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Something New After 1492.

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( Race, as we all know, simply does not exist.  However, as we also know, many tend to act as if it does and discriminate against others based on what is perceived to be their “race.” This persistent prejudicial treatment tends to have long-lasting psychological and physical effects on those thus abused. This, in its turn, encourages the affected to band together for mutual benefit. When did all of this begin? Dr. Silvio Torres-Saillant confronted this question head-on December 5, when he presented the Seventeenth Annual Dr. Donald H. Smith Distinguished Lecture at Baruch College.

Something new happened after 1492, he eloquently pointed out. Whereas before conquerors seized lands and peoples, they did not set about very racesofmansystematically denigrating and dehumanizing the conquered. Soon after 1492 the concept of race, and a caste system based on race, reinforced by multi-faceted ideologies, was spawned. Dr. Torres-Saillant went on to chart the genesis of these development on the island of Hispanola and how it spread throughout the Americas and across the globe.

For 90 minutes the large audience sat rapt as the professor ranged far and wide over the intertwined histories of Haiti and the Dominican Republic and their impact on the political development of the United States from 1791 up until the present. He focused on how the jaundiced prism of race has profoundly shaped the perceptions of the peoples of these three nations.

Afterwards there was spirited give-and-take in the question-and-answer session. Interestingly, one offhand comment made by the good doctor dominated the discussion. He said, in passing, there was a torrent of criticism by African Americans at the casting of Zoe Saldana as Nino Simone in an upcoming biopic. Many claimed that she was “too light” to play the part. However, he noted several examples of Black actors not being the same complexion as the characters they portrayed, and no such uproar was ever heard.

Several of the questioners insisted the criticism of Zaldana as Simone was justified. They said the film would be a teaching tool in the future, that it would negatively affect Black children’s psyche, that the criticism of Zaldana had nothing to do with her being a Latina; it was simply that her complexion was wrong. Yes, one young lady said, there was not much ado about Blacks who were “not the right color” for the character they portrayed, but those were all males. The question of complexion is more central to the perception of Black women as opposed to men. Dr. Saillant responded, “Don’t  all films involve a ‘suspension of disbelief,’ so why does it not extend to the shade of the actors?” They did hot agree.

By the way, in Dreamgirls didn’t Beyonce play the Diana Ross character? Were there any objections. But at the same time there has, in fact, been a pattern of Latina’s being cast as the love interest of Black men. (Art imitating life, or art pushing life in a certain direction?) However, even if they had cast a woman who looked just like Nina Simone, and sang like her too, would not Hollywood, in keeping with its usual pattern, still denigrate and distort her meaning and memory. At any rate isn’t arguing about who should or should not star in a Hollywood film, akin to bickering over which label to put on a bottle of poison?

Some in the audience may have perceived Dr. Saillant’s comment as that of a Latino criticizing the Black community. I doubt that was the case. I saw him as making an observation not as a Latino, not as an Afro-Latino, not as a Dominican, or a whatever, but as a human being observing the divisive, counter-productive dead-ends that adhering to the artificial, poisonous construct of race will bring us to. The point I believe Dr. Silvio Torres-Saillant was trying to make, throughout the entire talk, was how can we rise above the boxes others have put us into? Yes, something new did happen after 1492. Shall it endure forever, or will we one day chart our own course and again see us as all as equals under the sun, as we did long ago before the infamous Spanish admiral set sail?

