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Sadly, The Death of Marriage.

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( I recently pulled out of a relationship panel discussion in which I was supposed to be the moderator.

I watched it morph from a panel of Black men speaking into something else when two women were added as co-moderators.

Some people believe that whenever men have something to say, it must be 123deathofmarriagebalanced out with a woman’s perspective. Yet there are plenty of male bashing sessions in public and online where any man’s perspective is sharply rejected.

Such communication failures are just one of the reasons why men and women  have difficulty maintaining relationships.

Frankly, some women just aren’t interested in anything men say. In fact, they aren’t interested in any perspective that contradicts what they believe, which is that everything wrong with love is the man’s fault.

This faulty thinking omits the hard and ugly fact that women changed over the last 40 years, not men. And the ways in which women changed have just not benefited them—or anyone else—when it comes to love.

For example, one of the things feminism gave us is the battle cry of the independent woman: “I don’t need a man!” That battle cry is typically accompanied by whining about not being able to find a man.

Men have been under assault. In child support cases, men get taken to the mat to pay for a child that they may not have wanted and may not have actually fathered. But how many of us even know one woman who has been jailed for not paying child support? And how many women even want to hear men complain about paying child support, while the system allows many women to keep the child away from the father?

When the marriage ends, who gets taxed for spousal support? Even in cases involving women of means, men are still supposed to “man up,” (whatever that means) and walk away with nothing. Take a good look at Eric Benet and Halle Berry.

Even with major wins for “Girl Power,” many of today’s women are angry. They bitch and moan about having to do it all themselves (whether it is true or not), and they bitch and moan about not being able to find a good man “on their level,” who is willing to marry them.

But here’s a dirty little secret: many men are just unwilling to roll the dice when it comes to marriage because of the potential fallout that could leave them financially raped and beaten and emotionally scarred.

And, at some point, women, especially Black women, have to stop passing around unfounded lies about Black men being in jail, down low, undereducated and/or in hot pursuit of white women and fried chicken.

Many men and women fail to get to the altar because women who feel put upon are extremely vocal about their displeasure with men.

In short, no one wants to hear it or live with it.

So, until Black women stop telling the media and the world that Black men are no good and the reason for all of their unhappiness, more Black men will choose the single life that they can control over a life tied to someone who speaks of disliking them, while demanding happiness from them.

If you are not that woman, you have a great chance. Men are looking for you.

If you are that woman, many men and women are waiting for you to grow old and die off like the dinosaurs.

Because you have caused the death of marriage.

Staff Writer; Darryl James

One can connect with this brother via D.L. James. Also follow him on twitter; DarrylLJ.

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17 Responses to “Sadly, The Death of Marriage.”
  1. Ramses says:

    Terence I underestimated self-hate. I really did. Nothing we ever have tried to accomplish has worked because of this issue. I liken it to Superman’s experience. Superman, with all that strength, has to hide his his power from humans on earth to fit in because they can’t handle it. That’s how I feel. I have to hold my tongue, hide my strength, because I’m dealing with a group of people who want me to fit in with them. I’m not fitting into weakness. I don’t want to be apart of a people who willingly reject their cultural heritage. I owe it to my ancestors (light ones and dark ones) to acknowledge their accomplishments and if i’m gonna be loyal, it’s gonna be to them, not these coons. I would have more sympathy for them if history showed our ancestors not accomplishing things after such a painful history like slavery. However, this is not the case. Our people accomplished great things in the aftermath of slavery. So as far this present generation and the previous ones too who are on this week shit, i have no sympathy for them. It is my duty to expose niggerish behavior and I accept no excuses for it. Period. If you’re a so-called black and don’t care about your cultural heritage, then we are not family. I study trust law (which is centered around wealth creation within the family context) and it’s imperative that you have a structured family to not only create wealth, but to actually pass it down to future generation. I don’t know about any people on here but it’s about wealth creation for me (not making it rain for no niggers). If wealth doesn’t bring us together then nothing will. We talk about Garvey, but we don’t understand him at all. Garvey wanted blacks to be proud of their heritage, but at the end of the day, he was about getting some damn money and wasn’t afraid to say so. He was about getting cake. Why you think he was trying to hook up with Booker T? At the end of the day there are owner’s and slaves. I’d rather be an owner than a slave. There is nothing honorable about getting you ass whipped and slaving for someone else. I’ve had black people ask me “are you just gonna leave us behind?” I tell them “I’m not leaving you behind, you choose to stay behind.” If you don’t care about your own personal legacy, then why should I? My time can be better spent on me and my family than trying to help you save yourself from yourself. We don’t have time for weak black people anymore. Shit is too real. You’ll do so much complaining about white folks, you’re not paying attention to the Chinese and Indians. Hell these two groups has the white man shitting his pants!! We don’t have a monopoly on pain as so-called black people. We like to think we the only people in the world who has gotten an ass whipping. You can’t find any spot on the planet, that has people, who haven’t been bet down by some whites at some point in time in their history. So “we” need to get off this “woe is me” excuse making or we will get buried by this avalanche called globalisation. Which is a nice way of white folks (with power) saying we got our free labor out of you niggers now we will replace you with other people. Blacks have rendered themselves obsolete in 2012 as a collective. I saw that in this past election. They catered to hispanics more than blacks and blacks were fighting to stay relevant. When you have to fight just to stay relevant then it means you’re not relevant. This Brazilian girl said Brazilian people used to get inspired from blacks in the US back in the day. The revolutionary spirit we had carried over to Brazil and it’s had an effect on the political structure which in turn has forced them to start doing for the poorer peoples and lifting them out of poverty. Blacks, with all their church, Mosque, synagogue going selves have become a spiritless people and this is why they suffer. Most of the time I come across black women, it’s a negative experience. Matter fact, if I’m in the grocery store and I have the option of going to a black cashier or white wone, I’m choosing the caucasian. I don’t have time for that attitude shit and I don’t care what your excuse is. When you agree to take a job to deal with the public, you need to be agreeable. I’ve heard black women say “people get on my nerve.” I’m like “then why take a job where you have to deal with a lot of people?” I took a lesson from the many black men who have stood up for black people and found that most of my greatest male figures dies miserably, either killed, or locked up. If black people don’t see the importance of family on their own, no organization will teach them this. Our ancestors out of slavery understood this. Why can’t “we?” We are in the “Information Age.” Those who have the right info will thrive. Those who sit around doing stupid shit and putting it on youtube and worldstarhiphop will get their asses steamrolled and I support it. It will be my children doing the steamrolling because i will make sure my children are equipped with the right info that will keep them wealthy and healthy. Blacks are always demanding that whites be accountable to them but never hold each other accountable. Now when I do and other guys like myself do it’s a problem. I’m telling you’ll you are losing your strongest men over this nigger shit. My whole crew of dudes have decided not to fuck with black women. Matter fact we’re starting to teach each other spanish so we can expedite the process in terms of meeting south american women. And my brothers are not weak dudes. We study commerce and trade everyday. I’m reading a book called the complete guide to estate planning (745 pages long). I’m not in the strip clubs (where black women are). I’m not in the dance clubs (where a lot of black women are). I’m not running the streets at all period. I study commerce and I study our ancient culture, especially Kemet (Egypt). You think i have time for a group who only wants to talk about slavery all the time? You’ll get on here and say ‘slavery this and slavery that.” That’s not my history. It might be apart of our history, but it’s not the full story. Why would i continue to revisit a history that is painful Damn we learned enough about slavery in elementary school. Why don’t you’ll learn about Moors? Or Phoenicians? Egyptians? Olmecs? Shang dynasty in China (a black dynasty)? Black people have gotten very local in their thought process. Black man used to navigate the globe on ships way before any European thought about sailing and this is not racist but truth. I do not need to be racist to show pride in my heritage. But I do kno enough about our history to know we are not innocent. Black people have done some fucked up things to other people too (including caucasians) and are experiencing karmic debt right now. Ohhhh. You’ll thought only white people whipped our asses? We were the first people to practice slavery. Ahhhhhh. Bet you didn’t know that did you? SO before you’ll start talking about the evil that’s inherent in white people, take a closer look at your own history, and you will find a devil that looks just like you.

