego.nar
    Many black women mistake feelings for ego. When they see a black man with a white woman, and gives him a scowl, what is that? Ego. (((No ego; lack of self-esteem and outright jealousy.
    If she really loved the brother and saw that he was happy and just happened to be with a white girl, then she should be happy. I don’t see black women with white men and mean mug them. If she’s happy then cool. Better her be hapy with him than make my life miserable. The black man is a walking credit card. (Several of the men I have been involved with were broke opportunists.)
    He can go anywhere on the planet and find a wife. So my options will never be limited unless I limit them myself. A friend of mine told this black chick he knows that he’s closed the door on black women and she begged him not to do it. Why – once less fool …
    It terrified her when he said this because this cat has been in every black organization you can imagine (Nuwabians, Nation of Islam, Moorish Science Temple of America, 5 Percenters). Organizations or cults?
    Even black people are tired of black peoples excuse making. It’s tired and old. Rihanna’s situation proves that black women like abuse, for the most part. Now I don’t know why they got back together. COuld be for publicity. All I know is that negro beat the brakes off of her and I can only deduce to things occurred. One, Rihanna did something that was so reprehensible, she felt compelled to be with him because she ultimately knew she was at fault. Or, she likes being with abusers. Or it could be both. In the end, all of it’s garbage because i always say this: if you have to put your hands on a woman, to keep her in line, then that’s not the woman for you as a man if you are a man. There are some dudes who are abusers and they are not men to me. I’m talking about real men. Please send me the template to understand which is which, because I do want to avoid these dudes parading as men. She is trying to forgive him publicly so she is recused of being responsible for his demise … twisted system of domestic violence cycle where the victim has to own the forgiveness so that victim can move forward loving herself and feeling complete whether he is there in the end or not.
    I’ve seen black women in my lifetime who push you more towards the end of abuse than not. I don’t care what’s your background. When any woman deals with me, respect is first and foremost and there is no compromising on that at all. I don’t have time being a woman’s personal psychiatrist. That drains energy like you would never believe. I really don’t know what to tell black people at this point. I don’t have any answers for them collectively. I see a train wreck coming and I chose to jump off. I go out my way to not have any conversation with black women because I don’t want any confrontation with them. Then why are you commenting ad nauseum?
    Because I know me and that disrespectful tone that comes natural with them has ran its course with me. Might have been cute at 16, but when you’re in your thirties, not so much. Black women would be surprised at how far kindness would actually go with black men, but too many are too in love with their ego. Not saying you @other-side but many of your female counterparts are. It saddens me that you had to go through such a horrfying experience and I do hope that you allow yourself to heal and find happiness in the future if you haven’t already. A friend of mine said to me that you would rather lose your ego for someone you love than lose someone because of your ego. This would be very wise for black women to take note of. My lesson was you can lose your ego, but if in doing so you are actually idolizing another, you are putting that before God and yourself, so that can never work anyway. When you both love God the most, neither would dare hurt the other for fear of God’s correction.
    As for me, I;m not just interested in what someone’s personlaity is like. I want to know what their family is like. I ask questions thoroughly. And if your family is just all screwed up all around, then chances are you will be too. I have a family legacy to protect, and that trumps racial notions. I will not bring any heathen black people into my family destroying the fabric my grandfather and mother worked so hard to construct. It ain’t happening on my watch. Once a woman is my wife, she is my family, especially when we have children. If she is white, who cares. As long as she can give me some beautiful children inside and out then that is all that matters. What if they are ugly outside? I thought my family’s reputation was pristine, but learned a lot. This is not a black white issue ripping at the seams of our families – it is drugs and alcohol.
    i don’t have the time nor patience trying to elevate the minds of women who want to have babies by mexicans and white men because their kids come out pretty like a dark skin black chick said to me and some friends years ago at Clark-Atlanta. Yes a black chick at an all black school was saying this!!! Ironic indeed. Every individual person has to find out who they are first before they make any demands on others as to who they should be. I don’t try to change black women anymore because they are free (for now) to be who they are. I decided to change me, which was a whole lot easier. Instead of me getting angry at them for being a certain way, I opened up my possibilities in terms of suitable mates. My Creator would not put me here on this planet and leave me without the possibility of a wife. That would be cruel indeed. My Creator is not cruel. In my lifetime, majoirty of my conflicts have been with black people, not whites. I have had plenty of whites open doors for me when blacks gladly shut the door in my face. Black people will never get me on that black shit. Never. I love myself too much to reject love based on sill, outdated (and unscientific) modes of racial superority. Cheik Anta Diop (a scientist) in “Civilization of Barbarism” stated there is no superiority in the tones of skin. One is more conducive to certain climates as well as the other. Difference doesn’t mean superiority or inferiority. The real matrix out here is the black/white paradigm. Last time I checked, Condoleeza and George Bush worked well together. And they even named an aircraft carrier after her I think. I’m about winning first. I am not about believing in tired 20th century concepts. For those that do, then they will stay in the 20th century. Exactly where they belong. “Get Rich or Die Trying” … and there is even a picture where it looks like he is kissing her on the cheek at a ground-breaking while his wife’s back is turned… a lot like the image of the slave sucking the master’s phallus in the portrait that was removed from that museum. SHE IS NOT NOR WILL EVER BE HIS WIFE. AND IT WILL TAKE ANOTHER MILLENIUM FOR A MIXED RACE COUPLE TO BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE. And that is the truth that you should take into account when you look at continuing your great family legacy.

