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Mr. Obama: 8.3% Unemployment Rate – Up From 8.2% !

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( It is the worst of times. At its worst during the Great Recession, in January of 2010, the black unemployment rate peaked at 16.5% and the black male unemployment rate reached it highest point at 17.6%. The labor department reported for July, 2012, the overall black unemployment rate is down a slight bit from last month to 14.1%, while the rate for black males who are bearing the brunt of the overall unemployment increase, moved ominously higher to 14.8% from 14.2%.

Mr. Obama and our political representatives, among them the Congressional Black Caucus, are not to blame for these high unemployment numbers, nor is the inaction of Congress. We, as a people are to blame! We are our own worse enemy.

You ask,” How am I to blame for being among the under employed and unemployed? How am I to blame personally for these high unemployment numbers?” You are to blame because you as citizens, individually and collectively, possess the power to demand Mr. Obama, the Black Caucus and Congress change these numbers and you haven’t done it! Occupying powerful positions, Mr. Obama and members of the Black Caucus, have done little to affect these escalating numbers, yet they seemingly suffer no consequences, especially from the black community. Why is that the case? We live in the greatest democracy in the world, and with the blessings of Almighty God, we have been given the capacity to affect change, at the highest levels of our Government. No other country in the world, with the size and power of the United States, gives it citizenry, the ability to peacefully assemble and petition its Government “for redress of their grievances.”

No other country in the world, with the size and power of the United States, gives it citizenry, the right of “freedom of speech.” We as citizens fail to affect change because we fail to exercise the power given to us by our Constitution. Whenever this power is exercised, positive change is usually the result. The protesters in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and most recently, the black citizens of Sanford, Florida discovered this truth. Now, we as a people are at a different crossroad with a new generation, seeking relief from these oppressively high  unemployment numbers. Ironically, the exercise of our Constitutional rights will make a difference, and it requires not greatness in numbers, but greatness in courage. It is with great courage, we can forge ahead successfully.

Therefore, we can and should take action, bravely demonstrating our power to bring about needed change! In the face of our economic crisis, which has left millions jobless, we can courageously express our dissatisfaction and grievance in the following manner. Let us resolve through our actions to make joblessness and its resolution the number one issue of this presidential campaign!

Most members of Congress, the House of Representatives, and the Senate maintain active face book pages. We can help solve our nation’s woes concerning joblessness by requesting our governmental representatives become “our advocates” for job creation. Such a means to create jobs without increasing our federal deficit can be found via face book. The first step in accomplishing our goal is looking up congressional representatives’ face book sites via Google.

You start by googling the representative’s name and face book. An example would be “Emanuel Cleaver II face book.”(He is by the way, Chairman of the
Congressional Black Caucus). Once you bring up their face book page, you should write in any section reserved for comments the following:

There is a plan which will create jobs without raising the deficit and end this downturn.” Go to

After doing this, send a face book message to all your friends, ask them to the
read this article, and do what you just did. Ask them to have 10 of their
friends courageously do the same thing, writing the same message on the face
book page of a representative and senator of their choosing (we want to
influence as many members of Congress as we can) and telling 10 of their friends to do the same thing. If 10 of us did that and contacted another 10 of our face book friends and ask each one of them to do the same, that would make 100 people contacting Congress with the same message. If our 100 face book friends duplicated our effort,that number becomes 1,000 people contacting Congress with the same message. If 1,000 of our face book friends duplicated our effort, we then would have 10,000 people making contact and if that 10,000 face book friends did the same thing, that number becomes 100,000 brothers and sisters contacting Congress with the same message.

Finally if your and my friends on face book were so inclined and duplicated our effort, that figure would jump to 1,000,000, people, saying in a chorus, let’s solve this problem now! The beauty of our protest is that it can be continuous, and grow as new friends are added.

We fail to act, many of us, because we are weak and lack courage. I’ll do my
part and contact my Congresspersons (representative and senator), and message my face book friends to do the same. Will you do your part? I ask not just the young and computer savvy generation but the old as well. Or will you concede, giving into defeat. Defeat has no business winning, as we are the smartest, brightest and most cosmopolitan Americans to ever grace this planet. At no other time in the history of this country have there been more young, wise and educated brothers and sisters. Do your part, and we begin to start the process of healing, affecting the cancer of unemployment which is literally destroying our communities! Do your part and millions start down the road leading to a decent job. Do your part, and we can begin to see the light of change at the end of this dreadful tunnel. With these actions, we follow in the steps of former generations who realized the power of change rest with the people of this great democracy. Ultimately, we will win, if we act. But, if we do not act, we lose.

Who then shall we blame? Think about it, what is it you have to lose, “five
minutes of your time?” May you have God’s speed. 

Staff Writer; James Davis

More information about JD and his Deficit Neutral Stimulus Plan Can be founded at



2 Responses to “Mr. Obama: 8.3% Unemployment Rate – Up From 8.2% !”
  1. John says:

    Of course obama is to blame! 95% black vote & no jobs? You put everything into one basket & you get burned. I voting Romney this time around.

  2. ocman says:

    Next month, this 163,000 number will be revised down to 103,000.

    This is the trend from the BLS (and Obama’s administration).

    The real important numbers: 15% U6 unemployment rate; the 12+ million who are still unemployed.

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