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Monday, June 25, 2018

Become The CEO of Your Life.

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( As a true man of substance, you have to treat your own life like it’s a business. Treat it like a fortune 500 company.

As CEO of your life, you determine which direction to go into. You set the agenda. You determine what your main life goals are, and its up to you to see to it that you remain in high pursuit of those goals. 

A lot of dudes live their lives by default. They don’t have any ambition or sense of direction for thier lives. They just seem to go in whatever direction the winds of life are blowing. This is one reason why so many sisters are disillusioned with the quality of men that’s out there. It’s rare for a woman to find a guy that knows where he’s going, and has the confidence to get himself there. 

But this is your life. You only get one, and a limited amount of time to do something significant with it. To waste your life sitting around waiting for something good to turn up is to throw the gift of life right back into God’s face. Its an insult to your Creator. 

So put down that video game homie! Stop wasting your day smoking blunts and getting high with chicken head broads who have less ambition than you have. Get off your ass and decide a clear direction for your life; then get busy moving towards it. Decide to break free from the brotherhood of failure, and step into your destiny as a Man of the hour. 

Get serious about your life. When you do, amazing things start to happen. Unseen resources that before you had no idea even existed seem to come out the wood works to support you. Chance encounters and coincidence meetings with the right people at the right time become frequent occurrences. 

Being the CEO of your life is really about you taking charge of your life. When you’re the one in charge, you no longer have to accept any and everyone into your orbit. Most companies screen applicants who want to be a part of their company. YOu should do the same. Stop allowing any and everybody to be a part of your world. This is your life; your company. Never allow someone to come into your life and demand changes. What kind of CEO would you be in the business world if a new hire came to work for you, and demanded you change the way you do business to accommodate them? You’d be the laughing stock of the business world! And rightfully so… 

Treat your life the same way. Screen the women who want to be a part of your life. Stop changing who you are just to please females. Where’s your leadership skills? Where’s your backbone? 

My demands in relationships are simple: This is my life, my world that I’m creating for myself. I’m perfectly happy in it just the way it is. If you want to be in my life, don’t expect me to change to accommodate you. Because I won’t. But you’re more than welcome to come build with me in it. 

To some women this sounds selfish and chauvinistic. But this is the way it is…take it or leave it. Believe it or not, most choose to take it…even the so-called Ms. Independent women. 

Women are looking for a man who has a life of his own; one he’s firmly in control of. This shows you have leadership qualities. Something thats extremely hard to find these days. 

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Staff Writer; Mack Major ||

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8 Responses to “Become The CEO of Your Life.”
  1. J Realist says:

    WOW!!!! Great article. Hopefully, someone will turn this article into a rap song so more will be exposed to it…just joking; I’m only half serious.

  2. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    I found this article refreshing … I personally hope many men will read this and take counsel from it. There are a lot of sisters out here who are looking for a man that can lead and doesn’t just think he is entitled to it because he is male… for men that have some direction in their life and can invite us to go along. I am a very strong Black woman in need of a very strong Black man; no others need apply. I hope, for the sake of my sisters, the girls young enough to be my daughters, and for the Black race, that this article hepls to inspire more of our men to become the strong Black men that are so desperately needed.

  3. Mack says:

    @Justyourbrother: Please excuse me while I rant for a moment.

    Funny, black women can extoll the virtues of their womanhood all day, screaming “I am a diva” from the rooftops…yet no one ever knocks them for doing so. In fact, it’s actually celebrated everywhere from the media to church. Black Girls Rock has become a cultural statement for black women of this generation.

    But when a black MAN proudly and unapologetic extolls the virtues of masculinity, he’s ‘overcompensating for something that’s really missing.’

    I don’t follow the double-standard in this line of reasoning…

    To me you sound like one of those dudes who believes he must go along and cater to the modern female psyche in order to get along. I can assure you: you don’t.

    And though I appreciate your comments, even the sly disses and subtle greasy-speak, I have to disagree with you on a few things.

    Most CEO’s for one, actually DO own the corporations they preside over. You’re limiting your analogy to the Fortune 500 list, and leaving out the millions of mid to small sized corporations that make up the bulk of American businesses.

    And you have to understand something: the kind of stuff I speak of goes over most black men and women’s heads, primarily because we are so far off base with the way we do things nowadays, the lowest common denominator among us is often seen as the standard.

