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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Book Review; Ebony The Beloved – Hannah D. Spivey.

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( I’ve just read the incredible story of “Ebony, The Beloved” by the amazing writer, Hannah Spivey. This book tells the story of a young, black girl living a life which has no true meaning, while simply existing for the sake of purpose. Her parents appear to detest her very being by showing their lack of appreciation for her, while rendering more affection to Ebony’s younger sister. This book really roams deep within the confines of one’s psyche. I found myself totally engulfed into the pity of Ebony. She could never find solace within her surroundings, and Spivey, the author, constantly reminded you of that fact. Her parents berate her at every turn, calling her names and even subjecting her to cruel circumstances that were hard to believe.

Like most teenagers, Ebony looks for other means of happiness, by locking herself within the realms of her own validation. Like creating herself as an imaginary significance to R&B singer, Trey Songz. She dreams often of being with him, even enveloping the idea of having sex with him. But the few moments of sexual loveliness dissipate as she is reminded, by mainly her  father, of her undesired looks and unattractive body. To make matters worse, Ebony is forced to wear clothing to school that is unsettling to the eye. At this point in the book, I held that moment close to my own personal vest. During my junior high school years, my parents were not as financially comfortable as they had become in later years, and like Ebony, I was deduced to wearing clothing that was more pragmatic, than fashionable.

Since the beginning of time, school has always been the cornerstone to what’s going on, not what’s important in a child’s eye. And Ebony was learning that hard truth everyday.

Hours of torture at her usual learning place was felt daily. In gym class, in the hallways, or wherever her tormentors could find her. Like in the real world of schooling, there was no definite answer why a shy person like Ebony would have to be used as a punching bag or a laughingstock, but she was. And Spivey doesn’t relent when expressing the violence and the tawdry vision of what is going on around the protagonist, as she deals with this constant battle.

(Spoiler Alert) In the end, on one fateful day in the bathroom, Ebony is accosted in the worst way. Actually leaving her terribly bruised and bloodied, so much so, that is she sent to the school’s office, and then later, sent home. Only there, she is not comforted by her family, but only further humiliated to the point of disbelief.

As said before, Spivey is an excellent writing talent. And her idea of sharing a destructible lifestyle without familial support on page is far from simple. From the very beginning of the story, you are woven into this urban world of unhappiness, cliché anecdotes, and misplaced pride. If you are looking to delve deeply into an explosive, dramatic piece, then, this is the book for you. Just be prepared to possess an ample amount of Kleenex to do so at your side. And a cleverly-devised plan to cover the angst.

~ Jerome-Anthony Larkin

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  1. Eleanie says:

    This sounds like a really good read that I will need to check out.

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