  2. @ Mack

    I was speaking from a physical point of view, but I agree with you the Creator gives life. Having said that, life doesn’t begin until the sperm connects with the egg and even after that, the soil has to be fertile in order for the egg to grow. The bottom line, you need the Woman’s egg to create life which is what I meant. I also agree with you that we can’t save people who don’t want to be saved. But I do believe we need to help those who want to be helped. We need to establish an environment where we as a people can grow and blossom in. It may be too late for a lot of our Brothers and Sisters, but not all of them and the young ones. They just need a positive direction, which is what I will be doing with my organization.

    @ Ramses

    I heard everything you said, but as Sister Deeann said, our ancestors went through much more than we can ever imagine. It was not only physical trauma, but mental as well. What we’re going through now is on a mental level, which is a lot harder to change. But as you said, the white man is not stopping us now, we’re stopping ourselves. The good news is if we are the problem, then we are also the solution. This is why I’m not giving up on our Brothers and Sisters. The hard work has already been done in the sense of opportunities. The problem is because of the negative mental programming, the self hatred you mentioned, we took and continue to take those opportunities and support every community but our own. This is the negative seed the white man planted in us that continues to grow to this day, in many different ways like relationships. I know some of us will give up and that’s understandable, but as Brother Mack says, nothing changes if we don’t.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  3. Ramses says:

