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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Yeah Democrats Responsible for Black Culture of Anger.

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( Black twenty-year-old male Danielle Simpson with two black associates were interrupted by 84 year old Geraldine Davidson while in the process of burglarizing her home. They duct taped her mouth, bound her hands and legs and threw the white former school teacher and church organist into the trunk of her own car. Ms Davidson was severely brutalized before the trio eventually tied a rope attached to a cinder block around her legs and threw her, still alive, into the river.

Brutal crimes are not unique.

But, here is what makes this case remarkable. For seven hours, Simpson rode around in Ms Davidson’s car stopping for fast food and opening the truck to show off his victim to his black friends. Due to fingerprints left on the car, detectives estimate that around ten people viewed Ms Davidson in the trunk.

Incredibly, not one person called the police or lobbied to set the poor elderly woman free. What could possibly harden these black youths to such an extent?

Perhaps one of the detective investigating the case nailed it when he described the black criminals and their friends as part of a “culture of anger”.

For the murder of Ms Davidson, in 2009, Danielle Simpson was executed by Lethal injection in Texas.

Fast forward to the democrat led Trayvon Martin rallies across America. If justice was their true motivation, they would allow the case to unfold. To demand Zimmerman be arrested without knowing the facts is absurd and irresponsible. The democrat’s obvious purpose for their race rallies is to fuel the eternal flames of their well-nurtured “culture of anger”.

Sadly, democrat efforts to cultivate black anger is bearing much fruit. Before the Trayvon Martin incident, black flash mobs were attacking white strangers across America.

The horrific rape/murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom received scant publicity because it was seen as politically incorrect to publicize a beautiful white couple being brutalized by five black thugs.

Exploiting Trayvon Martin to fuel the Democrat’s culture of anger, Democrat US Rep. Bobby Rush spoke to the House wearing a “hoodie”. Rush assumed Martin was racially profiled and said, “just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.” Yet another example of a Democrat jumping the gun to further their storyline before all the facts are in.

Sixties radical, Angela Davis faithfully contributed to the Democrat’s culture of anger. Davis said Trayvon’s story is not unique. According to Davis, blacks are physically attacked by whites all the time. Davis also accused white America of systematic racism against blacks. Will someone please inform Ms Davis that a black man is leader of the free world solely because millions of white Americans voted for him. At only 12% of the US population, black votes alone could not have put the Obama’s in the White House.

The Trayvon Martin incident has afforded the Democrats a golden opportunity to build upon their culture of anger. Al Sharpton said “Enough is enough!” Jessie Jackson said, “Blacks are under attack!”

So, according to US Rep. Bobby Rush, Angela Davis, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the majority of Democrat leaders, pundits and the democrat supportive mainstream media, black Americans are routinely physically attacked by whites. Is there any wonder why millions of black Americans are fuming in a culture of anger?

Well, allow me to crush the Democrat’s perfect liberal paradigm with the truth/facts. F.B.I and U.S. Justice Dept. statistics confirm blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites than white violence against blacks.

Ninety percent of the victims of race crimes are white.

What are the consequences of the Democratic Party keeping black America stewing in their well-crafted culture of anger? Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife. Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 percent against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanics. Who can deny, black criminals are angry at whites and fellow blacks. Blacks are seven times more likely to end up in prison.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.


4 Responses to “Yeah Democrats Responsible for Black Culture of Anger.”
  1. Russell says:

    What a load of unmitigated bull$%$*

  2. DaTruth says:

    @Truth Here

    Wow! You people still peddling that tired old ridiculous argument about Republicans and what they stood for a 100 years ago to black people. Smh.

  3. Truth Here says:

    Black Americans really need to do their research on the Democratic party and stop voting like a machine all the time. If you know your history, you would understand the author’s point of view.

  4. James Davis says:

    You Miss The Point Totally In Your Rush To Demonize Democrats And Uplift The Republican Party. May God Forgive You.

    Trayvon Martin’s death was about sloppy police work that can be observed without having a blue ribbon panel of investigators come to a decision. This is the outrage!! No one Black or White person should have any satisfaction in the way this child’s life was taken. Trayvon as I understand had just turned 17 years old 2-3 weeks prior to his death. Here is what I mean when I say sloppy police work.
    1) There was no drug or alcohol test of the shooter, but the dead child was tested for drugs.
    2) There was no official hospital record of the shooter injuries that night, such as x rays of his nose to actually determine if he had such. Now, days later the shooter alleges he had a broken nose.
    3) Was the shooter ever ask to take a lie detector test?
    4)Why did the Chief of Police over rule his lead investigator who thought the shooter should be charged with manslaughter?

    No, this is not a rush to convict this shooter, it is a rush to common sense!
    We are right to value the life of Trayvon, because in doing that we are saying, if you don’t get it, we value our own Black skin. We are saying to this Police Chief and the other Zimmerman’s waiting in the wing, we are not going back to the days of Jim Crow, when the say so of one White Sheriff, or Police Chief is all it takes to let a shooter off the hook for killing someone who looks like Trayvon and ultimately looks like me.

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