    We live in a climate where it’s not popular to be a man. This is not just a black thing. It’s systemic throughout the western world. But since this is, we’ll keep it about us.

    We extoll the virtues of black womanhood, which is good; but do it while we put down and attempt to silence the voice of black manhood.

    When you silence the voice of black masculinity, you get imbalanced churches full of women and ‘moist’ men.

    You get reality TV shows that only depict black men as either homosexual or too immature to man up and marry the women they’ve dated for years. These shows have some of the highest ratings on TV, thanks to sisters who watch that mess religiously.

    You get gangs of lost boys roaming the streets, seeking their manhood through the barrel of a gun; who’s proof of having graduated into manhood usually comes with a felony and a prison record.

    When black manhood is silenced, you get an army of wounded, hurting sisters attempting to raise the next generation of black men, absent of any real masculine image to model their son’s manhood after.

    So instead of raising men, they’ve raised a bunch of overly emotional girlie-boys filled with feminine energy, who don’t know whether their sex organs were designed to fit into a woman’s ‘entrance’ or a male’s exit…

    I listen to sisters all the time speak about their expectations of the kind of man they desire. Their expectations are concrete. Very ‘take it or leave it.’ Again: having solid dating standards is virtuous for females, but black men are expected to dumb ourselves down, slack our standards, and not roar too loudly, less we make black women feel inferior.


    Only a truly strong woman can deal with an equally strong man. What I find to be the norm is that sisters who call themselves ‘strong’ usually are attracted to men who are weak. They know they should want better, yet they seem intimidated by brothers who have their ish together and won’t be easily manipulated by ‘a big butt and a smile.’

    Only a handful of sisters prove to be the exception; and most of them don’t stay single for long…

    It would take a book to express all my thoughts on this subject. Make that an encyclopedia! But suffice it to say, your remarks left me shaking my head for a brief moment. And again: it’s not just you. It’s a systemic way of thinking that has seized hold of this generation and led it off into captivity; a captivity I am determined to see overturned in my lifetime.

    I welcome all feedback.

  4. Justyourbrother says:

    Mack Major,

    You were preaching to the converted for a moment.
    I think you went left when you added that take it or leave it
    credo. A few years ago while studying some literature on
    leadership skills I learned something new.

    The author stated that those that adopt an all or nothing
    attitude usually end up with nothing. Due to they’re
    unwillingness to compromise or make adjustments with the
    very teams they desire to lead, they miss the ultimate
    goals, and lose out on valuable team players.

    Now when you talk about a CEO, well, in the business world
    as you may know the Chief doesn’t always have the last
    word. Especially if the company is publicly traded.

    Actually a CEO is someone selected by the owner or board of the
    company to make changes “for the better” I might add.
    Let’s use Steve Jobs for example. He wasn’t the owner of Apple.

    Now on the level of relationship between man and woman
    what fun would it be to have a mute, just enjoying the ride as
    a companion?

    There have been instances in some organizations where a certain
    individual that was not the owner or founder came along
    and made significant improvements and maximized profits dramatically.

    You are the man but I heard it said once that when we over emphasize
    or manhood and masculinity then we are overcompensating for something
    that’s really missing.

    Now am I a fan of smoking blunts with hood rats and having no ambition?
    By no means. However that same hood rat can change it up one day and
    surprise you.

  5. Nojma says:

    @Mack I love this article! Very motivational, and I am definitely attempting to be the CEO of my life. Life is to short, and you only have one life to live and you don’t want to wake up with regrets of “shoulda” “woulda” “coulda”, I really appreciate this article. 🙂

  6. Mack says:

    Agreed Marcus. I guess the going consensus is: who cares? They’re not expected to grow up and become anything worthwhile anyway. Probably die before they hit 30, or end up on the chain gang. Nobody thinks to encourage the team that has little chance of winning.

    Obviously these aren’t MY feelings, but I can’t help but wonder if most of our sisters and the others out there don’t feel this way…

  7. Marcus says:

    Why are’t we celebrated more of our youth that have graduated high school and college. Our black boys need this encouragement to move forward

  8. Patsy says:

    Interesting article! I think getting a trained life coach and/or a mentor can definitely help.

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