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How To Tell If Your Girl Is (Possibly) A Ho.

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( I started to name this post ‘Ho’ish Tendencies’…but I wanted to make this one crystal clear.

Too many good dudes out there are giving their precious time, their hard earned money and their hearts to females, that to be frank with you, simply don’t deserve it. I’ve met countless dudes who have inadvertently or purposely chosen to fall in love with a whore…a tramp…a ho. Some have even chosen to marry such females.

But its a true saying indeed: You can’t make a ho into a housewife! It just won’t happen. I know a dude real well, who was in the military several years ago. He, like many others, fell in love with this chick who had a nice body. But she was ho material. Undoubtedly he fell in love with her sex skills; and that was his biggest problem. But he didn’t know she was a ho…until he came home early from work one afternoon and found his brother pounding her out doggy-style on HIS bed!

So in the spirit of avoiding making a similar mistake, I’m going to list a few of the things to look out for; some tell tale signs of ho’ishness. And don’t approach this with a blinded eye. If you see any of these signs in the woman you are currently dating, you need to do some serious reevaluation of your relationship, and some soul searching.


1. She has sex with you on the first date
For me, this is always a deal breaker. You can be the finest chick on earth; but if you let me pound you out on the very first date, don’t look for a ring or any type of commitment from me.

2. She’s bi-sexual
To me, bisexuality is really just another term for ‘freak’. It speaks of a lack of sexual discipline…an ‘anything goes’ mentality. Bi-sexual women in my opinion are non-comitters; meaning they aren’t the type who will commit to you. They can’t even commit to one choice of sexual preference! Most bisexual chicks are really just freaks who like to get their coochies pleasured; and it usually doesn’t matter who’s doing the pleasuring. Not saying I won’t hit it; but I damn sure won’t commit to it!

3. She has a ton of male ‘friends’
Another deal breaker. What makes YOU such a friendly person that all the guys like hanging around you? I’m nobody’s fool! Men can sometimes be like vultures; we can smell out an easy meal from miles away! And if dudes are hanging around you, they probably sense an easy opportunity.

4. Her male cousins are overly ‘flirty’ with her
 Ever hear of ‘kissing cousins’? It happens, in more families than a few. To some oversexual horn-dogs, being blood related means absolutely nothing. In fact, the more ‘forbidden’ the affair, the more erotic it tends to be for them. And again: what makes you so easy for your cousins to flirt with? What type of family IS this anyway?! I don’t even want my gene pool mixed in with a bloodline like that! Guys who are familiar with a female usually know who the ‘freaks’ are; even in their own family. And just about every guy has at least one female cousin he wouldn’t mind pounding, if given the opportunity. (Nasty I know…but so true!)

5. She greets every guy she knows with a hug.
If she’s overly friendly with the opposite sex, your girl could be what we call an ‘attention whore’; the type of female who lives for the attention of other guys. A definite deal breaker for me…

6. She has more male friends than female friends/ or claims she doesn’t like being friends with a bunch of females, but prefers being friends with guys.
This too is often just BS. Most females I know who are friends with a lot of guys have had sexual relationships with most, if not all of them. Very few are on some truly ‘just friends’ tip. And if other females find it hard to be friends with her, it could be because other women can smell out a home-wrecker from miles away. And your girl could very well be the chick that all the other women keep their boyfriends away from because she has a habit of stealing them. Food for thought…

7. She sends you nude or sexual photos of herself before you’ve actually met her in person
Pretty self explanatory. Those are all the hallmarks of a true to the game FREAK! And no sane man would be found wifing up a freak.

8. She has kids by several different men
This is a sign of sexual irresponsibility. And in this day and age, its actually quite dangerous.

9. She has kids with different fathers, but never been married
There ain’t but one way you can continue to spit out babies: you keep giving up the ass! Multiple kids by multiple dudes is a sign of ho’ishness. There’s no two ways about it! If you don’t value your own pussy, why should someone else?