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin
This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.
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The boy in Florida talked shit to the white dude and got blasted while his homeboys ran, even though they had a shotgun in the car!!!! Why didn’t thrm niggas bust back. Since they thugs and shit. Cause you scary ass niggas like Ludacris said in “Crash” are scare of white people. I bet you won’t walk up on a white man talking shit. matter fact, i bet you won’t walk up on a white cop talking shit. cause you niggas know your place and I know mine as well. And it’s to make sure my business credit, trusts, and Lodge are operating in commerce like they are suppose to so I don’t have to even see pathetic niggas like you who operate with a 20th century mentality. You’ll niggas act like hating whitey getting you paid. Get the fuck off my comments and talk to someone on here whose brain capacity fits yours because clearly you’re out of your league negros, African-American, colored, Black or whatever your people calling themselves in 2013. You niggas can’t even agree on what you want to call yourselves. I know about my family background. Do you? Most of you niggas can’t even identify your grandparents. I can identify my great grandparents and those in the 1800’s because I’ve gone to state archivee doing research on my family. Fuck niggas like you only inherit welfare from generation to generation. And don’t think I take it lightly on my blood as well because I don’t. Me and my brother don’t talk specifically because he a nigga. He emotional just like you. I don’t trust emtional niggas cause those be the first one to snitch. You niggas be on “Furst 48” talking that thug shit, but when those cops arrest your dumb ass for the racoons you are, you’re the main onse on camera crying for your grandma!!!! 2013 is where I completely divorce myself from the American negro. If you want to build and invests then that’s cool…but all that emotional shit I can’t deal with. Black women would rather dyke than be with you’ll soft-hearted niggas. I’ve been on my “Django” shit for awhile. I think as a Freeman because I know I am. WHile you get pussy from weak ass chicks who been fucking since they were 12, my wives will be virgins (yes i said wives). When you’re a Man, you can do shit like that and for any women who sy otherwise, look in your Bible and read about Solomon. God blessed him with over 300 wives because why? He sought knowledge first!!! It’s a Man’s right to have multiple wives if he so chooses. Your women pussies have no resistance at all. Yet this is what you want? I come from the scientific aspect of things. While you eating their pussies you’re tasting other men’s sperm. But you’re smart? I am not a conditioned nigga in any shape or form. Don’t talk to me about history when you don’t want to alk about black people getting married in 1896 at a higher rate than whites. Why you niggas can’t get married now? Because deep down you know you losers. If your ancestor could come back now and see where you’re at, what would they call you? Would they be proud of black women sucking and fucking white boys on ghetto gaggers? Would they be proud of Basketball Wive (a show where black women make a complete fool of themselves)? Would they be proud of the baby mamas who cover the land like locusts on crops? Start checking some of these hoes out here before you check me mofo because a boy like yourself has no sway over what this man does and I’m pretty sure you have no sway over your woman as well, if you’re even capable of having one. If you can show me you can keep a woman in line, then I would respect you. My woman is in line. Nigga since i was seventeen I always dealt with older women because. number one I was mature. Number two, i hated dumb ass black chicks my age because they tended to be stupid and unruly. What Man in his right mind wants an unruly bitch he might have to smack the shit out of? That’s not being weak. That’s being smart. Bitch can call the police on your ass and lie and say you screamed at you and they can arrest you for simple assault. Did you know that? Do you know the law? DO you read black’s law? Do you know what an affidavit is? Do you know how to even deal with a court case at all? Do you know how to make a judge back down? Do you know how to make a jude shit in his/her pants and make them get off the bench? Do you even know what bench represents in commerce? What if a chick gets mad at you and says you raped her, even though you had consensual sex with her. Do you know how to defend yourself in court. Do you know how to challenge subject matter jurisdiction. Mofo do you even know what jurisdiction is? Do you know that your name is trust property and by law concerning trust, you’re not required to give an officer your name this is why they ask you for your name because they are attempting to establish a contract with you to establish jurisdiction over your trust property? Get your bitch ass off here and find you a bitch to screw on That’s in your league. You are not in my league you little twerp. You have no idea the intelligence you’re going against. Niggas like you fear cops. Cats like myself can talk to them a certain way and make them walk away fast without physically threatening them because i know they have a duty under trust law to make sure my rights (not benefits or privileges) are infringed upon, damaged, or taken and if they violate then they have a bond attached to them that can be liquidated and I can be paid. I’m showing coons like you no mercy in 2013. Period. Go learn some law first before you talk shit. And the law of the land is commerce. The law that the Statue of Liberty guards over and protects descending from Juno Moneta (get it money). How the fuck a 23 year old gonna get on here like he know some shit? WTF is wrong with these section-8 ass niggas. And I like my shit long because I know niggas don’t have the mental stamina to stay engaged in nayting outside of buckets of fried chicken and rap videos fucking losers

  4. A Young Black King says:

    And as far as black women “falling off” over the years and “looking manly”, look into how your diet affects your biology and psychology…(eg: white women now being thick like ours, asian people who are raised on American food are no longer hella short and small; black women changing physically over the years. It’s reported that it takes about 2 or 3 generations for the genetics of a people to truly start changing through their diet… And it has been proven that your diet can directly affect your offspring’s health and beginning mental state). Besides that, your psychology can somewhat affect your physical body (It is a fact that the brain can speed or slow bodily maturity and impact it’s formation along with nutrition… eg: mentally-retarted ppl have a tendency to be stunted in growth or are normally slightly deformed – due to their underdeveloped minds regulating their growth hormones). This is some basic shit bruh, obviously you’re not as smart as you think you are if you don’t even take these things into account (which is a pitty… uppity people are always portrayed as mentally superior…hahaha guess not). Go back to our ancestors and tell them you failed in your learning the first time.

