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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Oreo Blacks, Yes Selfhood Failures.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Oreo Blacks (those idealizing and imitating Europeans) are like little children who–when offered a shiny penny (the “trinket” values of Europeans) and a dusty silver dollar (the ignored treasures of African Tradition)–choose the shiny penny. Hence, by not realizing certain generalities of European culture, they are on the road to being like them and thus failing in life. First, Europeans socialize by “conditional love” (“I will love you if you do what I say and will not love you if you do things your way”).

If one lives outside European rules, one is made to feel one has let down the group and that calls for unending apologies–and perhaps to the point of becoming a “doormat” under their feet. Being pressured by the European community to conform to the rules means one is not free to be who one really  is (e.g. compassionate). Since being isolated and abandoned are such powerful forces, one represses ones own reality and may even dissociate from it to hopefully not lose all of ones “friends.”

Second, Guilt is added by making one believe one is not good enough to think on ones own–a major threat to the European community. European advertisements are founded on leading the public to feel something is wrong with them.

Third, Fear as a way of life serves as a means of control (e.g. in the event of victim retaliation); as a reason for needless aggression (fear of not having enough); and to make money by providing “safety and security” against losing all one has. Fourth, Europeans pride themselves on being “Individualists” (in opposition to a human’s natural social orientation) which periodically demands “clinging” alliances for self-preservation. Fifth, there is no spiritual point of personal centeredness, harmony, or connectedness. Sixth, they are an unhappy people.

Oreos and Europeans reciprocate benefits. Europeans pay money, power, and status to buy the “souls” of Oreos–but never accepting them as equals–and do not care. In exchange, Oreos serve as “spys” (as were the “Waiting Slaves“); as infiltrators into Black organizations; and being the “fall guy” when legal and moral issues arise. And there will be no safety net once Oreos are spotlighted as “the problem.”

In the process, Oreos can expect to subject themselves to the most rigorous self-discipline and self-control (“never show what you truly feel“) just to not be a “troublemaker.” Europeans’ outrageous Projections (accusing others of flaws the accuser possesses), are absorbed by the weak (e.g. Oreos) who then self-blame: “It’s my fault; I have to deal with it.” The result is a likelihood of experiencing much greater internal stress than the puppeteers. In addition to repressing their natural feelings in order to conform, Oreos will probably be unhappy with themselves + have constant hurt feelings + not ever be “mentally free” + have to “go along to get along”–and still lose in the end.

The Selfhood Splintering practices of Europeans gradually cause Oreos to drift further away from who they really are–and to the point of being “unidentifiable” and even “unrecognizable” to themselves. By not knowing who one is and rejecting/denying where one came from is a form of “Internal/External Isolationism” that leads to a variety of mental problems. One is the need to cling to the dispassionate Europeans who pull the puppets’ strings. Another is ones Selfhood Splintering causes one to believe the opposite sides of the same thing–perhaps with the truth being in ones head while the embraced delusions being in ones heart–or vice versa. Still another is developing a desperate need for admiration–the “narcissist”–who, behind the mask, has a self-loathing, a dread of failure, and an inability to deal with failure when it inevitably appears.

It is not unusual from constantly being on the “edge” to start having vague aches and pains in ones body (e.g. stomach problems) which are psychosomatically based. From “selling out” to Europeans as one is “sucked dry” of life while being disliked by Black People. The Oreo may then resort to beating down others in the spirit of: “misery loves company“–a sure sign of Selfhood failure.

Written by Joseph A. Bailey



10 Responses to “Oreo Blacks, Yes Selfhood Failures.”
  1. Misty says:

    @whatabout: People who acknowledge that affects of slavery still affect us to this day are not trying to encourage black folks to feel like victims. It’s actually acknowledging the truth. If we don’t, we are not going to address certain affects like why ppl stereotype blacks as violent: because black people were more likely to live in more dangerous neighborhoods and white folks were allowed to live in the suburbs where it was safe. We are not saying it’s impossible for a black person to succeed alone, but due to these systemic institutions of public school budget cuts in favor of the wealthy, kids living in a broken down public school are less likely to get as good of an education as those living in suburban predominantly white schools, b/c the quality of the education is not as good. Because of that most are likely to get bored and/or just not do well and in that drop out and find that the best way of making money is through selling drugs, leaving some black and brown ppl in those areas when interacting with the police (even when they are innocent and have no affiliation with drug usage or any type of crime) vulnerable to police brutality due to stereotypes represented in media images (think Fox) leaving plenty black and brown people to be incarcerated in prison, and having some guy profit off of that.

