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Yes If You’re Tired of Starting Over, Stop Giving Up! 3 Keys to Being Tenacious.

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( In what area of your life have you contemplated giving up lately?  It crosses the minds of even the most tenacious – I’ve been there. And this week, I feel led to encourage you to hang in there.  I know, I know. You’re tired.  You thought things would have taken off in your career or business by now. You’ve tried and tried to make the relationship work, but you’re losing hope that it ever will. You’re on your third diet in five months and you weigh two pounds more than you did when you started.

I saw this quote recently:

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.”

It is such a simple concept, but in our fast-food world of instant gratification, it’s a concept that we need to be reminded of. The temptation to give up is one of the most enticing temptations you will ever face.  Rather than running towards something new, try digging your heels in right where you are. 

Manage your expectations about how quickly things must happen and find the  lesson that’s being offered to you in your frustration.  Ten years from now,  what will you wish you had done in this season of your life?  Will you wish you had stuck with it? What reward will you reap for staying the course?  Perseverance is not usually fun, but it works. 

Don’t get me wrong. Starting over is sometimes a necessity. No need to continue down a path to nowhere.  In such cases, it’s best to turn back and find a new path.  But when starting over is not a necessity, it is a setback. And often you discover that the new thing you pursue – the new job, the new relationship, the new diet – only presents a new set of challenges, often not so different from the ones you have right now. They’re just new and repackaged.  If that’s you right now, on the verge of giving up – out of exhaustion, disappointment or impatience, try these three strategies:

1.  Get some grit.

Research shows that “grit,” that tenacious spirit that sticks with it, is a determining factor for success in school, sports and business. Make a decision not to give up until you reach your goal. Remove “giving up” as an option.  When you do, you can refocus your energy on finding solutions to the challenge before you.

2.  Get some perspective.

When you become worn out on your journey, the negative emotion narrows your perspective and you begin to only see more of the negative.  Isolating yourself can cause you to falsely perceive that you are the only one dealing with your challenge. Not true. Reach out to positive friends or family to get encouragement.  Read articles or books about people who’ve succeeded at your goal – all of them have surely faced failure and disappointment on the road to success. Put things into perspective and you begin to see that the test you are enduring right now will ultimately become your testimony.

3.  Get some rest.

Sometimes you just need to stop trying so hard to make things work.  Give yourself a break. Pray. Trust. Believe. Relax. Research shows that as you move towards goals, you deplete your energy.  Replenish your energy so you can keep moving forward. Getting unstuck takes energy.  Make sure you’ve got plenty for your journey to success.

Written by Valorie Burton
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