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Invisibility of Being Bullied.

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(  This Blog inspired by the song “Invisible” by Dove Hagan 

This school year will be a year of emotional conflict, psychological torment and social withdrawal for students being bullied, harassed and tormented in the nation’s schools.  Regression from friends, family and social interaction for youth struggling with being bullied is growing. The tragedy of bullying has evolved on levels of human rights violations and crimes that deny a person’s constitutional rights.

Those being bullied; their voices are silent because of the fear and shame, emotional and psychological weaknesses that should not be present in their lives. Many put up a façade of stability and strength that covers the inner devastation of pain that brings depression and a slow lose of the willingness to live. The shields of self protections are brittle because of the psychological and emotional violation that bullying causes. The self -humiliation that results  from physical humiliation from bullies that violently strip their victims of their self respect and humanity for both males and females.

Voices are not heard because they do not cry, scream, speak with vocal abilities silenced by fear and shame. Bullying victims scream inside with the turmoil of fear, the fear of defeat, embarrassment, weakness and humiliation.

The soulful words of “Invisible” by Dove Hagan shows a release of this torment that scratches at the very souls of young people subjected to Bullying/ Cyberbullying and other forms of torment and harassment. How the hearts of young people are pierced by the violence of bullying that takes many levels of brutality.

The soulful words, “I ‘am Invisible” represents the emotions of a coldness that is close to death. The screams and cries that yearn for recognition and protection. To many of our youth seek protection from their tormentors, but feel “Invisible” to the world. The world of their friends and family is outside of their reach, growing further away as the torment and torture continue. Many children are Persecuted because they look different, Harassed because they are talented, Threatened because they are free spirited and they feel “Invisible”, the silent screams and cries of help not heard.

Parents should be able to communicate with their children, find out about challenges and pressures of everyday life. A parent has the responsibility to make sure they are “connected” to their child, that connection is the key to seeing, hearing and even feeling what their children may be experiencing. The connection through the heart is important; it extends beyond the mental connection that parents lose with their children because of the distractions of life.

Heard in “Invisible” children feel invisible to everyone as a result of bullying, they feel lost and unreachable because there is no safety from their tormentors. People question “why” is this, but there are no easy answers. Bullying must not be tolerated, it must not be accepted. Schools, religious organizations, and clubs all should be aware and proactive against bullying.
The young lives that are lost to suicide show that Bullying and Cyberbullying are indications that children, teens and young adults are in pain, they feel “Invisible” and abandoned.

Our young people want to be “Visible,” they want to be protected, they want to be accepted.  They yearn to hear the words eloquently sung by Dove Hagan,
I See You.” “Invisible” by Dove Hagan  

William Jackson and Dove Hagan are members of
Northeast Florida Suicide Prevention Advisory Board

Resources to prevent youth and teen suicides:

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