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Chic-fil-A, Joel Osteen: Why Neutrality is not an Option in today’s culture war.


(ThyBlackMan.com)  There is an ancient story in the bible in which an old prophet (Elijah) confronts the people of Israel who at the time were engulfed in societal upheaval.

Major institutions at all levels were infected with corruption, ambiguity and compromise; as a result the Nation was turmoil. Unfortunately political and religious leaders were the main catalysts for this dysfunction. In the midst of this, Elijah boldly asks them a question that I believe is relative to our day and time:

How long will you waver between two ideologies?  Choose who you will serve.

Today in our Nation and across the world cultural wars have ensued in societies everywhere. Issues having to do with faith, family, education, marriage, gays, contraception, illegal immigration, religious freedom, etc… are now on the front lines of the battlefield.

This clash of ideologies that was once contained to only a few institutions has spilled over and spread to places that were once considered neutral.  Institutions like Religion and Business were virtually non-existent in this war and were given a pass.

That is no longer the case; every institution’s wall has been breached by the spirits of our age, so no matter how reluctant the inhabitants’ of these  institutions maybe. The age in which we now live has drawn them into this conflict no matter how inconvenient or unwilling they may be.

Two cases in point: First the recent Chic-fil-A controversy in which Dan Cathy publicly stated what everyone already knew about the company. That their founder’s biblical philosophy and ideology overlaps into their business philosophy/ ideology. So by default they promote and cultivate the biblical definition of the family in their business.

That is supporting and strengthening the concept of one man and one woman in a committed marital relationship as the foundation for a successful family. And the charitable arm of the company WinShape funnels money to groups, events and causes that support and strengthen that belief.

A simple mission statement that just a few short years ago would be considered, non-confrontational, positive and something that most people would agree with.  Well… not in our day and age.

Because of this stance a cultural firestorm (that already existed) erupted.  The forces of liberal/progressive ideology that have established a beachhead in our society launched a fierce air and ground campaign against Chic-fil-A with clear goals in mind.  Force unconditional surrender to their will meaning; adjust your ideological beliefs to ours. Or face market-place annihilation.  Thankfully, tens of thousands of reinforcements rallied to their defense and pushed back against the forces of fascism and suppression.

But battles even victorious ones, come with a price; Chic-fil-A came away a bit bruised and batter and sought to stay away from the field of cultural combat at least up to this point, by stating: “Chick-fil-A’s giving heritage is focused on programs that educate youth, strengthen families and enrich marriages, and support communities. We will continue to focus our giving in those areas. Our intent is not to support political or social agendas”.

Newsflash…. by supporting those things you are involved in political and social agendas. The question is… who’s political and social agendas are you supporting?

Second… Joel Osteen, Pastor of the largest church in America, while on a promotional tour for his latest book, was again ambushed and verbally attacked by some of the committed foot soldiers of the liberal/progressive forces, who have taken issue with the biblical view of sexual immorality as far as homosexuality, is concerned. He was caught off guard by this verbal body blow, and surprised by their effort not to focus on his positive and uplifting message, but instead they zeroed in on his counter-cultural biblical worldview.

Sadly and with all due respect, his neutral stance and capitulating posture was not only confusing but conjured up images in my mind of the pre- World War II Munich Pact in which Europe was bullied  and deceived by Hitler into thinking appeasement would bring peace and unity….. Well, we all know how that turned out.

You may be thinking… … That’s a stretch. Not really when you think about what a man like Joel Osteen represents. He is the pastor of the largest Church in America, sells millions of books; fills stadiums and arenas as well as a huge weekly TV audience. His influence is palpable.  But his ideological view about God and gays (though he never talks about it from his pulpit) is an affront to their strategic societal planning. So he must be made an example of; made to relent or face societal annihilation.  So that no one else dare challenge the progressive status quo.

What businesses like Chic-Fil-A and pastors like Joel Osteen must understand; as well as all of us who adhere to the same ideology as they do.…. Neutrality is no longer an option in the current culture war.

Neutrality is the disease that of the reluctant masses; the downfall of once powerful Nations.

Giving the impression of neutrality breeds confusion and instability, hence them most recent stand-off between Chic-fil-A and a Chicago alderman.

They don’t care about your chicken or how positive and uplifting you are. All they care about is what ideology you adhere too; and who’s side you are on.

Staying silent about the first and most important institution in mankind’s existence (the family) while it has clearly been targeted for re-definition with extreme prejudice by the forces of liberalism and progressivism; is no longer acceptable.  So is appeasement to those same forces; because one may be afraid of offending them; In reference to the unambiguous biblical ideology that speaks against the sexual immorality of homosexuality.

With this evidence presented and so much more that I didn’t even mention….I ask the same question of this generation that the prophet asked of his:

How long will you waver between two ideologies?  Choose who you will serve!

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