  5. A Young Black King says:

    Man, I read what you said, but reading your posts is very interesting cause it’s boring and captivating at the same time; a first for me. In the future, try writing shorter posts at a time…much easier to follow without getting bored and much easier to respond to. 1st, I know what the website is called, I know what the website is- I’m not an idiot. I don’t do spycho analysis of ppl and I don’t need to, it’s obvious you got more issues then me, that’s why you feel the need to bash instead of lookin for solutions while you do what u do. I don’t even go to college so how dumb do you sound, college curriculum? LMAO. You make more assumptions than I. I don’t get abused by black women, that’s why I don’t have problems with them. I’ve had experiences that made me turn away but no abuse. YOU SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.Don’t put me in the same boat wit you mayne, I AM a hood nigga (I just don’t bang and i’m about knowledge and real shit instead of foolishness). Don’t try to say you’ve met brothas like me lol cause not to sound cliche, but you haven’t. I’m not gonna go into what i’ve been through or where my head used to be cause it’s pointless and you will never understand. Let’s just say I used to rob old upper-class niggas like you bruh, and leave it at that lol. I Don’t get emotional over your comments because I don’t know or care about you, most of the shit you say comes out the ass and from emotion anyway(which u claim you are separated from but filled wit hella rage lol…confused ass old boy). Half of your post was useless babble about your experiences and a lot of useless other shit. What the fuck Obama got to do with black relationships? You don’t command respect nigga, you take the back door and pretend to command it from some asian or other broad who’s culture already makes her submissive lol so let’s cut that macho bullshit like you run shit with an iron fist. Nigga please, you don’t run a damn thing. You were probably that weak ass, abuse-taking nigga you seem to hate; so finally in your life you’ve given up. So you spent 45 years out the pussy huh? You think that gives you credibility or due respect? If you did, must’ve been hard for u… had desert dick for 45 years to learn and you still don’t really know shit…or at least you fail to apply it. I’m 23yrs old and I’m already better equipped to reverse this situation than you are in your old age, so don’t try throw years on me like that means something…old, ignorant ass nigga. That just means you’re either a slow learner, you’re hard headed, or straight retarded. No wonder you’re so angry! HAHAHAHA!!! I feel bad for you bruh. And first, you assume I’m some wannabe professor that tries to psycho-analyze people like in my class curriculum, now I probably can’t even stay in a library all night while my friends drink and party! You truly are a confused, class A idiot that can’t even remember your first assumption of me. Maybe Alzheimers is setting in…hmm? LMAO. Take a seat gramps. And don’t throw bible versus at me either… that shit carries no weight in conversations and has no place in mine. You’re ignorant in your logic about bible shit anyway… yes it comes from translations, but the translations they come from are perversions of our ancient txts anyway…not directly from our ancestors… look up “MAAT” if you want our REAL original beliefs and culture…dumbass…lol. Our ancestors didn’t believe in one god or jesus christ(yoshua, yahweh,etc) so shove that bible shit up your ass and leave it there til you get a cramp. Next, I even told you why my cousins felt that way and you still didn’t even catch it. Let me repeat. ENVIORNMENT, MEDIA, and HISTORY. You say I don’t want to get work done (even though I obviously care more than you), yet you don’t even acknowledge what I said in the last part of my post, nor did you even ask anyone if they have any solutions. So you just proved my point: YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT IMPROVEMENT, YOU JUST WANNA SIT ON YOUR OLD ASS AND GLOAT ABOUT ALL THE SHIT YOU’VE DONE SO YOU CAN “Command respect”. Nigga you couldn’t gain my respect if I was dying and you saved my life lol. This is the time when REAL BLACK MEN are coming up with REAL SOLUTIONS, and you’re not one of em. You’re the spectator that just flaps his guns while real niggas go to work. And as far as me being grown, I’m younger than you by far and I’m already more mature than you are lmao. There is no limit to how much I can grow. I’m privaledged to have a mother that sparked my curiousity for knowledge at a younger age. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND, HAVE RUN YOUR COURSE. YOU WILL NEVER MOVE PAST YOUR HATRED FOR BLACK WOMEN, and therefor you will be stuck on websites like these raving about unhappy shit for the rest of your pathetic life. FUnny, you come from an uppity family, but I’m clearly more intelligent than you in every way (even finances… had my Life Insurance License and was going for Securities before I truly discovered all insurance is fraudulent). I wouldn’t want my family mixing with yours either…especially if they took after their no-backbone-having excuse for a father hahaha. This has been an interesting conversation, but I don’t want to read another post from your useless, boring, no-solution seeking ass. Keep bashing on black women for the rest of your life. Damn, you must be an unhappy old dog hahahaha… my best wishes for your future…whatever is left of it. HAHA

