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Rapper Jay Z not Harvard Worthy, Model Business Man?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Maria Lloyd recently wrote an article in which it was claimed that the rapper Jay-Z was rejected by a career counselor at Harvard University as an appropriate business role model.   I am not sure of the exact circumstances of the student’s allegation, and I am not sure if other Harvard faculty agreed.   All I know is that a young woman said that she admired Jay-Z for what he’s achieved in the business world, and she was shot down faster than an unidentified single engine plane flying over the White House.  In other words, she was told to find a more suitable business role model.

When I read the article, it made me sad and a little bit disgusted.  I don’t like Jay-Z very much, to be honest.  Although he is nothing short of a lyrical genius, I am deeply concerned about any man who earns over $60 million dollars in a year and only gives $6,000 to charity.  I had to agree with Harry Belafonte when he said that today’s leading black artists, namely Jay-Z  and  Beyonce, are ignoring their social responsibility by refusing to fight  on  the issues affecting black America, including violence, poverty, unemployment and mass incarceration. Also, the idea of making millions of dollars by promoting yourself as a “Nigga in Paris” to white people around the world is the epitome of a modern day minstrel show.

But in Rapper Jay-Z’s defense, I must say that any business school professor who doesn’t believe that students can learn from him is DEAD WRONG.

I’ve taught in various business schools over the last 19 years.  One of the most interesting things about teaching in a school of business is that you quickly find that most business school professors don’t know how to go out and actually make money. Sure, they’re experts at producing highly-complicated research papers that no one is ever going to read. But when asked to go into the real world to show that they can do the things they’re teaching students to do, most of them fail the test.

Another thing that most business school faculty don’t understand is struggle.  They have no idea what it’s like to be a black man, living in a housing project, surrounded by violence, joblessness and inadequate educational systems.  Most of the faculty at Harvard University or any other business school would not have been able to start where Rapper Jay-Z began and make it to adulthood as a healthy individual who wasn’t either dead or in jail.

Jay-Z (whose real name is Sean Carter) admits that he started off as a crack dealer.  But this makes him no worse than many of the other original gangsters who bullied their way to the top, especially around the turn of the century.  It is well-known that the Kennedy family built its original wealth  by engaging in as much illegal activity as Sean Carter.   This doesn’t include the massive wealth accumulated by white America for oppressing minorities and keeping them out of the economic system.

What makes Rapper Jay-Z special as a businessman is his ability to “flip” his wealth into the massive fortune that he has today.  He and his wife Beyonce have done a masterful job of managing their careers, making wise investments and avoiding many of the mistakes being made by other people in the music industry.  Rapper Jay-Z is not just a rapper, he’s an actual owner of valuable assets that will take good care of Blue Ivy Carter’s (his daughter) grandchildren.  So, while we can certainly critique Jay-Z for not giving a damn about anyone but himself, we must give him credit for his tremendous economic success.

I certainly hope that the faculty at Harvard are not elitist enough to ignore the impact that a man like Rapper Jay-Z has had on the business community.  The student was allegedly shunned back in 2005, which seems to be eons ago.   But one unmistakable fact is that whether you love him or hate him (I personally feel he has fallen short of his potential), Jay-Z is a force in the business community and he didn’t get that way by being stupid.

Perhaps the black students at Harvard can learn from Rapper Jay-Z’s swag, take it to the next level and mix it with a bit of social responsibility. That’s how we can use the power of money to do something truly great.  In fact, Oprah is already doing it.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit http://BoyceWatkins.com.


36 Responses to “Rapper Jay Z not Harvard Worthy, Model Business Man?”
  1. Bro. Greg, well said. Well said. The points you outlined with consideration of Jay Z influence are achievable. What my concern in stating my position is simply that their are four impediments that hinder humanity from evolution: materialism, classism, racism, and sexism. As you have witnessed I am sure with your own observations, our society trains its populations to find a reason to say, “I am better than you, because I have this or that”.

    Education is a beautiful tool, but it alone does not make me superior over anyone. It does not matter who you are, two points are real, You never rise above your people, and money or other tools are only a instrument to acquiring happiness.

    I will also say for those of us who have some comfort in socia-economic stability and are Black we have a hard fight because we represent the whole. The job of the civilize is to teach and train the un-civilize.

  2. GREG BROWN says:


  3. apologies for the misspelled words..