10. She’s no longer friends or on speaking terms with a relative because she was accused of sleeping with their man.
If a woman ever confesses something like this to you, you’d better get your head out your ass and take note! She’s clearing her conscious with you…confessing. She’s letting you know what type of female she is. And even if the accusations are untrue, how did she put herself into such a situation where her good name could be smeared anyway? These are things we as men have to start being aware of before we jump into relationships with just any cutie with booty.

11. Her mother is a ho
You know how the saying goes: The apple never falls very far from the tree… Like mother, like daughter. This is the woman who raised her and trained her into womanhood. This is her coach. And even if she didn’t like her mother, if she spent any significant time around her, she inadvertently soaked up some of mom’s philosophies and life outlook. So buyer: beware!

12. She used to date a pimp
Ho, ho, and again I say ho! And I’m not mocking Santa here…

13. She works as a stripper or exotic dancer; either now or in the past
What’s the difference between a hooker and a stripper? Answer: THERE AIN’T NO DIFFERENCE! Either way you’re trading sexual activity of some kind for money. That therefore makes you a ho! At least the hooker knows she’s a ho, and has come to terms with that fact. She’s openly chosen to embrace her ho’ism; whereas the stripper tends to think she’s somehow better. So know that you’re dealing with either a past or present hoe. And like the saying goes: You can’t make a hoe into a housewife!

 14. She was molested or raped in her younger years, yet sucks and screws like a porn star today.
 Females who are molested or raped at a young age tend to become promiscuous early in life than they should. That means that by the time she’s in her early 20’s, she’s probably banged more guys than your average porn star. It’s a sad outcome to a tragic event, but one that you should take into consideration before you choose to jump the broom . 

15. She doesn’t believe in sexual limits

16. She idolizes authors like Zane or Nancy Friday

17. She doesn’t see anything wrong with carrying on a sexual relationship with two or more different guys at the same time
Quiet freak…

18. She’s had sex with over 10 different guys in her life time
Nasty freak…
 Again: if you don’t value your snatch, why on earth should I? Multiple sex partners denotes a lack of value for your own body. You lack any sense of exclusivity about your body; hence, a lack in personal self value. Personally I like for my women to hold their bodies in such high esteem that it causes me to have to break out my A-game just to possibly hit it. But that’s just me…

19. She believes in the sexual ‘liberation’ of all women
 Sexual liberation usually means being liberated from any sense of guilt about being a ho! If your woman is on some conversation like this, you best believe she’s had more pricks sticking out of her than a porcupine!

20. She works in the porn industry
Need I say more?!

21. She has home girls who are ho’s
(Birds of a feather flock together!)

22. Her porn collection is bigger than yours
A woman who’s addicted to porn is bound to live out her sexual fantasies. And if she was single when you met her, you have to wonder why…What’s a good looking chick who loves porn doing single? Why no man? Only possible answer: she’s had plenty. And some poor simp will come along and try to cupcake with her, in the hopes of getting all the free sex he wants. That’s when he’ll wake up one day married to a slut, wondering how in heaven’s name did that happen…

23. One of her sexual fantasies is to screw two guys at the same time
Double-dick clutching is a no-no. Signs that your girl is a double-dick clutcher:

a. she tells you its her fantasy
b. she has a two-pronged dildo: one slides into the cooch, the other slides up you know where at the same time
c. she tells you she’s already fulfilled this fantasy
d. she knows way too many dudes, everywhere you seem to go

24. She’s not sure who her baby-daddy is
Maury Povich has brought to light the sheer masses of freaks out there, ready to pin an unwanted pregnancy on any dude stupid enough to run up inside one raw. Freaks like this are just that: freaks. You don’t try to rehabilitate them. You avoid the bubonic plague!

25. She knows a lot of dudes in the entertainment industry
They have another word for women like this: groupies. If you meet a female and her FaceBook page is full of photos with her and every male rapper, rocker or country music singer…know that 9 times outta 10 she’s probably an ex (or still current) groupie. She knows more about these dudes than is morally sound.

26. She used to roll with a gang
Gang chicks ain’t nothing but gang groupies. They’re just restricted to only having sex with the other gang members.

