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Black Is A Rainbow Of Color…

(ThyBlackMan.com) We are the world. We come in every shade under the sun and then some.  And we are one. We are black haired. We are brown haired. We are red haired. We are blond. We are dark and potent as the night. And we are as light as any and every shade in between. In fact, some of our people have no pigment at all, not any.

Our hair is so thick and tight that it locks, and we can wear it in magnificent, snake-like, powerful cords, if we’ve a mind to. Our hair is so curly it can cover our head like a halo. Our hair is straight as can be. Listen to me. Our  women are so beautiful and varied, so many shapes and sizes and smiles so  bright they make your heart stop, momentarily.

Within our veins courses the blood of the people who created civilization. And our nation within a nation also contains the heritage of the Native Sons and Daughters of this blessed, bounteous ever-stretching land. And too, that of all the others we have encountered in our eternal wanderings. We have taken each and every child born to us and thanked the Creator for the benediction thus bestowed on us. We have ruled, fallen and risen again. In short, we have lived and we are living still, and we shall always be around for our blessings abound.

We are the world. And like the world we oftentimes fail to see the great strength and advantage that lies in our diversity. The world has always imitated us for good or for ill and it always will. We set the tone. We make the style. And so, when we fully embrace Our Selves, and all of Our Sisters and Our Brothers as one, the world will follow suit. I doubt that things will change unless, and until, we say and show by example, that now is the time for us to do so. Our women are so beautiful!

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.


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