  6. Ramses says:

    First and foremost this is a site that goes by the name…brotherhood at its best. Which means this is a forum (medium in which your views can be expressed). No matter how much you or any other black women don’t like it, they are my views. period! If you disagree then cool. But don’t tell me not to have my views because I’m quite capable of forming my own worldview. I am a very well read person and can put things together quite well. If you want to be emotional about what I write then that’s on you bruh. That’s your deficiencies you must deal with on your own because my feelings don’t get hurt when someone says anything that I don’t agree with on here. Now, in terms of black women let me say this. I don’t owe them anything. They don’t owe me anything. I have cared for them and loved them. I don’t need to put it all out here but I know what I have done and been willing to do for them. However, we are adults. And as adults, you have to forge your own path, that path that you believe for yourself will give you the best results in life. It’s 2012 and the excuse making for black women is over. That’s the bottom line. I don’t have time for a weak ass woman. Period. I take my manhood very seriously because my manhood came from me being with my father so any disrespect towards me disrespects me and the bond we foraged together (May God rest his soul). Now I don’t give a damn about what a black chick has been through if she’s using it as an excuse to try to get her abuse off on me. If she had daddy issues, then she need to find her daddy and take it up with him. If she has problems with her ex(es) she needs to find them and straighten that shit out with them because when she steps to me, mentally she needs to be capable of forging a bond with a Man if she wants stability in life because that’s what I seek. I don’t have a lifetime to waste on humans who are not ready to take the path of civility. I don’t have the patience for a woman who, when I try to hold her accountable for her actions, she uses slavery as an excuse for her behavior. But as black men, we don’t get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the slavery issue. When black women fuck up it’s either slavery or weak ass black men that is the culprit. When we fuck up it’s just because we ain’t shit. And to be honest, I loathe being put in weak ass niggas category for real because ain’t shit weak about me. You think because I defend myself, and the good brothers out here it makes me emotional? Nah bruh. It’s called nature. When you’re under attack (like black men have been for years) you defend yourself instead of falling into the trap of blaming yourself for the ills of black people in general. I’m not taking on the responsibility of black people in general when I have tried to work with them, most notably black women. Don’t assume you know me because you read what I worte and you think you can pshycho analyse me like some project in your college curriculum. Niggas think degrees signify intelligence. Please. I felt like college dumbed me down and thank my Creator that I let go a lot of that bullshit I learned in college and started my own curriculum. And I am sick of you niggas using clavery all the time for every degenerate behavior you exhibit. Maybe you just suck. i read the Art of War years ago. And I admit there are forces out here who want to convince you (people in general not just black people) to go against themselves because this would make them willing slaves. However, it doesn’t mean you have to fall for it. If black women fall for it, and allow their minds to be colonized, then that’s on them. Same thing for black men because last time I checked, the Strong Black Men who we love to be nostalgic about (Malcolm, Garvey, Tupac, etc.) we didn’t take heed to their words. We don’t need anymore organizations outside of a family structure as black people. Indians were colonized. They still do family. CHinese got their asses whipped during the Opium Wars and in 1997 finally got Hong Kong back into their control. They still do family. Japanese had two nukes dropped on them and even though they had it written in their constitution they weren’t allowed to have a military, they ended becoming one of the top economies in the world in a relatively short period of time. They still did family. So why can’t your black woman work with her black man and build with him? We can theorize all the day about why she is not doing it but that’s for the birds. The fact is she’s not doing it. She’s going to war with her Man (allegedly her man) everyday. I practice the eye test (third eye). I don’t let my emotions rule me. Logic dictates what I see. If you were talking about an 1865 ex-slave, then I would be more willing to listen to you. I really would. You talking to me about a 2012 black woman slave? Bruh please. me save that. Who said a slave is supposed to be saved. A slave is supposed to do exactly what a slave does: work against him/her self and work for someone else. I have always told black women they are beautiful no matter their skin tone. The only thing that pisses me off is the fact I fell for that “black’ bullshit. I wasted years believing in that shit when it’s not real because if it was, then we would not be in the midst of this conversation. We would be having family dinners with friends doing what civilized people do. Or I would be at your female relatives ceremony with you congratulating them on their wedding and wishing them much success. But you said it so yourself, they