27. All her brothers are pimps
If her whole family is involved in ‘the life’, there’s a good chance that she is too. You’re not only what you eat; you’re also what you see and sleep. And if all you see and sleep is pimping and hoe’ing, day in and day out…pimping and or hoe’ing is down in you. Its down in your bones. And here’s a clue to which one your girl most likely is: there aren’t many female pimps out there…but there’s an abundance of female hoes!

28. Her father was a pimp

29. She used to be a cheerleader for a professional sports team
We call this the sports groupie. But its still the same game. The average cheerleader makes less than someone working at Taco Bell. So if there’s no money in it, why do so many females do it? One word: access. They get to shake their money makers and pom-poms in front of multi millionaires for every game. So you take good looking females, add a bunch of horny young jocks, and throw in millions of bucks. That’s a recipe for lots of groupie activity. Looks to me like the athletes aren’t the only ones ‘taking one for the team…’

30. Her only career has been modeling
How many times has she fell for the line: “Wow, you’re beautiful. Did I tell you I was a photographer…?”

31. She’s starred in one or more rap videos
Video vixen: aka: rap video hoe

 32. She got with you, even though she knew you were married at the time
And now you want to wife her up? Get serious man…*shaking my head*

33. She’s the church pastor’s ‘special’ assistant, and travels with him everywhere he goes
I hate to say it, but this is what we call the church groupie. What: you didn’t think the church would have their own set of special groupies too? Of course they do! Not everyone who says unto me ‘lord, lord’ shall enter into my Kingdom…*the words of Jesus*

34. She goes away for the weekend with her ‘friends’ a lot
Yeah, I’ll bet! Don’t think that females won’t cover for each other like men do. They surely will! The closer the friendship the more likely they will cover for one another. I’ve known women who traveled to places like South Beach and Jamaica together, just for the sole purpose of meeting men to hook up with while away. Do a Youtube search on ‘Rent a Rasta’. Very eye opening…

35. She likes to hang out in clubs and bars
Clubs and bars are for the young. By the time a woman reaches a certain age, usually her mid 20’s, she should be tired of the club and bar scene. She should be good and ready for settling down. And if she’s not, your ‘Spidey senses’ should start going off.

36. She knows every guy in the club or bar
Again: what makes her so popular with the guys?

37. When she takes you to meet her people, they give you a funny, ‘knowing’ look; or you hear them make comments like “I’m glad she’s finally settling down!”
When a female’s friends or family make comments like that, they’re inadvertently letting you know your girl used to be a wild one. Take note…

38. She stands up in church and testifies that she used to be a ho
 Not saying that a person can’t change their life, but you have to exercise some wisdom. You can only trust an ex-crackhead to a certain degree. Put your guard down and he/she could easily slip back into addiction and start robbing you blind. Once a crackhead, the potential for ‘cracking up’ is always still there. For life. The same goes for alcoholics who will occasionally fall off the wagon and slip back into addiction. Likewise for an ex-hoe. Ex-hoes are some of the slickest type of females to deal with. They can be charming to perfection, but secretly conniving against you. Don’t fall for the oakey-doke. Better to leave the ex-hoes for the Lord and the ex-pimps to deal with… 

39. She admits that she used to be wild in her teens and twenties
She’s basically letting you know that she used to be a slut in her younger years. She could probably pass a sperm tasting test blind-folded hanging upside down. If you’re cool with that bit of knowledge, then by all means proceed with reckless abandon. After all: its your life buddy…

40. Her internet profile says anything like:

“I’m tired of guys playing games…
translation: I’m tired of guys tricking me out of my panties by pretending to really like me

“I’m tired of meeting liars..
trans: I’m tired of screwing guys who I think have money, only to find out their really broke and living back home with their mommas.

“I’ve met a ‘few’ people on this site but they didn’t turn out to be what I was hoping for…
 trans: I screwed many guys off this site, but they never turned into any sort of long-term relationship. 

“I can smell BS a mile away…
trans: I’ve been tricked out of my panties so many times by so many different games that i pretty much know them all now.

“I’m not looking for a sex buddy or friends with benefits…
trans: I’m tired of being used only for cheap sex.