  7. Ramses says:

    Black people don’t realize the connection between spirituality and economics. When you have a group of people who are known to hate themselves and each other, how will they invest in each other? White supremacy does not exist at all because Asians are showing that when you have pride, and strong families, you can compete with anybody. You’ll don’t think Chinese people were beat up by caucasians? Look at some of those old Warner Bros. cartoons and you will see how much Chinese people were disrespected by whites. And that goes for Indians and other people as well. Black people need to stop thinking that they have a monopoly on pain. Black Wallstreet was bombed no doubt. But Japan was nuked. Which was worse. I would think the nuke was worse in terms of comparison. Black people should have had their own militias to protect themselves back then. That was our fault. It’s not like we couldn’t own guns back then. I was reading this book where this black woman was talking about what her daughter might possibly do as a career and someone suggested she go into advertising or entertainment. The black woman responded “my daughter is not going into that. we have enough black women singing and entertaining. we need black professionals.” Black people you are a gullible people, just like your African ancestors back in the day. You believe anything the white man says to you. The key to white supremacy is to get you not to believe in yourself so you won’t compete. When you don’t compete, it gives the illusion that white people are superior when the reality is, they just compete and you just sit on your hands. Black people talk this hate whitey or hate this cracker shit but the truth is, if white people disappeared right now, niggas would not know what to do. You can’t build hospitals, you can’t farm, don’t know banking, don’t grow any food, don’t have any schools, and hell don’t even know how to get married!!! Lol….I mean we are not talking about children on here are we? We are referring to adults. We have to break down the most simple things like self-reliance and marriage? We have to teach black people that business is important? For all you black people who hate whitey or Republicans, I can guarantee most of you are probably employed by both. You probably work for a company that is owned by someone who is white who votes republican. How ironic is that? Lol…. And that goes for black men and women. If you really didn’t like being under the yolk of white men, then you would embrace the notion of business but most of you don’t because as the brother has stated on here you don’t put your money together and invest. You are a irresponsible group of people who make successful black people feel bad because they won’t give you any of their money. “Well the problem is that when black people get money, they don’t come back and uplift the community.” WTF? What community? Baby mamas? I’m not helping anyone who doesn’t help themselves. Black people have said for years “God helps those who help themselves.” That sounds good to me. You have a group of women who prance around in the most objectionable clothing you would ever see. The average black woman dresses like a prostitute. The average black man is a thug. What the hell is there to invest in? If you’re morally bankrupt, chances are you will be economically bankrupt. And for all you black people who think I’m harsh go read your Bibles. Since you’ll like to play with religion so much open it up. God wipes out when the people are so filthy that even he can’t clean them. There are passages in the Bible where even God says he’s hurt. You know how wretched you have to be as a people for God to say he’s hurt by what you are? That’s why Bill Cosby spoke the way he spoke because when he speaks, he’s speaking with God in mind. When we speak from scripture, God speaks through us. And if black people have a problem with that, then let them stay in their atheist categories and stop fronting like they are so holy when they are not. I’m not trying to marry a woman who has screwed the whole football team, but now sees the errors in her ways. Why you didn’t see it beforehand? When you have 13 year old girls falling to their deaths because they are begging their boyfriends not to release a sex tape, you know you are dealing with heathens and I do not feel sorry for them. If their own families don’t then why should I. You people think that because you live in America, and it allows you to be morally bankrupt, it’s ok to do so. No it’s not. But what’s sad is, when people like myself, or Bill Cosby speaks truth, you’ll say we are being harsh. I haven’t gone into the streets and blew a black man’s brain out. That’s harsh and cruel. I say the things that hopefully will keep someone from doing the shit. I lost a close cousin years ago when some coward shot him in the back. You think I wanted to show mercy to that nigga? Hell nah and he was black. I wanted to bury him. I don’t care what your color is when you hurt mine. Niggas want to get away with hurting you because they black like you. What kind of logic is that. “Well black people got problems but we can’t leave the brothers and sisters behind.” Shiiiiiit. These niggers aren’t my brothers and sisters because they definitely don’t live like they understand brotherhood or sisterhood. How can you be worthless yet complain about what you don’t have? You have so-called scholars who make a living off of writing about the pathologies of black people. What kind of profession is that to have? How can you make any real money writing articles about the stupidity of a people? That’s some dumb shit. I don’t care if you can prove to me that black people’s problems stem from slavery. I don’t give a shit no more than I give a shit about the Irish being criminals because the Brits stomped them years ago. WTF are you doing now is the only important thing because last time I checked, none of you niggas had your babies snatched from your arms, or killed in front of you. It’s reprehensible that a group of people would try to justify their stupidity (and baby mamas are stupid) and low moral fiber on the pain of people who lived before them when these people responded to that situation by building. How can you do that? Like Pastor Manning says “you have no honor.” You would use the dead souls of those people to justify your ineptitude? You bastards should be ashamed of yourselves. You got black women selling ass on the internet when she could be married to plenty of single black men. Selling ass is better than marriage? Collecting child support is better than being a wife? Black women married broke black men after slavery so don’t give me that “oh he don’t have enough money for me” shit. Child support is nothing but legalized prostitution. If it was up to me I’d let these fuckers starve. Kids included. The same kids who will go out here and blow your brains out? Please. You think God didn’t know the hearts of the kids in Sodom and Gomorrah when he destroyed it? I have come across black people’s kids who I wanted to choke the life out of. This one black chick i was dealing with son was so weak I couldn’t stand being around the fucker. I mean a spoiled crybaby ass lil nigga. Greedy as fuck and sorry as shit. Ponk ass nigga just like his weak ass dad. I fought to hard on this planet for my existence to allow some group of people to tell me that “we” are weak because of slavery. You niggas must be out your cotton picking minds for real. You niggas cower to the challenges of life while I welcome them. That’s why niggas get on my nerves. They don’t show that they want to exist. They are cool with just getting by. When a bitch wants to collect child support, it means she wants to just get by. When he sells drugs, it means he just wants to get by. These out of control women are flooding the market with junk bonds (bastard children) that they can’t provide for. And then unleashing them on unsuspecting black people who think along racial lines in terms of loyalty. 2013 is a new year and calls for a new way of thinking. Me and my family used to watch The Cosby Show every thursday and I have more in common with him than I do with you excuse making niggas who try to justify baby mamahood because many of your mothers were loose as a goose in the streets. But be the same weak ass men who will hate your father for not being around. But you never ask your mothers why wasn’t she married to your father when she gave birth to you. I can look on my birth certificate and see my mother and father with the same last name. That means something to me. Damn would you rather be a bastard as opposed to knowing your father? You ok with your mama being so selfish she ran your father away and commenced to abuse you mentally, sometime physically for 18 years? You mean to tell me a grown WOman does not know the consequences of having a child out of wedlock in 2013? How many baby mamas black peopleneed to see before they realize the policy of bastard kids ain’t working? Crimes got so bad in the 90’s, they started charging black kids as adults because of all the armed robberies and murders. I didn’t realize that the 500 murders in Chicago in 2012 was believe the average of 900 that existed in the 90’s. You average 900 murfders a year as a city where you have black leadership and you have the nerve to talk about Obama? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. Barack is not the reason why you niggas ain’t shit. You niggas are the reason why you niggas ain’t shit and go home and hold your mama accountable first before you check anyone else because it was her personal policies as a woman that kept you from having a traditional family, not government. The US government is not preventing black women from being honorable, chaste women. Black women and their lack of a moral center keeps them poor and their chidren poor. You don’t love your children enough to enter into a union with a man before you let him skeet in you? What kind of woman does this? A real woman will not do this. Michelle Obama didn’t. I’ll be the first one to say don’t let any sorry nigga get you pregnant black woman. I don’t defend no weak ass black men because I despise them niggas, but what I do have a problem with when the majority of you (80-90%) have kids with them and then judge all black men as being sorry when they don’t produce for you when it’s you the one that’s sorry for not screening them properly. You’re the ones who go ut here irresponsibly, have babies, and then embarrass yourselves in court begging fro child support from a nigga who never showed any initiative in the first place to do anything. This is absolute stupidity. Or in some instances game ran by women who use a system to be lazy and not work. So you have women who are willing to sacrifice their children for a child support check basically. You will gladly keep a man away so you can get a check. So you want a man’s money, but you don’t want his authority? If you’re so Independent, then work bitch. But you can’t cause you’re lazy and sorry. And this is what Bill Cosby is referring to when he questions a woman who has 8 kids by 8 different men. You have some women who collect multiple child support checks from multiple men and are not embarrassed by it. I would love to see a black person come up with a plan that will solve this shit because I don’t see this shit changing. Cosby is tired like so many of us with this niggas shit and that’s why I look to other shores to put my seeds in because I will not be in court behind something that comes from me biologically. I ain’t with that shit. Any black woman that puts a man on child support is a devil to me because according to their own words “they are independent and don’t need a man.” And if this is true, then take care of your child bitch. But you can’t because deep down you really do need a man but are not woman enough coexist with a man without him wanting to stick his boot up your ass because of your disrespect yet you get upset when he gets a white woman who submits to his authority. Well it’s a whole lot of other women out here you have to worry about getting your black man besides a white woman let me tell ya. And black man stop being a ponk. In 2006, I asked this 18 year old black girl do black women, in a general sense respect black men and she emphatically said “hell no.” This girl was 18 saying this. Yet you get mad at Bill Cosby because it’s a man checking you and we all know that the black commnity does not respect strong black men. They have a history showing this. When dudes get offended by shit I say or men like Cosby or Pastor Manning, I say “it’s not the man in you that has a problem with what I’m saying, it’s the bitch in you.” Too many black men have a bitch in them programmed by their mother which is why they go out into the streets emotionally and blow each other’s brains out because of this emotional program that’s why you need a Man around you telling you to suck it up when you experience pain. It’s ok for your mother to put a band aid on you when you’re three. But when you’re 15 and she’s still kissing your boo boos, then you will be no goood for any woman out here who needs guidance from a strong man. What kind of woman wants a weak ass man leading her. Oh I forgot, the black woman!!! LOL. No other group of people has their sons killing each other the way black sons do. Killing each other because the are programmed to be emotional wrecks, just like their mothers. This is why you can’t get any money because when you have this level of psychosis, nothing positive could ever get accomplished. And Marcus I meant what I said

