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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke Freedom Of Speech.

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( When Rush Limbaugh exercised his 1st amendment right to free speech and criticized Sandra Fluke for whining about paying for her birth control pills, Democrats and the liberal mainstream media pounced. Granted Rush used some harsh words to describe Sandra Fluke, but that was his first amendment right. What’s despicable is the hypocrisy exhibited by Democrats and President Obama who don’t apply this same standard of decency to left wing comedian Bill Maher, who on a daily basis says things more offensive than Rush Limbaugh ever has.

Could it be because Bill Maher is a huge supporter of Democrats and just gave $1 million to Obama’s Super PAC Priorities USA? Learn to dissect these complex and nuanced issues with a political science major. Bill Maher repeatedly utters vile, disgusting things which go well beyond the point of decency and all we hear is crickets from Democrats and the liberal news media. Bill Maher mocked Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who prays before games with the following tweet on December 24, 2011 “Wow, Jesus just f**ked  #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.”

There were no calls for Bill Maher to be suspended from HBO and President Obama didn’t feel compelled to phone Tebow to comfort him after Bill Maher assaulted his religion. Obama could have used that as a teachable moment to stand up for Christianity and freedom of religion.

Of course, there’s Bill Maher’s vile comments about Bristol Palin in 2011, when he said:

“In Bristol’s new memoir Not Afraid of Life – working title, “Whoops, There’s a D*&+ in Me” – Bristol claims that the night she lost her virginity she had accidentally gotten drunk on wine coolers that she didn’t know contained alcohol and then blacked out and didn’t remember a thing. Oh, the Palins. I tell you, the shit doesn’t fall far from the bat.”

Bill Maher has also mocked Sarah Palin relentlessly and repeatedly called her a “dumb twat”   and a “cunt.”  During his March 2nd broadcast, Rush Limbaugh said if Obama really practiced  what he preached, that is being the decency police, he would demand his Super PAC return the $1million Bill Maher donated. Later that evening on his show, Maher responded and said he can say whatever he wants because unlike Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, “I don’t have sponsors. I’m on HBO.” But as News Busters pointed out, millions of HBO subscriptions like me pay Bill Maher’s salary so it is the same standard of decency should be applied to his toilet mouth.

Rush Limbaugh commented: “Bill Maher and some of his comments make me look like Romper Room, a choir boy. So will Obama be giving back Bill Maher’s money?”

Unless I missed it, Obama didn’t express outrage over Bill Maher’s insults against Bristol or Sarah Palin. Furthermore, he’s refused to respond to a letter from Concerned Women of America demanding Obama  tell his Super PAC to return Maher’s “filthy” money. White House Spokesperson Jay Carney explained to USA Today, “As for Bill Maher’s PAC contribution, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama has nothing to do with Priorities USA, and can’t legally tell it what to do.” But White House staffer and campaign officials will headline Priorities USA fundraising events, yet Obama has no influence over the PAC? The take away: it’s okay to vilify and degrade Republicans but don’t you dare do it to Democrats.

In President Obama’s March 6th press conference , where he tried to upstage GOP Super Tuesday contests, Obama said the reason he called Sandra Fluke “is because I thought about Malia and Sasha, and one of the things I want them to do as they get older is to engage in issues they care about . . . I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way.  And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens.”

Obama added: “We want to send a message to all our young people that being part of a democracy involves argument and disagreements and debate, and we want you to be engaged, and there’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve you being demeaned and insulted, particularly when you’re a private citizen.”

It seems Obama wants to teach his daughters the political double standard of decency—that it’s okay for conservative women and Christians “to be demeaned and insulted” but not their liberal peers.  Bill Maher is an odious pig with whom Obama doesn’t seem to have a problem being associated. Now, that’s a teachable moment for the history books.

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4 Responses to “Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke Freedom Of Speech.”
  1. Karla McGowan says:

    I’ll consider it Free Speech when Rush Limbaugh forgoes the 400 million dollars he gets to spew his vile. I have the right to tell any company I won’t do business with them as long as they sponsor hate speech.

  2. Bill Albrecht says:

    I am a conservative. I do not want Bill Maher silenced nor do I want his money given back. Free speech is just that…free speech. I know the left is mounting a well orchestrated (full of crap though) attack against Rush and conservatives in general. I just do not want us to sink to their despicable level. Let us fight their attack with truth, but let us not call for censorship.

  3. Laurie Lattimore says:

    TBM –
    Since when is it odd that anyone in a particular political party doesn’t criticize speakers from his own side?

    Democrats, Obama and the media (it’s not liberal, by the way, it’s just not right-wing BS like you prefer) did not say Rush Limbaugh didn’t have a First Amendment right to criticize Sandra Fluke. They just pointed out how classless he is. They didn’t like his content. So what. They don’t agree on content of most anything.

    Don’t confuse disagreeing with the message and bashing free speech. No one said Rush couldn’t speak his mind.

    For the record, plenty of liberals don’t like Bill Maher just like few if any conservatives do, but agree or disagree with his message, he has as much first amendment right to say offensive and classless things as Rush (and frankly has more room for indecency b/c there is less FCC oversight on cable, but since you have a hard time keeping distinct concepts separate, I’ll just skip that argument).

    Bill Maher is an ass. Rush Limbaugh is an ass. So what? everyone knows that, liberal or conservative. And no one is saying they can’t continue to be.

    free speech (even for the stupid).

  4. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much for standing up for conservative women! Too many let this stuff slide.

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