    I don’t hate black women…that’s where you’re wrong. That would be a waste of energy. They’re just annoying. That’s different. Once again deflection rears it’s ugly head. Lol. Subconsciously I’m picking the wrong women huh? But when a black woman goes through things with black men and it goes bad it’s just the black guys fault. You must be sick in the head to think I take on the attributes of the slavemaster. He was dishonest about his lust. I’m not. It’s not my fault a lot of black women dress in tights everywhere you turn which arouse men’s sexual desire. My natural instinct is to respond when your anatomy is exposed. Secondly, how do you know my great great-grandmother? Do you know my family history. Hell do you know yours? I doubt it. Speaking on family matters concerning my family, of which you know nothing about, is childish and stupid. Secondly, let me give you a fact about one of the women in my family during slavery times. My great great great aunt killed her slave owner when she saw that he beat one of my relatives. Yes, she killed him. She got tired of him beating her kids so she killed him. And took the children she could find and ran away. Just to let you know something about my family. Now what the hell does that have to do with why i don’t want to be with the sorry excuse of black women I see out here? How does that relate? You think I’m one of these simp ass niggas that the moment you bring up slavery it’s gonna put me back in my place? First and foremost, I get sick and tired of you comfortable ass negroes using slavery as a crutch like your ass was in chains, which is very disrespectful toward the ancestors. What do you know about having your children taken away from you? Seeing relatives sold away. Seeing them killed and raped (men and women). No one you know has exprienced slavery, especially the kind back in those times so why do you clowns keep bringing it up as if it gives you leverage? If you’re gonna bring it up dear, bring it up as it pertains to the sorry state black people exist in now and why are we in this position. How can a people who have the wealth that pass through their hands (750 billion dollars annually) can’t manufacture some long lasting type of success? Boy our ancestors had less and did more. So when you talk about slavery, talk about it in that context. Don’t talk about it in the context in which I don’t want to be with some loser ass females who have nothing better to do than be whores for the world and promulgate it on tv and although rappers put hoes in their videos, most of them come from single parent backgrounds where they saw their own mothers being hoes too. That’s why these dummies are putting their seeds in hoe women (Wiz Khalifa) because their ideal woman is someone who reminds them of their mother. Go figure. You think I’m pulling this stuff out my ass. See you use the term “us.” However, there is no us. It’s black women on their side and brothers on our side. I’ll be the first to tell you in a heartbeat that I don’t refer to black women as sisters. Because I can assure, black women have never looked at me as one of their brothers, even when i was feeling them. Now I say I’m not feeling them now it’s “us.” Lol. I do not seek out black women who reinforce stereotypes. First of all, I value marriage highly (unlike most black women). Being that I was married before I definitely look forward to making it happen again. You think, with my value system, I would go out here and choose a trifling whore just to prove my views on black women? You think i would sit there and waste my time going to clubs to find whores just to say “black women are whores. I told you so?” Just listen to your flawed reasoning. First, i don’t seek black women out because there is nothing to seek. I don’t look at black women as marriage material, in a general sense. Now if you want to go the club, shuck and jive, dance the night away, they’re cool for that. But marriage, that takes a little bit more civility that most black women lack. I used to think black women were the most sophisticated women out there. Shiiiiiiiit. Not anymore. let me be the first to tell you i don’t need to hate anyone to love myself. That goes for black women and white people too. Black women have made themselves insignificant in terms of potential marriage partners with this “Independence” trip and I’m cool with that. I’ve been on marriage since I was 17. Where black women been at? I never believed the dyke who told me in 2008 I would never be with a black woman (she was black by the way). And that was when I was on that “hate whitey” all black people are positive and have excuses for being nigger shit. She told me most black women couldn’t handle a man like me. She said I was self-confident, self-assured, knew what direction I wanted to go in, and didn’t need a black woman teaching me how to be a Man (grew up with my father). She actually told me “I didn’t think men like you still existed” when I told her i was previously married and wanted to be married and wanted that white picket life. Back then I was making all types of excuses for black women. They have beauty issues, no fathers around, blah blah blah. Now. After seeing all this niggerish shit by them in the media, all this Independence talk, I can honselty say this chick was right. I thought she was bullshitting. Boy that gay chick knew what she was talking about. I have no respect for women who be with men whose jeans are tighter than theirs. Nah. I’m cool if you date weak, soft dudes. Really I am. But be consistent. If you rock with cats like that, then ten years later don’t try to see me and you know I’m strong and try to rock my way. My response will be what’s your standard? One minute you with the weak, tight jean dude, now you want to be with well dressed, articulate Man? Something don’t fit with that scenario and I don’t trust a woman that’s wishy washy. Black women don’t know if they want a man, a woman, hell who knows might be seeking out dogs (and I mean real dogs). They have lost the art of Womanhood (being feminine) and if you’re in your late twenties and up, and don’t know how to be feminine, hell you never will. And I am not the dude to teach you. Did that in my twenties and got burned. Not happening. I’m healthy, attractive, in shape and have a lot of good years ahead of me to create wealth for my following generations coming behind me. And I am not sharing any of my wealth, with a creature as disloyal as black women. I rather go to south america and make me some light skin babies with a Mayan woman, who speaks spanish, than put seeds in a brawd who is itching for the opportunity to take me to court behind our children. The clave experience didn’t keep black women loyal to black men: so why bring it up now? I know all your typical selling points to try to get black men to come back to your side and I ain’t falling for that okie doke. If slavery was really a uniting force for black men and women (like the holocaust is for jews) then we would not be having this conversation. But we all know that plenty of black women received plenty of benefits from “massa” while the black man got beat down. Same benefits you’ll got back then you get now (corporate jobs) which makes your kind feel superior to black men. There is a lot of things I can forgive, but one thing i will not forgive is betrayal. And there is no woman on the planet who represents betrayal, as a collective, more so than the black woman. And when this torm rolls over your ass, and it’ here, do not look for this black man to put his life on the line to defend you. WOuld have done it in the past, but now. Shiiiiit. You must be crazy. I know there is a contract somewhere that black women signed with white men to do this shit to us. I know it exists. This shit didn;t just happen by accident. Black women have a secret contract with white men. But the one thing neither one of you anticipated that, some of us black men would learn the world again and find out how much favor we have in it. You’ll two (the black woman working in conjunction with massa) never anticipated black men getting fed up with black women to the point we would walk away from them. That’s the glitch in the matrix right there. I will get me a Latin woman or Southeast Asian (preferably Latina). These women value family. They value Men. And most importantly, they value themselves. Race is not real. The fact you have programs like CNN’s “Who Is Black In America” showing he hate dark skin black people showed towards light skinned people, proved that to me. If race was real, black people would be united. Black people are more divided than they ever been because black people have become a people who are totally dependent on the power structure they claims hate them so much. And are unwilling to take a look at themselves when criticized, no matter if it’s within the group or outside the group. I am sick of nigger shit. I’m sick of bitch shit. And I’m sick of bitch nigger shit. Much love to my Moorish brothers on here who put the boot up you educated, wannabe white bitches ass. You’ll need that shit. Now the media is digging in your ass, now you want black men come defend you. Shiiiit. Who? Not me. Never defended me. You hateful as black women made Gabby Douglass feel like shit when this girl was at her best, shining in the Olympics. If you’ll wanted her hair done so bad, why didn’t some of you mofos fly over there and help make her look more beautiful. But she came through and got paid by Kellog’s and shining on your hateful asses. KKK is not even close when it comes to the level of hate black people exhibit towards each other, especially black women. You’ll are some hateful creatures. I’ll never forget that Gabby Douglas shit. If she got with a white dude I wouldn’t even blame her the way black people make you feel. Just read the words of Malcolm X in his autobiography. He said “we had one of he best black organizations around and niggers ruined it.” These were Malcolm’s words. The black man is not the problem. I used to think he was. Now don’t get me wrong he needs to step the fuck up and get off this bitch shit. But his biggest problem is the black woman. she holds him back. When a chick can fuck thirty men and get on tv and demand marriage, you know you’re dealing with a corrupt creature. Their are plenty of virgins in the world and I’m going to get mine. You think I’m gonna kiss a woman who has put so many penises in her mouth she can’t even count? Not!!! Oh you thought that feminism shit was gonna allow you to be a hoe and then come back and say to men “well men do it” and accuse us for having a double standard? We don’t have a double standard. We screw hoes for practice and we marry good women to raise children with to continue humanity in a normal, positive progression. It’s called standard procedure. Congratulations black woman “you got hell.” You thought you would get away with this hoe shit on us and we would be cool with it? Feminism had you’ll cocky. Had you feeling yourselves. now other women will be feeling yourselves keeping you warm at night with your special order dildos. Matter fact I’ll put it to you like this: I’m going to get me a woman who has never been touched by another man. I don’t have to worry about her being a hoe, or having emotional baggage, or lacking moral character. yes, virgins still exist. Just not in America.

  4. thinkpink says:

    What concerns me with so many of these comments is the monolithic view they take. All 10 million black women and men in the world are exactly the same? I’m sorry weren’t we enslaved and systematically disenfranchised in this country because another group of people thought the same way about us? If you’re having a difficult time finding a good partner than it’s time to take a good look at yourself.You’re looking in the wrong places. Some people subconciously seek out drama and don’t even know it. If you hate black women you will subconciously seek out one who reinforces your sterotypes. Period. If you think black women are only objects of physical lust and women of other races are to be loved…well no suprise there. You have taken on the thinking of a slave master. White men raped your great great grandmother by perpetuating that stereotype. And you will seek out black women for sexual pleasure only. I think some black men only see black women as a source of drama and sexual pleasure and don’t even bother talking to the ones that portray themselves to be more than that. I have literally been told by an ex that I didn’t argue enough. He went out of his way to push my buttons to bring out the “angry black woman” sterotype and when I didn’t fulfill it? He ran. It doesn’t matter who you end up loving. But if you enter a relationship with someone of a different race based out of hatred of your own than that marriage is bound to fail. Interracial marriages have the highest divorce rate of all and I wonder if the hatred one partner brings to the table is the cause of this.

