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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Paul Ryan, Not Good for Black America or Minorities.

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( In an apparent off the cuff remark, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan gushed that he thought it was a “cool thing” that an African-American was president. But Paul Ryan’s rapture with President Obama didn’t last past the first sentence. In the next breath he quickly added that he didn’t like much else about Obama. The much else was how Obama has spent money on health, education and job development programs that would help the poor and minorities. That spending has been fiscal heresy for Paul Ryan.

His savage cost cutting plan is well-known. He’d cut tens of billions from Medicaid and Medicare, and more than a trillion from everything from food stamps to welfare over the next decade. The Ryan slash and burn plan mercifully hasn’t happened during his tenure as House Budget Committee Chair. But as Vice President Paul Ryan, he would be in a commanding position to make his cost cutting plan a nightmare come true for the poor and minorities.

The key to that is winning the vice-presidency. In distant times past, the vice-presidency was little more than a ceremonial, title-leaden position that carried little authority, and almost no power to make, shape or change public  policy. Presidential candidates picked vice-presidents mostly to shore up their perceived political or ideological weakness, be it sectionalism, inexperience, image, or on domestic or foreign policy expertise. The VP was there to balance a ticket, and help a presidential contender win, and nothing more. But that was in the distant past.

The vice presidential pick has morphed into a high stakes game in the evolution of presidential politics. The VP is now much more than just a standard dressing up of the presidential ticket. He or she must be able to actually help a presidential candidate win first and foremost, or at worse not help him lose. There were times in past elections when VPs have made a difference. Lyndon Johnson in 1960 is the textbook example of that. He brought legislative savvy, he was a Southern then still in good stead, and he could deliver two or three Deep South states. He did his job. Bush Sr. also helped Reagan in 1980. He brought experience, insider connections, and as a transplanted Southerner, the regional balance that Reagan needed. And he was moderate enough to give Reagan a little edge with moderate Republicans. But the vice-president has become much more than that.

A vice president is now directly involved in discussing, implementing and even helping to formulate domestic and foreign policy. Vice-Presidents chair presidential committees and commissions. They are consulted and make recommendations on major policy decisions and changes. They are often the hit men on controversial policy issues and during elections they are on the campaign trail to say what the president often can’t say. Clinton’s VP Al Gore and Bush’s VP Dick Cheney played the role of advisor and point man on key issues. Obama VP Joe Biden plays the same role. In any case, the VP is now often right in the center of presidential politics and the national political debate.

GOP Paul Ryan would be even more at the center of that debate and decision making. He was picked in large part not to balance the Romney ticket, but because of his budget hammering big stick. A Romney White House will not only listen to him, but rely heavily on him on policy decisions involving spending slashes, almost all of it involving crucial domestic programs.

This would come at the worst possible time for the poor and minorities. The poor are not only getting poorer, they are also more numerous than any time in the last half-century and have slipped even further behind in wealth and income disparities. Other reports repeatedly confirm that a disproportionate number of the poor are blacks and Hispanics. The single biggest reason for their plunge downward is the relentless pecking away at federal spending on enhancement programs in health care, education, job and skills training, and the massive cutbacks and downsizing in the public employment sector.

This has been coupled with a colossal leap in the fortunes of the rich and major corporations. Their wealth bounty has soared through a benign and porous tax and regulatory system that has given the taxpayer company store away to them. The Ryan plan would be a dream come true for them. It would shove out even more of the tax cut bounty to the wealthiest, and do absolutely nothing to insure that any of the tax cut giveaway go toward investment in new job creation. The cuts would leave the tattered safety net for the poor in even greater tatters. It doesn’t take a soothsayer to predict that the number of poor will skyrocket even more under the Ryan plan.

Paul Ryan knows he’s in a commanding position. He told an interviewer during the Republican presidential candidate’s debates that all the Republican candidates believed his plan was the best plan for the country. Tea Party Express leader Amy Kremer was in delirium in stating that selecting Ryan “proved” Romney was committed to their draconian economic hatchet plan. Unfortunately for the poor, in a Romney White House VP Paul Ryan could make that nightmare happen.