“I did the club/bar scene, now I’m ready to settle down…”
trans: I’ve gotten all my slutting and whoring out the way; now I’m ready for some simp who doesn’t know my background to come along and cupcake with me.

41. She met you and was sexing you down while she was already in another relationship
If she did it to ‘him’, she’ll do it to you too! Don’t think you’re above being played or cheated on because you’re not. It’s happened to the best of us at one time or another.

42. She admits to having cheated on her boyfriend or husband in the past
*Ding ding ding* You don’t get any clearer warnings than this!

43. She’s a part of the female college sorority who’s male counterparts are the “Q-Dogs”
 These are what you call college groupies. Yes they got’em too! And Q’s are known on campus for getting down and nasty with the ladies. So if your girl is an ex or current Q groupie, you best believe she’s seen male organs of various shades and sizes during her school days! 

44. She ‘swallowed’ the first time she ever gave you head
 That right there has ‘ho’ written all over it…with a capital ‘H’! best believe your jizz isn’t the first time she’s swallowed. 

45. When you’re together late at night, her cell phone is constantly ringing at 1 or 2 in the morning
They call that time of night ‘booty call’ hours for a reason…

46. Guys from her past still buy her gifts or pay her bills
The only way he’s still paying her bills is if his name is tied to it…or he’s still tapping the skins. There ain’t too many altruistic generous money donors out there looking for some woman’s bills to pay. So don’t be stupid and gullible.

47. She tries to lock you down into a relationship way too fast
She’s trying to get you down that aisle and into the county courthouse records book before you figure out she’s a hoe and change your mind about seeing her. What’s the big rush anyway? Women who are trying to pressure you into marriage usually have an agenda…and its probably not in your favor. Now to be fair to the ladies: if you’ve been dating her for a few years now, she has every right to expect some sort of long term commitment out of you. After all: she ain’t getting any younger.

48. She has had sex with more than 2 guys in the same year
 Again: if a woman won’t value her stuff and treat it exclusively, why should you? Why should you commit to someone who obviously can’t even commit to themselves enough to make their body off limits to any dude who comes along whispering sweet words with flowers? Even a female dog (a real bitch) will only allow the best male dog to mate with her. He has to prove to her first that he’s worthy to plant his seed inside of her. Most average females these days require little more than dinner and a movie…some even less!

49. She has 3 or more visible tattoos on her body
I’ve come to discover for myself that females who carry multiple tattoos on their bodies are usually tramps. They seem to be looser sexually than women with one or no tats. I thinks its a respect thing for the human body…on some deeper psychological level. People who tat their bodies up tend to show less respect for their bodies than those who don’t. Again, this is my own personal observation.

50. She has the names of other guys tattooed on her body
 Not only is she easily impressionable; she’s not even very wise with it. Permanently inking some dude’s name on her body is her way of staying forever attached to that guy. You’ll always be number 2 or 3 in her life…based on how many other dudes she’s permanently bound to in her mind. 

51. She has a tattoo that reads ‘Hit it daddy’ on her lower back
 Now that’s just some outright ho mess there!

I’m sure there are more signs out there. I welcome you to leave any I may have left out in the comment section of this post. Be sure to check out my blog  Keep your eyes open playas!

Staff Writer; Mack Major ||

One may connect with this talented writer also through Twitter; NewUrbanView and Facebook; FlipTheGame.

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78 Responses to “How To Tell If Your Girl Is (Possibly) A Ho.”
  1. Anastasie says:

    “If she has more than two male partners in a year, why should I respect her?” BECAUSE SHE’S A HUMAN BEING AND THAT ALONE MEETS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT OF RESPECT? Also, the amount of people a woman has slept with is no indication of her quality. Having been sexually assaulted leaves women with manymanymany issues later on in life. Hypersexuality is one, but maybe instead of chastising a woman for that, you take a basic psych class and unserstand why sexual assault manifests itself in that way. The amount of blatant misogyny in your post is just astounding.

  2. The Truth Is says:

    The truth is, even God makes mistakes too.

