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Mitt Romney’s Game Plan: Past The Smoke and Mirrors.


(ThyBlackMan.com) For the past few months, all we have heard is Mitt Romney yelling about what Obama is doing. But have we ever asked ourselves: is Romney using this tactic to take attention away from his own shortcomings? Many Americans on both Democratic, and Republican sides are beginning to understand this methodology of “pointing fingers at President Obama”. A perfect example is Mitt Romney’s recently released 47% video, where he says that he is not concerning himself with the 47% of the United States population that does not pay income taxes. After the video went viral, Romney immediately called a press conference, and stood by the comments made in the video. Romney also claimed his statements were “not elegantly stated” and “off the cuff”. All that means is the video portrayed how he really feels when he thinks the cameras are not rolling. We got a glimpse of Romney without the evasive political jargon.

The very next day Mitt Romney pointed the finger at a statement Obama made years ago. In 1998, when President Obama was still a senator he said, “ I actually believe in redistribution, at least to a certain level to make sure everybody’s got a shot”. Besides the fact that most of America agrees with Obama’s statement, I do not appreciate Romney using President Obama’s statements in an attempt to make himself look good. It is a strategy the GOP has been using for months to avoid discussing their own plans. The real question is why doesn’t Romney ever talk about the details of his own economic plans? It is about time we start really focusing on what Romney plans to do with this country.  We already know Mitt Romney can attempt to discredit Obama’s strategies, but how much does Romney’s own economic plan stack up?

Mitt Romney’s economic plan is based off of a strategy called supply-side economics. Supply-side economics is derived from the theory that the best way to create a strong economy is to minimize taxation and government regulations, as much as possible, for rich Americans who are likely to produce economic growth. So, if we reward the wealthy by letting them use their  money however they want, and take away regulations on how their corporations treat people, then the wealthy are supposed to create economic prosperity. Of course, this is assuming the wealthy will use all this freedom to create jobs and give back. The problem with this theory is that it has not worked, and it does not support the common American like you and I. And you want to know the funny thing about it? Mitt Romney knows the consequences of this plan. So lets take a closer look and examine why it will not work.

There is no doubt about it; the supply-side theory looks good on paper, but not in practice. As a Nation we have tried it, and it has not worked yet. Trying it again will only produce similar results – an even worse economy. The idea of pampering the wealthy in hopes they give something back is commonly called the “trickle-down approach”. If this sounds familiar, then it probably is. This is the same strategy George W. Bush used for the past decade. You know, the one that failed, and they have been blaming President Obama for not cleaning up fast enough?  By almost any standard the economic performance under Bush was awful, and Romney plans to carry on that idea using similar policy.

A policy which will produce; you guessed it, similar results, and everyone is starting to catch on. According to a new report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), cutting taxes for the wealthy does not cause economic growth. All cutting taxes for the rich does is “merely exacerbate income inequality” – it makes the problem worse. It is also to be noted that Mitt Romney is not just trying to mimic some of the Bush administration’s policy, he plans to augment them; using an even bigger shovel to dig the country into a hole. 

But what about the government spending? Surely Romney’s plan to teach Americans to stand on their own two feet by taking away their government support has some merit to it … Right? Wrong. Recently, the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor finally admitted that government spending cuts kills jobs. A deal called the “Sequester” will cut into both military, and other government spending, is being proposed. But Eric believes that “The sequester will harm important domestic priorities such as education, medical research, law enforcement, National Security, and jobs.” Cutting government spending to teach self-reliance is like teaching your child how to swim by throwing them in the deep end of the pool- it’s a bit risky, and rarely works. Still loving his economic plan? Then lets hit home, and paint a picture of how Romney’s economic plan affects you.

Mitt Romney wants to accommodate the wealthy in order to create a better overall economy. However, one must wonder: where is this money coming from for this plan? Well the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, also known as TPC, has done all the math; putting all of Romney’s plans in the most favorable, numeric, light possible. After the number crunching, they concluded that Romney’s plans are actually “mathematically impossible”. The end result is Romney cutting taxes on the rich (while increasing the deficit), raising taxes on the middle class, and cutting government programs for the poor.

Furthermore, if you think big companies will hire more Americans, while we let them run wild, you’re wrong. With less government regulations, corporations will just do more job outsourcing to save money. Then they don’t have to worry about those all those pesky fair wages you and I require. This means that the common people will pay more, suffer more, and gain nothing, with Mitt Romney’s economic plan.

Of course some Americans would not mind Romney’s plan, but only because it is not Obama’s economic plan. You know, the ones who say things like “I don’t want to give my hard earned money to some poor, lazy person, so they can buy an iPhone 5 and rims”. However, most who say that don’t realize that under the President Obama administration they do not make enough money to get their taxes raised. A person has to be making over $200,000 a year to legitimately make such a claim concerning the small percentage of freeloaders. Otherwise they are just beneficiaries of a policy masquerading as a contributor.

The bottom line is that regardless of how much some Americans dislike leveling the playing field under President Obama, they only risk messing up their own standard of living under Romney. According to Mitt Romney, middle and lower class is defined by having an income of $200,000 to $250,000 and less per year. If you are voting for Mitt Romney, and are part of the middle or lower class, then you are voting against your own interests. And Mitt Romney is going to let you.

Romney is well aware of his goals; whether he decides to share them with the rest of us or not. He is aware that he can use red smoke and mirrors to deceive the majority of America­; distracting us from his own plan that doesn’t even work. He is aware that his plan does not benefit anyone but the top 1% of America; a monetary bracket him and his contributors fall into. Even with his most recent publicity focused on what people are calling the 47% video, he says it is not his job to worry about an almost half percentage of Americans. These are our soldiers, risking their lives to protect mine, and your, freedom.  These are the college students, working hard day after day to make a better life for their selves. He is talking about the senior citizens, the ones who paved the way for you and I. Romney even offers a swift kick to the Americans who are down on their luck, and are too poor to even pay income taxes.

Unfortunately, when asked if he was worried that he may have offended the 47% of Americans, he responded with “It’s a message which I am going to carry and continue to carry.” –proving he doesn’t really care how you and I feel about it. So what have we found? After all the deceit, distraction, and false information, Mitt Romney wants to implement an economic plan that only works to worsen the economy at the common American’s expense. It is only people like you and I that will suffer. So when we wake up, and go to the polls this November, it is imperative that all of us, as Americans, focus on casting a vote that is less Anti-Obama and more Pro-America.

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