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Baking Sweet Dreams at Kute Kouture Cookies, Inc.

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( Tina Jefferson is from the windy city -aka- Chicago, IL. The entrepreneur states that her dream began with a love for accessories and details. Jefferson tells,, “I’ve always been the girl that likes to put just a special little added touch at the end to transform items from ordinary to Extraordinary.”

I received a box in the mail, opened it, and saw six beautiful homemade cookies with decorative love. Tina Jefferson emailed me and stated that before the box of cookies was shipped it took some maneuvering to get them to Texas. I am glad that she handled USPS, and made sure that I received the  promised package. Each gourmet cookie was specially wrapped with accent bows, and looked as if they took hours to make them. 

Tina Jefferson began making cookies for people at her full-time job. After receiving compliments from employees about the tasty treats, she decided to put her baking and faith in action. And to make things more clear, every time someone tasted one of Jefferson’s cookies, they literally put in an order on the spot. 

The petite entrepreneur continues in the interview, “I took every single order knowing full well I was not equipped to fill them all, but was determined to make it happen.” 

With $250.00 in the bank, Tina Jefferson, took the money and purchased a small hand blender and some raw materials to make the cookies. The rest is history! Tina reassures the paper that it took some time to get the cookies exactly where she wanted them to be as it pertains to decorating cookies and packaging. 

“I continued to practice my craft until it became easier for me to make my cookies beautiful and I was able to master various designs,” Tina Jefferson reiterates via phone. 

It has now been a year and Tina Jefferson is well on her way to becoming a household name in Chicago. Today, her company is called, Kute Kouture Cookies, Inc. The self-taught entrepreneur speaks highly of her budding business, and wants to continue to build her brand. The company is located in the metropolitan area of Chicago. Kute Kouture Cookies ships to out of state customers and takes orders via their website.

As a test, I wanted to be fair in my assessment of Tina’s cookies. They were delicious to say the least in my opinion. I decided to give one to a friend. She emailed the paper within two days about Kute Kouture Cookies.

In response she typed, “That cookie was good. It was just the right texture, not too rich as some gourmet cookies can be and the icing was just right. I have one corner left.”

With that said, it is never too late to start working on your dream—regardless of your circumstances.

Tina Jefferson says that, “We can’t buy happiness but we can buy dessert – and it’s kind of the same thing.”

If you are interested in tasting these awesome cookies visit Kute Kouture Cookies online: or via Facebook at

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