  8. Marcus Vessey says:

    Good stuff Stanley.

  9. The New Realities of the Black Consumers
    MarketTags: consumer, culture, demographics, population
    SUBMITTED BY: Peter Francese, Founder, “American Demographics”
    Images of any consumer market segment should be refreshed at least annually using the new census results. But this is an imperative for marketers trying to reach Black consumers especially because their portrayal in the entertainment media is so often not who they really are.
    Here are 10 facts from the 2010 Census about Blacks in the United States that may surprise you:
    1.More than 1 in 8 U.S. consumers is Black, totaling 42 million (some identified as both Black and another race).
    2.Their growth is well above average—up 15.4 percent vs. 9.7 percent total population rise since 2000.
    3.Black consumers are younger: Their median age is 32.4 years vs. a U.S median of 37.2.
    4.A larger fraction of Black adults (35 percent) are Millennials than the 30 percent U.S. average.
    5.Of Black householders, 44 percent are younger than age 45 vs. 38 percent of all householders.
    6.Census 2010 counted 14.1 million Black households, second only to White households.
    7.Since 2000, the number of Black households grew faster (up 17.2 percent) than the U.S average of 10.7 percent.
    8.Seventy-five percent of Black consumers live in the nation’s top 100 metropolitan areas vs. 66 percent all consumers.
    9.The Black consumer populations grew most rapidly in the South and West, up 18 percent in those areas since 2000.
    10.Fifty-five percent of Black consumers now live in the South, where they are 1 in 5 consumers.

    Black Americans are a very important component of the U.S. consumer marketplace for several reasons. They are younger than the total population, and more of them are in their prime household formation and heavy consumer spending years. Blacks also have been increasing most rapidly in major metropolitan areas and in the South and West regions where jobs are expanding and economic activity is rising.

  10. Ujima – Collective work and responsibility –

    It’s a disgrace to our ancestor’s sacrifices that we (community activists, stakeholders, religious and political leaders) continue to overlook this most important Kwanzaa component due to individual’s cowardice and self-centered mentality in our community.

    We continue to talk about our individual’s achievements or failures in life. We are great talkers about nothing (the white man, African American male/female blame game and what we should or wouldn’t do as a people).

    We fail as a community to unite for one common goal; that is why we continue to fail as a people. We lack courage to collectively fight together to change our blighted condition. Regardless of the fact we have the available resources in our communities (270,000 plus African Americans spending billions of dollars plus in Jacksonville annually). The number one crime in the African American community is Apathy. The lack of concern for education, healthcare prevention, entrepreneurship (that pay more than a living wages to the Executive Director – too many Non-Profits hustling off the pathologies in the African American family).

    If we would only embrace education, healthcare and economic prosperity like we embrace a chicken wing, fake hair, 50” big screen TV’s, Red Lobster on Friday or use that self-inflicted fear energy most have for the white man, we could change our condition within 3 to 5 years.

    The correlation of those collective goals (life education, healthcare prevention and generational economics) will have an impact on decreasing crime, single- parent female households, divorce rate and a major impact in developing personal and community self-respect and develop a progressive positive value system among our youths.

    Negroes, when will you stop talking, put your personal self-serving agenda on hold, stop wearing your feelings on your shoulders and come together without worry about who or whom will get the credit, call me.

    For now, as my son says “he and I are not feeling you’re Real Talk BS”.

    Happy New Year to all makes it count for humanity especially for African Americans.

    Stanley “Doc” Scott
    Life and Business Coach
    Activist for Education and Economic Empowerment
    Founder of the African American Economic Recovery Think Tank!/AAERTT;
    PO Box 2672
    Jacksonville, Florida 32203

  11. AAERTT – African American Economic Recovery Think Tank – Founder’s Goals

    Money has no true value unless it contributes something to the human race, unless it builds a bridge to a better life. Any man or woman can make money, but it takes a special kind of person to use it responsibly.”
    Core Mission is to help nurture progressive critical thinking leadership in the African American community to develop enterprise corridors, teach and develop business ownership, community investment and stabilization in less fortunate communities. We have developed tools to inspire education, create entrepreneurship, community stabilization plans for re-occupying abandoned homes, community investment clubs, teach marketing and customer service awareness skills, and a solid plan for redeveloping key urban communities with affordable multi-income homes, apartments, public and private charter schools (Pre-k through the 6 grades), neighborhood social historical events and environmentally safe parks.

