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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Foolish Son Is The Heaviness Of His Mother.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It seems like we just love sentencing our youth to death, particularly the young Black Male. The latest on the path to destruction is six year old  Albert Roundtree Jr, that currently has a video circulating on youtube, and the young Brother is talking about how he can make a “booty pop”. At six years old, he has been indoctrinated with the “stud” mentality and that women are nothing but conquests and objects of pleasure. But wait…it gets worse! His PARENTS are responsible for setting this catastrophe in motion. Children are often removed from homes due to physical abuse, but what about the psychological abuse taking place here? Everyone from his parents to the director to the women who are in this video is responsible for the destruction of this young man, but you know who holds the primary responsibility? His MOTHER and the WOMEN in the video!

Let me start with is Mother first. Just as Fathers set the standard for what a man is for his daughter, a Mother sets the standard of what a woman is for her son. By the MOTHER allowing her son to participate in this madness what is SHE teaching him about women and the wombs of women? Definitely NOT to respect them! This young brother is being taught not to even respect himself and the sacred parts of himself. The Mother and the women in the video are DIRECTLY responsible for his current and future warped views of women.

No one forced these women to shake their behinds in front of a six year old, this is should be viewed as sexual abuse. What type of grown woman VOLUNTEERS herself to parade around half naked in front of a six year old? Even IF his FATHER was involved in the concept of the video, it is the WOMEN flanked on both sides of him, that are planting the seed that Women are for pleasure only and not worthy of respect.

There are a lot of discussions about misogyny in today’s society, and most of the blame is placed on the men, but in this situation it is evident that he is being taught to hate women by the most important woman in his life; His Mother. Since she must not know her value as a woman, she has decided to depreciate the value of women in totality in the mind of her son.

We as women like to talk about the absent fathers and the harmful affects that takes place, but what about the PRESENT MOTHER with this type of mindset?  If my son sees my bedroom as a revolving door, if he sees me dressing in a provocative manner, if he sees this from the womb that BORE him…how will he view the wombs of other women? This young man’s Mother is PIMPING out Women in front of her son and to her son.

So if he continues to pimp women, where did he learn it from?  Oftentimes we as Mothers either subconsciously or consciously groom our sons to be the type of man that women will later complain about or label a dog. Despite the outrage that this video has caused, there are almost 4000 “likes” and in several houses in our community, the video is being watched and some of us will label it as “cute”. I wonder if it will still be cute ten years from now when he is the next one in the news with 30 children and multiple baby mamas.

Majority of DESTRUTIVE behavior is LEARNED behavior and as Mothers we are the FIRST Teacher, and it is evident that we need to revise our curriculum.

A foolish son brings grief to his father and bitterness to the one who bore him.” Proverbs 17:25.”

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
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One Response to “A Foolish Son Is The Heaviness Of His Mother.”
  1. sankofa says:

    Greetings sistah! Do you know that due to the disease that is feminism and it;s destruction of the family, many females and the emasculated males that worship them, believe that women DON’T sexually abuse children. I am not talking about the fact that women HAVE BEEN charged with child sex abuse…or sexual abuse in general. It is that( don;t want to swear on your post)these bloody idiots don’t believe women abuse children sexually, exploit children, other women or even men.

    If the above video is not classic child sexual exploitation then I don’t know what is. As a matter of fact, under TI’s label, some Caucasian woman did a video titled, I believe called “pussy”, where she was singing and gyrating in front of a minor. Have you heard about it? Maybe because it wasn’t R Kelly (not that I am defending that piece of shit)so therefore an African male child is not afforded the same rights as a female in this dysfunctional society only prepares him to be a candidate for the trash heap earlier than before.

    Western civilization…what a novel idea!

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