  5. Ramses says:

    Appreciate both comments by Terrence and Deanne. Sincerity always comes from your words. However, I agree with Mack. I’m not carrying black people and their burdens (including black women). Imagine yourself climbing a mountain, a feat within itself, and having to pull someone up the mountain who has the ability to climb it, but refuses because they said it’s too hard. Really? Black people, the ones who exhibit this iniquity on a day in day out basis, don’t want change. You think any program you come up with will solve black people’s problems. Please don’t make me list the countless organizations we have had. Organization starts at home first. Jews didn’t have organizations first. They organized as families first economically first and then their organizations sprang from this strength to make sure their story continues to be heard. How did this happen? Because they had a culture, even if it is a stolen one. Whether they were Polish Jews. Russian Jews. French Jews. American Jews. They came together, even some of them stubbornly. Now they run the banking system and I’m not mad at them because they said we’re tired of getting our asses kicked. See when you’re tired of getting your asses kicked, you figure out a way to come up. Black people aren’t tired of getting their asses kicked. They’re having too much fun. And while their having fun, other groups in the states are supplanting them. Ho Chi Minh sat in a Garvey meeting in Atlanta and when he went back to Viet Nam, he implemented some of the things Garvey talked about. That’s why when brothers were sent into Vietnam, they were blasting on radios to brothers that they were not their enemy. They looked at those brothers as family. Go down to vietnam right now and you see people with flat noses and lips like Negroes down there. See I’m universal in my thought process. The black man is a universal creature. He can go anywhere on the planet and thrive because he will always be embraced throughout the world, as long as he comes civilized. But this black woman is another story. Beyonce tried to perform in Turkey and was rejected because of the demonic spirit she represents. So if these people reject Beyonce, why do we embrace her? Makes you wonder. And she is not my sister. Might be your but she is not mine. Father been pimping her for years but no one says anything. Sorry to say Deanne at this statement:

    The latter is my larger point… if Black men who have figured out where we as a people have gone wrong give up on Black women, and won’t search for the Black women who are willing to rebuild, then we must concede that the game is over

    But it’s true. Black women don’t listen. You know how long I’ve been out here trying to teach grown women simple stuff. Not rocket science, but basic things, which is not really my responsibility. I mean when brothers don’t have their stuff together (economics) do most black women take the time and patience with them to support them? Hell no. But when I say I don’t have the patience for black women to get their mind together (which is way more important than economics) I’m supposed to be patient. No. I do not have a lifetime to waste on black women to figure out the puzzle. If she is gullible enough to think she needs no man and can do it on her own, I say let the bitch do it on her own. I’m staying out her way. That’s real. Who has time for a weave wearing, hair blonding, contacte wearing psycho who rejects herself through her beauty standards everyday and don’t tell me it’s the white man and white woman’s fault. I’m not hearing that plantation excuse no more. I was born in the same society that attempts to strip my manhood everyday and my experience as a Man is way worse than a black woman. You don’t see me conking my damn hair. Lightning my skin with creams and all that dumb stuff. Let’s just call it what it is: black women are too weak to stand with their men. It’s easier to sell out than to walk the road with black men and I get it. Cool. It’s ok. We universal. Hip Hop culture (not this fag music) has allowed us to break down many doors globally and in places like Europe, they know who Moors are. The black man in America is the most copied man on the planet. White boys copy us. Middle eastern men try to be us. Indian dudes try to be us. And a whole host of other men, while at the same time trying to hate us. Had a Indian girl in my math class in 2002 tell me out her own mouth that Indian women love black men. I’m glad feminism came along because it revealed how shady black women really are and now I see why Moors were circumnavigating the globe: hell they were probably trying to get away from black women. Real shit. I mean why were they going into Europe the way they were dealing with all those white women. Kind of makes you wonder? Hmmm…. I’m not a hater at all. Like I said before. To those black women who operate on ancient principles and support black men, much love and respect and you don’t belong in this conversation. But to the rest, please. Your nature has been revealed for the charlatan you are. And it is not enough good black women to make me wanna go out there and search like a rat looking for food in a sewer. Nah I’m good. No thanks. Keep that. i don’t want your booty, attitude, nor weak conversations. I’ll leave these black women to the black men who don’t know any better. All these women on the planet willing to embrace black men and love them like they need it yet these dudes want to keep running back to a bitch who gets pleasure out of abusing him. Talk about child abuse. Niggas been getting abused so much they don’t even recognize it. The only thing they can spout is this beautiful black queen nonsense. Where you’ll get this shit from? What queens you’ll talking about? I ain’t seen them mofos. Point em out to me. Are they in your churches? Your mosques? Synagogues? Schools? I’m not blind and I know I haven’t seen them. let some of these black women start seeing brothers with women from other countries. That shit will have their asses hurt for real. And I don’t call these women foreign at all. Any woman who embraces culture, has integrity, respects and adores her Man, is not foreign to me. Black women are more foreign to me than women of other nationalities. Like Chris Rock said it’s not about hating black people, it’s about hating niggas. I am not throwing on a cape and trying to save black people. Too many black men gave their lives for that futile cause and I learned from that. Black people love when martyrs die for them, but they hate when martyrs hold them accountable for their behavior. When Yasheua (Jesus) talked in the scriptures, he said “I ahve come to fulfill the Law unto Moses.” He was about Law. Period. Black women follow a white man’s law, which allows them to be hoes, yet violate the God they say is their God’s law without a second thought. Now imagine me, a rational thinking man, seeing a woman violate God’s law all the time. If a Woman shows she doesn’t value God’s law, whatever God that is, then what makes you think this mofo will listen to you? Black women don’t listen to the God they go praising every Sunday in church. That’s all I need to see. Me and black women don’t vibe because I hit they asses with that law and they get to running. I remember a black chick told me that God was old. She said “you still on that.” Mind you she was a dyke. I’m good. I’m getting money, searching other to find fertile soil to place seeds in, and forming good families. that’s how I will make my contribution to humanity in a positive way. As far as sacrificing for black women the way I used to in the past, that is over with. And don’t get it twisted I can admit when I’ve been hurt. Only a bitch nigga will try to hide the fact he’s been hurt. But when you hurt, it means you care. I’ve been hurt by some black women. But I learned to stop going to a well that keeps your mouth dry. But don’t think just because I’ve been hurt I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Matter fact, some black women try to make you feel bad about feeling hurt!!!! Damn you can’t win for losing. When you hard, then you’re not sensitive enough. When you’re compassionate, then you’re a soft ass nigga. I’m surprised that more black men don’t have identity crises. Maybe they do and they are keeping quiet about it. All I know is this, and I want brothers to ponder this question: how many black men/Moors around you do you know or have known in your past are happy, truly happy, and are successful with black women. I posed the question to my friend today and he was like wow. He never thought about it. I have to think really hard to find anybody, especially my close friends who have had any success or are happy with their woman if they are dealing with a black woman. Matter fact, when we see a black man happy with a black woman and be successful, we are shocked, if we see it. My point is, it’s an anomaly. It doesn’t exist. It might have existed in my great grandad’s and grandmother’s generation. But in 2012, shiiiiiiit. We are so shocked, male and female, when we see a black man and woman happy together. We are like “how they do it!” Lol. it’s an exception to the rule. The rule is that shit most of the time does not work because black women are freaking crazy and you’ll know it. You’ll mental problems are at a level that I can’t even put into words. If I approach any other woman from a different ethnic group, my macking is superb. When it comes to black women, my words don’t even want to come out because I’m not really impressed by them. I mean don’t get me wrong, i look at the ass and all that, but that’s about it. Black women only appeal to my sexual side. But when it comes to my spiritual side, there’s no connection. And that’s it. The connection that I used to feel towards black woman has been replaced by other women. I’m not excited about the prospect of being with a black woman. Now give me a latina, asian, european woman then I’m all in. You put that obnoxious black woman in front of me, no response. Just an indifference now. An ambivalence. Black women have really done their job if their goal was to turn black men off from them. I mean that had to be your plan: what else could it be? I never thought I’d say this but I suggest black women find them some white men because your chances with brothers are dwindling real fast. No other men in the world will deal with that obnoxious shit and I’m surprised we’ve done it for so long but brothers are holding their balls in their hands again and becoming like wild bulls. That ponk faggot shit brothers been on, some have snapped out of that shit to realize that the white man is not his obstacle to success: it’s the black woman. Good luck