  3. LalaBN says:

    You sound dumb af. Men get w/ a woman that has these traits and is loyal and faithful to him and then he cheats, BUT she’s the hoe? Lmfao you sound stupid . Dating a pimp DOESNT make her a hoe, it depends on the type of guy he is, some are straight fwd “hoes only” and some except women that aren’t hoes his “square” … having brothers that are pimps or a father that is also doesn’t make you a hoe.

  4. This Is Why Many Of Us Good Men Are Still Single Today says:

    I always wondered why would God create garbage like them in the first place to begin with? What was his purpose?

  5. Yoshiko says:

    Dear writer of this post,

    I don’t agree with you with some of the points that you’ve made. No. 14 stroke me the most. I got assaulted when I was a child and didn’t dare to have sex with anyone (till this day I still didn’t have sex), let alone talking to men! Do you know how hurtful and stereotypical your words are? Your post really disappointed me.

    Kind regards

  6. I’m a whore; contact my boyfriend if you want me to have my way with you; he loves to watch me fuck anyone; he has erectile dysfunction!

    His number is 713-907-0304

  7. Anna says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion BUT I HATE it when people say “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”. That’s fucking bullshit.
    There is NOTHING wrong with having sex with different people all the time. I used to do that and I’m a girl. Give a hoe a reason to settle down and she’ll be your wife. Be everything she wants in a man/husband and she’ll be your “housewife”.
    If you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, what makes the author of this article think you can turn a manwhore into a husband? It goes both ways, real shit.
    I’ve noticed most of the people that say this are either black or from the hood, so this might be just a hood mentality.
    As I said before I used to fuck around a lot but got tired of it and now I’ve settled down with one guy, we’ve been together for 2 years so far.
    So yes, you CAN turn a hoe into a housewife.

  8. Aisga says:

    What gives man the right to make laws on when women become hos. God said get married full stop. No dating. Theres no if i wait a year to sleep with a guy im not a slut, a whore im decent. I hear women are guility of this making number 3 synononus with a good girl sorry ho as long as youre sleeping with a man who aint married you youre a slut, hoe etc. Youre the hoe and the guys are whoremongers. As they look to make women fornicate with there lies.

  9. This Is Why Many Of Us Good Men Are Still Single Today says:

    Unfortunately these Low Life Pathetic Losers are everywhere these days.

  10. allen says:

    with out God all woman are hoes

  11. marketer says:

    This writer is one insecure mofo

  12. Reality Check says:

    Well unfortunately most of the women out there today are Human Waste.

  13. wtf says:

    ok honestly wtf is this. anyone can be afraid of commitment. it has nothing to do with your sexuality. Im bisexual and i want to commit to someone. when someone is bisexual its because thats who they’re attracted to not because they can’t decide who they like. you’re literally so dumb like educate yourself before you speak. also you’re acting like every girl is a hoe and “can’t be changed” which is completely not true. Both guys and girls can cheat it doesn’t mean its always girls. also girls who were strippers, it doesn’t mean they’re hoes, you don’t know their story, most strippers are strippers because they don’t have money so again educate yourself. a girl can have sex as many times as she wants. if she has sex more than 2 times in a year she’s a hoe?? so what you want her to just not do anything so guys like you wouldn’t say shit about her. why is ok for guys to have sex as much as they want but girls have to have sex once per year? get out with your sexist shit.

  14. Reality Check says:

    These low life loser pathetic women are Everywhere nowadays unfortunately.

  15. the romadon says:

    I know these signs stood out
    1. she goes to bars on weekends
    2. she was all over me on the first date
    3. she told me has had a threesome with 2 dudes
    4. she tried to jump into a relationship
    5. she had a crazy teen lifestyle
    6. she admitted cheating on her boyfriend

  16. Elle says:

    Mack Major (What’s your real name brother?),

    I read on the internet that you are a christian. “…but if you let me pound you out on the very first date, don’t look for a ring or any type of commitment from me.”

    Man of God why would you even have this mentality to begin with? Men are leaders, and if you are leading this interaction with lust, knowing that she may have this personality flaw, you are equally at fault. Matthew 5.