  4. The beautiful thing about Generation X is we coined the phrase “Show and Prove”!.. when I was much younger you would here people say ” I’m gonna do this, gonna do that”.. yea yea.. Show and prove..

    The world technology means to use on a practical level. The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan taught me this, ” If you have a degree and can not produce a job for yourself, is the degree worth the paper it is printed on.”… You see that is the real question. The question is production. The problem here is that so many people have degree and are not productive but only fit a peg in the matrix, living without understanding your unique aim and purpose.

    Neither will I say all people are meant to be bosses. I do believe that we must position formal education in its proper context. Mark Twain stated, I never let my schooling interfere with my education.

    All education is about production. Does not matter if its sex education or scientific education.

  5. Mike Williams says:

    You won’t read any more of my comments because you know it’s the truth. You agree with everything on this site, but just look how many white companies they are letting advertise on this site. I see they dont mind white people money while they are spewing all this nonsense!! HAHHAHAHA…Im going to leave you alone!

  6. Mike Williams says:

    @ Paul

    Oh yea one more thing, if you have a website just like this black website, guess what, yep white man smiling at you again!

  7. Mike Williams says:

    @ Paul

    First off I already commented on the other article. Secondly, whoever you bought your equipment from, even if it was a black retailer, you best believe it came from a white manufacturer. They white man is always going to make money off you one way or another. If you publish a magazine, guess what, a white man probably created the paper your words are on. Get off the nonsense!!

  8. Paul says:

    As I can see you are a glue jar to Whites because you think you need them. Your comments have no sense. Maybe, it is normal for you that BET became an NET or CET. As I said I don’t need Whites for my business, there are other people in this world. The people who helped me are other so-called minorities. You don’t know anything about my media and I have other interesting things to do, so I won’t read your future comments. By the way, I invite you to read the article of Terrance Amen on this website “Do Black People Really Love themselves” posted today. This article tells the truth. Too bad for you that you decide to remain blind!!!

  9. Mike Williams says:

    HAHAHHA….So you dont need white people? Where did you buy all your media equipment? I could keep going on…Im pretty sure white people are involved in your business in some way and always will be. Even BET…Yes that station was black owned but they were paying the white man to be on his cable network silly person just like you are. Hhahaha you are a very misinformed individual!!!

  10. Paul says:

    You don’t even know what is my business and I don’t need White consumers but I can tell you that my business is related to the media. And the only Whites who approached me was to buy my business and I am not stupid to allow that to give them the opportunity to become a NET or CET like they did with BET.

  11. Mike Williams says:

    @ Paul

    I too hire mostly black people, but I also get most of my business from white people like most businesses. You are the backwards thinker and a silly one at that. Im pretty sure you don’t turn your white customers down, unless you are totally brainwashed by some black power organization. I personally like white people. They use my business and refer a lot of customers. To tell you the truth, it’s the black customers that’s always complaining about something. I can understand someone thinking like you in the sixties, seventies or even eighties. You are too scared of white people and dashing across the cotton field like a runaway slave to get away from them. The smart black people are using white people to our advantage. The tables have turned. But, I know there are always slow ones who need more time to catch on! As one of those black power organizations would say: THIS IS THE NEW AND IMPROVED BLACK POWER! No, I take that back, those black power organizations still think like you. Just old dinosaurs slowly going extinct .

  12. Paul says:

    lol to Mike Williams! You have a tunnel vision! I am hiring Black people for my business that I am building. You see, you assume that we are not capable to do things on our own or without Whities’ You are the one who is thinking backward. Continue to work for them and continue to be exploited!!! Lol!!!

  13. Mike Williams says:

    @Darnel Sulaiman

    They will never understand. They are too caught up in their college degrees to see the truth. No offense to your degree from Rutgers. The funny part is I have partners and people working for me with college degrees and I don’t have a high school diploma. Bank accounts and accomplishments in the real world say everything. Not earning a piece of paper from writing a good term paper.

  14. Mike Williams says:

    @ Paul

    Okay, you are now talking crazy and you are the exact reason our economy is slowing down. Don’t see you are hurting more than white people silly person. You are hurting black businesses too. We all make money and spend it with the next man whether he is black, white, spanish, or asian. You are past your time man. You should’ve been in the black panthers. The rest of us black people are already uniting, while others like you are still sleep in the sixties.