    We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobile rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to humanity. –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    African American Wealth Building Initiative
    You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself. Napoleon Hill, 1883-1970, American Speaker, Motivational Writer, ”Think and Grow Rich”
    Author/s: Earl G. Graves, Black Enterprises – Issue: Dec 2000 -Black Wealth Initiative, our crusade to close the net worth gap that separates African Americans from full empowerment, freedom, and equality.
    African Americans can create, transfer and leverage wealth–individually and collectively–that will last their families for generations. Now is the time to commit to becoming wealthy. Now is an excellent time to establish or renew our commitment to wealth building as part of our legacy. While many Americans are born into families with assets to build upon (real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.), too many African Americans dig themselves out of a hole left by a generation that failed to make financial literacy and wealth preservation a priority. Too few of us have taken the necessary steps to ensure that whatever wealth we have accumulated–great or small–is passed on to future generations. While there are many examples of multigenerational wealth among white Americans–the Rockefellers, the Fords, the Kennedy’s, and the Morgan’s–the same is not true among black Americans, including the wealthiest among us. While this reality has been our inheritance, we must be determined not to let it become our legacy.
    However, the point is not merely to increase our personal net worth, but to leverage that wealth to strengthen and empower African Americans as a whole, by building and sustaining those organizations and institutions critical to our progress in an environment still all too hostile to our ambitions. That is why I want to call your attention to another element of our Black Wealth Initiative the Circle of Wealth. Indeed, the last component of the circle–to reinvest our increased wealth in our children, our businesses, and our community–deserves our utmost consideration.
    Finally, we must do all that we can to teach our children not to squander, but rather make the most of their inheritance. We at Earl G. Graves Ltd. and BE will continue to provide you with information and resources, such as our Teenpreneur youth publication and feature stories (such as our piece on finance camps for teens in this issue), to help you boost the business perceptive and financial literacy of our young people.
    Collectively, we are in a position to pass on more wealth to our progeny than any generation of African Americans before. We have a moral obligation to establish a worthy legacy of wealth and wisdom for future generations. Again, this is not just a one-year campaign, but also an ongoing effort to provide you with the inspiration and information necessary to build your personal net worth through disciplined saving, investing, and wealth preservation from generation to generation
    Author/s: Earl G. Graves, Black Enterprises – Issue: Dec, 2000

    AAERTT Agenda:
    1. Core Mission Statement
    a. Open comments – 30 minutes
    b. “Keys” to success are;
    1. TIMING: Being at the right place at the right time.
    2. Find a need and fulfill it. Successful businesses are created on the needs of people.
    3. HAVING VISION: Seeing potential in what is being presented.
    4. Optimistic -Having the ability to see success.
    5. TAKING ACTION: Going one-step further than the rest. Doing instead of talking, debating or studying – insanity factor.
    2. Education
    a. Understanding, creating and controlling the power of wealth – page 8
    b. Banking on us: the state of black wealth. – pages 10
    c. How income creates wealth – pages 13
    d. How to create wealth as a community – pages 14
    e. First thing first -Teaching economic literacy – pages 14
    f. Creating wealth in the African American community – pages 19
    g. The benefits of a Financial Planner – pages 27
    h. One for your money: the quest to leverage capital. – pages 29
    i. Creating wealth through entrepreneurship – pages 31
    j. The energy that drives America is entrepreneurship – pages 40
    k. Ventures from employee to entrepreneur: countdown to starting your own business. – Pgs 40
    l. Entrepreneurial Education for the next generation – pages 46
    m. Kids Incorporated – pages 49
    n. Money, power, respect – pages 51
    o. The history of Black Entrepreneurship in America – pages
    p. A.G. Gaston’s legacy is an inspiration to black business today – pages 89
    q. Making an investment in black business – pages 91
    r. Declaration of Financial Empowerment – pages 96
    s. Defying the myth about black companies – pages 108
    t. Growing your business doesn’t have to be a pain – pages 115
    u. Beating the odds: remembering the basics of business can help – pages 116
    v. Making entrepreneurship job one.
    w. Marketing the hood to button-down bankers – pages 133
    x. African American businesses embrace the practice of vertical integration –
    y. Riding the Internet wave – pages 136

    3. The Power of Self-reliance
    a. Building and maintaining Cash Reserves
    b. Real Estate Investment
    c. Business Ownership
    d. Strategic partnerships = strong business
    e. Investment Clubs
    f. Political Voting Blocks
    g. Community Friendly Banks –reinvesting in the urban core

