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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Black Woman: Access Code Required.

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( For those that know me or that are becoming familiar with my platform, it is known that I consistently speak on the value and sacredness of the womb and the responsibility we as women have regarding our wombs.  Well last week on my facebook page I posted the following status and some of the responses were interesting to say the least, here is the status:

“I’ve had a lot of opposition to my platform based on the womb and the responsibility, and more women think I need to focus on the “seed”. Well what good is the seed if the mental womb is barren? The truth is, the seed has to be cultivated, and the place where it is cultivated is in the womb. Yes the seed should be strong and filled with intelligence, but if not placed in the proper womb, it will only get dumbed down. A fertile physical womb does not always equate a fertile mental womb. We have to stop attempting to shift responsibility, and honestly most of the responsibility is immediately placed on the Mother. We are so quick to speak of fathers and where they fall short but did the mother chose who she reproduced in a responsible manner?

A man has no access to his seed for nine months. He has to trust the mother to think proper thoughts, to study and nurture his seed. He can protect the environment around her, but she is responsible for protecting the environment around her womb. So again, while the quality of the seed is important, the quality of the WOMB is even more important.”

Now some refuted that a man DOES have access to his seed, I can prove the above to be one hundred percent correct. Let me use myself as an example. I am married, and while my husband and I plan on building our legacy and reproducing him will be a pleasure, if I chose to I could make our child hate him from the WOMB. I could TELL him I love him all day, but train our child to hate him. If my husband spoke to our child, I could teach our child to know and hate his voice. With my mind and my thoughts, if I had the desire I could turn our child against my husband in my womb.

This is why I stated that a man has NO access to his seed, unless the Woman DECIDES to give him access via positive thoughts and he is literally placing his future at the mercy of the woman that is carrying his seed.  We as women have been given the beautiful privilege and honor of being the Co-Creators of life, but many of us are abusing that privilege.

Brothers, you are giving to many unqualified women too much power when you place your seed in the womb of a woman that is unable to reproduce you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That is why I always stress the importance of who we chose to lie down with. Releasing your seed doesn’t just mean the signal of pleasure; it is also the moment your seed becomes PLANTED. As I stated earlier, what good is the seed if the ground isn’t capable of PROPERLY nurturing it?

Sisters, too many of us are receiving seeds from men that are not “reproduction ready”. Every time you give birth you are risking your life.  How well do you know this man? Is he WORTH you RISKING YOUR LIFE FOR HIM? Is he the type of man that SHOULD be reproduced? What are his qualities? Is he your HUSBAND? These are the type of questions we have to ask ourselves. We treat our wombs like they are atms for child support checks, we use our wombs to manipulate men, or we barter our wombs for material gain, and sometimes we use our wombs to seek validation.  It seems  we use our wombs for everything except what it was originally made for. If our wombs were used to cultivate life, then why is it doubling as a graveyard? It is because so many of us are functioning off of a dead mentality.

We don’t think about reproduction being a science, we just use it as a form of pleasure only, and when doing so we create children out of lust. Then we find ourselves connected to a person, we can’t stand to be around, but we didn’t mind the “connection” when it felt good. We as women have to be more responsible when deciding who we reproduce. Being responsible starts BEFORE the act of sex; again choosing wisely. Oftentimes, when people lie down with one another, they are assuming they are operating off the same agenda, and that is NOT always correct. You think by having sex with a man you are building a future, while he may only be concerned with the PRESENT.

Brothers, when you are looking at woman in a sexual manner, you are looking at your potential future. Make sure that you look beyond the shapely curves, the hips, the pretty face and look into HER MIND; that’s is where the ground needs to be the MOST fertile, and as I have stated before, if you can’t trust her with your life, then you most certainly can’t trust her with your legacy. Sisters, stop abusing the beautiful gift God gave us, stop using your womb as a counter attack or even a preemptive strike. If you can’t see yourself continuing the cycle of life with them, then don’t lie down with them.

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad

To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.



4 Responses to “Black Woman: Access Code Required.”
  1. Eleanie says:

    Brothers, you are giving to many unqualified women too much power when you place your seed in the womb of a woman that is unable to reproduce you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That is why I always stress the importance of who we chose to lie down with.

    Wow this is a very interesting point. Something to really think about. These lessons should be included in Sex Education.

  2. Nojma says:

    Thank you wishuwould247 and Natalie thank you so much for support and commentary, I truly appreciate both of you and your words of encouragement and I look forward to more productive dialog.

  3. natalie says:

    I have become a fan of your writing! Thank u for this piece..

  4. wishuwould247 says:

    Amen !! Thats one of the best articles I ever read and I read alot. I’m a black man and black women always tell me that I look like I have a bunch of women but when I start talking about relationships and speaking in terms of alot of topics that this article touched on, 98% of women get turned off. I think its funny now because I understand how things work. I don’t mean to call black women out but I’m hetro-sexual and don’t deal with men in that fashion. My point is that alot black women need to stop talking the talk and start living the talk! Thats all I have to say about it. For the black women thats real and living the talk, I Love You

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