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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Thank God For White Folk!

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( The unemployment numbers for August were published and showed overall black unemployment stuck at 14.1%, while the national unemployment rate dropped from 8.3% to 8.1%. Moving into more detail regarding the numbers, black male unemployment dropped a bit from 14.8% to 14.3%, black women unemployment increased from 11.5% to 12%, and the rate of unemployment for black teenagers 16 to 19 years of age went from 36.6% to 37.9%. These, of course, are the official numbers. To give you a working understanding of these numbers, translated, the percentages are saying for every 100 black males, 14 are without work; for every 100 black females, 12 of them do not have a job and for every 100 teenagers in that age group, 38 of them are unemployed. The numbers do not comment on how
many people are underemployed and working jobs below their skill levels.

The experts in this field tell us the official numbers do not reflect what is really going on in our economy. They, those pesky experts, say these numbers are much higher. Black male unemployment, they indicate could easily be as high or higher than 20.0% or 20 black males unemployed for every 100. If that’s the case, consider the economic impact these black males are having upon their immediate circle of support like friends, wives, girlfriends, and other  family members.

Now, add to this, the black race as a whole has been stuck in double digit
unemployment for almost four straight years and if we get to January, 2013,
which is a good bet with the same numbers, we will be headed into year number five. It’s enough anxiety and pressure to make one want to scream!

However, that is not what black people are doing. They are quietly enduring these numbers, the unrest, and the social dislocation, caused by the lost of housing. Black pressure groups such as the Black Caucus, the NAACP, the Urban League and curiously the Nation of Islam are all mysteriously quiet. Nary a negative word can be heard.

However, when you look at the good white folks, they are up in arms about these numbers. They write about it in major news magazines such as Newsweek, and Time.

They even have television shows, would you believe in prime time, asking
questions about the state of the economy and what this President is doing about it. They even have the audacity to ask this President to come up with a
solution. Why? You would think their official unemployment numbers must be disturbingly higher than those of blacks. However, you would be wrong. White unemployment was down in August to 7.2% from 7.4%. Translated, that number would be 7 whites per every 100 are unemployed overall. White male unemployment is also down to 6.8% from 6.9%. I know you want to know what the white female rate of unemployment is. Well, it is down also from 6.8% to 6.5%. I bet I know what you are thinking, why don’t those darn white people just be quiet? Because you see, if they would quiet down about these unemployment rates, like most blacks, the rest of country would probably not even notice we are in the worst and longest lasting downturn since the Great Depression.

However, you know what I say, “Thank God For White Folk! Let your voices be heard from atop every mountain in this expansive country of ours.

Ladies and gentlemen, good brothers and sisters, it is nothing wrong with
complaining when people stand before you on a national stage and talk in
generalities about what they are going to do to repair this economy when you are suffering with historically high unemployment rates and have been suffering for the last four years. The Obama reelection team is testing the limits of our collective awareness. Forgive me for sounding like a hater. However, I respect President Obama immensely. But the fact is our situation is simply pathetic. Of course, the routine is: blacks are convinced that the rise in unemployment is all the Republicans fault and thus we don’t make any demands upon Mr. Obama and/or the Democratic Party to come up with a Job Creation Plan. The white people are demanding he does. Don’t you think its time for us to get in line too? We wonder why so many black people stay broke and jobless? In my humble opinion, all of us should be vocal about putting pressure on this

President to come up with a means to create jobs over the long term. Of course, I realize most of the people reading this article aren’t going to do a darn thing to pressure Mr.Obama in anyway. However, for those of us who are
concerned, we can communicate with one another and our political representatives via social media that Mr.Obama has failed us when it comes to job creation and that we are disappointed in his performance. Go to   for a substantive job creation plan. I thank you for listening. 

Staff Writer; James Davis

More information about JD and his Deficit Neutral Stimulus Plan Can be founded at




6 Responses to “Thank God For White Folk!”
  1. Jay Davis says:

    I have often and I do mean often come close to buying into the belief that just by supporing the President the powers that be have tried to make anything he has tried to do harder and thus made it harder on everyone who needs the help. Often had thoughts that if we just let the President lose then hey things will get better because the powers that be will be happy…but I have faith that God will not allow that to happen. Giving up is not an option…I have told many people my reasoning is not based purely on President Obama’s record either, pre Presidency, or at this moment, but rather on a faith that he is the right person for the job of the two options. To give in to the Republicans and their “do nothing to help” attitude would be to let them win, it would stand as a precedent for the future that simply being a roadblock to the President will always work for them.

    That would to me be just like when we wanted buses integrated for blacks to say awhhhh screw it I am tired of walking…we are stronger than that I think, aren’t we? I certainly hope we are, I certainly pray we are!! It is also my belief that the rich corporations that have stood fast with their party the Republicans are only going to wait to see if Obama loses…they pledged their 4 years to their party, refusing to hire while sitting on massive surpluses of profit by overloading the average worker and refusing to fill slots with people waiting to be hired for work that needs to be done!!

    I work in a place like this so trust me i know! These corporate bosses are hollding themselves back trying to see if the tide will turn. We really can’t let that happen…the Corporate bosses are the equivalent to those who refused to break the boycott and ride the busses…their holding on but I do not feel their resolve is stronger than ours…they are all about the mighty dollar, and quite frankly they’ve been making money and they could make so so much more if they would begin to hire and expand…plain and simple. This story is really about who is going to “blink” first! We need President Obama to win plain and simple, and then have faith that he will act like a second term President…that’s my 2 cents!
    Jay Davis, Jr.

  2. John says:

    Since the last decades, whether the Republicans or the Democrats were in power the unemployment rate was double and we are not even talking about underemployment. For those who have a job, it can be like a war where they micromanage us, make sure that we are overworked, others harrass us, etc. We need to learn to build our own businesses like Asians. As long as we will remain dependent on them, we are still not free!!! WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA!!!

  3. no rhyme or reason says:

    When Obama gets out of office it doesn’t matter who the next President is rest assured we will scream from the mountain top and make all kinds of demands. This is why we get no respect not even from our children who have a front role seat to this hypocrisy we have displayed for far too long.

  4. John says:

    Since the last decades, whether the Republicans or the Democrats were in power the unemployment rate was double and we are not even talking about underemployment. For those who have a job, it can be like a war where they micromanage us, make sure that we are overworked, others harrass us, etc. We need to learn to build our own businesses like Asians. As long as we will remain dependant on them, we are still not free!!! WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA!!!

  5. John Lankford says:

    Well Mr Davis, you kinda left out some details didn’t you? I seem to remember just last year, President Obama proposed a Job Recovery Act to the Republican Party last year. What happened to that proposal? So you are going to help those same Republicans complete the assasination? Why are you dismissing them in this conspiracy? You rather blame President Obama huh? They really did a job on you. If they told you the Moon was Blue, You’ll probably believe it.


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