    You, my friend need to wake up to the world. You talk as if black people cannot think for themselves or that they are just making up this shit. Just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it is not true.

  2. Ramses says:

    Are you’ll gonna keep making everything racial? Africans are going through a lot of shit because they did sell Africans during the European slave trade. Arabs are getting their asses whipped because of being responsible for the Atlantic Slave trade (it was they who initiated it and then later on picked up by Causcasians from Europe). Whites in America, are losing a lot of their wealth in America because of what their ancestors did in the past. The point is that Karma is a bitch. Now we see Arabs blowing themselves up trying to get Xaucasians and Africans as well (they blew up the embassy in Tanzania in Africa in 98 and have blown up plenty Western Caucaasians too). Blacks enslaved Caucasians and vice versa. However, if neither one figures the shit out, they are gonna both find themselves on the receiving end of Arab law. I’m reading a freemason book that says that when Arabs overtook in 640 BC, they burned so many books in the public baths, that fires burned for 6 months. Imagine that. And pagan caucasians with Christianity finished off what was left. The difference between Arabs and Caucasians is that caucasians studied with black men in Egypt and were grateful for the knowledge. Arabs rejected this knowledge, which is why they are not enlightened at all and display so much stupidity as a group of men. Plenty of Caucasians in Europe thought they were “pure” blooded Caucasians, only to do DNA tests and see Moors staring them right in the face. Get over this petty ass shit for real. It’s nauseating for real. I believe in the brotherhood of Man and believe that white men and black men can be brothers, if they stop bickering like little girls and sit down as men. Black people need to stop throwing up in white people’s face slavery everytime they get a chance and whites need to stop acting like they did nothing wrong and haven’t benefited from the wrong. Wrong on both sides and until both sides face it, we will keep our heads spinning with the history we have with one another. Thomas Edison and Lewis Latimer, through their working together, invented the light bulb. So stop hating!!!! This is why people need to read outside of their school textbooks so they can really know truth about the past

  3. whatabout says:

    the whites calling you names and stuff are the bad ones..

  4. whatabout says:

    your an idiot.. whites who want blacks to get over slavery are not racist.. the ones who want you to remember slavery and tell you to suck on it and you are a piece of crap are racist..

  5. AMC Irvin

    I hate to break it to you, but the civil rights movement was all about trying to be an American, but your people didn’t want Black people to have the same rights as an American and a lot still don’t. That’s why we have a different perspective from whites. To this day racism is alive and well in this country because most whites want Black people to get over and forget one of the most horrible periods in human history, yet your people have benefitted and are still benefitting from slavery and Jim crow.

    As far as Africa, they are still having problems because as you say, for the last 300 hundred years or more, they have been trying to undue the damages from European colonialism and unfortunately like here in America, they haven’t been able to break the mental shackles that keep us from working together for the betterment of the people. But hey, if my people tried to wipe out a whole race of people and take their land, while forcing another group of people to work for free for more than 300 hundred years, I guess I would think like you too.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  6. AMC Irvin says:

    I hate to break it to ya, Tyrone, but you’re in America. When in America do as the Americans do. It isn’t a white thing. It’s a society thing. If you want to belong you gotta get over this stupid and misguided idea that Americans who are black are ultimately different from Americans who are white is damaging to everyone involved as well as to your success.

    I *hate* to break it to you (ok, that’s a lie) but we’re ultimately the same, and your idea that listening to different songs or whatever makes you different from those of the paler skin color is what is holding you back. Look at Africa. Things ain’t so great over there… and it hasn’t been for well over 300 years, if not longer. Maybe them crazy Europeans have something going with their outlook and culture.

    Nothing says it quite like success.

  7. Tyrone says:

    @William, I don’t think he is against black people being successful, I think this is about being successful on our own terms. Being successful without conforming to European standards.

  8. William says:

    Oreo is a 70’s word. Usually used by people who are jealous of the success of other black people. How else could they be successful??? Unless they are Oreos! Could it be that maybe they worked really hard and sacrificed a lot! And now you are jealous of them. Maybe you should be praising them as role models of how black people can be successful.

  9. Ron Wagner says:

    So are President Obama, and Attorney General Holder Oreos?

  10. Steph says:

    Thanks for this deep article!

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