  6. Mack says:

    @ Terrence: Part of the reason ‘our women’ refuse to change or even entertain correction is because they know most brothers won’t leave them alone. So why change if you really don’t have to?

    Another thing: you said the black woman gave us life. Correction: God gives us life. And he gives it through the power of the seed which flows through man. That seed carries the God-gene in it. But it also carries the essence of that man within it. Women physically speaking only provide the proper environment to grow that seed within; but only for 9 months. The bloodline always travels through the man.

    I’m pro-African/Moor to the hilt. But I’m also a realist. We have to stop owning niggerishness and calling it ours. Some of these brothers and sisters; correction: MOST we simply can’t take with us. They’re more destructive to the greater cause than the uncle Toms and aunt Tomasinas who ran and told ‘massa’ about the slaves plotting to run away. Why try and drag them heavy sacks of burden around, when all they’re doing is slowing up everyone’s progress? They need to get with the program or get left. Period.

  7. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    @Ramses A gentle correction … I always speak from a woman’s perspective. That is who I am. However, I was raised among generations of married Black people who accomplished great things together, and gave me a foundation to stand on and speak from. The tragedy of our generation — I am a few years younger than you — is that very few of our peers had the opportunity to experience what God chose, in His mercy, to bless me with. I know there are great Black men out there because basically, that’s all I know; I have been able to pattern myself after great Black women who were and are about family because that’s basically all I know. Television and radio was at a minimum, and so was the early Internet; we read a lot and my parents and grandparents had complete control of all media until my sister and I were well up into our teens. We were home-schooled. It has made a massive difference.

    But few Black people, in the last 50 years, have had that. The end of segregation did not make many of the powers that be change their minds about not wanting to equip us to be strong Black men and women: integration meant primarily that we turned over our livelihood and the education of our children to those that had no concern about our becoming anything other than… well… their slaves, color it in corporate terms how we may (and only until there were enough Asians and Latinos to fill the spots they themselves could not or would not fill). So, we have three entire generations of Black people living who do not know how to be the way our forebears were, and who have taken on the worst attributes of those that have no interest in their well being. I was spared, by the grace of God and the tremendous sacrifice of my family.

    The latter is my larger point… if Black men who have figured out where we as a people have gone wrong give up on Black women, and won’t search for the Black women who are willing to rebuild, then we must concede that the game is over. I will never concede; there are too many Black boys and girls who are looking on those who are in our 30s, 40s, and 50s and trying to find an alternative to the insanity rampant. They all do not have to be another generation lost, and frankly, even many of our peers are looking for alternatives in those midnight hours when pride gives way to a full sense of the emptiness of the bill of goods many of us have been sold. Somebody — and it will take a Black man and a Black woman working together, MARRIED — needs to provide leadership in every community, and train/raise additional families of leaders. It takes time to become that woman and be found by that man — and vice versa. But I refuse to believe that the process will not be worth it; I refuse to leave my students and tutees to be destroyed because the work is exceedingly hard. I refuse to concede, on marriage, and on the future of Black people right here in this country… and I do not think I am the first or last Black woman, down through the history of this country, who has had to make that stand. Must have been hard to see one’s mate and children sold away, or to be forced to give one’s body or have one’s wife’s body given to a cruel master for his lust… but if our foreparents did not give up and managed to hold enough of their families together to secure our future, I refuse to believe that we are done for yet!

  8. @ Brother Ramses

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience about some of our lost Sisters. I could feel the pain and hurt in your words and can understand why you feel the way you do. Based on your comment, I think we agree on most things, but I will never give up on the Black women. She gave us life and helped to make us the powerful Black men that we are because for me it sure wasn’t my father. When you give up on the Black women, you give up on yourself and our future as a people.