were talking about how they were interested in the white boys. Why are they having conversations about being interested in white boys? Why is it a topic of discussion? Because even at early ages your own female relatives are learning at an early age to seek them, and reject black men. I don’t reject black women because of physical beauty (although black women have fell off tremendously over the years in terms of obesity and some just look manly). I reject most (keyword most) of them based on their behavior and I am not their doctor phil. And if their parents didn’t teach them how to be right, then they need to take it up with them. Don’t get mad at me because I am mature to want a family and your came from a broken one. Is that my fault? And then if I got with a diferent ethnicity, then you want to say I hate myself? Lol. That shit is laughable. You wanna know why people really get mad at that shit? Because a lot of times the people getting mad are losers and feel rejected. So they try to inject race into the discussion because on a racial level, they feel like that person belongs to them. You’re saying brothers shouldn’t get with Dominicans? They’re family. They shouldn’t get with Puerto Ricans? They’re family. We shouldn’t get with Asians? They’re family. See the difference between you and me I embrace my Asiatic family globally, you don’t. I’ve seen brothers in their 40’s 50’s, and even 60’s on that pro-black shit with no wives. How real is that? Are you married since there are so many black women out here that are good and wholesome. I was married for six years (Haitian). Have you been? If not have you been close? Boyfriend and girlfriend don’t count in my book partner. When you link those bills (economics) up that’s when you’re fully committed. Boyfriend and girlfriend is for girls and boys. You got women in their 30’s and 40’s and hell even 50’s (allegedly) referring to their mates as boyfriend. Is that sound fiscal policy. Anytime you get with someone you’re making an investment so to get a high yield, you should pick someone who ensures a high rate of return (a woman with good moral character). And to be honest, I don’t care if black women date or marry white dudes. I’m not racist. Who am I to interject my own personla racial bullshit into their relationship? If they found love with each other and are happy cool. Black women should do the same because like my ex pastor said “you got heterosexual people marching and protesting gay marriage, but hell straight people aren’t even trying to get married. Hell at least their fighting for it.” I agree with this statement. You mean to tell me homosexuals are more civilized than black women? You mean to tell me they can see the validity in marriage, but black women can’t? Damn that’s some sorry shit indeed and that is not white people, that’s your family values, because last time I checked, when George W. Bush tried to tie welfare into women marrying the fathers of their children, black people fought that quicker than they fought for freedom. The same people that said it was none of the goverment’s business who they married, were the same people who were begging the same govt for some free shit. Typical nigga shit. I said before Barack was elected, all this excuse making by black people will not fly if he gets into office. I have what I need. My Brotherhood is strong and we will form our private lodges and build wealth amongst ourselves, while dudes get their asses whipped out here by vindictive, conniving women who don’t respect them. I got into with dudes just like you a few years back at GSU who touted the same tired logic you are touting. But when I told this chick from Memphis how I went in on them, she told me, she never respected those dudes like that on some real shit. She didn’t think those dudes were manly men. She was from hood environments, but had class about herself. I went to Malcolm X Grassroots Festivals in Atlanta for some years. There were always a lot of black women and men there who were single. Why couldn’t these black women marry these single brothers there? Allegedly they were for the same cause right? so why are both single? Because all that black love hsit is a facade. Chicago just reported its 500th murder of the year. Brother comes out of a gas station and a dudes shoots him in the back of the head. Then when you have dudes like Tommy Sotomayor criticizing these dudes in Chicago, they threaten to kill him!!! I love the movie Django because it captures the difference between a Free Man (Django Freeman) and a slave (the slave played by Samuel Jackson. My loyalty will be to those who have principles and good moral character. We all know that black women of this generation, for the most part, lack both. Look up black women porn on the internet and prove me wrong. Look on and tell me I’m wrong. Look at the black women out here writing books on how to get a white man. You think blaming whitey is gonna win you the black woman? Have you had sex with more black women than you have loved them? Lol…..One thing I can say about other groups of women that I have dealt with…they have never tried to take from me what Black women my whole life have tried to take: my Manhood. Ont thing I can say about any other ethnic group, including white women who allegedly hate us, is the fact that they have always respected me as a Man first. Not any racial shit but just as a Man. I’ve never had to jump through any other women’s hoops to get their respect. From a human perspective and as a Man, they just