  15. Paul says:

    To Mike,

    You can continue to be judgemental but I would not be surprised that you didn’t go to the five continents to have a clear idea about what is happening globally to our people. I do and I won’t continue to be part of a system who always exploited us. I am not that impressed by individual success. And there are smart ways to not give the money to the mainstream. Of course, I need to eat and so on. But I don’t have a car, I don’t go to their stores anymore (unless if I really need to) to buy clothes (for instance) when they disrespect me by following me everywhere in the store because they assume (because of my color) that I will be there to steal seeing that it is their mindset about our people. And believe me, since I made these decisions I saved a lot of money. I believe that Blacks should not be in the army, etc. We have much more power but we don’t use it. I am getting much more information from Asians in terms of business (that I never and will never get from Whites) and it is out of the question that I will let the mainstream to continue to use my brain and I don’t encourage at all my people to follow that path.

  16. Its really simple.. let compare bank figures and capital .. and oh yea…. Gates, Eastman Kodak, Jobs, Senior Kennedy, Ford… anyone can come along and review someones else work and come up with nice term papers.. but what have you produced on your own..

    Oh yea for the those who say its not true.. let compare bank accounts, debt, and actual revenue per week not what you claim you will make .. and you get employed and review some else’s work .all hustlers .. .. again all hustlers.. were born that way.. interesting enough were was all these theory before 2008.. and after..

    Umm Yea.. I enjoy calling people out.. let just compare bank accounts and actual revenue.. you see I don’t talk what I don’t practice.. my teacher told me, when a person talk about what they don’t know they can be called a liar..

  17. Mike Williams says:

    @ Paul

    I too know the long list of inventions that we created and were stolen from us. How long are going to harp on that? It’s time to move forward and I think black are doing a good job moving forward. Your question makes no sense thats why I didnt answer it. You are using the 2% statistics for your argument. That in itself makes no sense. Of course only 2% goes back into our communities. White people own more of everything. How many black owned grocery stores, clothing stores, car makers, large home builders do you know of? Do you want us to go naked, live in cardboard boxes, and ride bicycles to work? Now, we are owning more of these businesses these days. But you have to give it time. As years pass we will continue to grow as a people working together. We have came a long way in a short period of time. We just came together as one to help vote in our first black president along with white folks. Many black people had never voted and had no interest in voting. Black people got off their butts and came out and voted. I have faith in my black people, you need to start giving us more credit. You say you support black people, but you have a funny way of showing it.

  18. Paul says:

    It could be very interesting if someone could answer these questions:

    Why can’t Blacks Work Together? Or refuse to work together?
    Why Can’t Blacks Hold on to a Dollar?

    I know that many Asians do not believe in the credit system and the lottery which is really smart!

  19. Paul says:


    You still didn’t answer us how come we are the biggest consumers and only 2% stay in our community. We are the only group in America in this situation because we think the White ice is more cold. How stupid is that? I am highly educated and I realised how brainwashed we are. We value too much individual success. In addition, I am tired to see how we don’t care to see others being promoted in corporate America for instance, how the mainstream takes our ideas when we work for them. Do you know that if Philip Emeagwali (who is Black) didn’t exist we would not have the wealthy Bill Gates today??? I could go on and on. It also happened to me and too many of our people how they take advantage of our brains. Maybe you don’t care but I do because I know my worth. Even when you have a six figure salary, you can still be taken advantage of. For me, it is over to work for the mainstream!!! I am sick and tired to hear our people say we have to work 150% to get noticed. I will work 150% for my own business that I am building, not for anybody else. This is a slave mentality to operate otherwise. Asians and Jewish people make sure that their money stays in their community and they definitely have more institutions than us. The mainstream always exploited us and I will definitely do everything to get out of this wicked system!!!

  20. hoodgirl says:

    Ummm Yeah, I respectfully disagree with your premise as it pertains to economic sucess in our community as a whole. Before we can become financially secure the behavior must change about the way we handle money. Because the subject was entrepreneur that’s why I commented as such. However, I have clients whose wages as an employee are far less than six figures but their net worth is that of a millionaire simply because they know how to manage their money by living below their means and using cash to invest in appreciable not depreciable assets.

    I’ll use my marriage as an example. My husband earns six figures and purchased a fully loaded BMW X5 which is a depreciable asset of which he is well aware of but says he purchased the vehicle at 40 because he didn’t want to be an old man before owning a BMW which at the time was age 50 to him.