    This is exactly what the white man wants us to do. He knows that the Black man and Woman are the most powerful beings on this planet and can only control us by keeping us divided. The only way to counter this is to work together to mend our relationships, not by going outside our community. This will not be easy, but it will be worth it. It will take strong Black men to do this, of which I believe there are many. We just need to get organized and let our Sisters know, we aren’t going anywhere.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  9. Ramses says:

    I have to disagree with you Terrence. This blame white folks stuff is not going to fix our mess. White people get married. They are not stopping blacks from getting married. Blacks are. Since I was 17 I always wanted to be married. WHy? Because I saw how broken my Dad’s relationship with his girlfriend of 11 years was and did not want any parts of that shit. However, when my ex cheated and had a baby by another dude when I was 19, this put a damper on my plans. And til this day, this same chick never finished high school or went to college and still is fooling with this same knucklehead who she allowed to make her a baby mama. Matter fact, her mother had so much respect for me, that when her daughter was gonna stop answering my phone calls and not tell me what she did, she threatened her and told her she would tell me. Now that’s honor. Black women talk shit but don’t realize they have bad reputations throughout the world. Men from other countries have told me they feel sorry for me (us) because of the type of women we deal with. These values start with the family. I did research and found out that in 1896 black’s were getting married at a higher rate than whites. This is like 30 years after slavery. What’s the excuse now? The excuse is you have a group of women who, even though they talk this “strong black woman” shit, in reality want to be and look like white women. Self-hate is the issue. I just saw CNN’s “Who’s Black In America” and the shit light skinned people have had to endure at the hands of dark skinned people is appalling. I was naive to this phenomenon. Black women perpetuate this self-hate shit through the issue of beauty. Wanting to have babies with light skinned people so they can come out light and have pretty hair. Stupid shit like that. I remember before “Jungle Fever” came out, black women wasn’t feeling darks skin dudes like that. But when they saw Wesley with the Italian chick, all of sudden “we like dark men.” They just threw light skinned dudes to the side and now you barely can find a black chick who likes light skinned dudes. Blacks are hateful because they lack a cohesive culture and when you lack that, destruction is near. Latina women find their identity through their culture which is centered around family. Indian women the same. Chinese women the same. Black women the only idiots talking this independence shit. Until they get 40 and got baggage. Then they want to run back to a brother cheesing like shit all good. Feminism has taught us one thing about black women: how quickly they will sell out there men. As soon as black women got the opporunity to go work for whitey (or Jew) in his businesses, she was out like Flo-Jo (RIP). And then threw her accomplishments in black men’s face and said he was jealous. What kind of woman would throw her man’s shortcomings up in his face and his overall struggles. You kick your men down like this when he’s in this predicament? Well you have sealed your fate. Because there are women globally asking brothers to give them some brown babies. I will oblige them. While you have self-hating so-called mothers who hate their own children for being light skinned or dark skinned, foreign women specifically want brothers just so they can have brown babies with them. Where do you think I’m going? I would never have children with a woman who will teach my children to hate themselves. That’s stupid. As parents you affirm your children. Not hate them. You’ll cats better let go of that pipe dream. It’s over in terms of American black women. If you’re in your thirties, think back to the success you have had with them. Hell, have you had any? And I don’t mean sexual conquests either. I mean how many of you have had meaningful, wholesome relationships with them? The best chick i ever dealt with was a Puerto Rican. She is the template I use now for the type of woman I want and even though she’s married to another black man, she told me I was the best man she ever had. And even told me she felt she wasn’t good enough for me. Now that’s humility right there. Black men are too good for black women. They say we are not on their level. I say they are not on ours (especially the strong brothers). Black women, in my experience, have never shown any strong brothers respect. Dudes run to clubs and strip clubs ever weekend because they’re hiding the fact they’re lonely as hell. You don’t see Indian women running to clubs (especially strip clubs), Chinese women, or any other self-respecting women. These same chicks can’t even make a spread on a table for a family because they don’t have the Art of Womanhood in them. This is why you cats are not being successful with them. You make it a racial issue when it’s really a Man/Woman issue. The Man in you will not respond favorably to a female who doesn’t bring traditional ways of thinking to the relationship and in my estimation, they are not changing this mentality. Black women, as a collective, have no plans to all of a sudden admit their errors in terms of how they treat brothers and go back to the common sense ways of looking at relationships. So a lot of you have a choice to make. Either you stay with them and stop complaining about how bad they are. or stop going to that dry well and be Men, for once in your life, and see what this beautiful world has to offer you. You don’t owe anyone any explanation as to why if you decided to give up on black women if you do. You don’t have to justify your decision to them, or these weak, scary ass niggas who have an Oedipus complex with their mothers (who sometimes abused them) and seek women who abuse them as well. You’ll think I care about the criticism and personal attacks black women give me on here or the weak niggas? Please. My hearts not with these black women anymore. They can be with all the white men they want. Does not bother me one bit. Because what I’m going for is Supreme. Fertile soil is the key. You can’t put seeds in polluted soil and think your crops will grow. Same thing with these loose as females. You can’t put your seeds in their polluted bodies and think you’re gonna have success with them. If you’re in your thirties and still looking for that success. you’re gonna be looking forever. I’ve heard stories of brothers going to brazil, thailand, and other countries, who came to a people who they though were foreign, but who embraced them like a native son and made them feel more like family than they ever felt in America with their own blood relatives. They said they were never coming back to the states. Some of those brothers would rather fish in a village on rickety boats than deal with this self-hate shit. Black women have totally turned me off from them just with self-hate alone. It’s toxic and can make you sick. I’m a loving man and the only way I can stay that way is to stay away from black women. They just don’t have it in them, for the most part to love anymore. For the ones who have it, more power to you and may you find a man to be with if you don’t have one. But I am not about to go on a scavenger hunt, going through a hundred black women, just to find that one good one. Forget that. It’s easier to go to lands where the average woman is a good woman and is in shape too. i aint with that fat girl shit. Black women have standards. Well I definitely have mine and most could never measure up to mine. This is a difference of values, not opinion. I ain’t trying to make a black woman do anything. She can do what she wanna do. But so can I. I don’t care enough to hear her rationale for not respecting black men. Doesn’t matter. Why argue with someone who lacks sensibility? Just a waste of time.

  10. Brother Reginald Williams nailed it in his comment. Love is a two way street and both men and women have issues. The way I see it is from a cultural or lack of point of view. This is not jus happening in our community, but in the general population as well. The problem is our people following behind the general population, hook line and sinker. We’ve given up our values and traditions to continue trying to act like people who don’t look like us. A perfect example of this is our African Brothers and Sisters, but really any group who comes to this country with their culture intact. They know their roles and except them willingly and to a certain extent, their children do as well. But it seems like the longer you stay around these people, the more you become corrupted.