gave it to me. You mean to tell me I have to fight a black woman for respect when I don’t have to do it for any other ethnic group of women? You must be sick in the brain. That’s what I call signs of abuse. Black men like yourself have been psychologically abused so much that you keep running back to who abuses you. It’s funny how black men and women have a problem with black men who refuse to take black women’s bullshit. You’ll always trying to lean on slavery when th reality is some from you come from some sorry genetic material. My family (especially on my dad’s side) were considered uppity because they had good moral standards. My grandmother and her sisters knew how to carry themselves in public. Knew how to sit in chair like ladies (without their legs wide open). knew not to screw multiple men because they knew my great grandfather didn’t play that shit. Hell the fact that I knew and lived in the house with my great grandparents shows you how civilized my family was back in the 80’s. You think I will compromise my family legacy for your emotional retort? Negro please. You’re just gonna have to hate me because my family legacy is way more important pro-black woman diatribe that has no standing in the court of public discourse. I will not bring some heathen ass bitch into my family structure on some fake black love shit. Too Short called niggas like that Simps back in the 80’s. Loving hoes was always the mark of a weak nigga. Even Snoop said it on the “Chronic” and I’m pretty sure you waas bumping that shit back in the day. You think that was just music? Nah. That was OG knowledge being passed down to the younger Gods. You might need to go back and study some basic lessons (like Leviticus 21:7) which tells man not to wife a whore. And I hope you’re not one of those black intellectuals who will say “I ain’t with that white man Bible.” Lol. because last time I checked these books were “translations” which means they come from different sources, which we all know came from the original people so sometimes when you’re acting white, you’re actually being yourself because they got the knowledge from you. But I’m used to sensitive black men getting on these forums and attacking my kind because their womanly natures will not allow them to learn from their fellow brothers (which is what happens when you have lodges) ultimately leading to their ruin. Lot of borthers will have better fortunes if they stopped kissing black women’s asses and began to start building with their brothers. But that’s a far out concept. Build with your brother….don’t make me laugh. Black man is incapable of building with his brothers because he keeps fucking too many black women, which in turns saturates him with too much pussy juice, rendering him weak and useless. I’m not out here fucking black women like that because my time is better spent gaining knowledge because my ancient Egyptian ancestors studied for 45 years. DO you have the stamina to stay out that pussy like a heathen and study for 45 years? I don’t have to demand respect. Through my actions and words I speak, i command it. Most of the people who agree with me are older black people because they remember the era when black men had much more authority to speak with conviction. Are you disciplined enough to spend the night in libraries, while the people in your age bracket go to the clubs and waste their lives away, and seek knowledge? I seriously doubt it. Do you worry about building businesses so you can hire your brothers on your time and figure out ways they can put money in their pockets as well as yours, so they can raise a family and do what civilized men do? I doubt it. People can vouch for me on here because they know the type of information I share on here. I talk about starting my own banks so I can put Malcolm’s, Garvey’s, and Booker T’s faces on the money. Do you research the Federal Reserve and see what it takes to enter the banking sector? I doubt it. Because in order to run a nation, you have to figure out how people are gonna interact with each other commercially and only men with the capability of being great think about things like that. Only Men with Mega set of balls think on that level. You think with my mind focused on these types of things, you think some niggerish ass brawd can stand beside me as I sit on my throne? I occupy my throne powerfully. And no I don’t think I haven’t ever done anything wrong but this is not a contest to see who has committed the least amount of sins. It’s about who wants to get work done and it’s clear you don’t want to get work done. You want to focus on how your ancestors got their asses kicked, while I want to figure out how I can be buried with wealth like my ancient Pharaonic grandfathers did. I don’t have time to focus on slavery anymore. If black people really want to show how they honor their ancestors, instead of just wearing dashikis and shit, figure out how economies work again. Negroes don’t even have the capability to manufacture a sewing needle to make themselves some clothes. But want to get on the internet and argue with one who comes from them, who might, just might have some ideas on how to move forward economically. But I get it…like white folks’ll are an emotional lot…lol….I would say grow up but maybe you already have and this is as far as you can go…but I’ll make sure my seeds don’t link up with yours so my bloodline can remain pure from impurities because I will hate for my wealth to be squandered because my seeds procreated with “untouchables.”

