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Blue Ivy Carter, Thy future is bright..

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( News reports have stated that Blue Ivy Carter lives in a 2,200 square foot nursery; she was whisked away in a million dollar Mercedes minivan after leaving the hospital after her birth. Beyonce has hired six nannies, and the baby’s name is trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  In an age where popularity and money rule over social responsibility it is only wise to say: Welcome to the Throne Blue Ivy Carter.

Blue Ivy Carter was recently seen on a yacht with her parents. The child is not even five years old yet and she has traveled abroad numerous times. One can  only hope that she gets what she needs emotionally as she gets older, and it looks like that she will. Blue Ivy Carter became an icon like Tom Cruise’s daughter and really already has online for the world to see. The young one is already rich and does have to lift a finger and never will to do anything –if she wants to.

I often wonder what it is like for celebrity children and the shift that happens when their parents actually get back to work. Beyonce will not be taking off four years to raise this child –she will be getting back to work shortly. Blue Ivy Carter will be taken care of by family and nannies more than likely (who really knows in the life of the rich and famous). 

One thing is for sure Blue Ivy Carter is famous and has done nothing to accomplish the moniker. I hope that she will be raised to understand what it takes to be someone in society –outside of things being given to you freely. Time will only tell with this little one.

Blue Ivy Carter will more than likely turn out to look like her mother more as she gets older… Ushered into the child celebrity lifestyle and be very informed about fashion, music, and art. It seems that it happens to all of the children. Her mother wants to be white –so I wonder if Blue Ivy will want to be white as well? I am just thinking, about the child’s future in so many words. It always seems to never fail in the African American community that the children of the famous are often lonely and end up losing themselves.

I think Beyonce lost herself a long time ago and I hope that doesn’t happen to Blue Ivy Carter. Again, time will tell the little one’s deck of cards she’s been dealt. This is not a sound check.

Staff Writer; atlas brown
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5 Responses to “Blue Ivy Carter, Thy future is bright..”
  1. Christine says:

    Beyonce want’s to be white? That is some crazy shit! Beyonce has always been an excellent role model for all her fans and she will be for her daughter as well. Beyonce was brought up by great parents and I’m sure that she will raise her daughter in the same manner. And as far as the trademark it was denied, a fashion designer owns the rights.

  2. Mike Williams says:

    @ Atlas Brown

    This is dumbest article EVER!!! Yes EVER!!! When Beyonce gets back to work? How about anybody that has to go back to work? What about struggling middle income people that have to take their kids to daycare everyday so they can go back to work? It’s not just rich and famous. There is Kids lonely on all levels of income in all races. There this site goes again with negative stuff about black people. When has Beyonce said she wants to be white? Did Beyonce tell you that? Ooooh Atlas sounds like you are one jealous person of their hard work to attain wealth. Keep doing your thing Jay and Beyonce. If you show your kid the value of a dollar or not, its your business not haters like the writer of this article. The Trademark Commission rejected their request for the name Blue Ivy. Get your information straight before writing an article!

  3. onesha says:

    beyonce you and ivy are cute i love your pic keep it up enjoy your life love you bye

  4. Kay says:

    How did Beyonce lose herself? Plus the baby’s name is trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is false. They were denied…

  5. Whitney says:

    What do you mean by “She wants to be white” ?

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