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Is the Black Woman Facing Extinction?

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( I have had this discussion with my husband several times. I often say “Is there any hope for my Sisters regarding marriage?” Wherever the Black Man plants his seed, he is reproduced, but what about the Black Woman? Is she in danger of becoming extinct? With the number of Black Men that are engaging in homosexuality activity, incarcerated, those that want to be “a player”, to those that don’t even desire a Black Woman……where does that leave Her (Us)? It seems like Brothers are navigating more and more to White, Asian, Native American, Chinese, Latina and Mexican Women. Not to discount other branches of the original family tree, but it seems like being a Black Woman isn’t appealing to Brothers anymore. The beautiful lips, curves and features that Black Women had a monopoly on, are now found everywhere. Are we not beautiful to you anymore? Not exotic (so I heard a brother say) enough? 

Homosexuality isn’t just running rapidly among Black Men, more and more  Black Women are becoming “lesbians”. Some say because they have been hurt by men, or that a woman understands them better. Regardless of the reason, whenever we step outside our Nature we increase the risk of diminishing our existence. Two of the same kind  lay together, they do not have the capability to reproduce themselves. So again intimate relationships among women are growing at rapid speed.

I heard Regina King say that more Black Women should date outside of our race because we limit ourselves when it comes to options but Brother’s exercise their options among other races. When Black Women go outside the race it seems as if they are more ostracized or receive more condemnation than Black Men, why is that? What exactly are her options when so many desire a Black Man?

When a woman is single, She becomes obese with responsibility that is not hers. Whenever you are made to carry excessive weight, whether its mental, emotional, financial or physical, you become sluggish and weighed down. She is unable to be effective in her role because she is to busy to try to perfect a role she wasn’t designed for. I will say that women do have a false sense of being independent. We are all dependent on each other; we can’t even bring one another into existence without one another.

When a man is unable to keep his duty, and the woman is forced to pull his weight, she can become hardened and because she is forced to do it without you, she will begin to think that she doesn’t need you, and because she was unable to rely on you…this is when she gets the incorrect mindset of being an “independent woman”, and if she had daughters she will instill that mindset in her, and that mentality is passed through the womb, so you have generations of daughters that will already think “Black Men will fail them and abandon their duties”. This society even has it set up where you can just go shopping and get a sperm donor so you don’t even have to lay down with a man to have a child. 

This doesn’t mean that I give Sisters a pass to escape accountability for the choices and actions on their part. However, I am gravely concerned about state of the Black Woman. Is the Black Woman facing extinction? She carries your seed, carries your weight, and risks her life to bring you into existence, but yet so many struggle in raising children by themselves. So many are not married, don’t know the  joyful feeling when a child moves in their womb, and don’t know what its like to be bonded in marriage because no one will marry her. How will you save her? Will you marry her? Cultivate her? Love her? Respect her? When there was no one was else around; She (WE) have always been there. Nursing your babies, and teaching your babies Now once again, we have become casted out in the wilderness like Hagar. Will you come and save us Black Man, just as we have saved you?

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad

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60 Responses to “Is the Black Woman Facing Extinction?”
  1. Tina says:

    I feel that this is a very controversial subject, because we were taught to accept all races and we fought for equality for the black people in America, but now our black women are suffering because the white girls are doing everything they can to try to keep our men. It used to really annoy me, and I must say, sometimes I do still feel a bit irritated because we don’t have strong enough black men to stay with their own kind and reproduce a beautiful strong black family, but the truth is, we asked for this in so many ways. We asked for equality for our kind which we deserved, but the white women are taking full advantage of it and now trying to copy our curves, vernacular and our attitude to try and fit in with our culture. Plus on top of that, spreading their legs wide open as often as they can to appeal to the dog in the black man. However, I’ve learned that they can never be us. We are not anywhere near going extinct, why?? Because this is a FAD! Black men love us. Even though they are being persuaded every which way that being with a white girl is better because of WHATEVER reason. I can’t even think of one. But society says that being like these monsters are what will get you to the next step in life and ultimately make you look like you’re more successful. BLAH! Get you a strong, intelligent black woman. We’re the backbone you’ll need to make it in this life black man. But even so… you still have to work hard for me, because I’m not giving you anything easy like these pale faced hoes. I want a REAL MAN who wants a REAL WOMAN otherwise, I’ll be alone or date out of my race a man that will respect me like I deserve. TRUST AND BELIEVE, if it takes me having a beautiful strong black baby by Artificial incimination then that’s what it takes, because I’m not turning into some grovelling waste of space to fulfill your erotic desires just because I want to be with my own kind. I’ll be alone before that. I may sound bitter, but I’ve seen some sick stupid shit. I was driving my car, not bothering anybody, and this interracial (blackman/white girl) couple drove past me, you know this sick pale bitch stuck her head out of the window to stare at me. I just waved like, uh ok… What hoe? I don’t want your ragedy crispy burnt nigga. Get on with your life. lol. That’s crazy to me. They want us to care and that’s what annoys me. But anyways, I can’t go on about this unimportant nonsense. Life goes on. So get a life white girls. We don’t care about you jumpin on black dick, just stay in your lane. K. Thanks. (You’ll never be us)- Beautiful black diva- Signing off.