  7. A Young Black King says:

    Ramses… I can tell that you’ve been hurt brothah. And you have a lot of anger, which is understandable. I have too, and trust me I had my time messing around with women of other nationality because at times I felt embarrased and even straight disgusted with the attitude and mindset of a lot of black women here in America (I was stuck on asians…lol). But one thing you must realize, is that the modern black woman of the U.S. is not acting from her true nature. She is acting from generations and centuries of disfunctional mental programming on behalf of not only White slave masters and white women, but on behalf of years of constant bombardment from media, entertainment, and literature that picked up exactly where slavery left off. And on top of that, even us brothas had a little to do with where they are now (not all our fault, but let’s cut the crap we bought into that whole “white is right” bullshit too and started losing our damn minds after white women and asian women, so what do you expect). Do you forget that black women have ALWAYS been seen as the supreme mothers of this earth? It’s not only because black is beautiful and our women are strongest just as we are, but it was because she was/is the very embodiment of the words sexy, mystic, and goddess. You forget that besides empires, black women have always been seen as the ultimate prize to men of all races BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS FAVORED THE BLACK MALE (in other words, she favored the looks, feel, and very essence of her own race, which= SELF CONFIDENCE). Her ideal man (the black man) is the strongest, most intelligent, and most versatile of all races in every category of life. THIS IS WHY WHITES ALWAYS SAID ” You’re not a real man until you’ve slept with a black woman.” The Message: If you can truly satisfy a black woman, you’re just as capable(endowed) and strong as the black male. This proves that low self-esteem in black women is relatively new when viewed historically. It is imperative that you dive into the psychology of the modern Black woman instead of just ridiculing them. YOU MUST… please brothah, please… read and study about the art of war. It is said that you can easily conquer a people if you weaken/destroy the men. This is true, but the flip side is that YOU CAN EASILY WEAKEN THE MEN FROM BIRTH IF YOU CONTROL AND INFLUENCE THE WOMEN! This is why the black woman is more confused than any other woman on this earth; in confusing and causing self-hatred in them (wanting to be white, blond/limp haired, model skinny, fist-pumping, rock listening with their white bf just to fit in, knowing they feel out of place), WE ALL WILL BE DESTROYED IN TIME. But add to this the “Money over Bitches” theme, brothas not waking up out of the thug shit and staying in the same unproductive and unsustaining mentality (due to music and media…see a pattern?), most of us aren’t giving them the incentive to shape up and return to the women that they used to be. But that’s not ENTIRELY our fault either. Honestly, we black men are just as, if not more f*cked up then they are. Even though we were broken down and enslaved, all of this would have been avoided if every abled african man and woman fought to the death for his woman, land, acestors, and legacy. Instead, most died fighting while some powerful kings and queens made deals with foreigners under the false view that they could be trusted. The women of a nation can not and WILL NOT do everything by themselves. It is morally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and economically impossible. Slavery was the result of invasion, being gullible, struggle, and weakness on both sides of the sex coin. I said all of that to say this: we Black men have our issues and tendencies just like black women. BOTH SEXES have been affected psychologically. Do you really think that going on black websites and ranting 2000+ words about the worst qualities of black women will have a positive effect and snap them out of their mentality? No. If all black men sounded like you did just now our women would be fully converted to messing with white boys and everyone else overnight. You forget that commercials are constantly telling them “you’re hair is nappy and inferior, your lips are ugly, you’re too fat, darkness is hideous (creature from the black Lagoon), you’re just a big booty ho so shake what ya mama gave you for that paper, if you wanna be a cover girl u gotta look like queen latifa and halley berry (both super light skinned btw…HMMM…) etc. WTF do you expect? The same way us young black men are told by media “You play sports, you’re a hood nigga, or you do music..” (by only showing black people in these positions… no positives like lawyers, scientists, accountants, detectives, etc.) and we feed into it, black women feed into what they see. ESPECIALLY WHEN BROTHAS CHOOSE OTHERS OVER THE BLACK WOMEN. Honestly, you don’t know how many black women u could be negatively affecting just from them seeing your comments! They may read your post and think you speak for all black men and you could chase the good ones away. I have a suggestion: and this worked for me on christmas. I had heard from family members that my younger cousins didn’t like black boys, but white boys. Instead of scorning them like everyone else, I sat them down and had a discussion. I told them, ” I heard you like white boys, and there’s nothing really wrong with that…but i want to know if you understand why?” I broke down a little history, psychology (especially psychological effects of enviornment, media, the relationship between a girl and her father and how that often dictates her relationship with men, etc. Instead of blasting them for things that they don’t understand( as a lot of black women don’t understand why they feel like they do- just like a lot of black men don’t truly understand their feelings and habits), we had a give-and-take discussion that really got their gears grinding. Long story short, MY COUSINS HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES (Which means no tramp tendencies), THEIR RACE (which means no trying to look/sound anything other than themselves), AND OUR TRUE CULTURE. THEY ARE NOW CONCIOUS OF THE ATTEMPTS THROUGH HISTORY, MEDIA, ETC. TO ERASE OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND MAKE US SEEM INFERIOR AS A PEOPLE. THAT… is how you combat what is going on my friend! I can guarantee you they won’t act like their friends when they get a little older and they already gave up the white boys LMAO! But i had to break down why black boys act the way they do (HIp Hop, in it’s original form is our most modern and true culture made BY US, just for us, since being here in America; which is why most blacks seem bound to be governed by it. Eg: black guys take ” money over bitches” more seriously than any other racial group. Black women take the whole “Miss indipendent” thing more seriously than any other racial group. Add this control of hip hop (by whites) to the fact that black boys don’t really have positive role models or positive images at all in media, along with historical and economical data, and the true origin of black men’s behavior can easily be traced. They (my cousins) understand this now and even though they don’t agree with it, they are willing to try relationships with black boys and take it upon themselves to let them know (the young black boys) that they are driving black girls away with their behavior and unproductive views (which are all they know at this point). THIS IS HOW YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Stop bashing these black women like your black ass is perfect (cause I bet you’re not). You really want black women to change? I’ll tell you what you do.. and if you get every black man you know (and they get all black men they know. etc. etc.) to do this as well, we are bound to see rapid progress from 2013 through the upcoming years. You talk to as many of these thick, dark, and juicy sistas you as can find and ask them how them feels about black men, about her feelings on black female self esteem in a european-driven society, and why she feels the way she does. You tell them you are curious because you noticed fewer happy black couples as the years go by (which really is true, check the numbers), and noticed that both black men and black women struggle with inferior images of themselves, etc. Listen to these women and don’t be offended by what they may say. Don’t bash them, don’t get an attitude or raise your voice, but ask them questions to make them use their critical thinking skills and self reflect. At the end of the conversation, ask them if they would mind having this conversation with their girl friends and female family members. Let them know that we black men are trying to get ourselves together and that the black woman is still our number one, but we need help… from them more than anyone else on this earth. This is your test. And since we don’t know you or who you are (which is a good thing cause some black women might come looking for you after reading what i just read lol J/K), this is your test on whether or not you truly want black women to improve, or if you’re they type that is too satisfied giving criticism to help. If you do this at least once or twice a day, as well as every brotha that you know helping you, WE WILL SEE IMPROVEMENT. Talking shit is easy… what are you gonna do about it…bruh?