    Your language and discussion of this subject contradict Ephesians 4, Matthew 18, Exodus 20, Leviticus 19, and just the entire bulk of Messiah’s testimony.

    I have a huge problem with the fact that you are incognito and unsourced. You speak “truth” and gain following in huge numbers, but how are you living out the things you’re teaching? How can we tell you’re real? Where do you fellowship? Do you have a wife and children? A testimony or some education that qualifies you to speak about what you do?

    No, we don’t know any of that about you, but you got a plethora of books on sale for 19.99. Why should we invest into your phantom ministry? Where is any of this money going? Are you part of any accountability ministries? Can we see how your earnings are distributed?

    The more anonymous a celebrity personality is, denotes they have something to hide.

    You also may want to renew your corporation listing with the state of Delaware, it is expired. And, you keep using celebrity photos without paying the licensing fee in these so called books you are selling, the owners will eventually catch wind and sue the pants off you for copyright infringement. And they’ll win, and drain your earnings.

    You speak of freedom from sin in “diva, goddess, queen”, but how you address and view my gender is clearly from a bondaged mind. Why title a book with such a name if you don’t actually minister to the female gender?

    I pray you take my admonishment seriously, these are the last days. Yah does not take trickery kindly.

  17. Lol says:


    Just because a woman is bisexual, doesn’t mean they’re a “ho”. That would mean ALL bisexuals, men and women, are hos because they “can’t choose a sexual preference”. I’ve know many people who are bi and are happily married with a male or female. So don’t just label girls who are “bi”, hos.

    Individuals are problematic, not an entire preference of sexual choice.

  18. midnite1245 says:

    I’ve been seeing this girl I met a few years ago in a bar in this border town that has girls that hustle you and you can take them to a motel with a little bit of money.In fact that’s how I got to know her, after buying her a few drinks, at different times, she finally went to a motel with me and another girl from the club she insisted on bringing with her. the first time they both gave me head and it was pretty awesome. now she won’t give me head unless she has a few beers. i’ve been seeing her for about two years and ‘help her out with car repairs, gas and occasional just cash when i see her. when i first met her she seemed real sweet and i fell for her i stopped seeing her for a year and couldn’t stay away and started seeing her again. shes married with a husband across the border who can’t cross over here. after those kind of bars closed here in my city, she stopped seeing guys, so she says she doesn’t do that anymore. she has 3 kids by three different men who she lived with and married the last one.i want to believe her when she says she’s not seeing anyone anymore but she gets very mad at me when i even ask her about it. last time i asked her maybe 6 months ago, she screamed at me and said, ‘ i’m not a prostitute’i think she did it to survive. i want to believe her but my insecurities say that she’s still doing it. its driving me crazy. after writing this i see i’m probably being made a fool of.i really care for her and can’t seem to let it go. a lot comes from the fact that i’ve had two marriages that ended in affairs by my wives and a few relationships that ended the same way. looking at the list i see a few things that apply: she has no tats,multiple baby daddy’s, still hangs out with friends from the club. is constantly texting when i’m with her, says its her daughter’s but won’ answer my texts for a long time but seems to have to answer everybody else’s right away. i’m recently divorced and am looking for someone that will put me as their priority. Am i being stupid and should run the other way or cool it with her and see where it goes? i’m just afraid that she doesn’t want to let go of me because of the ‘help’ i give her and not because she really cares for me. i know its a long comment and i told pretty much everything .


  19. zane says:

    well all that is helpful..but really, what you are describing is just a typical nigger girl…right ?
    they all have kids ? check? they all like to screw? check they all want money ? check..and so on..yep, typical nigger.

  20. Kay says:

    This list is hilarious, if a woman was to post a list about what makes men hoes we would be reading a 24 page pamphlet and fighting off hundreds of negative male comments that have no barring on the information listed. There are many women that have some traits on your list that are definitely not hoes, some that may be, but what makes you or any other man an expert in identifying one? it’s unfortunate that the mentality of a few easily influenced men and boys take this list to heart and will probably lose out on a good woman because of it, you even went as far as classifying a rape victim as a hoe. Meeting a good woman has nothing to do with a stupid list on a webpage, it’s about letting go of your dumb ideas that every woman is supposed to be perfect and getting to know her for who she is..not because some ignorant person labeled her a hoe. No one has the right to tell someone how to live their life, especially if you have no idea what that person is going through or has dealt with in her past. There are many great women that were rape victims that have become extremely successful, profound professionals, I can list off 2 personally that are both a CEO and a pristine professor with very loving families. I would suggest you try to find a good woman with the right family values and stop waisting your time typing up frivolous postings about nothing.