    On the other hand, I earn six figures and purchased residential and commercial properties using cash of which the combined purchases costed me far less than what my husband paid for his X5 not to mention brought in monthly passive income to me and subtantially increased my net worth.

    This type of behavior throughout my life has allowed me to become financially secure sooner and enabled me to provide financial planning services to my community at below market costs and in many cases free of charge and really had nothing to do with me being an entrepreneur or having an MBA.

    Again, I am not a stats person but some how I don’t think stats tell the complete story. As I said in my previous post, I have been a business owner for 17 years and have worked with tens of thousands of people during this time period. In my opinion, once one gets a hold of their income by changing the way they handle money the sky is the limit which is easier said than done.

    Prior to becoming a business owner, I worked in banking at the federal, state and private levels and also worked for a Brokerage wire house. There is a model called CAMEL “Capital, Asset, Management, Equity, Liquidity” used to determine the solvency of banks. Ask any regulator which component is more viable to the success of a business and you’ll get a variety of answers. For me the key component of CAMEL is management which is what we must do a better job of with our money because the funds are there.

  21. Mike Williams says:


    I cannot name an Asian leader that Asian people complain about. I do not follow the Asian community that closely. But, I mean come on Really!!! You really think Asian people do not complain about their leaders. You think Asian people are perfect. That’s really laughable!! Look at all the uprisings a few years back. I not even going to get into it. I see right not you are a person that complains about the black community no matter what any black person may do for the community. What do ultra wealthy white people do for their poor communities? All these poor white people who live in trailers and such? Absolutely nothing!! A lot of Asians are doctors and such because the parents distill high standards into their kids. It has very little to do with Asians sticking together. We as black people have come along way since slavery and the sixties. We can’t change overnight but black people are getting there. They are more black Ceo’s of Fortune 500 companies now than ever before. Blacks are getting college degrees and becoming entrepreneurs more now than any other time. I think we as black people are doing a good job coming from our background of slavery through the sixties and seventies. No matter how many successful black people give back to their communities, black people will always complain about what somebody is not doing. Maybe, for once focus on all the positives black people do for their communities and we might get farther. I guess it goes back to slavery where dark skin blacks hated light skin blacks and vice versa. We are still hating each other and don’t even realize it!!! We stick together just as much as any other race!!!

  22. Paul says:

    There is a popular quote of Dr. Boyce Watkins that I love: “we need in the Black community more Phdos than PhDs”. I hope that our successful entrepreneurs whether they have many degrees or not will share their knowledge with our people. It is their duty to uplift the community as a whole. Asians share a lot of their knowledge and this is why they are strong. They study together, they share old exams (something that we never do!!!) and so on. They truly support one another. This is why many of them become physicians, etc. They are not more smart than everybody but they understood the power of the group. One of my best friends is Chinese and she gives me valuable information in terms of business. It would have been nice to be informed also by people from my own community.

  23. Ummm Yeah says:

    And finally, just to let you know. I am not speaking simply as an egg head. I own my company as well, and have taught, consulted, and trained over 1,000 entrepreneurs as well as being one of less than 1300 hundred individuals in the world with a CeCD in economic development. In addition I served as a business banker in my former life where I worked closely with business owners from small service shops to large manufactures. Plus I am pro-Black. So I am looking at it exclusively from what it takes to move the needle on collective Black entrepreneurship.

  24. Ummm Yeah says:

    Hoodgirl, I am not discounting your anecdotal experience at all. However there is a significant difference as you well know between loose associations and rigorous quantitative analysis. What I am saying is that the top researching in this field, and the self-reported data of statistically rigorous surveys point out that while you are seeing some of tail ends of the bell curve it is not the norm, nor is it the norm for Asian entrepreneurship. The overall point being that if we are to create policies, programs, culture and systems of entrepreneurship we need to structure it around the evidence based practice of what creates the ‘most likely’ range of success. Not what is one either tail end of the bell curve.

    The bulk of the bell curve shows that the most successful entrepreneurs have degrees and that the higher the degree up through masters is correlated with lower closure rates and higher net profits.

    The reality is that the majority of small businesses close their doors within the first five years anyway. So when you conduct a longitudinal analysis of both business retention and profitability data shows that the trends are in the favor of those with the degrees, not the anecdotal, “I dropped out of high school and made it big”.

    Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t many entrepreneurs that didn’t go to or finish college, it simply means that relatively speaking and all things considered individuals with a college degree at the BA level and MA level will have both a greater statistical chance of lasting longer and accruing more profits.

    So from a policy standpoint, as Blacks, we need to focus on higher education (for a variety of reasons, not just entrepreneurship) or look to replicated the knowledge systems, connections, and access points that higher education represents in those with less education.

    Finally, we need to point out a few things. Simply because one is ‘good at making money’ doesn’t mean that they are ‘good at teaching people how to make money’. Not all great basketball players make great coaches or owners (Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan respectively) It also doesn’t mean that person has the capacity to create policy and economic development on a macro level, which is what is needed to fix our condition. These are different skills sets.

  25. hoodgirl says:

    Ummm Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. My perspective is from a business owner where I have successfully operated a Healthcare Agency, HUD Property Preservation, Tax Practice, and Real Estate Brokerage. Within these diverse businesses, I have exchanged best practices with other entrepreneurs that did not have so much as a high school diploma whose incomes far exceed mine and I have an MBA.

    I have been a full time entrepreneur since 30 I am now 47. I have down sized my clientele significantly in the last 10 years because I planned to retire at 40 but caught my second wind at this age so retirement has been postponed. On average the businesses I currently engage in consist of servicing over 1000 clients annually from all walks of life ie. some have MBAs and PhDs from Ivy League Schools to some do not have so much as a grade school diploma.

    I can only speak to my own experience, the clients that have MBAs are working in the private sector although some tried their hand at entrepreneurship but it didn’t pan out for them, the ones with PhDs are teaching at Ivy League schools, while my entrepreneur clients have only a high school diploma or grade school level education no diploma but have perfected their craft and are making more money than the MBA and PhD clients.

    Where I see the problem with most clients is the inability to control their income. While they have mastered their respective professions, they don’t own clear and free their assets, ie. Home, Car, Commercial space where the business is conducted, etc. and spend way more than they make so a nest egg is out of the question because their lifestyle doesn’t allow them to build wealth.

    As for Asians, again this is only my personal experience, these clients own Beauty Salons, Cleaners, and Restaurants. I understand the concept of sweat equity but my clients don’t have a lot of children and the children that they do have are not interested in the family business. They are literally hiring other Asians to perform these tasks below minimum wage then turning the business over to them through predatory lending practices. Now what I can say about Asians is that they are tremendous savers that start at an early age so they have the edge because of compounding interest not earnings.

    I’m really not a stats person so I can’t comment on your data. However, every business I started and assisted my clients in starting, I researched the prerequisites to operate that business ie. what type of educational background was required to engage in the business of interest of which none required a college degree ie. Adult Daycare, Automotive, Catering, Child Daycare, Cleaning, Construction, Computer Programming, Cosmetology, Enrolled Agent, Home Healthcare, Investment Adviser Representative, Lawn Care, Mortgage Broker, Property Preservation, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Stock Broker, and Tow Truck Operator. My entrepreneur clients engaging in these businesses do not have a college degree but are netting six figures through their personal sweat equity but there is only a handful who have the discipline to build wealth.

  26. Paul says:

    Message to Mike,

    Name us one leader that Asian-Americans complain about. They understood the power of the group same thing with Jewish people. We have a buying power of almost $1 trillion dollars and only 2% stay in our community. Name us another group in America who is in this situation. We are the biggest consumers and we hardly invest in our community.

  27. Mike Williams says:

    @ Ummm Yea

    I agree with Darnell. I think you are born that way. You can hold all the degrees in the world. If you are not born with entreprenuership in your blood, you will never be successful in running your own business. Where do you get your statistics? I have friends with degrees and mostly all of them including my wife tell me all the time they do not use anything that they learned from college in their field. Not only that, I bet a portion of those statistics are skewed. How many people in those statistics are actually investors in businesses and not actual entrprenuers who started a business from scratch? Mostly everyone on this planet talk about starting their own business one time or another, but very few go out and actually do it. Most people who go to business school, come out and work as an employee. The ones who actually come out and start their own business, probably would have done that if they went to college or not sooner or later. Do you own your own business? If you do not, you are just another person with a degree spewing statistics from so-called research. I don’t mean that last statement in a mean way. But you are right in one way, most entrepreneur’s drive to own their own business is suppressed. It’s mostly supressed by hearing “go to college and get a good job when you get out” from birth. I think if a person truly has the entrepreneur’s drive and creativity they can push through that supression with or without college.