    4. Resources
    a. Community Reinvestment Act
    b. Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grants
    c. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
    d. Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act
    e. Helping Families Save Their Homes Act
    f. Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act
    g. Northwest Jacksonville Economic Development Fund
    h. Venture Capitalists
    i. Private Investment (Family and Friends)
    j. Corporations
    Humanitarian equality, good healthcare, a productive education and wealth is not a gift. Equality in America for African Americans is self-made and maintain by empathy for family and communities, singleness of purpose (education, healthcare and prosperity) and a voting blocks. We as African Americans must collectively working together for a common goal to achieve equality, prosperity and political power in America and the world by controlling wealth, decreasing materialistic consumption, strategic long term planning, and stability in marriage.
    Urban Policy
    The President signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Office of Urban Affairs.
    The American Jobs Act would rebuild the economy the American way– based on balance, fairness and the same set of rules for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. In urban communities, the American Jobs Act would modernize public schools, invest in roads and bridges, and cut payroll taxes for every American worker and more.
    •Impact for Hispanic Families and the Economy (pdf)
    •Impact for African-American Families and the Economy (pdf)
    •Impact for Low-Income Families and the Economy (pdf)
    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act included broad support for urban communities.
    •To broaden access to affordable housing, the Act provides for $1 billion in increased funding for the Community Development Block Grant; $4 billion in increased public housing capital funds; $2 billion in payments to owners of project based rental assistance properties to keep them affordable; $2 billion in Neighborhood Stabilization Funds to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed homes; and $1.5 billion in Homelessness Prevention Funds to keep people in their homes;
    •To expand educational opportunity for low-income students, the Act provides for $13 billion in Title I funds to go to K-12 education in disadvantaged school systems;
    •To strengthen workforce development, the Act provides $3.95 billion in increased workforce investment training dollars to keep our workers skilled and to employ young people during the summer;
    •To improve energy efficiency, the Act increases the Weatherization Assistance Program by $5 billion, helping low income consumers save on their energy bills while simultaneously training more workers for a growing field;
    •To bolster our nation’s transportation infrastructure, the Act provides $1.5 billion in discretionary funding for the Department of Transportation to fund projects of regional or national significance as well as $8 billion to jumpstart high speed rail and connect regions to one another; and,
    •The Act also provides $4.7 billion to provide broadband access to underserved areas.
    Guiding Principles
    President Obama’s urban policy agenda is grounded in the recognition that our nation’s cities and metropolitan areas are vital engines for economic growth, innovation, and opportunity. To maximize economic productivity and opportunity in a 21st Century economy, federal policy must reflect the new metropolitan reality—that strong cities are the building blocks of strong regions, which in turn, are essential for a strong America.
    Break Through Traditional Barriers
    President Obama believes that the federal government must break from the siloed approach to urban policy development – where each facet of policy operates independently from all others – and replace it with an interdisciplinary approach that appreciates the interdependent nature of issues affecting urban communities. The President’s urban agenda will promote cross-cutting plans to revitalize urban areas, considering housing, transportation, energy, and labor, education, and criminal justice policy as a system rather than independent of each other.
    Take a Regional Approach
    President Obama will also take a regional approach that disregards traditional jurisdictional boundaries, setting policy that takes into account how cities, suburbs, and exurbs interact. President Obama’s urban policy agenda will use this integrated approach to enhance economic competitiveness, sustainability, and equity in our cities and metropolitan areas.
    Promote Inclusive Growth
    President Obama believes that for our nation to thrive, the federal government must make and promote coordinated and strategic investments in our regions, cities, and neighborhoods that result in inclusive economic growth. The President’s urban policies will therefore seek to avoid creating winners and losers from his urban agenda, but rather will aim to lift up and revitalize urban areas holistically and invest in community development.
    Guiding Principles
    President Obama’s central focus is on stimulating economic recovery and helping America emerge a stronger and more prosperous nation. The current economic crisis is the result of many years of irresponsibility, both in government and in the private sector. As we look toward the future, we must confront the many dimensions of this crisis while laying the foundation for a new era of responsibility and transparency.
    Creating Jobs
    President Obama’s first priority in confronting the economic crisis is to put Americans back to work. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan signed by the President will spur job creation while making long-term investments in health care, education, energy, and infrastructure. Among other objectives, the recovery plan will increase production of alternative energy, modernize and weatherize buildings and homes, expand broadband technology across the country, and computerize the health care system. The recovery plan will save or create about 3.5 million jobs while investing in priorities that create sustainable economic growth for the future.
    Keeping Americans in Their Homes
    Millions of hard-working, responsible families are at risk of losing their homes as home prices fall and jobs are threatened. The Making Home Affordable Refinancing program will expand access to refinancing for up to 4 to 5 million families who are current on their mortgages but otherwise unable to refinance because their homes have lost value. The Making Home Affordable Modification program has a $75 billion commitment to support loan modifications so that up to 3 to 4 million borrowers at risk of foreclosure can keep their homes. President Obama’s programs to prevent foreclosures will help bolster home prices and will provide direct support to up to 9 million homeowners to refinance for lower payments or have their mortgages modified to prevent foreclosure. President Obama also launched, where borrowers can learn basic facts about mortgages, homeownership, and resources available.
    Bringing Stability to Financial Markets
    This crisis has taught us the real impact that financial markets and institutions can have on working families. President Obama has worked to get credit flowing again so that small businesses can rebuild and hire workers and families can afford to send their children to college. At the same time, the President has demanded accountability and transparency both on Wall Street and in Washington, taking steps to ensure that banks use taxpayer assistance to support lending and create sustainable economic growth. For the long term, the President will create a new regulatory framework that holds market players responsible for their actions and stops fraudulent practices before they take hold.
    Stanley “Doc” Scott
    Life and Business Coach
    Activist for Education and Economic Empowerment
    Founder of the African American Economic Recovery Think Tank!/AAERTT;
    PO Box 2672
    Jacksonville, Florida 32203

  12. Marcus Vessey says:

    Ramses, I am assuming you were talking to someone else on that last post? Also, no disrespect, but it is difficult reading your post without paragraph breaks.

