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Mitt Romney under GOP review…

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( “Mitt Romney…is awesome.”

You could hear the screams from around the room.  In the conservative and evangelical circles in which I travel, that pronouncement has the same effect as professing a hidden fantasy to enter into same-sex marriage with Harry Reid.  Bonkers, stark-raving bonkers!  And yet, after spending the last two weeks digging deep, looking at Mitt Romney without Conventional Wisdom filters, it’s become evident that Mitt was Tea Party when Tea Party wasn’t cool.

The stereotypical portrait of Mitt Romney by the elites — from elite media to elite evangelicals — is simply wrongheaded.  And who would know better than an evangelical who maintained that we “don’t need no stinking moderates” like Romney?  Or so I said — and was in part wrong.  True that we, in the Age of Obama, “don’t need no stinking moderates.”  But Mitt Romney is not moderate.  Both his talk and walk are located squarely in the conservative middle, his spine steeled by what talk radio host and conservative blogger Erik Erickson calls” the individualist DNA Americans have in them.”  Mitt Romney is conservative.  Period.  And certainly worthy of the support of all who wish to stop the slide into Democrat Detroit of this great nation.

“Nooooooooo,” came the screams.  How can you say you admire Romney?  After all, every conservative worth his or her Springfield XD Subcompact knows, really knows that Mitt is anything but conservative.  Rather, he is what American Thinker writer J. Robert Smith describes as “mushy,” a conventional politician who — according to the narrative pushed by the mainstream elites — may not sell his soul (already owned by that fire-and-brimstone-guy because of the Mormon thing), but certainly his grandmother for a vote.

Ah, but that’s what They want you to believe.  And that’s what I believed, until I looked and found — a Tea Partier!  Big Business, Ivy League, Silver-Spoon — all part of the stereotypical narrative, all ignoring the reality of Mitt Romney.  Yes, Harvard is the ultimate in taking Big Ideas and turning them into elitist policy that produces small-and-mean for the 99 percent; witness the work of the Ivy League elites gathered in Obama’s Washington.  But Mitt took the insights created by his Harvard Business School training and used them to launch an astonishingly fruitful business career, creating tens, arguably hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Entrepreneurial private-sector success — does it get any more Tea Party than that, when even the Washington Post is forced to admit that Mitt’s success at growing jobs is “a Great American success story”?

It does.  Mitt’s private-sector success is suspect to the big-government political class, both Democrat and Republican.  And while many Republican insiders embrace him, many — the more Beltway-driven especially — do not.  Newt Gingrich, for example, channeling Barack Obama and offering a glimpse of his progressive soul, attacked Mitt for the crime, as columnist George will put it, of “committing acts of capitalism.”  Mitt has pointed out what every red-blooded conservative knows is true: that “the people in Washington care more about power than they do about the American people.”  In fact, the deeper you go into Mitt Romney, the more you realize that so much of what he has said over the years could be ripped from Tea Party headlines: freeing this nation from the “peril of foreign oil,” battling the “radical jihad and terror … threat,” stopping an entrenched government class — who is that masked man?

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5 Responses to “Mitt Romney under GOP review…”
  1. Scott says:

    Mitt Romney simply equals business as usual. “War On Terror” “War On Drugs”, where the hell can he cut any serious amount of spending? Please, let’s move on past this one.

  2. Wendilynn says:

    Nice article. Its good to see someone talking about his good points.

    Tough needs a chill pill. There are so many rebuttles to his ranting out there that its incredible he’s pushing this crap.

  3. Tough USA says:

    From Mitts book of mormon
    That is just the tip of the iceberg; there is much more.
    Even though the Book of Mormon teaches that African Americans are inferior and loathsome, — uncouth, uncomely, disagreeable and low in their habits, wild, and seemingly deprived of nearly all the blessings of the intelligence that is generally bestowed upon mankind according to Mark E. Peterson — it does state that they may eventually be saved. However, even in Heaven, they will be servants to others. – Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

  4. Tough USA says:

    I Can not support Romney. Why does he hate us so much?

    Breaking News:4hrsago

    Romney must explain Racism as Govenor of Mass. Now just after new aricles are
    being released that the Mormonism religion forbids African Americans into
    church based on thier beliefs that they are of lower life forms. Now there is
    evidence that Romney did not allow the hiring of highly qualified minorities
    and only white candidates were selected. He will not release any of his tax
    docs (Oh Boy )Romney has had all hard drives removed from computers and
    destroyed. All new hard drives have been installed. CNN and Fox News will not
    report as this will diminish Romneys chance to win Nominations. Please google
    Romney Cult Religion and or Is Romney a Racist.

    From Mitts book of mormonBrigham Young: Death to inter-racial couples:

    “Shall I tell you the law of God in
    regard to the AFRICAN RACE? If the WHITE man who belongs to the chosen seed
    mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the PENALTY, under the LAW OF GOD, IS
    DEATH ON THE SPOT. THIS WILL ALWAYS BE SO.” Journal of Discourses, Vol.
    10, page 110

  5. Dave Morrison says:

    Great article. Finally someone who can look at a candidate and actually tell the truth.


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