  28. Ummm Yeah says:

    Darnell, hustlers and business men are not “born that way”. That is another myth. With all do respect to your personal success, you are an aberration and not the norm. Over 75% of all millionaires through entrepreneurship have at least one college degree.

    That is just data. The reality is we can create a better business class by better training, both in college and outside of college. Some folks do have a better natural aptitude for entrepreneurship, but many more have talent that has been suppressed, and through education can be woken.

  29. Ummm Yeah says:

    Hoodgirl…All of my research is in entrepreneurship and a college degree is definitely not overrated according to data and research. In fact, research shows that the higher level of degree you have (up to masters) the much more likely you are to be successful as a business owner.

    In regard to Asian’s in particular, asians are beating every other race including whites in every statistical category for economic success from salaries, to per capita business sales. They also have a much higher education level per population than any other group. Part of what you said is true, social solidarity, and business transition within the family and culture. But many Asians work within the family business with the expectation of ownership, therefore the hours that they work are ‘sweat equity’ and shouldn’t be looked at from a salary standpoint alone. In addition, if the per capita wage rate means anything then for the slave labor they are working for their own people, they are still compensated higher than the national average.

    My point is that

  30. hoodgirl says:

    When I was in undergraduate school I had a business professor tell the class that those who can’t usually teach those who can. I think a college degree is overrated. I have worked side by side the so called best and brightest which spoke truth to the meaning of an educated fool. There are so many self taught people that have a wealth of hands on business knowledge that cannot be found in a text book who are more successful than graduates of Ivy League schools.

    My Asian business clients only hire other Asians but they virtually work them from sun up to sun down without any off days or fringe benefits. Because of the rigorous work schedule the hourly wage is significantly less than minimum wage and when the owner is ready to exit the business it is sold to another Asian through owner finance with long shark terms.

  31. Mike Williams says:

    @ Dr. Boyce Watkins

    Jayz gave 1 million to Hurricane Katrina victims. Im pretty sure he gives more than 6,000 a year. Even if he doesn’t, Jayz is trying to build an empire for future family generations down the line such as thousands of white families have done through time. I wouldn’t give tons of money to charity either. Take care of your family first. Damn black people is always critical of other black people of every little thing. How about start with not being critical about other black people to help our black community???? Jayz uplifts many black people in the struggle with his words in his music more than Harry Belafonte can ever imagine. Jayz tells about this struggle but also preaches to go and better yourself. That will go further than any donation Mr. Belafonte, Jayz or you(Dr. Watkins) could ever make!!!

  32. Mike Williams says:

    @ Paul

    Black people stick together just as much as any other race. I’m tired of black people saying black people don’t stick together!!! Of course other races complain about their leaders.

  33. Mike Williams says:

    Wow!!!!! He came from inner city garbage. It takes a great business mind to come out of that and reach his level of business success. Who is this counselor that merely works as an employee at Harvard to say JayZ is not worthy??? Most Harvard graduates go to work at other firms as employees. The most successful and richest entreprenuers built businesses without college diplomas. Not to mention other entreprenuers such as myself that have built decent income(six figures)that take care of their family everyday from their businesses. I didnt graduate high school I might add. That counselor is just another person brainwashed by the educational system. In my opinion Jayz is a greater business man than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett because of where he had to come from. Bill and Warren both came from great backgrounds. Warren and Bill respect Jayz as a great businessman so is this bum counselor to say Jay is not worthy!!!!!

  34. Paul says:

    Jay-Z is not perfect and who is on this planet? I know that he gave a lot of money to Haiti. I believe that our people speak too much but don’t put their ideas into actions like Asians for instance. It is time that we stop to always rely on messiahs to save us. Do you hear Asians complain about their leaders? They don’t have time for this. We need to operate in groups like them and the Jews. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. The group is really what counts!!!

  35. Excellent article of Jay Z. I can relate to this article very intimately. I noticed early on while attending Rutgers’s University School of Business, many professors live in their own minds of hypothesis and research and have rarely produced actual capital in their respective fields of study.

    I have an associate of mine getting his MBA and another getting his Phd, and both strive hard to convince me either they know more or are productive and I humbly say how can you convince me when I make 250 an hour and between 4k to 7k a week (conservatively) .. rightttttt.

    Hustlers or business men are not bread in the halls of Harvard or Penn State, they are born that way period.


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