  2. Black men are the ones going extinct. They are being weeded out by Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. Meanwhile black women are in school more than any other group in the country & also starting businesses faster than any other group in the country. The black wan is preparing herself to move forward without the black man. He will perish in flames and no one will miss him at all since he doesn’t contribute anything but violence & mayhem.

  3. Michael says:

    Extinct? Yes. The black women of today in America are debauched. Nothing like the women of dignity and reverence of yesterday. Yeah, we are becoming extinct. I am ashamed of this new black woman in the USA. Yeah, be gone.

  4. Makiba says:

    Those curves and other beautiful physical characteristics of the black women is not found everywhere…that is not true did you see the Youtube video showcasing the top ten African women’s bodies….no other race could compare with that.

  5. mik says:

    i hope black women go extinct. i hate their presence. im so glad all women dont act this way. they always laughing loud like hyenas. they promote violence,a dnen till character traits in black men that makes them outcasts in society.
    the black race in america is not a race, its the survivors of a brutal calamity forced to pretend to the world we are a normal happy race.
    we are mutants. i grew up around all black people. take it from me. we are not people.

  6. I am a Black woman who is American born of Caribbean immigrants. I prefer to date interracially because I find non Black men more attractive, more appealing and I can relate to them better. I think more Black American women should consider dating and marrying interracially. Women in my family and other foreign Black women have been dating and marrying interracially for centuries without any problems and issues. Black American women should do the same because the pool of eligible Black males is shrinking by the day due to homosexuality becoming a common occurrence, many are in jail or dating interracially with non Black women.

    Why wait on these males when there are plenty of men outside of the Black American culture that wouldn’t mind dating them?

  7. Liver says:

    Good. Black people are evil. Go by way of the dodo already will ya.

  8. Faust says:

    First off, I love the black women in my life my mother, aunts, cousins and sister. But when it comes to my life, who I love and date, why do black women deserve my loyalty? Just because she shares the same heritage as the women who begot me? If I marry another race do I love black women less?
    Why is it our duty to preserve each other? is it so that my descendant will share my tone? when we know nothing of each other, and have thousands of divisions amongst our selves. Its hard enough in this country to find a good woman. Why cant the individual create and perserve culture as they please? Is not our existence in shambles.

  9. Lizzie Smith says:

    As an older African America woman, I am concern about state of black women and men, I want all black men and black women to marry each other, but I realize that’s an old dream. I want black women to see that being a lesbian is not the right choice. What black men are not aware that if there seeds is not planted in the black womb, the existence of what makes black men will slowly died out, and before long the black race will be gone. Which is a plot of Satan, which we are blindly helping him to succeed.It seem to me that society wants black women as maid and not wives. With much regret I have to agree with Regina King if the beautiful black woman that God created wants a mate, she will have to reach out beyond her borders and seek out other men from other races. Black as we know it will be gone.

  10. Rene says:

    Regarding the black american community as a whole it’s going to extinction through abortion and homosexuality. Lesbianism is just one of the factors that plays a part of that gradual extinction process of the black community. We were once 33% of the population now hispanics out number us. We’re in an irreversible population decline and in a couple of generations we’ll go from being 11-13% of the population to being the equivalent of the asian community is today in terms of percentages and from there totally bred out of existence.

    Statistically most black women are heterosexual in identity and in practice, which means they’ve never had a sexual encounter with another woman and have no interest in it. But they’re a silent majority which mostly go along with the status quo that see lesbians as a victimized group that need to be protected. They have no problems having lesbian and homosexual friends until they have an encounter with lesbians that aggressively try to turn them out and wont take a simple no for an answer. That’s when they seem to wake up to reality that straight women can’t have lesbian friends because the two worlds don’t mix- you’re either straight or lesbian.

    I love black women. You have the sexiest bodies of any group of women and are great lovers. Very kind, soft hearted, loving, loyal,etc. But culturally it seems like more and more black american women are either becoming lesbians or accepting of it which scares me because as a straight black man I want to know my woman is straight like me and won’t turn lesbian on me in the future because she’s feeling depressed, unloved, lonely, etc.

    It gets tricky when determining whether professed straight women who are married, engaged, have boyfriends, children, etc. are lesbians because many of them will swear they’re straight and have no interest in another woman. But in secret or in public with or without the support of their man a small group of these women are involved in lesbian activities. For the Center of Disease Control stated two different surveys set years apart that most women who are involved in lesbianism consider themselves straight.

    Also comparing both CDC surveys on lesbianism, lesbianism in the US is gradually increasing although as a whole it’s still a very small percentage. But in time it’ll be the majority of black women for many of the straight black men and women couples will be a small minority in this country. Plus a small but growing segment of heterosexual black american men and women are only considering nationalities outside of America since it’s so hard for us to form a stable relationship with one another.

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