  13. Ramses says:

    Not to be funny but you wrote a lot of words and said absolutely nothing. The same black people who talked about “community” in the African American studies department at Georgia State University were having sex with the black students who were trying to embrace the “black thang.” You think I would send my child to a college institution to be screwed? Can black people go to school? Yes. Colleges and technical schools in every county damn near in the US. Lack of institutions is not the issue. Moral character is the issue. How can a black man like myself live in the same country, not be a millionaire, talk the way Bill Cosby does? Because obviously i see something you don’t as well as Bill Cosby. When 80-90% of your children being born are out-of-wedlock this presents a serious issue which is who will take care of them because clearly a 14-15 year old girl cannot if a 35 year old woman can’t. Are you prepared to take money out of your check to give to these miscreants? If so more power to you. The govt even has to have good credit so if the govt has to, what makes any of these black people who are morally bankrupt think they don’t? The reason why our Aztec brothers and sisters get respect because they are a force economically. But bastard black men rob Mexicans who legal status is in question because they know they can’t call the police. This laziness and cowardice creates bad blood between us when Cesar Chavez was in solidarity with MLK. Too many of you black people are like liberal whites. You explain away the niggerish ways of black people and want to keep them dependent on government. A lot of black people’s problems exist at the local level, not national. Crime is a local issue. Out-of-wedlock mothers is a local issue. Laziness is a local issue. I remember when George Bush advocated women seeking welfare marry the men they have children with and black people were up in arms about it. The same people who were asking government (taxpayers) to fund their morally depraved behavior were the same people saying government has no place in their personal lives. Helloooooo. When you ask for welfare, you are asking govt to be in your personal lives and taxpayers should not be asked to fund the bill of your sorry lineages. Remember. govt in America is the people, the taxpaying people. This was the same stupid argument the tea party made. Keep government out of healthcare yet you want medicaid and medicare. Idiots!!!! Both of you. Poor blacks and tea party people had the same stupid mentality towards government. Black people didn’t hate Clinton when he cutt welfare the way they hate Obama. Obama did not tell black women to take on mortgages they were not prepared to pay off. Nobody forced you into a mortgage. You signed up for it willingly and if you were incompetent commercially, then you should have hired someone who had competence to read those documents who would have advised you not to go into contract with that company. However, many black people making no money were receving 6 figure mortgages that were based on the interest rate dictated by the FED. Adjustable rate mortgages are clearly not smart, yet black people entered into them on their own free will and the most basic right Man has is his ability to enter into a contract. God teaches you this. But you have people like Boyce Watins who says corporate America and the govt need to do better in terms of pay when it comes to regard to black women. Really!!!! Lol. Corporate America doesn’t give a shit about black women. Who is she? That shit might scare black men into submission but in the corporate arena, that shit does not work. If I start a business and my main focus is to make money, why should I care about making you rich? Nigga it’s my business!!!! I decide what i want to pay you and if you don’t like it, create something yourself that you own and pay yourself!!! Duhhhh. And that goes for any race, not just black. How many of you work for someone else? I’m pretty sure most. Do you know the dedication it takes to go into business for yourself? I own my own business and it’s painstaking trying to build credit in the business name so I can raise capital to invest and grow my business. You think I’m gonna stay up all night reading, trying to put things together so, i can hand it to someone who got some raggedy degree in college who probably had a 1.8 GPA? Are you freaking kidding me? And just to let you know If I would have voted, I would have voted for Romney. I am waiting for a Republican to come back into office so they can bring the hammer to these sorry blacks and they need to start first with the entitlement programs like medicaid and medicare. I don’t have problem with an old person who worked all their lives needing medicare because they paid into the system. But I do have a problem with a female that’s 23, who has four kids out of wedlock, who asks for medical care for her children. If she can’t take care of her children, then she needs to put them up for adoption and let those who really want children take care of that child or children. As long as America remains a place where i can start a business, and have relative little interference from government, then it’s all good to me. I don’t like Obama’s policy on gays. I don’t like it on healthcare because I don’t think those who are irresponsible need rewarding. So please don’t mistake me for some Obama cheerleader because you will be surely mistaken. However, if you want Obama to be loyal to you, then you should be a microcosm of what he represents. Obama is not a nigger. If anything he is a nerd and we know how black people make black nerds feel. You’re trying to be white when you have integrity about yourself. Or when you speak in an articulate way. I remember when I first moved to Atlanta in 1988. Niggers said I talked white!!! Lol…. Yet their sisters and mothers and daughters and aunts are sex slaves in strip clubs. I’d rather be considered white than black if black means being socially degenerate and economically incompetent. Govrnment cannot teach you “class.” Your family does. Black people keep asking government to bail them out their bad economic situations, yet they won’t improve morally. Nature is wiping out black people because they lack the moral imperative to exist as a collective. If black people would have stuck to the plans of Garvey and Booker T., they would be better off because their messages had morality and economics inextricably linked. There was no one without the other. Lil Wayne has money but would you want your daughter marrying her when he is willing to have his baby mamas on tv? Booker T black people had a moral authority because of their experience. This authority has been lost a long time ago and I doubt will ever come back. How can you solve this baby mama, mass criminal epidemic by black men and women? Voices like myself, Bill Cosby, Larry Elder, and plenty others who get rejected for being Uncle Toms gets drowned out by morally bankrupt black people and my life would have been a whole lot easier had I embraced other groups of people long ago like I started to. I saw when I was a child that niggas wasn’t shit, but I let the black power seduce me into thinking black people were capable of being responsible. Lol. I knew in the 4th grade that niggas wasn’t shit, as a collective. Do we have some brothers and sisters who stand out? Yes. But most of them get drowned out by the myriad of stupid niggers permeating youtube with their cooning. We house criminals who murder people for sport. I would hang niggas in times square and any other people who just go out here and murder people and make them an example for the rest to see. Hell I’d hang the baby mamas too who contribute to this nigga shit. Because it’s that bad. Hell they do it in other countries

  14. Marcus Vessey says:

    A final follow up. People make the assumption that for Blacks to be actualized as a group in America it means not participating in the democratic process.

    Actualization is recognizing power points in society, and making sure that your group has effectively learned to leverage those points to their collective benefit.

    These are generally economic, social, cultural, and political power. So when we talk about Black actualization a component of that is mastering the power of democracy to our benefit. It is not SHYING AWAY FROM IT under the guise of “we must do for self”. Democracy by definition is self-rule, so actualization by necessity will have a political component for an actualized Black people.

  15. Marcus Vessey says:

    Ramses – “Is black watching black men beat down a president who has shown the capacity to occupy the most powerful office in the world because he won’t save them from their self-inflicted degradation and then question his authenticity? If so then count me out.”

    This particular comment bothers me. The reason it bothers me is not because of your fundamental thesis, but because you ask us to be something that other Americans and specific voting blocs are not. Mindless voters which don’t hold those which they vote for accountable.

    I have heard derivations of this line over and over…we should “just let Obama do his job”, “he is the president of all Black people not just Black people”, “if he focused on ‘black’ issues he couldn’t get anything done”.

    To me as much as you try to present a premise of an actualized Black man, NOT holding Obama accountable to a bloc that voted for him at a 96% clip and got him in the white house the first election makes no sense.

    I would actually say the alternative is an actualized group in a democracy. We should be more active in our criticisms demands and expectations of Obama not less…if we are truly actualized. That is the whole point of elections in a Democracy.

    You quote up there makes it seems as if the whole point was to JUST get him into office. NO! The point was to get him into office to address issues of particular concern to us as a voting bloc. That is actualization in a democratic setting.

