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Penn State Penalties Extremely UnFair…

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( There are going to be thousands (maybe I’ll get unlucky and upsets millions) of people that will 100% disagree with the opinion I am about to state in this column but I do not care: the penalties unleashed upon the Penn State football program are way over the top and extremely unfair. With that said I will now attempt to defend my opinion in 500 words or less. 

Penn State’s football program is not a convicted child abuser. That is a fact. Mr. Jerry Sandusky however is and has been fairly tried and convicted by a jury of his peers. He will spend the rest of his life in prison  because of these monstrous crimes and in my opinion deserves worse than that. As a father I could never imagine or contemplate why anyone would ever want to harm a child, sexually or otherwise.

Children are wonderful gifts from God that need protection and to be taught right from wrong, not how to properly recognize sexual abuse amongst their teachers and coaches etc. The penalties sent down from the NCAA will not effect Mr. Sandusky’s life at all at any point further so why attempt to destroy a college football program because of his sins? If he was a public school teacher (God forbid!) would the school be shut down for four years?

I am sure the school’s Principal and Assistant Principal would lose their jobs if they were involved the same way Penn State’s President and head football coach were involved. No question about that but why penalize the players on the football team, the student athletes that enrolled at Penn State to play football and get an education while having no idea what kind of monster Sandusky is. Not to mention that he hasn’t been a full-time member of the football staff since 1998 so the kids that will have to pay the price for his sins (I don’t use the word “suffer” when describing not playing sports. Starving people in war-torn third world countries are suffering. No comparison) weren’t recruited by him or were ever going to play for the former defensive coordinator.

The people most involved in this garbage have either lost their freedom, their jobs or passed away in the case of ex-head coach Paterno. A four year bowl ban and a loss of scholarships only hurt the innocent, the people that are a part of the Penn State program that aren’t committing disgusting crimes, are hiding those crimes from the police, the parents of the victims and the NCAA. Those not involved should not have to reap what Sandusky sowed. 

I do agree with the $60 million fines hat have to be paid over five years and will be used to fund a special endowment for child abuse education. That was something the NCAA did right, unlike when they removed Paterno’s statue and vacated 111 of his wins, wins that were earned on the field not in the showers with that monster. Again I am a father of four and love my children more than anything on Earth and beyond. There will never be enough time in jail for Sandusky or enough money or scholarships to make the crimes that he committed go away or the healing process of the victims to be easier. What football has to do with this is beyond me and I think we, all of us, are doing a great injustice by linking the two.

Staff Writer; Donnell Suggs

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2 Responses to “Penn State Penalties Extremely UnFair…”
  1. KELLOGGS says:

    The penalties unleashed upon the Penn State football program, are way over the top and extremely unfair.

    I agree with this 100%. The team players and the students are the victims here. The coaching staff the dean and administrations should pay.
    The administration hide the crime from the world to cover the alumna who should pay as well.
    The school did the same thing the catholic church did. I was a cover up.
    White people have rapped women, hung black men for just looking at their white women, they marry in some cultures more than one women, they form cults to brainwash others. They rob our cities of money, culture and growth. I say all this to establish a pattern of insanity.

    The Penn State ordeal is just another way of side tracking us from the truth.
    Justice is being taken out on the kids to make them pay higher tuition instead of making the real criminals pay.
    My advice to all students, especially our black students; find another school to attend instead of taking the brand that you will get in years to come.
    Your future will depend on it. Why? 99.9% of all jobs today will have you go before a white person for your interview.
    a white person will tell you that you are not qualified, not enough experience, to much experience or know you went to Penn State at the wrong time.

    The penalties unleashed upon the Penn State football program, are way over the top and extremely unfair.

  2. Realman says:

    The arthur is completely wrong, Penn State got off pretty easy for the crimes they committed year after year. The way the NCAA punished Reggie Bush when compared to Paterno/Sandusky, give me a break!!!

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