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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mitt Romney vs. Obama + The Question of Race.

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( Mitt Romney is not a racist nor is Obama a revolutionary. Nonetheless,  these are the perceptions many are developing.  Romney is running as an arch conservative, but his record governing Massachusetts is just the opposite, and none of his stands are set in stone if his past behavior be our guide.

In 2008 Obama ran on a peace platform and on hopes for vast change in society. Our wars have been unrelenting, and the question of race and that of privilege loom just as large as before. Yes, Obama may well have been  constricted by the actions of the Republican opposition. And, yes, there were things he could not have done in his first term that would have imperiled his re-election.

Mitt Romney can in a similar vein say when I acted as a liberal governor, and now that I am presenting myself as  rigidly conservative, I am just pragmatic. A means to an end, namely that of getting things done. But each man’s caution brings us back to the very same basic policies. There seems to be a set direction in America’s political course and whoever the captain of the ship of state, we are pretty much on automatic pilot. Yes, a different tweak here and there acted out in overly dramatic fashion on the media stage.

An element of the fanfare is the Birther movement. No matter what proof they are shown, they will forever swear that Barack Obama is a foreign Muslim agent working to destroy the country from inside. A position so outlandish that one has to wonder if there is not some other motive, the obvious one is the question of race. A Black man sits in the Oval Office. A Black family lives and thrives in the White House as First Family with pride of place before all the land!

The fact that these sentiments widely exist makes African America fiercely protective and loyal to the image and the reputation of President Barack Obama irrespective of whether or not he has really done anything much for the Black community. And their strong support only inflames those who are against him in a steady, self-reinforcing cycle.

The nation is undergoing a period of protracted demographic change. The Black and Brown population is quickly moving to parity with the white segment, after which they will become the majority.  This underlying reality is the hidden platform upon which to rally large numbers of working class whites against the president and his party. The people paying to develop and exploit this mindset are well placed members of the establishment fighting to preserve their financial status.

The rich well placed elements behind Obama and the democrats have chosen to move with the tide of history not try to hold it back. Hence, they support the Black symbol of accomplishment that is Obama.but really only the symbol, and they are willing to pay more in taxes to forestall class warfare, but hardly enough to eliminate class divisions. Thus, there is no essential difference between Barack Hussein Obama and Willard Mitt Romney. Nonetheless, passions are being released and stoked during this election season that may be hard to contain once it is done.

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin
This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.
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6 Responses to “Mitt Romney vs. Obama + The Question of Race.”
  1. oh me oh my says:

    You need to dismount from that liberal horse and realize that man’s spin is not HISTORY. The beauty of HISTORY is that it exposes ALL lies even to those that lack the appetite to seek the truth.

  2. lewis orr says:

    @Oh me oh my
    Allow me to correct you again, history is always written by the victors, always! He that is on the side of history writes the history Period. And again you need to do some studing and not just go with your emotions and Fox News.

  3. oh me oh my says:

    History always reveals the truth regardless of man’s spin on it.

  4. lewis orr says:

    @ oh me oh my,
    A hundred years after Abraham Lincoln do we still talk about the high Union Army casualties rate? Study history not fairy tales and have something to say with teeth.

  5. oh me oh my says:

    A Century from now Obama’s sealed records will be released to the World and history will reveal that the Emperor has no clothes.

  6. lewis orr says:

    One hundred years from now President Obama will be on the side of history. No one will care about an 8% unemployment rate that constantly fluctuates.

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