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Monday, June 25, 2018

Toure Niggerized comment, yes MSNBC Forced Apology?

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( The comedian Toure on MSNBC’s “The Cycle” just had a rough week.  I refer to him as a comedian because he’s not exactly the most serious political commentator on television.  He’s more likely to be the guy seeking out the best sound bite and his career as a commentator on music and entertainment is hardly a fit for a show that should be hosted by someone like Howard University Political Science professor Dr. Wilmer Leon.

This week, Toure said that the Republicans were seeking out the “niggerization” of President Barack Obama by labeling him to be a liberal extremist.  Shortly after making his remarks, phone calls were made to NBC, and someone likely had one of “those” conversations with Toure behind  closed doors.  Within 24 hours, Toure came out apologizing like a fifth grader who stole videogame money out of his mother’s purse.   Obama may have been niggerized politically, but Toure was also niggerized and punked by MSNBC.

Of course Toure is better known for his tacky, yet memorable comments than his thought-provoking analysis.  I remember Toure referring to Tyler Perry films as “Cinematic Malt Liquor for the Masses” during our joint appearance on CNN a few months ago. As I told Tyler when he called, I’m not a big fan of his films, but I was hoping that Toure could at least come up with an intelligent way to defend his words.

Also, Toure’s over the top Twitter comment about Roland Martin not being able to have kids shows that he’s arguably a petty, nasty human being.  In spite of all this, I can’t figure out for the life of me is why a man would make such a bold statement on television and then back off of his remarks just 24 hours later.  But that’s when I am reminded that life on the plantation creates a space where lies become the truth, and folks have you pretending that you didn’t mean to say something that you’d been preparing to say for hours.

Yvette Carnell and I discuss the Toure situation in the video below.  But the lesson here is simple:  Even when you are given access to the biggest and shiniest opportunities, it’s important to remember that dumbing yourself down to achieve acceptance and validation from mainstream institutions can lead you to become half the man you were in the first place.

Part of the reason that black images are so readily distorted by media is because we don’t own any media.  So many of us are forced to tell the lie to keep our oppressors happy and we find that a paternalistic pimp can be just as bad as an abusive one.   Toure’s public lashing by MSNBC is the type of humiliation that many of us receive when we step out of line and are reminded of who’s the boss.  Maybe Toure should have been a “good boy” in the first place.

The video is below:

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit


10 Responses to “Toure Niggerized comment, yes MSNBC Forced Apology?”
  1. Ford says:

    ….so DOCTOR BOYCE WATKINS sees me (white) as the oppressor. There is a favorite line of mine from The Terminator….”appropriate response…fawk uuu awesss whole”. So msnbc finally went over the edge when one of their very racially diverse crew accused republicans of seeing blacks, and in this case Obama, as being niggers. What a fucking dip shit. And Watkins is upset that he had to retract his shit fucking comment to keep his job. He should have been fired on the spot. But hey….it’s all about division and power. Keep those white devils painted as racist when in fact it’s the other way around. Oh… and any black that dares voice an opinion deviating from The Approved Way well cut that sucker off at the knees. Drag out the names. You know the ones.

  2. Carylon Alexander says:

    The comments here are interesting. Apparently several whites have responded. They are upset about black people having a website that states poitively that Black men can speak and be heard without being on TWitter, Facebook or Linkedin. After watching mainstream media and wbsites, it is a pleasure to be here. Something of our own always spells trouble for whites (you assume). Imagine having a website with a name like this. White people do not have to name their websites this way since most are by whites for whites. No double standard here and until we own and appear on most major networks, there will be no double standard. Just How uppity can we get– a website called The nerve of us.