  16. Ramses says:

    There is something that is taken place amongst black people that is not being spoken about at all and that is there is a fight taking place. From black liberals (LBGT talented tenth crowd), to black radicals (NOI, New Black Panther Party, etc), to black conservatives (Shelby Steele and those similar), a question is being put forth to all black people whether they realize it or not. The question is “what is black?” Is black pookie and ray ray blowing each other’s brains on the corner? If that is black then count me out. Is black young black girls at 14 deciding that their career choice will be “baby mama” so they can collect child support checks like the female in their lives who occupy the mother position? If so then count me out. Is black watching black men beat down a president who has shown the capacity to occupy the most powerful office in the world because he won’t save them from their self-inflicted degradation and then question his authenticity? If so then count me out. If black people as families chose to lead themselves, they would need no leaders because instead of being reactive all the time, they would be proactive and abreast of the economic winds they blow harshly when a bust cycle shows itself on the horizon. Even squirrels know when to plan for winter. Black people: are squirrels more intelligent than you? Man has uprooted their environments, yet they find ways to exist in the chaos. I would love to see these panty wearing black men go to the very families that they refuse to hold accountable, and ask them why is their family structure so screwed up like Derek Luke’s character did in the movie “Antoine Fischer.” This brother had a very messed up upbringing and the people who hurt him was not in the White House. Pastor Manning addresses black men in this clip as well detailing how weak they truly have become I will not ask anything from this government that I will not demand of myself. Unfortunately, you have too many bastard black men, with college degrees, who think they know everything there is to know about life, but never had a father give them basic jewels like my father gave me. You’ll wanna know why I come so hard when I speak on here? You clowns think it’s anger. Like you thought Bill Cosby’s so-called “rants” were anger. No no. I watched my father take ass whippings I said I would never take. Compared to my life, my father had it easier yet resorted to using drugs. I chose to wage war against the principalities that seek my destruction and I started first with my own ignorance. Majority of you don’t know anything about your family history but always got your hands out. Men died trying to give you knowledge (Malcolm, Marcus Garvey, Booker T, etc) yet majority of you kill other black men in the streets like it’s nothing. Or attack men like Bill Cosby who has experience with losing a son to the streets. Bill Cosby spoke as a parent when he scolded black mothers for producing bastard children (boys especially) who go out and murder other people because they are bored. I’ll be honest: I don’t like black people. In my lifetime, I have not seen a more devilish people than blacks. I have a proud family history who gave me something to be proud of and it’s why I decided to go back to my great grandfather’s last name. I loved my dad greatly but I want to represent what my great grandfather stood for. I will choose the proud legacy of my own family before I choose this nigger shit. Not once did people, when criticizing Bill Cosby, take the time to think “damn. here’s a black man in America, who found a way to amass a billion dollars.” Bill Cosby knew enough to make a billion dollars in the white man’s country. It’s more than I can say for the likes of the rest of you. He doesn’t have to go the government for a handout for sure. He has given money privately to help fund other black people’s projects, not looking to overshadow them in the process. Yet when Bill Cosby spoke about the niggerish behavior of black women, then all hell broke loose. I have no fear of the kkk, neonazis, or any other white person out here when I leave the home. It’s niggers who give me pause. Most of you don’t have any honor about yourselves because you don’t come from honorable conditions. I tried being there for women who grew up without a father and tried to comfort them through that. That shit does not work because most of the time, these people are defensive and hateful if you come from a decent background. They actually start resenting the fact that your family loved you enough to have you under the right conditions (marriage). I have seen this from countless black women. I began to look at my past relationships from a class perspective and began to learn more and more about black people. They say you can’t buy class and it’s true. “Class” is something rappers think they get when they buy “Gucci” or “Louis Vuitton” but which actually makes them look like a caricature. Gucci is not meant for a nigger. It’s meant for someone who understands quality and sophistication. What the hell does a nigger know about sophistication? A civilized human does but there’s nothing civilized about a nigger. Cornel West has his panties in a bunch. Tavis Smiley has his panties in a bunch like a lot of sorry ass black people do. Whites net worth $120,000. Indians $64,000. Blacks $4400. And black people have admitted on this site the amount of money that passes through black folks hands so we can’t claim we lack resources. We can’t say we have no power because major cities (Atlanta, Detroit, Philly etc.) have been ran by niggers for years and we see the state these places are in. Yet, I have not read one scathing attack by any author (including you Boyce Watkins) about the incompetency that these mayors display. I haven’t seen any black person criticize Ray Nagins for his corruption charges in New Orleans. And we know he corrupt cause the nigger just looks like a crook. Lol. I have yet to see any of you niggas hold any of these officials accountable the way you attempt to hold Obama. Obama is not your long lost daddy nor is the government. Their job is to create the best environment for commercial interaction. That’s government’s only responsibility. Last time I checked, a nigger can go out here and start a business. It’s not against the law. There is not a “No Colored’s Allowed” sign on the Secretary of State’s office. And I’ll be quite honest with you: I am so delighted to go into business because since I know commerce better, I know how to keep my money from going to undeserving niggers out here who deserve the poverty the have. I do not want one penny of my money going to a out-of-wedlock mother. And I mean that shit and I wouldn’t care if it’s a blood relative. She don’t care enough to be responsible for her own actions then why the hell should I be responsible for her tax burden (child). They have torn down all these projects and gonna have to put these “untouchables” (those who have not planned for their futures economically) somewhere and wherever they put them, I will be living somewhere far from them. Every civilization has had and needs a slave population from Africa, to Egypt, to America and they have come in all shades because slavery is not limited to skin color. The 40 million or so black people have allowed themselves, through all the fighting of their leaders, have allowed themselves to slip back into slavery. When i was in college, every black woman I saw was a Black Feminist. Every black man who was “conscious” was a radical ready to liberate his people and move back to Africa as if those monkeys like you. Yet no one was ever talking about business. Not one black person was talking about economy and how it works and how to make it for themselves as a collective. The same niggers who hated whitey worked in whitey’s institutions. The same feminist who hated men so much sat in classrooms built by men!!! LOL. The reason why black people don’t focus on business is because they believe business is only meant for white men and just like Stephen in “Django” believe that their white daddy is supposed to take care of them. Most of you black people (so called men included) are the white man’s slave and always will be. There are pockets of black people in hoods and in the academic arena especially who cannot eat without the approval of that white man and he’s so merciful that he gives you the platforms to talk about him like a dog and yet he still feeds his slave who goes out and works and pays his taxes like he’s supposed to or gives birth to his future slaves (black woman) like she’s supposed to to fill up his new plantation (jail). My critique was never limited to black women, her sins just needed to be brought out just as much as those as the black man that’s all. I despise both of them because neither one really looks at you as a “brother” or “sister” at all. When you have black women getting caught stealing weaves like this, how can anyone talk to Barack in any scathing tone ( You don’t see Michelle stealing weaves. Michelle before Barack got elected was a working woman. She on top of her game. Why can’t the rest of her black female counterparts do the same? You won’t see her in court trying to get child support out of Barack because women who are about their business and are not lazy and sorry will not sully themselves with a nigga who is not going anywhere and let them impregnate them and have them embarrassed in court begging their white daddy to make his slave be responsible. I’m glad they tore down the projects down because they should have never given these sorry females free housing to lay up and make babies in and house sorry niggas in as well. This is about competition plain and simple and if your child rather does the stanky leg than multiplication, then he/she will be the next generation of slaves and don’t think these McDonald’s jobs and Checker’s jobs will always be here for you either because Mexicans are starting to take these over as well. The economic noose is being wrapped slowly around black people’s necks and it needs to be tightened tightly. The sooner we can get rid of this poor black trash, the better us civilized blacks, who believe in God, family, marriage, economic advancement, and morals can move forward. I am sick of baby mamas and baby daddies taking from the system. If they didn’t take from the system then I’d be cool but how in the hell can a female who pops out baby after baby live in a nicer home than a woman who goes to college, keeps her legs closed, and works a full time job? I mean it is a mean hustle though to have a never-ending assembly line of slaves to pack in your jails. I mean I can’t hate on that. I should be looking to invest while I think about it. Lol. Black people should have identity badges denoting their political affiliations so we won’t be fooled into thinking we’re on the same side because we have melanin in our skin because I can tell you, from an economic perspective, I got more in common with Conservative whites (and Jews) than I do with liberal blacks. Or black radicals. Neither one is talking about how to get money and as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing else to talk about. I expect a human to be civilized so why would i waste time lecturing to someone who comes from a family who didn’t take the time to teach them right and now they are a grown and out of control? A lot of black people mentally and physically are damaged goods and you can’t fix them because our leaders showed you can’t so now it’s time to take a side. If you’re about hating whitey then stay in your whitey lane. If you’re about feminism then stay in your feminism lane (male and female). If you’re about God and economic advancement then deal with a select group of people (like Steve Jobs and other successful people did) and move forward with an agenda economically. If you had 5 nurses, those nurses could take ten thousand dollars each and invest in something. Anything. And because you have equal liability, you all have to be on the up and up with one another. If you don’t have kids wait til your wife is able to stay at home with the child. Until then, work together, save your money, and invest together so you won’t be divorced because of finances. When your finances are in order, there is a better chance of harmony in the relationship because what Man wouldn’t want his woman to have nice things. Doesn’t have to be overindulgent but you get my point. If you are around black people whose conversation is not about getting money run from them. They are losers. Because there are people crossing the border who have every intention not to just compete with you, but to crush you. It’s about putting food in your belly at the end of the day. Plain and simple. Most black people don’t evne have the money to cover their burial expenses but preoccupy themselves with what white folks are doing. Need to tend to your own affairs as well and stay out of poor black people’s affairs too. Let them niggas drown if they so choose to do so. Warren Buffet is not worried about Eminem’s poor ass mama who whored herself out in fron of this boy and people had the nerve to say Eminem was wrong for blasting his mom. Eminem was more of a Man than I seen black men be when it comes to their whore mothers. At least he had the courage to light a fire under her ass. The same woman who tried to sue him years later. Because mother’s are perfect and fathers are cruel!!! Lol. Warren Buffet allows poor whites to stay poor like they want to. Instead of saving black people, I chose to save myself, which is a task within itself. I don’t have time to be niggas psychiatrist because I ain’t getting paid for it. These chicks wanna embarrass themselveso n youtube stealing weaves then that’s on them. It does not embarrass me like it used to because I don’t identify with coons. I say this to any black man or woman who has sense: Get God, money, and happiness. If it means linking up with other groups of people so be it. Don’t feel bad at all for choosing to be happy over your race. You don’t have to be harsh with people at all. You just don’t compromise on basic things. Like respect. Fuck race. Respect is first and don’t allow anyone to disrespect you or feel they can be niggerish with you because you look like them. If they lack a spiritual foundation, definitely don’t waste your time. That is nothing to debate at all. If they are not about education/business leave them alone. The “black thang ain’t working” like Pstor Manning said so we have to use fundamentals once again to identify who’s phoney who’s fake that’s the type of people I hate (Jadakiss). For a people who who love to say “keep it real” black people damn sure know how to keep it real unsuccessful. The biggest devil black people need to conquer is the one that looks them right in the mirror as they brush their teeth. Black man stop being a ponk and blaming your daddy for not being there. Hell join the Boy Scout or form one. How can any man exist on the planet and not have honor about themselves? The best you can do is blow each other’s brains out on the corner over 5 dollars? That’s loser behavior. If this is the best you can do then they need to round you’ll asses up in concentration camps and gas you’ll niggas out out misery. You’ll niggas and your female counterparts are making it miserable for the rest of us out here. We tired of your kind. Your weak families. Your weak kids who in the 8th grade still can’t read worth a lick and then break into our houses for our tv’s!!!!! Damn nigga you can’t get you a tv? Damn you can go to a pawn shop and but a tv if you can’t afford the one out of best buy. The good black people are sick and tired of you black losers who have made our lives miserable with your excuse making and hateful ways. I’m glad to see there are men like Pastor Manning and Bill Cosby who think like me because it’s been vindication to see there are some black men who are tired of the shenanigans and if you want to make it a class thing cool. Because the class shit is real. Race don’t matter when that sorry baby mama want to take from my paycheck to subsidize her $8.00 a month rent she ends up not being able to pay when it comes each month. I don’t feel sorry for baby mamas at all and actually despise them because they never cared about their children at all and do not deserve too live free off of hard working people. And I don’t feel sorry for the children they produce either who end up having children with men are good and have these men in court on child-support because they are evil and vindictive and hate the father for being one of the fathers who stayed in their child’s life, instead of their own fathers. Or producing sons who go out here and murder people like it’s Call Of Duty. If you so much of a thug then join the military and go kill as many people as you want. If you want to be a hoe put your stuff up on the internet and make it publicly known that your pussy is for sale like a publicly traded stock so we can identify you for being a female not worthy of the title wife.