  21. DRE says:

    Mack i thank u for this article it was a good read….
    I made the mistake of being with a hoe recently. She pretty much matches the ho

    qualities 1-15 on this list in some way.

    within 1 hour of meeting her for the first time I was feeling her up and she was

    making plans to hav sex in 2 days. she also sent me nudes the same day and

    admitted down the line that she was Bi.
    she is overly flirty, has tons of male frens, hugs everyone, had unprotected sex

    with multiple men, was accused of taking her fren’s man, her mom is a ho , and i

    just found out her ex has pimp tendencies (meaning she gives him money she gets

    from other dudes).
    she likes strip clubs,

    she has had sex with over 10 guys, dont know if she was molested but i get the

    impression she started very early.
    wen i met her she said she had a man.

    she wanted a relationship way too fast, she wants tatoos, she had sex with at

    least 5 guys in 5 months (found this out after we broke up)

    After we had sex and she called me her boyfriend i was very cautious of getting

    serious with an easy girl like her but i dont know why i closed my eyes and

    jumped wen i’ve bin trying to avoid shit like this for years (Big Mistake)

    probly i said to myself that i was single for too long and that i cud give her a

    chance (Big Mistake)

    I now know to never lower my standards regardless of how long im single.
    YOu helped me to get back to my pimpin while i wait for a decent girl to come my

    God Bless you MAck

  22. Ovadose says:

    The article speaks the truth. Be aware of hos that only have male “friends”, are into extremely weird sex, e.i getting gangbanged, have numerous sex stories to tell, and who cant get along with women at all. The lie and say they want a good man just to have anotha dude in their lives. And fellas if a heffa ever tells you that she was “kickin it” with her boyfriend and his homie and they molested her, and she is super freaky, run like hell!!! Dont fuck with her cause whenever these young girls are touched in their early teens, the can turn into some wilding-out super freaks!!!!! Take it from me, dont trust a ho cause you cant turn a ho into a house wife, it will never work!!!

  23. reader2016 says:

    as many of you that may not like this post…. its a really good one. Women, you need to be real with yourself and learn from this… No Good guy, with his head on right, wants a woman that’s a hoe. And everyone, what the author is saying is if you meet a girl and she has these qualities, then its a good chance that she is a hoe…. and the hoe will come out.

  24. Tameika says:

    Whomever wrote this needs the Shit slapped out of them. Alot of this shit is a stupid and unrealistic. Men want a freak to please them then want mother Theresa too? You complain when ya get a virgin and she knows nothing about how to please you, then you cheat on her because she doesn’t.(been there) It’s rare you will find a grown ass woman who has onlu had 2 partners. This person is obviously looking for a teenager or something.

  25. orlando says:

    this is by far the most accurate and precise description of a ho I have yet to read on line, great knowledge
    I almost married one but thank god I woke up, actually I knew she was cheating but she was illusive but I persisted and finally caught her
    just wanted to show her she couldn’t fool me, I saved my self
    on top of that she is a sociopath
    female sociopaths are hell’s ho’s

  26. Short ED says:

    hey guys, I’m a man, and I was wondering why we can’t just turn off our nasty brains and shut our dirty mouths???? why are we keep calling our girls a Ho??? if they are ho so what are we? we are sleeping with them!!!! we need them to satisfy us, to beside us…
    in my point of view some of your rules about relationship is super good, but some are too much. if a girl, really loves a guy, she will respect her man and never does any of those above.
    happy love pounding ???

  27. TheTruth says:

    Well these days most of them are.

  28. ATL Shawty says:

    Men are the Real Hoes!!

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