Written By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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8 Responses to “Paul Ryan, Not Good for Black America or Minorities.”
  1. common sense says:

    According to Joe Biden blacks should be happy just being unchained so there’s no need for us to concern ourselves with jobs or education to prosper. Obama has not balanced a budget since he’s been in office which is a prerequisite to getting a handle on the economy to create jobs, thinks women’s healthcare issues are addressed by forcing taxpayers to pay for sexually active single college women like Sandra Fluke’s birth control pills and cuts seniors’ Medicare coverage by $716 billion to pay for Obamacare. This is definitely a CLEAR CHOICE election.

  2. COMPUABLE says:

    Mitt and Ryan’s philosophy with regards to minority seniors and disabled and all minority women’s ages’ health care access: “If You Tear it Down – Instead of Building and/or Rebuilding it – They Will No Longer Come.” And how about Rep. Paul Ryan’s more recent proclamation: “Our rights come from Nature and from God, not the Government.”

    Anyone who lived through the 60’s era can readily hearken back to similar declarations such as that one above by Senator Paul Ryan bring to mind. These were readily churned out by the KKK (and those of similar ilk) in the name and under the blatantly false guise of ‘Natural Order – God and Country – Not Washington’ when it came to not granting minorities their eventual Federal guaranteed government legal civil rights, as well their right locally to drink in the same public water fountains as the hee-haws.

    Rep. Paul Ryan who exclusively passed a grand total of TWO bills into law in more than a DECADE. However, his latest initial effort thus far in their campaign – the “Rom on Rye GOP Nominees Health Care Platform” evidently stands for: ‘Razing’ and Ruination of Senior, Disabled Care and Choices for Caucasian Black and Latino Female Reproductive Rights’

    Nothing would please these two Champaign Charlatans more; than the prompt-as-possible demonization, demoralizations and de-evolution of Planned into entirely “Unplanned” Parenthoods as well as Bringing Black America’s ‘God Given Rights’ straight back to its Natural “Original Roots” (ya’ll know, the ’70’s miniseries!)

  3. design says:

    I am a conservative who is asking what happened to the Teaparty.

    In recent months we have seen Romney being approached as a respectable republican when he is not one.

    Income tax, mainly goes to the debtors of the US government. which is the privately owned Federal reserve bank. We all need to address the deficit but progressives never ask question about the validity of the Fed.

    That is why there will always be a need for conservatives to stand up.

  4. blueturnedred says:

    The poor does not pay Federal Income Tax and Paul Ryan supports the EIC “Earned Income Credit” which is a refundable credit up to $5751 to the poor. The only one that has cut Medicare is Obama to the tune of more than a half a billion dollars to pay for Obamacare which has already increased healthcare costs and will increase taxes on the middle class. Good for Romney for giving the American people a clear choice of Big Govt or Individual Freedom for prosperity!

  5. Megablaster says:

    The era of free stuff is coming to an end… It will die a noble death through modification or a less than noble death with the complete failure of the economic system that keeps it in place.. A realization of this is necessary before the shock of a collapse destroys a generation of citizens… I simply don’t know how anyone has expectations of finding a check in the mailbox indefinitely when there is simply no money to pay for it…

  6. Umm Yeah says:

    I think we have to put somethings in context. The need to ‘slash’ government programs is critical in general as we have a huge sovereign debt crisis looming and also a ballooning Federal debt that puts the whole nation at risk.

    So we have to use that as a backdrop for any political decisions made in the future.

    I agree with you on how wealth is being aggregated into the hands of so few in this country and how that severely undermines democracy. That is a problem.

    The question then becomes how do we intelligently manage the budget and debt getting it to safe levels, while creating opportunity for minorities and the poor to meaningfully participate in the economy?

    Do Ryan’s philosophy do this? I don’t know. The Republicans have a history of being more ideological than pragmatic in this regard. So it is hard for me to believe that Ryan is any different.

  7. KevinB says:

    The only thing that has a proven track record of destroying the lives of black americans has been the democratic party and their propaganda machine.

  8. Mike says:

    Are you really this naive? Have you actually sat down and read his plans? Or, are you listening to the rumors flying around in the air? You’ve heard of the site right? Go there and it will shoot down what your Medicare claim here.

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