  8. Ramses says:

    This is my biggest pet peeve with american negroe women. They hate on anything lighter than them, that’s pretty because they envy them being lighter. Black women are exacerbating this light skin dark skin shit with their wanting to be white women. I saw a dark skin girl on the rain years ago with her sister of friend and her young daughter rubbing on this white boys hair telling him, in front of her daughter that he had good hair. This was like 2010!!!! American black women are arrogant, obnoxious, obese, untrustworthy, combative, and a whole host of other negative adjectives that I can’t think of. I’ve seen beautiful dark skin women who I would have gladly made my wife. But they hate themselves. It’s the truth. And now Zoe, who has culture, comes on the scene, now they want to hate her. Dark women hated on light skin females for years and abused them a lot of times and to be hones, if I was light skin, I would have thought I was better to just as a defense mechanism against that bullshit. I mean the hate comes from a sense of you thinking the light is better so why shouldn’t they think they were better. Now that brothers are interested in other women who happen to be of a lighter hue (Asians, Latinas, etc) now that’s a problem. And the sad thing is these women don’t hate on black american women. They just try to live their lives and be happy. Black women don’t want to be happy nor do they want to see anyone else happy. Many problem in “our” group stem from this woman who is a walking vessel filled with hate. Damn near every black female I’ve known had hate issues and low self-esteem because they either permed their hair or had weaves. You hate the women you can never become instead of being your own. yet pop shit on tv with this black girls rock shit, pumping your fists like you really proud of being what you are. Please. It’s embarrassing to be even associated with black women for real. I’ll be with Zoe Saldana’s type before I be with the wretched black woman of north america with her weak ass. Black woman is the ultimate hater, even more than white men. Mofos need to get a life. I’m sick of these hateful mofos who have no understanding of history and culture to recognize that Zoe Saldana is family. Her oppressors just spoke Moorish Latin (what you know as Spanish). This is why black people are being destroyed in the states because of their lack of cultural awareness of their own family members. This is why I’m going over there to make babies with these women because when my kid comes out, I would rather for them to look like something foreign than to be associated with this nigger shit and I never thought I’d say that. I refuse to let black people make my children feel ugly and then hate on white folks for doing it to them. I want my children to look like a whole different species of Man and will pick a woman who can definitely make that happen. I will not put my seeds in the hateful wombs of black women in north america. You’ll are some hateful mofos and don’t deserve the mercy that allows you to carry life. That is an honor that should be reserved for only women who act and think on a higher, spiritual plane (family being that plane). Telling your own daughters they’re ugly no matter if they’re light or dark. What kind of mother would do that to her own child? Take her daughter’s confidence before the flower even gets a chance to be cultivated. Some black women are jealous of their own daughters beauty, good hair, or good man they have and sabotage it with them so they can be miserable and lonely with them and take care of them in the future when they run out of men to screw. Patheic group of women and I’m glad I got hip to you’ll game. Black community is dead and now it’s only those few who have recognized the evil ways of this woman and leave her behind and find fertile soil (wombs) elsewhere who will move forward and continue their bloodlines constructively. Sons are getting murdered in a rapid way and their daughters and sons are becoming homosexuals at age ten. If that doesn’t sound like God wiping your dumb asses out then I don’t know what is. We are watching a group of people being slowly killed by their Creator for their evil ways and when me and my brothers move to a different land, we will catalog this journey in the Holy Scriptures we right and you best believe that the black woman will be explored extensively in those scrolls for future generations to be warned against. My Father warned me, subtly before he died to not mess with them, but I didn’t get it at first. He told me indirectly not to mess with black women but I didn’t hear the message in 2002. Took me 10 years to get it and thank The Divine Architect Of The Universe I got it. Now I see why we’ve been attacked so much as black men and being disrespected. White man been fucking black women for years and we didn’t know it. Whenever your woman threw her corporate job up in your face, she was telling you she was fucking her white massa. Whenever she told you she didn’t have to listen to you, she was fucking her white massa. Why? because she knew if you tried to enforce your will on her disrespectful ass, she could call the cops. Whenever she kicked you out for standing up for yourself, she was fucking her white massa. WHite dudes like “why should I respect you when I’ve been fucking yo bitch for years?” Come on bruhs, in the streets, if you ficked a dudes chick, would you respect him? No!!!!. Why? Because a Mand doesn’t respect another Man whose woman he can fuck. that’s the Law of the Jungle. In the animal kingdom, when a male lion usurps the head lion and dethrones him, the first thing he does is kill his offspring to show that his bloodline is here to rule. You’ll black men better learn how to practice genetic warfare because that white man definitely has been practicing it on your asses and his lineages have ruled you for quite sometime. Your bitch has been fucking around on you and making you look fucking weak. Don’t you get it? Damn that shit hasn’t sunk in yet? Aren’t you tired of getting your asses whipped. If the few brothers out here started out own fraternity, and pooled our resources together right now, don’t you’ll realize that the families you’ve been desiring for so long can be had in places where you can walk on beaches as easy as it is stepping outside your front door. Chick just worte an apology on here admitting everything I’ve been saying on here which means, like I said, they know they’ve been doing it to us. We can set up fraternal Orders (where no bitch niggas are allowed and admitting its secrets will culminate in your despise) that are focused on commerce and defending our families. But no niggers allowed. I mean that shit. Many of you have hateful children with them. So what if they hate you fuck ’em. You can make more babies. Don’t let them use your seeds against you and stop being so damn emotional. Only Men can talk like this and do what’s necessary and I know it’s hard. But that’s how you know it’s the right decision. When it’s a hard decision to make, most of th time it’s because it’s the right thing to do. Man the fuck up and stop tucking your balls and leaving a pussy print in your panties shit!!!!!! These black women are maneaters. She’ll chew your ass up and won’t think twice about it.

  9. Dcarter910 says:

    Interesting article. For one, hollywood is Liberal central. Outside of hollywood many people believe that conservatives are behind the perpetuation of racial division, stereotypes and anti-black ideology. I have always seen and believed otherwise. Conservative bigotry is overt and obvious but Liberal bigotry is covert and subtle. Though that is not the main point made in the article above, it is interesting how hollywood has subtly promoted ideas that originate in the belief in white supremacy. For instance;
    1. Why in horror films do the black characters almost never make it, but even the dumbest white person does?
    2. Why are historically dark skinned people always portrayed as lighter skinned persons by the actors chosen to represent them in movies.
    3. Why every time there is a end of the world scenario in a movie or tv show, there is always a black man as president just as everything is falling apart (24 the tv show, “2012” the movie, there are others).
    4. Strong black women as leaders always have to have a white husband or boyfriend.
    5. Even the most liberal news outlets (MSNBC,NBC,CNN) only has light skinned (paper bag colored) black people.

    Not racist, and I dont support any form of reverse racism, but the media cannot be a moral compass or any other kind of guide. Sorry, this article just reminded me of the covert messaging promoted by hollywood and liberal america as a whole.

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