  17. Before the President or the government can help us, we need to help ourselves. This is how it works, not the other way around. Lobbyists represent powerful corporations and organizations that are organized, have money to buy politicians, and know what they want. This is how they get bills passed in their favor. In order for us to get what we want, we need to be organized, united, pool our money together, and know exactly what we want.

    We will never be respected and get what we want from the government or anyone else until we respect ourselves enough to come together as a community and demand what we want with the financial resources to backup it up. If these so called leaders aren’t telling us, we first need to start doing for ourselves; they don’t want things to change, because they’ll be out of a job. A leader is a servant of the people. His or her job is to always do what’s in the best interest of the people he represents.

    A true leader is results oriented. They not only talk, but take action in order to make progress and don’t rely on just one thing; they always have a backup plan. You can tell a true leader by the results they get. I think it’s time for some new leadership. If you want to be part of the solution and not continue to be part of the problem, click on my name. It’s time to stop talking and take action

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  18. peter proud says:

    how many meetings do they need? sharpton and jealous, morial met with obama a few weeks ago late last year, if they have to meet again that should tell you something.

  19. Satchel says:

    The author writes “I personally feel that Sharpton has been a bit too close to the administration for comfort.” I side with Furious, who I paraphrase “those who are honestly concerned need to step up and do something, anything that addresses our concerns”. Is it so hard to finish High School, obey the law, get a job and have no babies until you are married and can afford to take care of them. Every black man in prison is not innocent or over sentenced. Every prisoner claims “I was framed”. There are many more black men out of prison then in prison, because breaking the law is a choice. Myself, along with so many others are out of work and have managed to refrain from doing something that would put us there. I do know people who have served time for something they did not do, but I also know that these same people have commented crimes, but didn’t serve time or was never caught. We have to govern ourselves and stop whining about other people are doing.

  20. natalie says:

    Great article, Doc!

  21. Furious says:

    They are only leaders if they are followed. Rather than watch what a few select few are doing with the President, those who are concerned need to step up and do something, anything, else that addresses those concerns outlined.

    Forget about Al and them if they ain’t saying what needs to be said. SPEAK UP! The CBC is willing to criticize the Pres, if their constituents allow them. Smiley and West have valid positions, too.

  22. Marcus Vessey says:

    Good article Boyce.