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Friday, May 25, 2018

Not Because He is Black, Because He is Capable.

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( History was made yet again. Yes Black America we have a black President four more years, but what does that really mean? Did we go to the polls simply because he was black, or because he was capable? If the Republicans had presented a stronger campaign would they have been able to sway the vote?

Rather than pull together as a nation more than 30 states opt to secede. Is it really that serious? Did Republicans have that much faith in Mitt Romney?  Or would they have given the Presidency to anyone other than? It makes you wonder how we have come so far as a nation and as a people yet we are still stuck in third gear.

No one is willing to speak to President Obama’s accomplishments, but will open their mouths to sing like a meadow lark about his failures!

Did he not turn around a failing auto industry? Did he not end a war that was  not our own but created in the minds of the Bush administration. (My opinion only) to this day I am yet to or read about a weapon of mass destruction being found. However the destruction of an economy is apparent, relevant and evident! Did he not sign into reform a health care bill that will work not for one party but for all parties? The list goes on!

This President has run the country for the last four years without scandal. He has shown men that being a father, a husband is a good thing. The image portrayed for the black family is a positive one! The image portrayed for a family period is a positive one!

Civil unrest?  Are they truly losing sleep over a decision that was made by more than just an electoral college at the end of the day HE won the popular vote too! By the end of the campaign many Republicans realized their candidate was NOT the right man for the job plain and simple.

Washington get behind your President and support him! Opposers get past your emotions and personal feelings and support him, we will ALL stand to benefit by having him as President for another four years. Rome was not built in a day!

I know many DID NOT vote him in for a second term because he was black; they voted him in because HE IS capable! Now get out the way and let the gentleman do his thang!

Staff Writer; Camilla Denise Barton

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9 Responses to “Not Because He is Black, Because He is Capable.”
  1. Marque-Anthony says:


  2. Marque-Anthony says:

    A little geographic history about the war in Iraq.
    That entire area is biblical including ran. You have Niniveh where Jonah went. There is Babylon under Iraq. There is Persia under Iran. And where the Tigres and Euphrates meet, it is likely the area where the Garden of Eden existed. The war in Iraq was not simply about oil and not even about the removal of a dictator or weapons of mass destruction.

  3. Marque-Anthony says:

    I am not a democrat (the democrats of the south owned the slaves)but I voted for President Obama twice because he was the best qualified of the two, certainly the second time he was. He had vision, tenacity, charisma and a plan. Even though I do believe Ron Paul was not racist and he would have done a better job, Paul did not get very far because he made a lot of sense and people did not want what made sense – people wanted more spending, more control of lives by the government and more bullying other countries all around the world.

    That being said, I did my research on our President, I didn’t just vote for him blindly like a lot of our people did. Here are the facts on the other side of the coin. First of all, President Obama is NOT black – he is half African with tribal royalty on his father’s side. Then he is half white with European royalty and Irish on his mother’s side. His blood line connects him to 11 past presidents including Clinton and Bush. He is not a “black man”.

    I wrote an article on this site a while back entitled I Don’t Know Any Black People and I encourage each of you to read it. Your car tires are black, you are NOT. And calling ourselves what we are not when that label was given to us by “white” America during the slave trade is not good. It’s a fact, we are NOT black.

    As for our president, he has done both good and bad. Since most of you know the good (I do as well), let men mention some facts from the other side of the coin.
    1. Redistribution of wealth advocated by our president is a socialist principle, just as Frank Marshall Davis believed in – a man who heavily influenced President Obama’s ideology.
    2. President Obama seems to have a major problem with Israel and this is evident in his actions towards them.
    3. A few years ago President Obama covertly passed the National Defense Authorization Act, an Act that torn down the foundation of the 5th and 14th amendments – the right to due process under the law in this country.
    4. As for morality, President Obama has stated his support of the homosexual community, even though both Bush presidents and Clinton signed the “In Defense Of Marriage Act” defining marriage as between a man and a woman. There is a ton of evidence that President Obama went against the wishes of the MAJORITY of the people in this country by doing so.
    5. On immigration, President Obama’s policies will allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay here – bypassing the system for becoming a citizen in this country and jumping ahead of people who have been trying legally to become a citizen for years.
    6. Before he became President his first term, President Obama had an awful if not absentee voting record in the U.S. senate. Go check for yourself.
    7. President Obama said “you can keep your doctor” when he pushed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) through. That was not true and while the plan helped many people, millions of others lost their insurance or it rose higher than expected. And it’s not even his plan, it’s Hillary’s plan which Bill tried to push when he was president.
    8. The Obamacare plan has a provision for microchip implantation and that is like lojacking a human. That runs right up to the door of the mark of the beast and knocks hard.
    9. Both Hillary and Michelle are either on the Board of major hospitals or insurance companies and you can bet they are reaping major benefits from the passing of the Affordable Care Act. That gives them, how should I say, less than genuine motives in seeing it pass. Just like former Vice-President Cheney benefitted from the Iraq war through Haliburton, a company that supplied food etc to the troops

    Presidents are not elected, they are selected by bloodline. Do your homework guys. Like I said, I have a balanced view more than most because I let the facts speak for themselves. Our President has done a lot of good things too, but we still have to look at both sides of the coin. Have you ever seen a one-sided coin? No.

  4. ulo media says:

    Unashamedly voted for Obama BeCause he is black with No apologies.

  5. David Van Clief says:

    Paula, we wake up everyday to this very dilemma so it is not new. I’m a “baby boomer” who was taught early in life we (Black Men) have to take two steps to every one of our white peers. That means we must be better to forge ahead since we have to work through difficulties other don’t face. To become socially and economically viable we must learn how to beat them at that game. We must learn how to put a positive spin on what we say and do. To do that, we must carry ourselves in a manner that not only deserves respect; but commands respect! When we rise to that level of competence we are empowered to defend ourselves, our contributions, our families, and our community. President Obama epitomizes those qualities and shines brightly, not only to African American, to all men and women of this great nation that if you work hard, follow your dream, and not listen to the negativity of others, you will be successful!

  6. David Van Clief says:

    Thanks Camilla!

  7. Paula says:

    I love this sentence: No one is willing to speak to President Obama’s accomplishments, but will open their mouths to sing like a meadow lark about his failures! This is exactly White America does to us on the job market. They treat us like mentally handicap people!

  8. Camilla says:

    Actually someone did. There is a problem with the software he is using. Thank you for your input.


  9. David Van Clief says:

    Someone should have proofread the title of the article prior to publication.

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