    As for Mr. Toure, what he said was accurate, but not original. The same thing was said in reference to Clinton. He was correct in that the degree of disrespect and pure hate directed at this President starts with congress but does not end there. His words were definitely no appropriate (just something for whitey to hang on to as we see in the posts). Wasn’t it a Mitt Romney son that said he could slap the President? Another wagged her finger in the face of the president and was high-fived by her fellow haters, many of them in Congress. Some whites, admit it or not, expect Blacks to stay in their place, and apparently the white house is not our “place.” We no longer wait for the establishment to define our place and as I see here, they are not happy. Well don’t be, this “victim” is pleased

    Tetrick, you are petty and it is clear that you don’t know Black people if you assume that we all feel like the victims Mitt and the good old boys spoke of in the back room. As long as you think that Blacks see themselves as hopeless victims, we have a chance. Many Blacks are striving to be top notch victims, just like the one in the White House. You know the one that beat the old white political system at its own game– twice. Color me victim and read my post on

  3. you climb the ladder so long to get to the top, and when you finally get to the top of the ladder, you realize it is up against a wall. Often i am reminded that George Carlin has made very pointed commentaries at these United States, if I say the same thing I’m the “Angry Black Man”. So unfortunately the world is still ran like a plantation and “house niggers” never forget how life was back in field. That’s why Toure apologized. That’s cool. Just remember when you get your opportunity what are you going to say, “George W. Bush doesn’t like black people and I’m sorry Taylor Swift, but beyonce’s video is the greatest video of all time.” Keep writing.

  4. William G. Abraham says:

    Who shoots guns here or breaks into cars at 4:00 am?
    You wonder why people leave cities?
    Fair enough. But take responsibility or shut up.

  5. William G. Abraham says:

    The thrown-about term of racism is now a catch-all.
    Disagree? Racist.
    I know a lot more racists in 2012 then I did in 2008.
    But if these people refrain from voting the same way they sure rscid t one.
    Explain that, genius.
    Or you can just go fuck youself sidews ys.

  6. mark says:

    Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion. When a male african-american reaches a certain age, I think we should start to realize that we do not have to fit anyones description or definition of what it means to be black. If Toure apologized, so be it! I have seen enough of the guy to realize and believe he means what he says. Sometimes you have to play the game. Republicans say things all the time, and apologize the next day! are you saying that their apologies are genuine? Now who is being naive, and thinking like a slave? Grow up! realize that in order to win the game first you should know what game your playing!If you do not GET! what I am saying, first I suggest get rid of the anger, so you can think better; then stop being judgemental, anf again GROW UP!

  7. John says:

    I am a white man and thought Mr. Toure’s remarks to be hilarious. I want to see if I fully understand the word that was introduced by this “esteemed” member of the media. My teachers told me that if I could use the word in a sentence, I had full grasp of the word. “Since President Obama was elected, the USA has undergone a severe niggerization. Never have so many been paid by the government to do nothing all day!” By golly, I think I nailed that one.

    And for everyone’s knowledge, I don’t like racial slurs, from either side. When we realize it is the leaders of this country that divide us not our skin color, we will be truly United, but not until then.


  8. Keith Blackwell says:

    Hey Mr.Tetrick it’s not about being “held down.” It’s about speaking the truth. When any black man hits a bulls eye he is forced to withdraw because it exposes the racist white agenda. What it took for Mr. Toure to speak the TRUTH took courage, something that racism has not. Racism is the manifestation of cowardice ignorance!

    In order to make or assist Mr. Toure to apologize for the comment, they will simply threaten to black ball him from future media exposure and OH WELL! a man’s gotta eat huh! so he has to announce a a bullcrap apology so people like you Mr. Tetrick can talk your sh*t and feel better. “Hmmm, maybe we aren’t racist, because Mr. Toure took it back and humbly apologized.

    Well Toure was “spot on,” ole’ chap!!

  9. James Tetrick says:

    No to mention imagine the anger you would have at a site called Thywhiteman Brotherhood at its best. I cant believe the double racial standard.

  10. James Tetrick says:

    I can not believe in this day and age you will sit here and defend this action. Wow, truly remarkable how loa you will sink. If anyone said this they should be ashamed of themselves. You can play the race card all you want about how the white man keeps you down and keeps you saying these things but that was a race baiting, mean and nasty comment that maybe he should have kept to himself. I still cant believe that just because your black you think your somehow downtrodden. Have you even been to this country we call america? Wake up and realize the onlly person holding you back is yourself.

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