    A perfect example of how far off the path of righteousness they have gone is to have the disgusting nerve to teach homosexuality in elementary schools. How sick is that. Yet we as a people continue to follow and do everything they do. The solution is to reconnect with our African traditions and values for those people looking to change our situation. Good examples of this are Kwanzza, rights of passage ceremonies, and many others. When we came to this country, we didn’t have relationship problems, but since being around these people for so long and not keeping our values and traditions we’ve succumbed to their issues. It’s time to break the mental chains of slavery and be the great people we were meant to be.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  11. Ramses says:

    Much love to the brother who wrote this article. Now let me go in on my tangent like I love to do. Forget a panel discussion. WTF is that? Black people the only people I see out here who need a panel discussion for everything that’s wrong with them. Damn. Some things are simple. Committed relationships are simple: Love. However, you have to be mature enough to give it and receive it. Men will not open hearts to women who are inconsistent. This chick wanted to know why is it hard for men to open up to women. My friend said “because women are inconsistent. They act nice and sweet, but then when you think she has your heart’s interest, the demon comes out.” I can take a consistent “bitch” over a chick who is nice one minute, and the next minute she is like a pitbull. Most of the time these females are like leaves in the wind: going in whichever direction the wind is blowing. Marriage is not dead at all: but it is dead for females who spend more time competing, arguing, challenging, disrespecting, emasculating, verbally abusing and a whole host of other reprehensible behaviors towards men. For a lot of black women who criticize black men so much, you definitely have a lot of babies with him out-of-wedlock for. He must does something right. If a Man can lay pipe to you right and you have a baby by him, then based on your own behavior, you should be willing to be with him right? I mean a Man is gonna lay pipe and seed up because it’s his nature. But, a Woman ultimately decides the condition in which that child is conceived. If she’s loose, no marriage. If she’s selective with the type of man (not men ladies) she let’s enter her space, then her chance of being honored goes high. What you’ll thought feminism was gonna be stronger than thousands of years of world history and traditional culture? I don’t think so. Why you think there are so many dating websites catering to American men looking for traditional culture? Because, throughout the world, tradtion (marriage) still matters. Duh!!!! Lol. However you let your stupid WOmen Lib’s classes in college (taught by bisexuals and Lesbos) teach you that men are the problem. Well if black men are the problem, then leave us be. Don’t get on these sites complaining about when we get with white girls, or latinas, or asians or whoever that’s not a black woman. Matter fact, don’t even use the black woman argument because it’s tired and played out, especially if you fine. If you’re fine and can’t get a Man to commit to you long term, maybe you just suck. You can’t say it’s the looks. Stop trying to make this a black woman thing when in reality it’s you, as a single woman out here, needing to make the case for yourself why a man should be with you. Don’t bring “black women” plural into it. Bring you as a woman singular into it, because ultimately that’s what it’s about. When a man approaches you black woman (Lord help him) he’s not thinking about “black women” at all. He’s looking at your particular assets and wondering how can he slide up in those drawls. Now he will marry it for the opportunity to slide in their but, nevertheless, he wants to slide in. Why? Because his nature dictates that he replicates himself. Science. All day. I’m sick of this panel discussion mentality from black people. Everything is not up for debate black women. @Jazzie this statement is not relevant

    Similarly, there are many predatory, emotionally-bankrupt, generally sorry men as well. Neither of these descriptions is representative of all Black women nor all Black men. I happen to believe the brothers are the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ in magnificence, despite there being some “bad” ones. There are some “bad” women, too–in every ethnicity–not just the sisters.

    When will black women own up to their shit? Why when a Man writes an article like this, you’ll come with the well “there are bad black men too thing.” As a man I know this. However, 70 percent of you’ll keep having babies nevertheless out-of-wedlock with them so what’s stopping you’ll from sliding in you’ll? Everytime we criticize women, it’s a freaking debate. Damn we can’t be right on anything? You mean to tell me that black men are wrong on eveerything we talk about on this website concerning females? Don’t try to bring other females in other groups into the discussion because they are not on trial here. You are. Remember, Men seek women out. So your every action is always under display, whether you know it or not. A loud cackle can turn a Man off from a woman (definitely would turn me off) who might be seriously interested in you. You’ll have no idea what Men pay attention to when they are looking for longterm relationships. There is a huge difference between the type of woman a man will marry and the one he will just screw. Big difference. And @Jazzie this statement is so assuming:

    “Ultimately, we still need each other”

    As Black Men, we don’t need black women like you think. Even though there are cats out here who still want to be with you all (although the number is shrinking at an alarming rate). Times are changing for you black women and it is for the worse. I was talking to a brother who used to work out at my old college with me some years back. We were talking in LA Fitness and out of the blue he stated “well I date white girls.” I mean it just caught me off guard because he didn’t say it on some hate black women shit either. He stated matter-of-factly. He said he started dating them since 2005 and his words “I’ve been hooked ever since.” He’s an architect and he said that primarily in his field was whites and when he dated one she was much more appealing to him overall. He’s dated black women, just not into the nigger stuff that comes with a lot of your female counterpart, educated or not. Have you ever women just taken the time to actually asses your life history and experience with Men? I mean seriously. Have you ever wondered or cared why you have not had success with Men longterm or short term? Now some of you don’t mind jumping in the sack with any dude and those I’m not speaking of. I mean the ones who claim they want longterm relationships (marriage only, boyfriends and girlfriends don’t count when you’re in your twenties sorry). You’ll get on this site and try to debate dudes on every single issue. I rarely see any of you ask brothers what did we do wrong, as a collective, to make you want to leave us? Or not be interested in you’ll the way you used to be. Few years back i was pro-black people (especially black women). However, I can’t stand you’ll. Not on some hate shit either. It’s not hate at all. It’s just a lot of times, you’ll just obnoxious just because. You’ll argue just because you live in a society that allows you to talk shit, be combative towards, humiliate men on a consistent basis and then when men go in your mouth out of frustration that a lot of times you cause, then you want to get police involve. Be the main ones talking about they hate men, but have to call a male police officer to help you with your relationship. How silly. One thing I can say about Deann Matthews is Queen doesn’t tend to look at things from the Woman perspective all the time. A lot of her points of view come from just a human perspective. She gives her opinions (which tend to be the truth most of the time) from a how I want to be treated perspective. Not from this overcompensating “I’m A Strong Black Woman” bullshit that has many Men (including myself) nauseated. Instead of getting on here debating with us all the time, you might actually want to listen for a change because if you don’t be careful, you might find yourself nannies in white men houses again, for good this time. Keep playing this bullshit ass “I’m educated, you can’t tell me what to do” game with men because what’s gonna happen you’re gonna find your mouths in between the legs of another female who sag her pants more than the Late Great Tupac Shakur (when it was still in style). Your sons get murdered in the streets to the point where there is a shortage of men or due to the ones in jail. Now your daughters are entering the dating scene with such a disparity of men, she licking on vagina herself at 16. WTF are you on here debating? There’s no debate. Stop talking about how we need to get our shit together and tell your “strong black women” to get theirs together. Because last time I checked, she is the one in the media sobbing about how she can’t find a husband (when in reality a husband is supposed to find her). Black men complain about good black women being hard to find in terms of marriage, they don’t complain about being able to find good women to find to marry. A lot of black men would have been married years ago if they wouldn’t have passed up women in different groups, hoping they would find a “sister.” Listen to the comments by Shawn and Datruth who are lamenting about not being able to find a good black woman. And with the number disparity, black men should be having the pick of the litter when it comes to quality black women to marry (for every 100 black women there are 70 available black men). We should be swimming in possible women to marry. With a ratio like that, you mean to tell me black men who want to get married are having problems finding suitable candidates? That number tells you everything you need to know about the quality of black women out here. Black women stop debating and start listening. Put a rock in your mouth, STFU, and learn how to effectively listen. We sit on these sites giving evidence, well-reasoned arguments articulated, only to have at the end of the arguments nothing accomplished really. You’ll end arguments with snide comments, saying little slick shit, feeling like you won the argument while guys leave thinking how dumb you are, only proving that their views on you are right and exact. @jazzie legitimate criticisms are not these things ( No blame. No under-cutting. No finger-pointing. And no generalizations). Everytime we point out black women behavior patterns, it’s called “being negative.” If there is nothing to critique, then why aren’t you enjoying successful relationships with black men (if you’re single and have been). I don’t complain about not being able to meet black women. That’s easy. I complain about them because I don’t want to meet them. That’s different. What would we make me abstain from approaching fine women in a city like Atlanta? Their mentalities. I have no desire (look up the definition of desire) to approach a black woman at all because I’m a mature Man who knows how to approach a Woman and black women, naturally have a tendency of disrespecting you when you approach them or speak. Plenty of times I’ve spoken and gotten no response back. Now when I was in my twenties didn’t bother me as much. At 34, where I’ve earned the right to be respected as a Man, you think I will tolerate a uncivilized heathen who doesn’t have the human decency to speak back when spoken to? Black women better get a grip on reality real fast because don’t think you’re gonna run back to men like myself 3 babies out-of-wedlock later when I was the one cautioning you before you had the babies by Tyrone. It ain’t happening. That’s the only time black women look for a knight in shining armor: when she needs to be bailed out of her miserable situation she placed herself in.

  12. Mack says:

    One of the rarest things in this day and age is a good, solid, LASTING marriage. Vows use to mean something. Now they’re not worth the breath it takes to make them. Studies show that 80% of all divorces are initiated by women. And when privately polled as to why they chose to divorce, the number one reason given over and over again was BOREDOM. Not infidelity. Boredom. Meaning: men are getting married. Women are just choosing not to stay married.

    Its a sign of the culture we now live in. I love this article because it keeps it real. This isn’t a ‘man vs. woman’ issue. Its a ‘values vs. the lack-thereof’ issue. Women have indeed changed their values over the past few generations. When women say “I don’t need a man”, she inadvertantly just validated the existence of playboys. Because playboys LOVE to hear women say that! Those are the type of women they gravitate towards. So for all you ladies who don’t need a man for anything except carnal pleasure: don’t get mad when you find yourself being used just for sex. Its what you wanted…

  13. Jazzie Dixson says:

    Good perspective, well said. I don’t know if I would call it the “death” of marriage, but agreed there are many man-hating, angry, selfish women out there. Similarly, there are many predatory, emotionally-bankrupt, generally sorry men as well. Neither of these descriptions is representative of all Black women nor all Black men. I happen to believe the brothers are the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ in magnificence, despite there being some “bad” ones. There are some “bad” women, too–in every ethnicity–not just the sisters. Ultimately, we still need each other. No blame. No under-cutting. No finger-pointing. And no generalizations. Having the conversation is the pursuit of understanding. Your work is a great reminder of how special–and rare–it is to find the right partner.

  14. Reginald Williams says:

    Much of what was contained in this article is factual, however here is my problem (and this isn’t based on an opinion, but based on the work I do EVERYDAY). Women have become experts at pointing out what’s wrong with men. Men have become experts with what’s wrong with women, and neither gender has the authenticity to take any real assessment of self or what your gender is engaged in. Much, much easier to tell you what you are doing wrong and doing so means I don’t have to face my demons.

    Check this out:
    Light attract light
    So if you [men or women]
    keep attracting a person with a shadow
    maybe you’re a little more shallow
    than you think!

    If there is a death in marriage it is taking place because we are beseiged with immature people. Remember in the African-American communities there is an out-of-wedlock birthrate that exceeds 70%. Is there any wonder why their may be a death of marriage – let’s just play house rather than build legacies.

  15. DaTruth says:

    This is just another example of how bad society has fallen, but the in black community its far worst. Trying to find a quality black woman is a Herculean undertaking for a good black man. In opinion good black men are not even valued by so-called good black women, and if and when they are it’s only after these”good black women” are over 35 years old. By then most of these guy’s are with white, Asian and Hispanic women. And that’s why there’s so many black women writing books and screenplays about middle age black women being the victim of the black man.

  16. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    Proverbs 31:10 — Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

    Apparently, it’s been a problem for several millenia… and Solomon would know, having searched among 1,000 women personally. But there is a bit of hope in there: apparently, there must still be some women worth the price, and some men willing to pay it. Reports of the demise of marriage, I think, may yet be premature, although it is certainly not as common as it once was. The point is well taken.

  17. Shawn Hudson says:

    Hey man great article, I just wrote an article on a simialr topic that should be published here soemtimes this week and I agree with so much because God knos its hard to find a good woman.

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